Does the Sonic Peeler Really Work?

Does the Sonic Peeler Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does the Sonic Peeler work?The Sonic Peeler promises to take one of the most tedious jobs in the kitchen, peeling, and make it a breeze. They say that it’s possible because of its electronic nature which means a lot less effort and struggle on your part. But how well does it actually work, and what are users saying about its performance in the real world?

Peeling fruits and vegetables is one of the more mundane tasks in the kitchen. And if you have a lot to do, like when you’re making a big pot of mashed potatoes, it can seem overwhelming and you’ll end up with sore wrists when you’re done. Aside from that, most peeler make it harder than it has to be, and end up taking too much peel off, or not enough, making you go over the same spots again and again to make sure you’ve got it all.

The Claim
The makers of the Sonic Peeler claim that with the power it has, and the multiple blades that it comes with, you’ll be able to do anything from peeling the bark off a tree to peeling a thin layer of tomato off. They also say you can julienne with it, and grate cheese with it. They say that it rotates at 4000 revolutions per minute and that you won’t have sore hands after you’re done with it. They don’t really make a lot of outlandish claims, but seeing it peel the bark off of a tree makes you wonder how they did that, if if you’ll really be able to do the same thing when you get it home – if you wanted to.

The Hype
The hype is that it uses the word sonic, and this is a buzz word that manufactures and marketers use to try to sell their electronic products. They say that it has 4000 RPMs which supposedly earns it the sonic title and gives the idea that you are blasting the peels off of fruits and vegetables. But many of these handheld gadgets don’t rotate nearly as fast as they’re claimed so it really has to prove itself if it wants to be a success.

The Cost
You end up getting 2 Sonic Peeler units for $29 as well as bonus blades so you can do different tasks with it. You may not need a second one, but you can always give it to a friend or have them go in on it with you, splitting the cost and making it not much more than one of the fancier peelers in stores. Not all peelers are created equally, so you have to weigh this up against other peelers that claim to be better than the cheaper ones you can find at the store.

The Commitment
Their biggest pitch is that this should reduce your struggle and strife in the kitchen, making an easy job out of something that used to be difficult. By motorizing a peeler and giving it a supposed 4000 RPMs they’ve basically pulled the Tim Taylor from Tool Time and given it “more power”. This should be able to peel through things like a hot knife through butter, but what remains to be seen is whether it generates enough power to actually do the job.

Each Sonic Peeler comes with three blades that you can switch out depending on what sort of job you’re doing. They’ve got the heavy duty blade, for veggies and fruits with tough peels, like a cucumber. Then they’ve got the light duty blade when you want to switch things up and have more delicate work, like peeling a tomato for a gourmet recipe. They also have a julienne blade that can make shoestring cuts for garnishing or making cole slaw and other salads.

Our only trepidation with this product is that it’s battery powered, and we’ve seen many products that claim to be sonic and have X amount of RPMs, and then they fall short because ordinary batteries just can’t give it enough juice. It would be better if they gave it a plug and made it corded unit rather than giving it the convenience of being cordless. We haven’t found any corroborating reviews that confirm our suspicion, but just keep in mind that ordinary Duracell batteries or their equivalent might not be enough.

Final Sonic Peeler Review

We would have liked to see the Sonic Peeler have its own rechargeable lithium ion battery that would give it enough juice to get it up to the 4000 RPMs that it claims. We remain on the fence as to whether or not it can deliver on its promises with just regular batteries powering it. The cordless nature does make it convenient, but we’d sacrifice convenience for effectiveness any day. There isn’t any first-person feedback on this yet, as it’s a relatively new release, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for what people have to say about it, and update this accordingly.

Our Recommendation
You can try this out if you really hate peeling things, but you’re rolling the dice as to whether or not it will perform as depicted in the promo ads. This is one of those products where there’s a high probability that it’s not going to perform up to expectations and be relegated to the junk drawer. They’ve got a $30 money back guarantee, and that will get you $15 of your $29 but you still have to pay return shipping charges, so it’s not really the best guarantee on the planet.

What do you think? Does Sonic Peeler work or not?


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Koosh7Larry September 17, 2012 at 3:36 pm

My mom will shout blasphemy if she saw this machine LOL~ She keeps her kitchen the traditional way and the closest thing to an electronic equipment you’ll find in her kitchen is the light bulb and the electric pilot light in her stove. But I’m a man and I don’t even like cooking, I don’t know that my wife will like this machine, but I’m sure as hell using it on the days that I’m responsible cooking. If I could make my life easier for 30 bucks, I think I’ll take it 😀


Vanessa B. July 22, 2013 at 8:36 am

I don’t think this would be helpful to many people. Peeling is always a tedious chore, but all this product does is take some strain off your hands and wrists. You still have to perform the up and down motion of peeling. I don’t see how it will make you go any faster.

However, that being said, I think this product is excellent for people with arthritis or the elderly. My grandmother has started to develop a weaker grasp on things, and I can see how an electric peeler would help her, seeing that she loves to cook.


Josh B August 5, 2013 at 12:38 am

It looks useful but as Vanessa mentioned, peeling is usually a tedious task that isn’t exactly the most enjoyable thing to do. But it definitely could be useful for me I suppose. I do like to slice up fruits and vegetables for my meals and if this can get out some time doing it. Why not? It’s definitely not one of the worst things out there but it’s definitely not “cutting edge” if I do say so myself.


Andres Vargas August 9, 2013 at 11:01 pm

This is just like all those electric toothbrushes out there, right? I mean, they sell them to us with the notion that some how they are going to have taken away the difficulty involved in those menial household tasks. But what they don’t do is take away the need for the task in the first place. Ok, so is this like chopping down a tree with an axe instead of a chainsaw? No, probably not. Because are you going to finish the job any quicker with this than a normal peeler? Maybe a little quicker, but it’s not like peeling a carrott was ever that difficult in the first place.


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