Does the Sun Genie Lantern Really Work?

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Does the Sun Genie Work? There is a big push on to conserve electricity not only because we want to reserve our resources but because we want to save money too. So when something like the Sun Genie Lantern comes along that runs off of solar power it may create some interest to see where it could fit into our lifestyles.

Many of us have experimented a little with solar energy on some level because there has been so much hype about it. For many it could just be buying a small expensive solar powered flashlight, or maybe some outdoor lights. Then there are those that are really delving into this source of power on a large scale. The Sun Genie Lantern is a solar powered product that is ideal for those that are just really wanting to see how effective this power source is. It is a nifty solar powered lantern that has some interesting features about it.

The Claim
There are some pretty strong claims affiliated with this product, but the question is how beneficial are they? The Company claims that they can be thrown off a 7 story building without incurring any damage and will just keep on lighting up the way. They state that just one solar energy charge is going to produce 12 hours of light. It can be used almost anywhere even under water. It is collapsible for easy storage.

The Hype
Saving energy and saving money is the first two enticements that the hype for this product creates. Everyone likes to know that they will always have a source of light. In general nobody enjoys not having to stumble around in the dark. Just having this product on hand and if fully charged it creates a sense of security. Then added to the hype of meeting the necessities they have thrown in some fun too, by showing this light will work under water. Plus, they have covered safety issues in that kids can’t get cut on it because its near impossible to break. All of the advantages as well as the concerns have been well covered in the hype of the product.

The Cost
So it seems like for an investment of about $15. plus an extra $5. you are going to receive a fully charged Sun Genie Cube plus a mini cube. It comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

The Commitment
You are going to have to make sure that you keep the Sun Genie exposed to its source of power, which is the sun, to ensure that it remains fully charged. Tucking it away in a closet after use, is going to disappoint you the next time you go to use it after you have depleted its charge.

Although this product isn’t some big new revolution and many of already know about solar powered products, it does have some good merit to it. When we checked out the overall interest in products similar to this like solar powered lanterns there was no doubt a lot of interest in them. Mostly though it seemed like a lot of people favored it more as a decor item rather than a lighting necessity. You couldn’t say that the Sun Genie makers have really focused on the esthetics. For this reason we felt that it was more authentic in its appeal of being a very useful resource in no light situations.

Final Sun Genie Lantern Review

We are going to give this product a thumbs up rating. It is practical, durable, and reasonably priced. For a low end product you really can’t expect much more than that. How satisfied you are going to be with the product is going to depend on how committed you are to keeping charged, and if you have a good amount of sunlight available year round to accomplish this. If you are looking for something along this line but with fewer features but better esthetics, then you may want to check out the solar lanterns on Amazon. Or for something a little different check out our review on the Snowy Glowy.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for a low cost lighting alternative that is going to be there when you need it, provided you are committed to its requirements then we feel the Sun Genie Lantern is a good investment. We particularly like the fact that it is difficult to break so you don’t need to worry about the youngsters handling it. The fact that it is collapsible for easy storage makes it an ideal product to carry in the car, in case of emergencies. You must check it periodically to make sure it is fully charged though, or you are going to get a false sense of security.

What do you think? Does Sun Genie Lantern work or not?

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  1. Yeah. You said basically nothing about it besides its ugly and needs to be charged. A better review of how it lights a space etc would have been appreciated

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