Does Super Rope Cinch Really Work?

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Does the Super Rope Cinch workSuper Rope Cinch is a simple red plastic piece that is supposed to make it really easy to tie up a rope without having to tie a knot. But how well does it work in real situations when you’re counting on that rope to stay tied down?

Unless you went to Boy Scouts you may not have ever learned how to tie a proper knot. If that’s the case you’re probably lost when the skill is needed, and left to try to make a knot using your own ideas for how it’s done. Sometimes this can lead to danger when you need to securely tie things to your car, or when the rope is tying down something big and expensive, like your boat.

The Claim
The makers of Super Rope Cinch say that it’s stronger than any knot you can tie, so even if you know how to tie a good knot this would be preferable because it can withstand 750 pounds of pressure placed on it. They say it’s waterproof, so it can be used in outdoor situations and can brave the elements.

The Hype
The hype is that many of us have had the experience of a rope coming undone at an inopportune time, or had the uneasiness of wondering if a rope was going to hold during a car trip or other scenario. We’ve also had the experience of struggling to tie a knot, or wrestling with a bad angle where you can’t get the leverage or slack you need to tie things down right. Having everything tied down securely, and only having to spend a few seconds to get the job done is something many of us can relate to.

The Cost
The Super Rope Cinch is listed at $10, but remember you have to factor in shipping. The way that factors out is $5 on the original purchase, plus $5 more for the bonus pack of two. So your grand total will be $20 and you’ll end up with a total of four cinches. That breaks down to $5 per cinch delivered to your door, which isn’t a bad price. You can buy them in bulk but that boils down to $3.60 cents each, and you end up getting 12 of them. This seems like a good way to get just as many as you’d need in most situations, and at a good price.

The Commitment
This should drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes you to do anything involving tying ropes, securing things, or tying down your luggage or kayaks to your vehicle. They say you can put it on and take it off in one second, so this is way better than the several minutes and all of the hassle of using knots or other clamps and devices to make things stay tied.

The Super Rope Cinch seems to be doing a good job of taking away the need to know how to tie a knot, and also the worry if you’ve got everything securely fastened. If the thought of never having to tie a knot sounds appealing to you, this would be a good product to have on hand. It’s just the right size so that it doesn’t take up a lot of room when not in use. It also is made of a durable material so you know that it’s going to be able to withstand repeated use.

We always like to look for other products that are similar so that we can see if there’s potentially something better out there, or the same thing only cheaper. But we didn’t find anything that does exactly what this is claiming to do, so it’s good that it’s getting decent feedback and has a track record of success behind it.

Final Super Rope Cinch Review

The Super Rope Cinch is getting our Thumbs Up rating. It’s been peer tested in real world situations, and has passed the test. It would be great for any camping trip since it seems there is always a need to tie some rope together. It’s also good for hanging things, think tire swings and hammocks. Since it can hold hundreds of pounds there’s no worries about it coming undone due to the weight on it.

Our Recommendation
These are great to have around the home or in the car for whenever you need them. Likely if you found this page you already have some things picked out for how you would use this, and already saw the value in it, and were just wondering if it would actually work the way it’s shown to. All signs point to yes on this one, and we’re getting behind it and saying it should work for most practical instances where you would normally be tying a knot.

What do you think? Does Super Rope Cinch work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does Super Rope Cinch Really Work?

  1. Yes, this gizmo really works like a charm! I purchased one in Old Forge, New York a couple of years ago, keep it in my boat and use it frequently. It is fast, neat and easy to use. I want to buy more of them to use for gifts but they are difficult to find. It is a great product!

  2. This is actually pretty good, depending on what you have tied to the other end. As a quick way of attaching things that aren’t going to be exerting force, the this is actually a really innovative and quick way to tie stuff up. It’s like those toggles at the end of the pull coard on a jacket or the toggle on the outer bag of a sleeping bag. only this is much more secure, obviously. That being said you can’t go hanging your buddies from it. Nor should you think that this would be a good way to secure items to the outside of your car, for example. Nifty, yes, a new way to absail? No.

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