Does Swivel Store Really Work?

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Does Swivel Store really work?Swivel Store, the space saving organizer, is a plastic spice-storage stand that fits into a kitchen cabinet. What differentiates Swivel Store from other spice racks out there is that it takes very little space, four inches in width to be precise, while organizing small to medium sized spice bottles into one single stand. This is its main unique selling proposition.

It’s basically a plastic stand in which two vertical frames face each other. The frames have a shelf each in the middle, so you can store bottles in the middle and on the bottom.

The way it works is that you pull one frame out and kind of slide, or swivel, it frontward. You can put up to ten spice bottles in one frame. That would make twenty in both the frames together. Not bad for four inches of space.

Also, if you don’t want to use it in the kitchen, you can use it for art supplies, medicines, tools, etc.

The Claim
Swivel Store insists that it’s the perfect solution for all your spice-organizing woes. Once you get this you’ll have a perfectly organized little kitchen cabinet, with all your spices neatly put away in the most convenient sliding organizer ever. Your messy cabinet, in which you could never find anything, would suddenly be transformed and you’d never have to look for another bottle again.

The Hype
There have been quite a few ads on TV about how great this storage product is. This has led many people to order it online.

Here is their rather misleading infomercial:

The Cost
You can buy it at any retail outlet, like Walgreens or Kmart, for $19.99. Or, you could get it online where it seems to be on an eternal buy-one-get-one promotion, you buy one for $19.99, plus $7.99 for shipping and you get the second one free, as long as you pay the $7.99 handling and shipping charges. Seems like quite the deal for getting your cabinets in order.

Except, not really.

First, there appear to be numerous disputes over the cost. Many of those who bought it directly from Swivel Store and not, say from Amazon, seem to be repenting it since they were charged much more than what the figures above add up to. Worse, and again this was a common complaint, that when they called the number given they were spoken to rudely and told that nothing could be done about the billing. The box apparently has no receipt or return address in it.

The one word that people used a lot while describing this product was “rip-off”. Apparently, when you order it directly from Swivel Store, the site does not let you review your charges before you submit the order. This leads to untold chaos and it certainly does not help to call them. A lot of people have got billed large amounts they had not agreed to.

The whole cost thing aside, the product itself does not seem to be worthwhile. The plastic, for one, is tacky and the stand easily tips over. More frustratingly, it only fits certain sizes of bottles, which a lot of people don’t have, or at least that’s not all they have. The bigger ones don’t fit and the smaller ones fall out.

When it comes to the whole “it-only-needs-four-inches-of-space” claim, that’s really not so true either. It may fit in the cabinet, but it needs more space (on the sides) when it opens and swivels out. It is also taller than expected and does not fit in many cabinets height-wise. So, it really can’t just go into any odd cabinet and organize it magically much to your delight.

Final Swivel Store Review

Swivel Store, wonderful as it seems on TV, is not really that great a product. In theory, it’s a good concept, but it does not translate well in reality at all. It seems like one of those products that was launched in a great hurry with no quality control or real thought given towards how it would work.

The material is flimsy, it comes with no instructions and it ends up costing more than double of what it says.

Our Recommendation
We would definitely not recommend this product. It works, but only if all your bottles are of a certain size, if your cabinet is of a certain height, if you have enough space on the sides of your cabinet, if you handle it very gently, and if you remember to put the heavier bottles on the top so it does not tip over.

In short, it does not work.

What do you think? Does Swivel Store work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does Swivel Store Really Work?

  1. I’m a big shopper at Winco’s where they sell bulk items, including spices. 4 years ago my husband got fed up with all the little baggies of spices and salt coming undone and spilling all over the place so when he saw the Swivel Store on sale, he bought me one and 20 little plastic bottles. (also from Winco’s)

    My only complaint is that he should have bought me 2 more of the Swivel Store because I love it! I’ve never had any problems with it tipping over, it keeps all my most used spices in order, and my husband is happy that there are no spilling spice baggies everywhere.

    True, I do have to pull the rack out a little bit from the cupboard to swivel one of the shelves, but it has saved me so much on space! Believe me, if I ever see one of these again on sale, I’ll gladly buy it!

  2. Just bought the racks and bottles at goodwill brand new for 5 bucks. I think i got ripped off. This thing is JUNK.

  3. I bought one and I am still using it, but it *does* stink and will soon be replaced. I might have liked it of more quality had gone into it.

  4. Don’t buy this, please. Do some looking around and try to find another version, because although this is a really great idea, this one is terrible. Basically all of the products can not be over a certain height, so you have to collect all the ones up that don’t fit and cram them in another cupboard, leaving you with a cupboard taken up by the swivel store and pretty much nothing else. You’ll have the few bottles that fit, and everything else stuffed away and you’ll have wasted more space than ever before. It’s a shame really because when I got this I thought it was going to be a great space saver.

  5. I have something similar to this product and love it. The difference, however, is that it’s a counter top version of the Swivel Store. It comes in handy a lot. I like that instead of digging through spices in my cupboards, and having to pull out each one and check it before I find what I’m looking for, I can just spin the rack around and see, at a glance, each spice bottle’s name and this easily find what I need. Too bad the Swivel Store doesn’t work, because my only complaint about the spice rack I have now is that it takes up my limited counter space. If I could find an alternative that fit in my cupboard and freed up my counter space, and worked well too, I’d definitely be buying it.

  6. Shame this product does not work as advertised, as it is a really good concept. It seems like it would be a great way to save space, but being that it is built poorly and does not fit enough of a variety of different sized bottles, it is not going to be a good fit for me and my kitchen. I am glad I was able to come across this review before wasting my time and money purchasing it only to be disappointed by its shortcomings.

  7. I bought the swivel store and it sucks!
    even with the free one it still sucks – they both broke!
    I loaded it up with my spices and herbs etc and it felt really weak. Sure enough the damn thing broke.
    I tried calling the manufacturers but they were no help and didn’t offer anyway of helping at all!
    Avoid Avoid Avoid!!

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