Does Total Hair Regrowth Really Work?

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Does Total Hair Regrowth work?Total Hair Regrowth makes the sort of claims that all guys with thinning or bald heads all want to hear. That you can regrow your hair and have a luscious full head of hair again. They say it doesn’t matter how much you’ve lost already, and that it’s all natural and uses things commonly found in a grocery store. So we delved deeper to see what sort of trickery this is.

It’s no fun having thinning hair or a bald head. Those that have it either shave it off and come to terms with it, secretly wishing that they could regrow it, or they try to cover it up with a comb-over or a baseball cap. The fact remains though that every follicly challenged guy would give is right arm, or at least a pinky finger for a full head of hair. So when you start tossing around claims like these, you’d better back them up.

The Claim
Total Hair Regrowth claims that it can regrow your hair. This claim alone is one that most hair loss products try to avoid. Most say they will stop the balding process, and maybe regrow your hair a little bit, but nothing too amazing. But THR says you can regrow your hair and it doesn’t matter how long this has been going on, or how much hair has already exited stage right. They say it doesn’t even matter what other treatments you’ve already tried, and it doesn’t matter what age you are either.

The Hype
THR is preying on the desire of every balding guy on the planet to have the hair of a rock star and have the confidence boost that would accompany it. Like Samson, the hair is the source of a lot of guys’ confidence, and when they start losing it it can seem like the end of the world. It’s one of the strongest psychological factors for a man, and can lead some men to avoid social situations and talking to women.

The Cost
Total Hair Regrowth is $37.95. When you consider that this is going to attempt to make all other hair products, pills, and solutions obsolete, the cost is easily justified. Of course if it fails in its attempt you’re going to feel cheated. That’s why there’s a 60 day money back guarantee through ClickBank so you don’t have to worry about losing your money on this one.

The Commitment
You’d be amazed how many people buy stuff and don’t bother reading through them entirely. And of the ones that do, even less follow through on the advice that’s given. You have to make the commitment to open this, read it, and put the steps into practice. It’s all broken down by hair loss type, so you only have to follow the steps that are recommended for your specific problem, so you don’t even have to read the entire thing.

Total Hair Regrowth is full of a lot of information that we haven’t seen anywhere else. They include a remedy that gets your hair ready to regrow. Most products out there just dive right in and don’t prepare the hair and scalp for the coming changes, so this was definitely a refreshing change of tactics.

Breaking down the different types of hair loss and only treating you depending on your case is ingenious. This is something that few solutions out there are doing, most simply apply a one-size-fits-all chemical like Minoxidil and call it a day. With the Hair Again system you are laser targeting your exact problem with a specific treatment. And they let you come up with your home homemade treatments a la MacGyver. This cuts down on the costs significantly because you’re not relying on an overpriced medicine.

They even fill you in on an all natural ingredient that can give you great results, without the sort of side effects that you can get from prescription drugs and other supplements found online. This is a huge relief, because you don’t want to start doing something that you’ll have to do forever, or as long as you want to keep your hair. If there are short term side effects, imagine the effects when taken for a long duration. It’s not something you want to be involved in, and all natural is a much better alternative.

The most powerful 100% natural ingredient that can give you better results than drugs, supplements, shampoos but without the dangerous side effects. It also contains steps on how to clean your scalp properly, and how to nourish the roots of your hair so they are encouraged to grow. It also helps you avoid pitfalls that a lot of guys end up doing that actually causes the problem to perpetuate itself.

Final Total Hair Regrowth Review

Total Hair Regrowth is one of those products that you can’t not try. If you look past some of the hype and the claims, you will see that this is one of the most comprehensive programs out there, and it describes processes that are all natural, which means you can stick to them for life, and insure that you’ve always got a proper head of hair. Yes, it would be great to turn a liability into an asset, but keep a level head and just give this a read through. Test it out for a few months, because you’re supposed to see results after just 20 days so this is plenty of time to make a determination.

Our Recommendation
If you’re losing your hair – at any stage – you should pick this up and read through it. Some of the treatments might sound a little odd, and might have you trying things for your hair that you never though you’d try, but isn’t that the point? What you’re currently doing for your hair isn’t working, so you have to try different things. And if you continue doing nothing, your hair is going to get progressively worse, so if you’re going to take steps at some point, you’d better take them now.

What do you think? Does Total Hair Regrowth work or not?

20 Customer Reviews on “Does Total Hair Regrowth Really Work?

  1. My dad was a bald man, so was my grandpa, and I think my great grandfather was a bald man as well. I’ve given up on any hopes of having a full set of hair at the age of 30 and I have been shaving my head since then. However LOL~ I did hear about something similar to this system before. What I know is that a lot of modern day baldness can be attributed to all the chemicals we put on our heads and in our hairs, meaning if you go organic or use something less toxic you might actually trigger your hairs to grow back. 38 dollars for a chance to have my hairs back??? I don’t think I can pass this up and especially if it has 60 day money back guarantee.

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