Does TriLASTIN SR Really Work?

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Does TriLASTIN work?TriLASTIN is a stretch mark treatment that is supposedly guaranteed to work. If you’ve been waging war on your stretch marks, you’ve no doubt noticed that they’re a formidable opponent. Seems no matter how many lotions, creams, and ointments you rub onto them they just keep hanging in there and it sometimes seems like they’ll be there forever. So for a product to claim that it’s guaranteed, in a market where so many other products fall short, we had to dig deeper to see whether or not this is for real.

The most common cause of stress marks is from pregnancy, where the skin around the stomach is stretched out and then returns back to normal after birthing your baby. However, they can also appear if you’re overweight and lose a lot of weight quickly. Men can also get them from working out, getting big muscles and then losing that muscle mass. It’s a condition that can effect lots of different types of people, all around the world and with many different complexions. But is TriLASTIN that one size fits all solution?

The Claim
TriLASTIN doesn’t make a lot of claims, but the ones they do make are pretty bold. They guarantee their product to work, even though it’s well documented that stretch marks are a bugger to get rid of. Actually, they don’t say that you’ll get rid of them, but that you’ll reduce their appearance, which is the result you’re really going for when you stop to think about it.

They also say that you’ll see a quick reduction in how visible the furrows are, as well as the color difference between your stretch marks and the rest of your skin. They say you’ll be able to see these results in just 3 weeks. If you’ve got deep stretch marks, you’ll know that the furrows are the most frustrating part, and the most resilient towards treatment.

TriLASTIN also says that their product works on both newly formed stretch marks, as well as ones you’ve had for several years. They also say that it works for both genders, so guys this could be your answer. And they also state that anyone can use this, regardless of how light or dark their skin is. These traits are all things that separate TriLASTIN from many of the other products that are available.

The Hype
It’s no wonder that a product like this gets its fair amount of hype, because there are a ton of women out there desperate for a stretch mark treatment that works and doesn’t cost a fortune of involve a lot of pain.

The Cost
If you go with TriLASTIN here is what we recommend. Get the 2 month supply for $150. It comes with free shipping and you’ll be able to use almost all of it and still be covered by their 60 day guarantee. If it works and you end up keeping it, you’ll be saving $25 on just getting one bottle, and you’ll be giving it the best chance of working by taking a longer term to evaluate it.

We also recommend taking your own before pictures when starting out, so that you can compare your results after 50 days or so and make a clear decision on whether you want to keep it or not.

The Commitment
Stretch marks take time and patience to treat on your own. You have to commit to applying the treatment every day as instructed. Don’t miss a day, and add it to your routine so you don’t forget. Don’t get frustrated at the start, because it could be several days before you start to see *any* results. But you have to keep up with it and at least try to get through the first 3 weeks without missing an application.

We like that there’s actually some technology behind how this works, they’ve got what they call Virtual Patch and Filling Spheres which is how they conquer those deep furrows and ridges that cause the most visually noticeable problems.

We also like that this is a hypoallergenic formula, because a lot of competing products aren’t, and can cause undesirable side effects like itching and rashes. It’s also non-greasy and unscented, so you can use it even when you’re on the go or at work and not worry about drawing attention to yourself with greasy fingers or an overpowering scent.

Final TriLASTIN Review

TriLASTIN is getting our Thumbs Up review based on the large amount of positive feedback from actual users, before and after pictures from real people not just those featured on the website, and the guarantee that they have in place that it will work. Of course there is the possibility that your particular situation, severity of stretch marks, complexion, or any other factor might make you the one that slips through the cracks. If that happens you can return the product for a refund, and actually get your money back.

Our Recommendation
Stretch marks can put a dent in your self esteem, and can make an otherwise attractive body look a little less so. For that reason, it’s important to try to get rid of them, and to give it your best shot before resorting to things like laser treatments. We recommend giving TriLASTIN a try, as it ranks more highly and gets better reviews than any other product in its class. If it doesn’t work for you, return it, as it’s guaranteed. Then at least you can proceed with other options knowing you’ve exhausted topical treatments.

Official Website: TriLASTIN SR

What do you think? Does TriLASTIN work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does TriLASTIN SR Really Work?

  1. Ok for one it’s not totally cheap but it’s still a good price compared to other options.

    It does work I’ve told a few of my friends about it too because the results were quite nice. Keep in mind that with TriLastin it won’t happen overnight. Use it accordingly but give it a chance. Give it some time.

  2. We are glad it worked for you. Did you use any other stretch mark creams before trying TriLASTIN?

  3. I used this like a year ago and it reduced my stretch marks a lot and faded the smaller ones. I’d love to get some more but the only downside for me is the price… a little on the expensive side, but still cheaper than surgery i guess.

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