Does the Triple Play Sprinkler Really Work?

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Does the Triple Play Sprinkler work?The Triple Play Sprinkler is a 6 headed sprinkler system that they say can solve your watering needs and may even help you avoid getting a professional system installed. But can this sprinkler, marketed as a $20 solution, really do all that it says?

Watering your lawn and plants around your lawn can be very tiring, especially during the months where you pretty much have to do it every day. Your lawn may turn brown and your plants may wither and die if you don’t keep up with the watering duties, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could just turn the water on and it would all be watered at once?

The Claim
The makers of the Triple Play Sprinkler say that you can link from one up to six different sprinklers to the same hose depending on what your needs are. They say this system installs in seconds, and that does indeed seem to be the case, since it’s an above ground system and you just push the sprinklers into the ground. They also say that each sprinkler head has five different patterns, and say that this means it’s like getting 30 different sprinklers. But really it would be like getting 5 different sprinklers, and just getting 6 of them.

The Hype
The hype is brought on by the thought that this could replace a professionally installed sprinkler system. There’s simply no way that this could work as well as something that is custom designed and installed and set up on a timer so that you don’t have to do anything. Judging by the video evidence there’s just no way that this produces the kind of results that would replicate a pro job.

The Cost
They list the cost of the Triple Play Sprinkler at $20 plus $8 shipping. They also say that there’s a buy one get another one free, just pay shipping offer which would bring your order to $36, but it is unclear whether this happens automatically, or whether you are presented it as an option. At the time of checkout they show your order total as $27.90 but there are further choices to be made after you enter in your credit card information.

The Commitment
They say that this is easy to move and adjust, so you can put it where you need it, let it do its thing, and then move it when you need it somewhere else. This is more involvement from you than an installed sprinkler system, and perhaps even with a regular sprinkler that you’d only need to move once, if at all.

It’s not very often that a promo video for a product shows its ineffectiveness, but that’s what we’re seeing here. An advertisement is supposed to show a product in its best light, and what is shown is a sprinkler that waters a 2 foot radius around itself. Even with all six sprinklers going at the same time they were only able to cover half a hard. Who wants to have to go readjust 6 different sprinkler heads just to water their front lawn?

Because this splits up the water into anywhere from 3 to 6 different directions you are reducing the amount of water pressure that goes to each sprinkler, and what you end up with is a fraction of the distance that you’d get with a regular sprinkler that is just using one input and one nozzle. Consider this sprinkler as an alternative: the Gilmour sprinkler can hit an area of 5800 square feet.

Final Triple Play Sprinkler Review

Overall the Triple Play Sprinkler system is underwhelming and we’re giving it the Thumbs Down and saying it doesn’t work. While it seems like a good idea to not have to get a professional sprinkler system installed, there’s no way this provides the same sort of results. And we can’t see how this would be any easier or better than using a tried and tested oscillating sprinkler that has been around for several decades.’

That being said, if you just wanted to use these to water a garden each day without having to do too much, or using them in a smaller capacity, they should work. The larger the area, and the more areas you want to water, the less effective they would be, and the higher the chance that you wouldn’t be happy with them.

Our Recommendation
Save your money on this and apply it towards a sprinkler that gets good reviews and can actually water your entire lawn from one central location. If this system were able to water a larger part of the lawn without needing to be moved, it might be worth it, but there is no reason to believe that it can do this because they couldn’t even show it doing this under optimal conditions.

What do you think? Does Triple Play Sprinkler work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does the Triple Play Sprinkler Really Work?

  1. It is really a shame that such a convenient concept does not actually work. With the heat waves that we have been having around here this summer, my plants have been drying up quicker than I have been able to water them, but I cannot afford to get a high quality, professional sprinkler system installed, so I am stuck using the hose to do all of the watering, and that is tiring and time-consuming. I thought this product would be the perfect, more affordable, solution. Glad I read this review before wasting my cash.

  2. My cousin bought a house in Florida and knew in advance that she would need to water the lawn and the garden. Even though her neighbors told her about the lawn sprinkling service that they have, she decided it would be cheaper to do her own lawn care. She actually purchased the Triple Play Sprinkler and what a joke! At best, it worked a six foot radius. She was constantly moving things around to try to get better coverage. Because the sprinkler couldn’t begin to cover the entire lawn, some of her grass became so dried that she had to pay to have it replaced. This convinced her to contract with the professionals!

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