Does Screen Magic Really Work?

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Does Screen Magic work?Screen Magic is a sprayable screen cleaner that says it can save you from the drudgery of cleaning off your window screens, just by spraying it on. But can this really work as good as a thorough scrubbing?

If you spend any time cleaning your windows you owe it to yourself to keep the screens clean as well, because it doesn’t make sense to have clean windows behind dirty screens. But the screens are typically harder to wash, without such a good payoff in appearance. Many times you can clean a screen and it doesn’t look drastically different than when you started. But this screen cleaner is supposed to make it so they look as good as new, without a lot of effort on your part.

The Claim
The makers of Screen Magic say that you’ll be able to simply spray it on and walk away. They boldly state that you don’t have to rinse this off with water after spraying it on. They also say you don’t have to lift a finger to scrub it, and that your screens will end up looking like new when you finish. Not only that, but they say that it repels dust, so it will increase the time in between treatments. They say you’ll only have to apply the treatment every six months to have screens that look like new all year long.

They say that it’s also a way to treat your screens with UV inhibitors so that your screens won’t fade over time, and will look better longer. They say when you spray it on it won’t leave any streaks behind, and that you’re only taking about a minute per screen to use this. They say you don’t have to take the screens down in order to spray them, meaning you only make one trip up the ladder to spray them, and one trip down. On top of all of that they say that you will be shining up the frame at the same time.

The Hype
The hype here is that they have to get you to want to clean your screens, when most of us are content to just let them ride, or spray them off with a hose and call it a done job. They’ve got to sell you on the idea that you should take your screen down, spray them with this, and then put them back up. Or just leave them in place and spray them right where they are.

The Cost
You get a bottle of Screen Magic for $28 but they don’t specify which size it is. It may seem a bit pricey for a cleaning solution, but considering you only have to use it twice a year it’s not too bad.

The Commitment
Your lack of involvement is a major selling factor for Screen Magic. They show a side by side comparison of two people cleaning a window screen. One person is shown using a lot of energy and elbow grease to get the screen clean, while the other one is shown simply spraying it down and waiting until it’s done its job.

Screen Magic definitely addresses a pretty common problem, and chances are there are millions of homes across the USA that could stand to have their window screens cleaned. They sell their product for commercial use as well, so window washers are able to buy this in bulk in a concentrated form that they can dilute and use as needed.

The appeal of being able to use this just twice a year is too big to pass up. Compared to having to clean your screens more often than that, and having to take them off the windows to clean them properly, this is a much better choice, and we were unable to find anything that offers a similar benefit at a similar price point.

Final Screen Magic Review

Screen Magic is getting our Thumbs Up rating due to the large amount of positive feedback it’s received in relation to how well it works once you get it home and start using it on your screens. Usually we try to find a comparable product that does as good of a job. There are a few screen cleaning options for you to consider, such as the ScreenKleen, which takes a different approach and gets pretty good reviews. But overall we weren’t able to find any cleaner where you just spray and the job’s done.

Our Recommendation
This is a product that will definitely make life easier for you if you regularly clean your screens, and also if you rarely if ever clean your screens. That should apply to a lot of different people, and so it’s likely that they will be able to stay in business quite a long time riding on the success of this nearly effortless screen cleaner.

What do you think? Does Screen Magic work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does Screen Magic Really Work?

  1. I used this Screen Magic on 24 full width window screens and I wish I could get my money back. This crap acts like a magnet and every bit of pollen sticks to the screens. Biggest rip off I have ever seen. I used this mid summer last year and come spring time I could barely see out of the screens. Waited till pollen cleared and took all 24 screens and had to scrub them with a brush to get this really rotten product off. DO NOT WATSE MONEY OR TIME ON THIS JUNK.

  2. So per the bottle you’ve eliminated about 60-80% of anything companies use to make cleaning products. Yet you don’t provide the primary agents used on the bottle. But you have to take down the screens and not use your product over anything else like paint or carpet. .. how is your product better than just hosing it down on the spot with a specialty soap? The reason I bought your product was just spray on and your done.. obviously that’s not the case.and I still have no ides what I’m spraying. Could be Teflon for all I know.

  3. I used this product on 22 screens last march 2020 and after one year can say this was the biggest waste of money. Also a big waste of my time. The screens did look a lot cleaner but after one year every bit of dust and dirt stuck to the screens like never before. I had to take all the screens down again to clean this screen magic off of the screens to get rid of the stuck on dirt. The only magic about this product is how they made my money disappear. I wish I could get my money back but that is the magic in the product its gone to never reappear.

  4. This stuff is truly magic. It cleans and protects the screens at same time. I live in the SW where we get dust storms regularly. This stuff easily cleans up the screens and makes them look like new. I have also used it on the covering for my grill and outdoor furniture. I love the clean look. And did I mention how easy it is to use? Love this stuff and will make sure it is always in my cupboard

  5. Screen Magic is an excellent product to clean screens. Saves time and only needs to be applied 2x year in most areas of the US to keep your screens looking like new.

    You can purchase screen Magic online here:
    Scottsdale Window Cleaning Company

  6. Useless. Screens look no different. Did not even remove a small spot of bird droppings. It was like purchasing water in a spray bottle. Save your money and use a cleaner such as windex or simple green.

  7. I have used this product many time and it absolutely works! I just wish it was available in more stores so that it was easier to find. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs or wants to clean their screens, SO much easier than trying to hose them down or scrub them. Literally… all you have to do is spray it on the screen and then let it dry. IF your screens are extra dirty, you could wipe the dust/dirt off first with a dry cloth…. but you really don’t have to! (I would recommend taking the screens down off the window…not spraying them while they are up. I think that what the instructions say as well.)

  8. This is the owner of Screen Magic. I’m glad you like our product! Many of the Home Hardware stores in Canada carry it but call to make sure. Hope to get into Home Depot or Lowe’s this year, but it takes awhile to work with big box stores.

  9. I used someones Screen Cleaner and I LOVE it.
    But where in Canada can I buy it? I went to Home Depot and
    they have never heard of it. Googled Lowes in Canada and
    did not come up in search. I give up.

    Thank you

  10. I have a lot of windows and I love the screens because they let me get some fresh air when they’re open, but I could never figure out a great way to clean them, so I am actually really interested in this product. If it means I will not be getting clumps of paper towels stuck in the screens whenever I try to spray them down with cleaner and rub them clean, I am all for it. I do wonder, though, how it works and how safe the ingredients are for my kids and my pets. Does anyone know what the safety of the ingredients is, even for the environment?

  11. Because I hate cleaning screens, this is a product I would definitely try. Spray and walk away works for me! Yes, it seems pricey, but it seems like a bottle would go a long way and the ease of spring and fall cleaning would be well worth it to me. I hate the look of dirty screens and would use this regularly. Checking into this one for sure.

  12. I didn’t even realize screens needed to be cleaned! *Insert embarrassed smiley* Now I’m interested to see if giving my screens a good cleaning makes much of a difference. If so, Screen Magic sounds useful. Any product that makes a cleaning last longer by repelling dust and dirt is a winner to me. But I do have to wonder…why a specific product just for screens? Wouldn’t any effective cleaner do the job just fine? And since I’ve gone years without cleaning my screens and they don’t seem particularly grimy, how often will one get use out of the bottle?

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