Does the Turbie Twist Really Work?

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Does the Turbie Twist work?You are supposed to be able to use the Turbie Twist as an alternative to a traditional towel on your head. They try to make the case that the old method of drying your hair and keeping it up is obsolete, and that they have the answer. It’s hard to argue that using a towel is perhaps not the best method, but plenty of women still use it because a better way hasn’t come along yet. Can this really be it, or will you end up going back to the standby of an ordinary bath towel?

Up until now there hasn’t really been a better alternative than using your bath towel to wrap your hair up while you finish getting ready. Of course, it has major drawbacks, the biggest being that bath towels are big, thick, and heavy. They can cause neck strain if you wear them on your head for too long, and they don’t do a necessarily great job of whisking the water away from your hair. So although it may prevent you from dripping water all over the place while you’re beautifying yourself, it’s never been an ideal solution.

The Claim
The Turbie Twist claims that it is super absorbent, that it stays in place without coming undone, is lightweight, and can replace your ordinary bath towel for the task of forming a turban on your head. By using this they say you can expect to spend less time blow drying your hair, and end up doing less laundry because you won’t be using your big bath towels as much. Since this is something you’ll be using every day, it’s not hard to see that this really can produce cost savings, as well as time savings.

The Hype
A lot of people are finding out that this works, and are telling their friends about it. This is the good kind of hype that a company loves to receive. It only makes sense because it solves a problem that many women have, and there aren’t a lot of other products competing with it. They seem to have gotten everything right with this, as far as the material and design goes. It’s got a pretty foolproof way to put it on, and to keep it in place.

The Cost
The price is another great feature of the Turbie Twist. You can get a 3-pack for $15, so you’ll always have one handy when you need it.

The Commitment
Since this is designed to replace your ordinary towel, it needs to be easier to use, quicker to use, and provide a better experience all around. Putting this on is pretty easy, because it has a loop in the back of it that secures it in place. With a regular towel you have to come up with your own way of fastening it which usually involves making it tighter than you’d want it to be.

The Turbie Twist goes on pretty easily, and since it only has one function, it is tailor-made for what it does. A bath towel is not really designed to wrap your hair up, its primary function is to dry your body off. With something like the Turbie Twist it doesn’t have to worry about performing any other tasks for you. This means that it has no wasted material, and is perfectly sized for the job it does.

It gets overwhelmingly positive reviews from tons of users that have tried it, and they all say basically the same thing that we found for ourselves. It just plain works, so it’s one less thing for you to think about when you’re getting ready for your day or a big date.

Since it’s made with microfibers, it’s really absorbent while also being lightweight. It also means that it dries quickly between uses so you can use it on consecutive days without having to wash it, or having to use it partially damp from the time you showered before. The lighter weight is perhaps its best attribute, because the small muscles in your neck can get cramped and kinked when you make an awkward motion with your head and you have the extra weight of the towel on it.

Final Turbie Twist Review

We really like the Turbie Twist and have given it our nod of approval. There’s not much to dislike about it, and it lives up to all of the claims it makes. It stays in place really well, thanks to its loop in the back. We also like that it gets your hair really dry, even after wearing it for just 10 minutes. The longer you wear it, the drier your hair gets, so you’ll have to find out what the sweet spot is so you know when to take it off. For some hairstyles you want your hair to be a little more damp than others, and with enough attempts we’ll find out just how long you need to keep it on to get your hair just right.

Our Recommendation
Definitely grab a Turbie Twist, or two or three. They definitely come in handy, and make a great addition to your other bathtime accessories. Once you have it on your head, you’ll immediately see just how heavy ordinary towels are compared to something like this. It might take you a little while to get used to not have to constantly adjust a towel, or have a towel come undone so many times.

What do you think? Does the Turbie Twist work or not?

46 Customer Reviews on “Does the Turbie Twist Really Work?

  1. I am not real happy with it. I have long hair and by the time I get my hair folded into the towel it is not long enough to put in the little band. They need to have one for people that have longer hair! How can I contact the company and suggest this?

  2. I’ve been using my Turbie Twist for years. I picked mine up at the Dollar store and it is still working good. It is easy to use and I love it. I take my shower, then put my hair in my Turbie Twist and I’m able to do my makeup without my hair getting in the way. It is super absorbent. If I travel, then I always take it with me too.

  3. It’s so cool to hear that these actually work, because they seem like a really convenient and fun idea. I would love to have some of these, because you can use your towel as a wrap to go from the bathroom to your room to get changed in a room that isn’t so humid as the bathroom right after a shower, and still have something to wrap your hair up in. For the price, this is even better! Towels are a lot more expensive than $5 each, so it’s an amazing price and a really convenient and cool product! I would definitely try this, especially after seeing all the great comments on this site, and the good review from this article. I can’t wait to go get some!

  4. I feel like the Turbie Twist does a fabulous job all around. It stays in place, it is extremely light, and it does the job of absorbing the majority of the water from your hair. However, after it came out many similar products found their way into the market and I would have to honestly say that I think the Turbie Twist is slowly losing its hold on competitiveness. I picked up a few similar hair wraps from the Dollar Store to see how they would work. Sadly, they worked just as good as the Turbie Twist and were a fraction of the price.

  5. I have been using them for years absolutely love them. Put them out for guests when I have company and I have had to order more after giving away some to my friends.

  6. I don’t see any difference when it comes to absorbency. I have two towels have I ripped in half I usually use to dry my hair and they work better than this. I do like the loop on the back to hold the towel in place but for my hair I feel like if anything it keeps water in my hair longer than my ripped towels. It’s taking forever to dry my hair when I use the twist boo:( I really wanted it to help dry my hair faster

  7. I feel so geeky happy to learn that this actually works hehe~ I finally found some medium size towels because the large towels take so much space in the washing machine. The problem though is that the medium size is a little too small and the large towel is a little too big. With the medium towel after you dry your body, it’s too wet to use it on your head. If I use the turbie twist though, the medium towel’s going to be the perfect size and I still don’t have to do as much laundry.

  8. I’ve been buying Turbie Twists from QVC for gosh, 8+ years now. I personally keep about 2 dozen on hand and have shared my “stash” with both my mom (80) and daughter (8). We LOVE them!! I travel with them whether it’s a quick trip to my in-law’s or a full fledged vacation. Just the thought of wrapping my hair in a full sized towel gives me a headache!! I’ve also given dozens of Turbie Twists as gifts to my girlfriends over the years, always making sure to provide ordering info as I know they’ll want more and want to give them as gifts as well!!

    Turbie Twists honestly are my favorite find of at least the last 10 years! They’re so ingenious I often wonder why we didn’t think of this before!

    One caution: I’ve tried some “knock-off” TurbieTwists and they are a total waste of money! They are not absorbent, are I’ll fitting and just horrible! Stick with the original and the best, the authentic Turbie Twist!!! I absolutely love love love these hair towels!! My daughter loves the hot pink one and runs around showing everyone her “beautiful pink hair”! We are definitely a Turbie Twist family – you should be too!!!

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