Does the Twitching Lure Really Work?

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Does Twitching Lure Work?As we all know most everything that we do today is assisted with some form of electronics, so why should fishing be any different? If you are into fishing then you are going to find the Twitching Lure to be quite intriguing, and you will hope that the fish do too.

The Twitching Lure is an electronic lure that will twitch, flash and buzz so it attracts the fish you are trying to catch. It is rechargeable with the use of a USB charge cord.

The Claim
The company claims that the Twitching Lure works equally well for both fresh and saltwater fishing.It is comprised of sound, light and movement, all of which fish find intriguing.

The Hype
It is a legal electronic fishing lure so you can boost up your tournament wins perhaps with the added edge of having a lure such as the Twitching Lure. It is perfect for night fishing as it lights up in the dark.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $19.99 for the Twitching Lure along with $6.99 for shipping and handling.If you add an extra $6.99 for the shipping and handling you will get a second Twitching Lure free.

The Commitment
There are some old school fishing enthusiasts that feel perhaps we are going too far with the electronics, especially when it comes to hunting and fishing. They believe that the fair game opportunity is becoming too one sided. Then there are others that believe if there is anything that is going to help them land the”big one” then they are all for it. You need to decide which side you are committed to.

The concept seems to be good and really the Twitching Lure is just making an old fishing technique more modernized. The old style fisherman will jig his lure trying to create the illusion of an injured piece of bait. This new lure just performs the same action with less work.

Final Twitching Lure Review

We are going to give the Twitching Lure a thumbs up rating. It doesn’t matter whether we think it is fair play or not, there is just no getting away from electronics. So if you are okay getting the big catch of the day electronically then go for it. However, if you feel there will be more satisfaction with your catches that are done with traditional bait and lures then stick with that.

Our Recommendation
Checking out on what is on the market today to helping you with your fishing adventures really does no harm. Surely there must be some products that you use that are not part of the fish habitat to help you with your catch. It could be something as simple as scented bait. If you are one of these fishing enthusiasts that like to fish on the spur of the moment then check out Pocket Fisherman. This is a great spur of the moment resource.

What do you think? Does the Twitching Lure work or not?

19 Customer Reviews on “Does the Twitching Lure Really Work?

  1. Purchased 4 lures.
    First lure blinked and buzzed but swam on its side. The electronics failed on fourth cast.
    Second lure worked well for about an hour (no fish) but wouldn’t turn off… then would not re-charge.
    Third lure worked for about 15 minutes, but wouldn’t turn off either… then stopped completely and would not re-charge.
    Fourth lure still in packet… not worth getting out.

  2. I ordered this product over a year ago and I never received it this is a scam

  3. Hi Pamela it was a pleasure to read your review, it is very enticing to go fishing with you on a, Hot summer Night

  4. Waste of blasted money. Lure 1: I had 30 or 40 casts,nothing… and then I could not turn the damm thing off. It buzzed and went on and disturbed everything in the house.
    Lure 2: Also an hour or so casting with no results. Then the unit started to become waterlogged and would not work. I dried it out and tried to recharge but no luck there either.
    I returned both units for a refund or replacement (at my expense from Australia) . It looks as if i will have to call on Pay Pal if nothing happens soon.

  5. Bought this for my grandson, first time he used it the thing fell apart. Didn’t even get a bite this is after waiting forever to get it! Then of course it came off the line and he lost it. That’s a wasted 26.00 we will never get back. ?

  6. This lure is just like most new lures on the market. The fisherman has got to have the latest lure but the fish are not always so inclined. You can catch a fish on a bare hook if you are in fishy waters and know how to present the hook. I ordered on June 8th and just got notified today, July 30th, that the lures were shipped. Now when I get to fish with them I can come back with a report. All the comments above are lacking feedback in results but not lacking in humor.

  7. I ordered a lure 19 days ago and never received it as yet. When I called they said they were backlogged.
    The person l talked to said it would be another week. I hope this isn’t a shady outfit.

  8. Oh the twitching action when it’s on my semi stiff rod. It’s big so it’s hard for it to be deep throated by a moist large mouth. You can really feel the vibration in your rod when it’s on. A truly magical feeling.

  9. Bay Area Fishing

    I love to use Twitching Lure in the mud bogs in the Bay Area. My rod had become crusty with dried up material from previous large mouth excursions until I started to use Twitching lure.

    Now my muddy rod is clean as cucumber as Bay Area suckers fight with each other to inhale and swallow my twitching member.

    If you enjoy a sloppy good time with like minded suckers, I recommend yanking out your pole with a Twitching lure dangling from it.

  10. Twitching Lure never fails to get me up if I am down. With Twitching lure hanging off my rod all the bottom feeders in the area quickly take notice and open their suckers for a big gulp.

    The action keeps me up all day as each sucker takes their turn showing me their largemouth bottom feeding technique.

    I recommend you attaching the Twithcing lure to your pole if you crave white water action.

  11. As soon as I get to my favorite fishing hole, I love to pull out my pole and watch it start to Twitch as my friends gather around. I soon get bit every 10 seconds due to the feeding frenzy.

    I decided to pay for handling in arrears.

  12. Twitch Lure is incredible as stated above. I opened the package which was delivered quickly and left both lures on the kitchen counter while I took a quick phone call.

    When I returned, my 15 year old daughter was wearing it hooked from her mouth to her ear as bling! She would not give it back. I quickly hid the 2nd lure before my wife got home so she would not get hooked as well.

  13. I love to attach the Twitch lure to my pole and parade around the lake as it flashes and buzzes. Sure enough, within 10 seconds a local snapper will confront me and get hooked.

    My pole has never seen such large mouth action until I attached a twitch lure.

  14. I fished with it all day the battery held up very well but I never caught a thing in fact didn’t even get a bite. I put everything under the sun on those hooks which are pretty huge and gruesome hooks and they hang down very long making quite a mouthful for any panfish. You have to be expecting to catch a pretty big fish to use this pretty big lure. The bright side is it’s a lot of fun it’s a conversation piece it kept me from being bored while I was out fishing and it actually does Buzz twitch and light up just as they claim so it’s hard to complain. I would have to actually catch a fish with it in order to give it my full endorsement though. I’ll give it 4 out of 10 Stars it’s pretty much an expensive novelty for your tackle box

  15. HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry to laugh, but honestly guys and gals, when was the last time you saw a shiner doing the chicken like it had a 220 volt line up its butt, Blinking red lights? Yeah, You’d get fish, they float to the surface, died laughing at it. <

  16. I think you are right Ryan! I heard that threw one of those watch batteries in lake Erie and killed all the fish in this hemisphere! ?

  17. I don’t have one, but perhaps I will get one next time I’m in Oklahoma City at the Bass Pro Shop (if they sell them). I will not order online.

    I think one big thing nobody is talking about is how polluted our waters already are and how this lure has the potential to add to that. It has a battery in it, after all. If more and more lures become electronic, how will that affect our waters? How many regular lures are snagged on the bottom already? Now we are going to add batteries to that? That’s going to put some nasty stuff in the water. It’s bad enough that so much tackle is/was lead. Just think of how much lead is in the water from sinkers and what not.

    I will still likely get one of the lures, but I will be careful of what kind of area I will use it in.

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