Does the Versi Cutter Really Work?

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Does the Versi Cutter Work?A lot of people now like to do their own home improvements. This can really save some money but often requires a collection of tools that the average do it yourself person just might not have. For those who have to cut stainless steel, copper or plastic for example, this may be a great tool to have for this might be the Versi Cutter.

The Versi Cutter seems to be a simple tool that is affordable and simple to use. It can be used in some cases to replace tin snips, hacksaws and grinders.

The Claim
The claim made by those who promote the Versi Cutter are saying that it simply connects to your drill no matter which type you use such as an electric, battery, cordless or air-powered drill. It then turns the drill into an innovative tool for multi cutting tasks.

The Hype
The hype really can pertain to the fact that the Versi Cutter can save you money. You won’t have to rent specific tools for your cutting jobs, or have to buy them.

The Cost
The Versi Tool will cost you three payments of $33. Each so you are looking at $99. With free shipping. Included with the unit is some accessories such as 2 multi purpose drill clamps, freehand cutting attachment, circle cutter and a CD with numerous templates.

The Commitment
You are going to have to make sure that you have a drill that you can attach the Versi Cutter to. Then you are going to have to watch the CD to learn how to use it and what applications it will come in handy for.

The Versi Cutter seems to be available on Amazon as well although listed as a new product which only has a few reviews on it so far. This is not enough to be able to judge the merits of this product. The concept is definitely a good one. But only if it performs as well as it says it will do.

Final Versi Cutter Review

Although the Versi Cutter seems to be one of those as seen on TV products it seems to have been around for awhile yet seems like a new listing on Amazon. The other interesting fact is that on the TV promo it is going for $99. But on Amazon they are listing it as new for $27.44. so this is a little confusing.

Our Recommendation
There is no doubt that there have been some good as seen on TV products, but at the same time there have been a lot of bad ones. You really need to decide on your own whether you want to make this type of investment into the Versi Cutter. In the past we have talked about other products that seem to be quite innovative such as the SOG shovel.

What do you think? Does the Versi Cutter work or not?

51 Customer Reviews on “Does the Versi Cutter Really Work?

  1. Watched the TV add this morning. I’m retired from Engineering with a lot of experience in writing specifications for metalic hardware as a member of several national standards committees. I had questions popping up as I watched.
    At a minimum I would caution anyone that this is a tool for thin materials. I didn’t see where the ad stated the thickness maximum the tool could cut. They mentioned 20 gauge which is fairly thin but who in the general public knows what that is? The higher the gauge number the thinner the material. Also, gauges are different depending on the metals, e.g. copper versus steel.
    The commercial stated it would cut up to 600 feet. What exactly does that mean? Does the tool wear out after 600 feet? That’s no bargain for $99. All metal cutting tools dull eventually. Can the tool be resharpened? If so how or do you need to return it to the manufacturer (I highly doubt they’re in the resharpening business.)
    Further, what’s the guarantee and return policy? I suggest checking the Better Business Bureau to see if there’s any info or complaints.
    I have further concerns so I’ll just say Buyer Beware!

  2. Another sound too good to be true Ad. I rely heavily on Reviews. Much skepticism about giving my credit card information too,at this early stage. Crossroads for refund and return for me aren’t that timely or easily processed. I would love to own this tool. Past quick decisions,lessons learned to (like crosswalk signs say)WAIT! WAIT!

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