Does VPX Meltdown Really Work?

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Does VPX Meltdown work?Losing fat is hard, and VPX Meltdown aims to put your body into a state that makes it easier. By revving up your metabolism they say you’ll be able to burn up 56% more body fat. But can this really work, and what are real users saying?

Fat is a big problem for a lot of people and it’s one of those things that’s easy to find and hard to lose. In a world filled with all sorts of temptations it can require a nearly full-time effort to keep yourself in shape and free of unwanted fat. Of course the body needs some fat to survive, and even those with six pack abs are still at about 8% body fat. But if you’re nowhere close to that you might be considering getting rid of the fat quickly using a fat loss pill.

The Claim
There are plenty of claims made by VPX about their Meltdown product, including it being 972% more effective than ephedrine. You may remember ephedrine started a big craze years back but then was outed as causing a lot of problems in the body. They also say that it’s the most powerful fat burner ever, and that it doesn’t eat away at your lean muscle mass, focusing instead on the fatty deposits in the body.

The Caffeine
This contains 275mg of caffeine which is about that found in 3 cups of regular coffee. The Mayo Clinic considers 500mg to be heavy use, and warns against side effects if you exceed this as a daily dose. This means that if you follow the recommendations for taking Meltdown and limit your intake to one 3 pill serving per day, you should clock in at a reasonable level. But taking these pills and continuing on with coffee, sodas, or energy drinks will put you over the edge, since a venti sized coffee from Starbucks clocks in at 400mg on its own.

The Yohimbine
Meltdown also contains yohimbine, which studies have shown may help with fat loss, especially from areas that are typically thought of as stubborn. The one thing that you’ll want to be careful with here is that it produces the same adverse side effects as large amounts of caffeine, so when coupled with the caffeine in the same pill it’s like doubling down on the amount of stimulants you’re taking in.

The Cost
The cost of VPX Meltdown can only be described as reasonable, with a 24 day supply going for around $20 on Amazon. You don’t want to bargain shop too much because you want the pills to have quality ingredients and be manufactured in a trustworthy facility. Compared to competing weight loss pills these are competitively priced without being suspiciously cheap.

The Commitment
Because of its power you wouldn’t want to stay on this for very long. Diet pills work best as a catalyst to a new you, but shouldn’t be looked at as a crutch or the core of your weight loss efforts. It can be hard to stay determined when you’re seeing slow results, and a weight loss pill can give you the extra confidence that you need in order to get past the start and get to the part where it gets exciting and the results of your efforts become visible.

The one thing you’ll want to watch out for is dehydrating yourself. The stimulants found in VPX Meltdown are going to be taxing to your liver, so be sure that you are drinking enough water while on them. This can be hard to do especially if you’re working out while taking these and already in need of extra hydration. Just be sure to keep your urine clear and plentiful throughout the day, it’s your biggest signal to see if you’re drinking enough H2O.

Final VPX Meltdown Review

The verdict on VPX Meltdown is that it works, and that’s not from the university studies they claim have been conducted on it. It’s from looking at the user reviews for it that show most users were pleased with the results, with some people saying it didn’t work for them, and others preferring different weight loss products from the same company. Overall though it seems to be getting the job done. Find a weight loss pill that gets 100% of users saying it works and you’ll soon hear a stampede behind you. The fact is nothing works for everyone because each person is different and will use these differently, naturally getting different results.

Our Recommendation
Just because diet pills are available without a prescription, you shouldn’t take them lightly. If you are seriously overweight you should consult with your doctor before starting up with any sort of weight loss regimen, especially if you plan to include pills as part of it. Your doctor may recommend against it, or they may be able to steer you in a direction that is better suited for your specific situation. If you are just trying to lose those last stubborn 10 pounds many people have been able to successfully do so with diet pills such as this.

What do you think? Does VPX Meltdown work or not?

119 Customer Reviews on “Does VPX Meltdown Really Work?

  1. I think that with the Scientific Research found to legitimate, and the performance, sustained sales, and overall ingredient profile, it makes sense that the VPX Meldown Fat Burner is an effective product that meets or exceeds its claims. I have owned Nutrition Stores and Websites, and not too many products in this category REALLY live up to their claims. VPX and Meltdown always has….and I am comfortable saying they probably always will. I go on their website ( a lot and read their studies, and other info all the time. Needless to say I am a huge VPX fan. Enough said?

  2. Boosting metabolism to lose weight more effectively is not new science, but there have been only a handful of products that could actually do this for you effectively and without side effects. It looks like vpx meltdown actually works, which is very surprising, but that seems to be the case. The frequent positive reviews at the very least warrants a try. Damn man, I hope vpx is the real deal.

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