Does Wartrol Work?

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Does Wartrol work?Getting rid of warts can be tough, and Wartrol says that you can do it without pain, and using ingredients that are safe and approved by the FDA. But can a product like this work, when so many people opt to get warts removed by their doctor, or use chemicals or freeze them off at home?

Warts have a stigma in our society, and are definitely something that most people want to get rid of ASAP. This leads to a strong desire to purchase anything that shows a promise of success in treating warts. This is especially true for those with genital warts, who want a discrete and quick way to get rid of them without having to go to the doctor to have them checked out.

The Claim
Wartrol makes a lot of claims about their product. They say that it’s a liquid that goes on painlessly and easily removes all types of warts that are caused by the HPV virus. They say that it is safe and effective and that with their applicator brush it is easy to apply so you don’t have any wasted product. They also try to make it seem like their product has been in the news, but upon closer inspection they are only referring to the mention of warts and over the counter wart treatments.

The Hype
There is definitely a large number of people that have warts they want to get rid of. It’s one of the more common skin ailments, and unless you take action to get rid of them they’ll usually hang around indefinitely. Since most procedures either require a trip to the dermatologist to have them frozen off, or using at-home remedies that can take a long time, this is getting attention as a potentially quick, painless, and easy fix.

The Cost
They say that they’ll send you a free trial bottle of Wartrol, and here are the details on that: If you pay the $6 shipping they’ll send you a 30 day supply. But you only have 2 weeks to decide if you want to keep it. If you don’t return it within that time frame you’ll be charged $79 for that bottle, plus they’ll start sending you a new bottle every month for $30.

If you want to avoid that hassle altogether you can simply purchase it directly for $58 for a one month supply which includes standard shipping. Their 90 day guarantee is only for unopened items, so basically it’s not a guarantee at all if you only purchase one bottle, because once you open it to try it you have voided the guarantee.

The Commitment
They say that this removes warts quickly and easily so you shouldn’t have to keep using this for months on end. This is why it’s peculiar that they would want to enroll you in an auto-shipment program that sends you a new bottle every month, unless they believe you are totally covered in warts.

We’ve reviewed a lot of products like Wartrol that are sold in a similar fashion, with a “free” trial that requires your credit card and then bills you for the product if you don’t cancel within a specified time period. Most of the time there are a ton of people that are complaining that they were charged for the product even though they were led to believe it was a free trial. It’s all there in the fine print, but it still confuses us as to why a company would want to sell their product in this way, and it’s a red flag for us.

Beware of fake reviews like the one in this video:
It’s important to point out that Wartrol itself is not approved by the FDA. They word it so that they say that the ingredients found within it have been approved by the FDA to show signs of effectiveness at removing warts. But this does not mean that the product they’re selling has received FDA approval, and since it uses all natural ingredients the FDA won’t evaluate it.

Final Wartrol Review

We’re giving Wartrol a tentative Try rating. There isn’t enough genuine feedback to determine whether it works. Most positive reviews you’ll find on it are from affiliates. A lot of people are wondering if it works on genital warts, and their website goes so far as to say you can use it on your private areas. Since genital warts are caused by sub-types of HPV virus it only makes sense that this would work on them, if it works at all.

The best bet if you’ve got a stubborn wart, or genital warts would be to visit your doctor who will likely refer you to a dermatologist. They’ll be able to recommend the best course of treatment and will get the job done the first time. It might be a little embarrassing, but they’ve seen it all and they will make the process as easy as possible for you.

Our Recommendation
If you’re going to try it out there are a few ways to do so, and the one we’d recommend is to just buy it outright and risk the $50 to see if it works. If you go with the trial bottle and just pay the shipping you could end up getting charged $80 and have to contact their customer service to get the automatic monthly shipments and charges to stop. It’s a big hassle and if it works you can just reorder directly if you choose, and you remain in control throughout the process.

What do you think? Does Wartrol work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Wartrol Work?

  1. I never heard of this product but at least it does have FDA approval, so that’s a big positive. People who never suffered from warts just don’t know the kind of gaze they get from people on the trains and on the streets. People can be so cruel and nasty, but after so many years of experiencing it, I’m not even surprised anymore.

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