Does Xooma Really Work?

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Does Xooma X2O work?Xooma is a multi-level marketing program that allows you to sell their X2O water enhancer and other products. Two types of people would be attracted to their offer, those that want to benefit from drinking oxygen-infused alkaline water, and those that want to make money selling it. We look at both proposed benefits to see what’s really going on.

Many network marketing companies out there have found that it’s a good idea to sell health products, as people are always looking for ways to be healthier, and affiliates can feel good about what they’re selling. That’s why you’ll see all sorts of pills, supplements, and other health-related goods being sold in this manner, and why the sellers will be so passionate about it.

The Claim
Xooma claims that their X2O water contains trace minerals that turns ordinary tap water into alkaline water that is good for the body. They also claim that it is possible to make tens of thousands of dollars per month with their business opportunity, although they do add the disclaimer that those results are not typical, and that it will rely on your own performance.

The Hype
The hype comes in the form of this being sold as a business opportunity, creating affiliates that will try to promote the products as a way to create a side income, or a full time job replacement. These days everyone is looking for ways to make money on top of what they’re already making at their jobs. In an unstable economy people can become desperate and will get lulled into offers like this because the allure of “having it made” or easily providing for your family is too strong, and overrides normal rational thought.

The Cost
While they say there are no fees to get involved with Xooma, most of the time there is a start-up cost involved with MLM set-ups. Either you have to pay a one-time membership fee, or you have to buy a starter kit that includes the product in bulk so that you have something to sell. In this case you’re privy to discounted prices on starter packs of the products they sell. If you want to buy servings of their X2O it’s being sold for $25 for 30 sachets which are placed into the water.

The Commitment
As with any business you’re going to have to put the time into it to see any revenue come in. In this case you can choose to either sell a lot of their products, or recruit a lot of people that are good at selling their products. Either way is going to require an investment of your time, and will not be an automatic process. If you are serious about having this replace your full-time income you should plan to work on it just as much and treat it like a real business.

There are natural ways to promote a healthy alkalinity in your body, so you don’t have to jump on board with something like X2O from Xooma. It’s been suggested that simply squeezing a lemon into a glass of water, or adding apple cider vinegar to a glass of water will provide the alkalinity that you seek, and provide many of the same benefits.

As far as a money making opportunity goes, it’s typically not a good idea to go with a company that presents inflated hypothetical numbers when they should you what you “could” make. In this instance they like to drop figures like $15,000 a week or more and walk you through schemes involving “generations” and “levels” as a way to show you how they arrive at these figures. But it’s all just speculation, and you’ll never be clear as to whether anyone is making anywhere near this. It also would require a large number of new customers, all happily re-ordering and a team of affiliates all doing their job.

Is This a Pyramid Scheme?
The big question you need to ask to determine if an opportunity is a pyramid scheme or not is to look at where the focus is. If during their pitch they are talking more about how to sell the product and the best ways to go about finding the most customers, it could be legit. If the focus is on recruiting new members, and the income projections rely on bringing in a lot of lackeys under you, then it might be a pyramid scheme. Your head might spin with all of the possibilities, but you also have to wonder where you are in the scheme, and how many people are above you and relying on your work and effort.

Final Xooma Review

All signs are pointing to this being a so-so product and not a very good business model. Eventually someone is going to have to make some sales, and if you’re luring people in with the same promises you were lured in by, their focus is going to be on recruiting, and not on selling the products. It’s a case of two many grasshoppers and not enough ants. And if Xooma was so sure of its products it should show how the sale of those products leads to a weekly or monthly income, without using a vast sea of recruits in its calculations.

Of course it really is up to the individual, and this is only our assessment of what is being offered. With enough time and dedication it could yield results for the right person. But for most people with a passing interest in it it wouldn’t provide enough to justify getting involved.

Our Recommendation
If you were thinking about using X2O for health reasons, there are cheaper and easier ways to increase your ph level, but first you should have it checked out and not just assume that you’re running at an acidic level. If you wanted to take this up as a business there are other ways to make money that either have a smaller up front investment, or involve a product you can believe in and don’t require you to recruit dozens and dozens of people and then get them to do the work.

What do you think? Does Xooma work or not?

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  1. Hello, Mike McLeod. I’ll also like to try the Xooma X20 alkaline water for my Type II Diabetes. Please, can you give me leads on how to procure or purchase the product?

  2. Don’t let anyones opinion of a product deter you from your promise.. No get rich scheme here your success is up to you. I just sign this week and will make on decision. Lady who sign me been in 5 months making 8k month. I plan follow the plan of success just get two and they same same to be members 100 month or less. No upfront or web fee.. I pay 25 on other biz web. TRY

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