Does Yin Chiao Really Work?

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Does Yin Chiao really work?Yin Chiao may be for you if you are looking for something to help combat the common cold and don’t want to resort to using prescription or over-the-counter medication.

Getting sick is the worst, and people will do all they can to prevent it from happening. Those that get sick regularly usually come up with creative ways to try to avoid getting really sick, and to minimize the damage.

The Claim
Those that are trying to sell you Yin Chiao make plenty of claims as to what it can do, including staving off the flu as well as the common cold. Since there’s no known remedy for these your doctor will tell you to just stay home, get lots of rest, and drink lots of fluids.

The Hype
With all of the scary stuff being found in toys and other goods manufactured in China, herbs seem to be one area where they still have a good reputation. Chinese herbal remedies are a big business, and it’s thought that because these remedies date back thousands of years there must be some validity to them. The thought is that if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t have survived the ultimate test of time. The other thought is that it doesn’t matter if it’s been scientifically proven or not because it’s been peer tested over millennia.

The Cost
The cost of Yin Chiao varies depending on which brand you go with. Of course those that charge more will try to convince you that the ingredients they use are of a higher quality. We’ve seen prices range from under $10 to over $50 for a bottle, so it can really fall to within a large range of prices.

The Commitment
The interesting thing about this product is that you have to take it before your cold is full blown. If you take it in the middle of a cold, or towards the end, it won’t have much, if any, effect. You have to be pretty good at reading the signs of when you’re coming down with a cold, and when you’re not.

There are pretty much to lines of thought when it comes to taking products like Yin Chiao. You can either sit idly by and hope for the best, letting the cold run its course, or you can take preventive measures and load yourself up with herbs and vitamins to try to give your body a fighting chance. It’s hard to get accurate data on whether or not this is effective, since there’s no way to tell what would have happened had you taken it or not. The feedback you get from people that say it works is purely speculative, they are only guessing that their cold didn’t last as long.

But then there are those that get the annual cold, or get colds regularly that have become quite good at knowing what the signs are, and how long their typical cold lasts. They are saying that this works to either prevent the cold from coming at all, or shortening the time that the cold sticks around. Either way they’re saying that this provides some benefit, compared to not taking it at all.

In regards to the claims made by some companies that they’re using higher quality herbs, or that their product is made in the USA, or that they source their ingredients directly from China, you have to measure each of them up separately because they all make different claims and have varying degrees of legitimacy.

Final Yin Chiao Review

Like any herbal-based product, it matters a great deal which quality Yin Chiao you go with. The only problem is that it’s nearly impossible to know for sure what you’re getting from which company. You can try to buy your way into a higher quality product, but there is also the strategy of pricing a product highly in order to build perceived value.

We’re giving this a Solid Try rating though, because it doesn’t appear to make matters worse, and it does make sense to help your body through a tough time. If you don’t do anything it’s just going to have whatever resources it usually has. If you’re getting sick in the first place your immune system may need a boost, and this may be just the thing to do it so you don’t get sick to the point of having to miss work or falling behind on your familial responsibilities.

Our Recommendation
This is the same sort of theory that proponents of Airborne advise, or taking massive amounts of Vitamin C supplements at the onset of a cold. While many of these strategies have their own share of controversy, it is really a matter of how you feel when you take it, and whether you think it is making a difference to how your cold would have been.

What do you think? Does Yin Chiao work or not?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Yin Chiao Really Work?

  1. Yes, it’s excellent. I’ve been using it for decades. I favor the powdered form, which is better, but use the tablets when traveling. It’s true that it’s best when you get the earliest symptoms. Sometimes even just one dose is enough. Once I’ve gotten sick, it doesn’t work for me. There is definitely a problem with quality from China. Plum Flower is a good one as is Great Wall. I don’t know the source of the powdered one my Dr. gives me.

    Do good research though as you can’t just go by the descriptions. There are many factors regarding symptoms. For instance, Sang Chu is for the common cold with cough and YELLOW phlegm. You would want something different if it’s green or more clear in color.

    For the skeptics, it’s true, there’s a reason some of these remedies are still in use after several thousand years.

  2. Learn to recognize the signs of an impending cold. For me, that’s a tickle in the throat. Don’t wait — take this stuff! If you don’t catch the thing at the onset, take Gan Mao Ling instead, or along with. I have very few colds now. I always travel with both of these.

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