Does YOR Health Really Work?

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Does YOR Health work?YOR Health is a multilevel marketing company centered around a suite of health based products you are supposed to use yourself, and try to sell to others. Opportunities like this are pretty common, and most people want to know 1 of 2 things: do the product actually work to make you healthier, and does the opportunity actually work to make you money?

It’s easy to get caught up any ideas that you could find a health product that actually helps to make you feel great, and then use that product to change your financial outlook. Technically, if you did find a product that you liked, and got results from, it would make you the perfect spokesperson for the company. But in the real world that’s a pretty big if.

The Claim
The claims being made are nothing you haven’t seen before if you’ve looked at any sort of network marketing opportunity. Yo make X amount of dollars if you recruit Y number of people and they each sell Z amount of product. Of course you also have to buy a minimum amount of the product yourself to qualify for all of the income streams available. Most of the claims rely on hypotheticals, and very rarely do they translate cleanly when put into practice. The claims need to be made, or no one would sign up, and they need to basically promise the American Dream, or no one would put good money down on it.

The Hype
Hype is the name of the game when it comes to getting you to join on with a multilevel marketing opportunity. You’ll see it in the form of rah rah rallies and cult-like behavior from rabid representatives trying to get you excited for it. It’s very easy to get swept up in this sort of hysteria, but it’s important to remember that you very rarely get something for nothing and often the effort and work required is understated.

The Cost
If you want to become a member you’ll not only have to buy YOR Health products monthly, but they also have marketing materials for you to buy to help you explain the products to potential customers. You have to reach a certain Point Value (PV) in order to qualify for bonuses and commissions for the things you sell, as well as for what your downline produces. If you don’t hit the right PV numbers you’ll miss out on commissions for that month. That’s how they scare you into buying each month, so you don’t lose any potential commission.

The Information Is Out There
One important thing to note about YOR is that they are pretty transparent about what it is they’re promising in the way of cash and prizes and how you qualify for each level. It’s broken down in gritty detail, but the thing is that it doesn’t make a strong case for feasibly being able to make the sort of money that would make this worthwhile, even with a hearty amount of time and effort put into it. MLM is supposed to be less risky than starting on your own, because you’re supposed to be able to plug into a pre-existing system that works, but from what we’ve seen it seems pretty hard for the average person to rise through the ranks and make real money.

The income disclosure says enough to make you want to turn your back on YOR Health and run in that direction. It’s like a microcosm of the 1% and the 99% and if graphed out would look just like a pyramid. The base would be made up of the roughly 50 percent of the members that make a paltry $1000 or so a year, and at the tip of the pyramid would be the Royal White Diamond members that pull in a cool million. But don’t forget that the vast majority don’t get paid any commissions at all, and they form the true foundation for the pyramid to exist at all.

It’s obvious that there is a link between the former pyramid scheme and YOR, because the domain is still affiliated with the YOR Health website. Why go with a business opportunity that has such a sordid history? There are also blatant signs that the majority of people aren’t even making anything close to a part-time income with this, based on the figures released by the company about how much their members are earning on an annual basis. It’s not even enough to call it a hobby business.

Final YOR Health Review

Overall YOR Health is getting our Thumbs Down rating, based on its checkered past, and no reliable data that shows it works, either the products or the business opportunity. At this point we’ve looked at dozens of similar “opportunities” like these, and there are some that are centered around products that make a stronger case than these do. There are also plenty of companies out there that aren’t affiliated with top executives that have been sued by the FTC and lost in relation to obvious pyramid scams. Better opportunities exist, and you should seek them out.

Our Recommendation
Most people that will try to convince you that multilevel marketing is a good opportunity are already in an MLM business and drinking the Kool Aid. Of course they have to tell you it’s a good idea because they want you in their downline. The only time it really works for someone is if they have an unfailing conviction that the product is great, and the product lives up to the claims being made.

What do you think? Does YOR Health work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does YOR Health Really Work?

  1. If you never try you will never know. This is my first time I write a review on something I love so much. I hope this review can help whatever you are looking for 😊
    My name is Lynna Nguyen . I am Yor Health Promotor since 2017. Well let see ..where am I start, let me throw back a little bit , back in 2017 I’m broke and lonely. After I broke up with my 6 years relationship, I just want to be by myself. I don’t want to do anything with anyone . I just want to be alone. I’m just messing around with FB to kill my time. But luckily my mentor found me on Facebook. I’m so desperate to lose weight and I am open for any opportunity to make money from home. I’m nails technician, during winter time . Everything is so slow, someday we can’t even make $50 dollars. I have no experience with MLM and I have no high school diploma. But my mentor and leader they alway be there To help and mentoring me, They never judging me. They don’t care where I coming from and they don’t care who I am. They just know I am a good person and I deserve an opportunity. Within my first month I can make $5k part time. With the help and the support system Within 3 months we help one of my downline retired her husband from a 70-80 hours work weekly . And within 4 months they both husband and wife lost 100lbs. Everyday she came to me and tell me how much she appreciated me cuz without me and Yor Health she and her husband won’t be this healthy. Yor health have give them the opportunity to earned money and travel the em world. Not just that but now they have more time with their 2 boys too. Yor health is not just an MLM but its a culture that everyone want to be apart of . Yor health have changed my life 360. Within 1 years I’m from a broke woman have no income now I can purchase my first Mercedes and I’m walked away from cleaning peoples feets job to become an Entrepreneur.
    There is millions job out there . There are thousand of MLM company out there .
    if you can’t do good in Yor health then MLM is not for you. If you like to build other people dream but not your then Yor Health is not for you. We here to help and inspire other. We here to help and support other . We here to give you the real American Dream not the 9-5 job.
    I’m not here to convince you . I’m just let you know don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime .
    You and your family deserve something better then what you have now.
    Pls be safe
    COVID19 pandemic is getting worse . I wishes you and your love one are well take care and if you decides to learn more abt Yor Health. feel free to email me. I will love to share with you more . god blessed you . Take care …

  2. Omg!! I love YOR Health! It’s changed my life physically, mentally, and financially!! Everything we do, we will have to work hard anyway, why not work smarter.

    I realized that I was trading a lot of my time and effort into earning income. In YOR health, I get the best of both world, health and income by sharing my story.

    I lost 42lbs, went from size 14 to size 2, have more energy than ever before. I was able to supplement and make 3x what my husband make every month so he quit his job. He also lost a total of 65lbs so far.

    Now I get to help others who have weight issues, digestive health issues, and chronic pain through our 8 weeks challenge.

    Everything you do, takes time, effort, and money, but you’ll never know until you try it.

  3. With yor health I started off being a customer. I was trying to lose weight. My first week I lost 7 lbs. After using the products into my 2nd week I notice my energy increased, no more tiredness. I no longer has shortness of breath. my 8 weeks challenge I lost total of 22 lbs. And now I lost a total of 30 lbs. I went from 165 lbs down to 135 lbs. The products really works! I made up my mind and decided to come a promoter, so I can share what I love and make money (extra income on the side).

  4. The Yor health loses its appeal on the PV point system. If you make a sale then you should get the commission for that, period. The fact that they deny commission on the low volume sellers reflect very badly on their business practice and that’s enough of a reason to stay away from them. With that said MLM is all about joining early on and if Yor is still relatively early in the recruiting stage it might be worth a try. Personally though, I doubt I’ll be joining Yor.

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