Zero Breeze Battery Powered Portable A/C Upgraded | Is It a Performer?

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Zero Breeze Z19-Y Portable Air ConditionerCamping is really supposed to be all about enjoying nature and roughing it. However, there are some of us that just cannot resist the comforts of home. Now more than ever there are some great opportunities to take some of these along with you for your comfort. Can you believe that air conditioning may be one of them?

Zero Breeze Z19-Y Portable Air Conditioner

The original Zero Breeze Battery Operated Model has since been replaced with the Z19-Y Portable Air Conditioner.

This new model is an upgrade of the first model. As Zero Breeze is the first manufacturer in the world for outdoor air conditioners, they are dedicated to customer feedback and make the necessary upgrades and changes that are required.

Designed For Camping


The Zero Breeze Z19-Y model was specifically designed with campers in mind. This unit has the ability to drop the internal temperature in a 50 sq. foot, closed tent from 90 degrees F to 72 degrees F.

5 In 1 Use

5 in 1 use

The Zero Breeze Z19-Y is a 5 in 1 unit designed for those that love the outdoors. The five uses of the unit are:

  • Air conditioner
  • Fan
  • USB Charging Station
  • Bluetooth Music Player
  • LED Light

When you are not taking the Zero Breeze camping, you can also enjoy using it in the backyard, at picnics, or other outdoor events.

Air Conditioner

tent trailer

The unit can be used as an air conditioner inside a closed tent to cool the internal temperature. It can also be used inside a small tent trailer or other small enclosed recreational trailer. This works great due to the 11,000 BTU built-in patented micro compressor.


When used in the fan mode, it acts as a small fan for comfort.

USB Charging Station

When used as a USB charging station, you have the ability to charge your mobile devices.

Bluetooth Music Player

Utilize the unit to play your favorite music from your electronic devices.

LED Lighting

TheZero Breeze Z19-Y can be used to provide LED lighting in your tent, trailer, or even outdoors.

Other Features

Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner features

Multi-Plug-In Methods

The Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner can be powered by many sources. It can be powered by:

  • 12V car battery
  • Lithium powered portable generator
  • Gas-powered portable generator
  • Propane-powered portable generator
  • Wall outlets

The unit has an on/off switch, fan speed control (3 speeds), song switch, Bluetooth, compressor on/off switch, volume up/down switch and LED lighting switch.


The Zero Breeze Air Conditioner is very convenient and easy to carry and use. It only weighs 12.8 pounds and is only ⅕ the size of a traditional portable air conditioner. It requires very little storage space and conveniently fits in the trunk or backseat of a vehicle. The unit can be used in tents, cabins, trucks, cars and outdoors.

Note: When using the product outside for cooling, for best results use it in the shade right beside you.


Zero Breeze Z19-Y Portable Air Conditioner installation


There are easy steps to installing the unit. Simply snap the drain hose and exhaust hose into their respective ports, install the power cord and you are good to go.

Important Note

Before you use the unit for the first time, place in an upright position for at least 2 hours. This allows the refrigerant to be in the right position without damaging the product.

The Cost

Currently to purchase this item on Amazon the price is $890. Included with the unit is:

  • Yellow Z19 Portable Air Conditioner
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 extra power cord
  • 1 drain tube
  • 1 flexible hose adapter
  • 1 flexible exhaust hose
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service

Benefits Of Owning and Using The Zero Breeze Portable Air Zero Breeze Z19-Y Conditioning Product

benefitsThere are many benefits to owning one of these units. The simple fact that you now have the ability to cool the internal temperature of your closed tent for comfort when it is extremely hot outside, allows you to camp even during the hottest months. You can enjoy listening to music with the Bluetooth music player feature anywhere, anytime. The unit can be used to charge your USB compatible devices, so you always have access to your electronic devices. The LED lighting feature provides easy, convenient LED lighting when you need it the most. It includes both a nightlight and an SOS red flashing light.

About The Smart Battery

To purchase the smart battery separately it costs over $300. The smart battery is only compatible with the Zero Breeze. The smart battery has a run time of 5 hours and takes 5 hours to recharge.

Pros Regarding The Zero Breeze 

There are several pros about owning and using this unit. Some pros are:

  • It’s light and easy to carry
  • The filter is easy to clean
  • The fan has 3 speeds
  • Can be used as a dehumidifier
  • Multi-purpose


Customer Reviews From Amazon Customers

Many customers have rated the Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioning 5 in 1 unit five out of five stars. However, many of the customers stated that when purchased from Amazon, the product does not come with the smart battery, it has to be purchased separately. They have also stated the product is available on the Zero Breeze Website and  for the same price but includes the smart battery. Other customers have also stated it is a great product, but when the company did the upgrade, they increased the price way too much.

A customer that purchased this product to use in his semi-truck, modified it by replacing the exhaust hose with a 4-inch water drain flexible tube. He stated that the unit is much quieter and works far more efficiently.


All in all, the Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner is a good little unit. Although the upgraded version has increased quite a bit in price, some people feel the convenience of comfort is priceless. Due to the price of the product, it’s best to shop around for the best deal. It is recommended to purchase the unit that comes with the smart battery for optimum convenience.

Cool Cooking

You can also keep yourself cooler by making sure that you choose the right cooking gear so you are not standing over the heat too long.

76 Customer Reviews on “Zero Breeze Battery Powered Portable A/C Upgraded | Is It a Performer?

  1. Круто! Некоторые пункты очень тонко подмечены!
    Я ценю, что ты сочинил эти статьи ,а также остальные данные они крайне хороши.

  2. Same experience as Rick – total crap. Has not worked from day 1. Met the demands for video after video of the machine NOT blowing air any cooler than ambient room, even after it running for over 45 minutes as the pathetic, delayed email responses demanded. Now I am not getting responses to the request for return shipping instructions to get a refund for this non functioning machine. I am 6 weeks into the heat, down $1,199, and have no cold air from this hunk of junk.

  3. My experience…ordered product, with battery backup, paid for 5 day shipping. Received product a month later. They did refund my 5 day shipping fee. Started unit and it only blows room temp air. All lights and indicators operate as advertised. Contacted zerobreeze about the problem via email (only way to communicate with them in China). Their web site says they will respond within 24 hrs. 5 days later they asked for photos/videos showing to problem. I complied, sent detailed videos back to them. 10 days later I have not heard anything from them in spite of multiple follow up emails. The product might actually be ok (of course mine doesn’t work at all) but customer service is absolute garbage. If they ever get back to me I’ll post the outcome. As of now I only have an $800.00, very low volume, room temp fan and no idea if I will ever hear from the seller again.

  4. Hey zero breeze, what does square footage have to do with it? What does cfm mean to you ? You can’t possibly compare a tent, nor air plane, nor van, to a room with an 8′ ceiling. And what’s with telling people they can cool the outdoors??? Perhaps zero breeze should market these, claiming they will stop global warming!!! Lol.

  5. Battery is defective upon receipt. Zerobreeze made empty promises to send a replacement battery but never did. Pls be mindful and not support such dishonest people.

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