Zero Breeze Battery Powered Portable A/C Upgraded | Is It a Performer?

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Zero Breeze Z19-Y Portable Air ConditionerCamping is really supposed to be all about enjoying nature and roughing it. However, there are some of us that just cannot resist the comforts of home. Now more than ever there are some great opportunities to take some of these along with you for your comfort. Can you believe that air conditioning may be one of them?

Zero Breeze Z19-Y Portable Air Conditioner

The original Zero Breeze Battery Operated Model has since been replaced with the Z19-Y Portable Air Conditioner.

This new model is an upgrade of the first model. As Zero Breeze is the first manufacturer in the world for outdoor air conditioners, they are dedicated to customer feedback and make the necessary upgrades and changes that are required.

Designed For Camping


The Zero Breeze Z19-Y model was specifically designed with campers in mind. This unit has the ability to drop the internal temperature in a 50 sq. foot, closed tent from 90 degrees F to 72 degrees F.

5 In 1 Use

5 in 1 use

The Zero Breeze Z19-Y is a 5 in 1 unit designed for those that love the outdoors. The five uses of the unit are:

  • Air conditioner
  • Fan
  • USB Charging Station
  • Bluetooth Music Player
  • LED Light

When you are not taking the Zero Breeze camping, you can also enjoy using it in the backyard, at picnics, or other outdoor events.

Air Conditioner

tent trailer

The unit can be used as an air conditioner inside a closed tent to cool the internal temperature. It can also be used inside a small tent trailer or other small enclosed recreational trailer. This works great due to the 11,000 BTU built-in patented micro compressor.


When used in the fan mode, it acts as a small fan for comfort.

USB Charging Station

When used as a USB charging station, you have the ability to charge your mobile devices.

Bluetooth Music Player

Utilize the unit to play your favorite music from your electronic devices.

LED Lighting

TheZero Breeze Z19-Y can be used to provide LED lighting in your tent, trailer, or even outdoors.

Other Features

Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner features

Multi-Plug-In Methods

The Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner can be powered by many sources. It can be powered by:

  • 12V car battery
  • Lithium powered portable generator
  • Gas-powered portable generator
  • Propane-powered portable generator
  • Wall outlets

The unit has an on/off switch, fan speed control (3 speeds), song switch, Bluetooth, compressor on/off switch, volume up/down switch and LED lighting switch.


The Zero Breeze Air Conditioner is very convenient and easy to carry and use. It only weighs 12.8 pounds and is only ⅕ the size of a traditional portable air conditioner. It requires very little storage space and conveniently fits in the trunk or backseat of a vehicle. The unit can be used in tents, cabins, trucks, cars and outdoors.

Note: When using the product outside for cooling, for best results use it in the shade right beside you.


Zero Breeze Z19-Y Portable Air Conditioner installation


There are easy steps to installing the unit. Simply snap the drain hose and exhaust hose into their respective ports, install the power cord and you are good to go.

Important Note

Before you use the unit for the first time, place in an upright position for at least 2 hours. This allows the refrigerant to be in the right position without damaging the product.

The Cost

Currently to purchase this item on Amazon the price is $890. Included with the unit is:

  • Yellow Z19 Portable Air Conditioner
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 extra power cord
  • 1 drain tube
  • 1 flexible hose adapter
  • 1 flexible exhaust hose
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service

Benefits Of Owning and Using The Zero Breeze Portable Air Zero Breeze Z19-Y Conditioning Product

benefitsThere are many benefits to owning one of these units. The simple fact that you now have the ability to cool the internal temperature of your closed tent for comfort when it is extremely hot outside, allows you to camp even during the hottest months. You can enjoy listening to music with the Bluetooth music player feature anywhere, anytime. The unit can be used to charge your USB compatible devices, so you always have access to your electronic devices. The LED lighting feature provides easy, convenient LED lighting when you need it the most. It includes both a nightlight and an SOS red flashing light.

About The Smart Battery

To purchase the smart battery separately it costs over $300. The smart battery is only compatible with the Zero Breeze. The smart battery has a run time of 5 hours and takes 5 hours to recharge.

Pros Regarding The Zero Breeze 

There are several pros about owning and using this unit. Some pros are:

  • It’s light and easy to carry
  • The filter is easy to clean
  • The fan has 3 speeds
  • Can be used as a dehumidifier
  • Multi-purpose


Customer Reviews From Amazon Customers

Many customers have rated the Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioning 5 in 1 unit five out of five stars. However, many of the customers stated that when purchased from Amazon, the product does not come with the smart battery, it has to be purchased separately. They have also stated the product is available on the Zero Breeze Website and  for the same price but includes the smart battery. Other customers have also stated it is a great product, but when the company did the upgrade, they increased the price way too much.

A customer that purchased this product to use in his semi-truck, modified it by replacing the exhaust hose with a 4-inch water drain flexible tube. He stated that the unit is much quieter and works far more efficiently.


All in all, the Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner is a good little unit. Although the upgraded version has increased quite a bit in price, some people feel the convenience of comfort is priceless. Due to the price of the product, it’s best to shop around for the best deal. It is recommended to purchase the unit that comes with the smart battery for optimum convenience.

Cool Cooking

You can also keep yourself cooler by making sure that you choose the right cooking gear so you are not standing over the heat too long.

76 Customer Reviews on “Zero Breeze Battery Powered Portable A/C Upgraded | Is It a Performer?

  1. Круто! Некоторые пункты очень тонко подмечены!
    Я ценю, что ты сочинил эти статьи ,а также остальные данные они крайне хороши.

  2. Same experience as Rick – total crap. Has not worked from day 1. Met the demands for video after video of the machine NOT blowing air any cooler than ambient room, even after it running for over 45 minutes as the pathetic, delayed email responses demanded. Now I am not getting responses to the request for return shipping instructions to get a refund for this non functioning machine. I am 6 weeks into the heat, down $1,199, and have no cold air from this hunk of junk.

  3. My experience…ordered product, with battery backup, paid for 5 day shipping. Received product a month later. They did refund my 5 day shipping fee. Started unit and it only blows room temp air. All lights and indicators operate as advertised. Contacted zerobreeze about the problem via email (only way to communicate with them in China). Their web site says they will respond within 24 hrs. 5 days later they asked for photos/videos showing to problem. I complied, sent detailed videos back to them. 10 days later I have not heard anything from them in spite of multiple follow up emails. The product might actually be ok (of course mine doesn’t work at all) but customer service is absolute garbage. If they ever get back to me I’ll post the outcome. As of now I only have an $800.00, very low volume, room temp fan and no idea if I will ever hear from the seller again.

  4. Hey zero breeze, what does square footage have to do with it? What does cfm mean to you ? You can’t possibly compare a tent, nor air plane, nor van, to a room with an 8′ ceiling. And what’s with telling people they can cool the outdoors??? Perhaps zero breeze should market these, claiming they will stop global warming!!! Lol.

  5. Battery is defective upon receipt. Zerobreeze made empty promises to send a replacement battery but never did. Pls be mindful and not support such dishonest people.

  6. Roger,you still have your unit? I’m interesting in buying it from you. 601-259-9922 thank

  7. Don’t buy this folks, its claiming to break the fundamental laws of thermodynamics (shockingly, it cannot). Air conditioning works in one specific way: absorb heat from inside and move that heat outside. Given that this product has no exterior piece to move the heat outside.. it doesn’t cool anything. In fact, it will actually make the area warmer by powering a compressor and fan without any external exhaust..

  8. not sure if this has been addressed. The company advertises it as an outdoor air conditioner, ive sat outside in 90 degree heat fishing with the zero breeze sitting on a camping table next to me keeping me cool and comfortable. the 50 square feet thing is just an anecdote. it was never meant to cool a room or space no matter how small. its meant to keep you cool outside in the heat. it works great for that. outdoor AC, awesome!

  9. Still waiting for mine to arrive in Sydney. Late arrival. Didn’t arrive when it was supposed to, so stayed in hotel. $480 down so they offered $100 off if I buy a new one. Hopefully it turns up soon. Below average service so far. Let me know if your one arrives Rick and how it works in your boat. I’ll be using in camping van. Fingers crossed.

  10. Hi
    Am in Australia. Happy to buy a unit here with Australian warranty. I need for my boat using a 240v Honda EU22i geni. and cooling a very small cabin through a window on the deck so condensation runs away and the unit is drawing and exhausting from outside.

    Aussie Race

  11. The air conditioner does not work at all. Mine arrived after a 18 month wait and did not cool down anything. It did not work. I have been in constant contact with their customer service department and although they say they will replace it it has been a year and no new unit or refund. Do Not Purchase, unless you like throwing your money away

  12. Garbage. It’s a total deception. The machine is very heavy, it does not cool, it only blows air. The battery lasts less than two hours. They do not accept returns. Attention to the customer is only by email. Do not let them deceive you. I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against this agency.

  13. Hi James,
    Could you tell me your order number so I can help you fix the problem? Most of the problem is a wrong way to operational product.
    Or you can send an email to
    If you have questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

  14. But what they don’t tell you is their manufacturing is shoddy. My unit does not drain through the drain tube.Water pools on the underside of the unit, and support seems to be non-existent.

  15. Not sure, it will pull some moisture out of the air, lowering humidity, but you’ll have a pool of water on the floor and customer service will do nothing.

  16. Leaks, and you’ll get no help from company. they just suggest to jack up the end where it leaks.

  17. Hi Roger,
    can you sell your Zero Breeze unit to me?
    I am in China. It will be highly appreciated if I can have your positive reply.
    Send email to me.

    best regards!

  18. They are complete garbage!!
    Dont waste your money!!
    They do NOT work as they claim!!
    Read all the negative comments on kickstarter page and zero breeze owners face book page!!

  19. Really dissapointed.
    I thought I landed to a real review of this product. Turn out this is just a marketing traps.
    No temperature measurement, no stress-test, no figures of power usage…. just NOTHING.

  20. The Temperature difference across the evaporator coil is not enough to determine capacity, you must also be given the quantity of air flowing in CFM (cubic feet per minute). A freezer can develop temperature differences of 70 degrees (from 90 to 15) but would make no noticeable difference in the room if the door were left open. Also I doubt that the 1,100 BTU/hr rating is accurate – AC manufactures use weighted ratings meaning the 1,100 BTU value is the effective cooling power over a 24 hour period if the AC unit were left on for the entire 24 hours with the normal heat load being very low most of the day (morning & night). Fact is Roger’s reply about this device not cooling a VW bus says volumes about the actual capacity. A VW bus has only about 200 cubic feet of space which is a tiny volume. A 15 x 15 std. room has 1,800 cubic feet and requires about a 12,000 BTU (weighted) unit for cooling on a 90 degree day. The device is nothing more than a personal fan – one person can expect to be cooled if it is pointed directly on him or her. Thanks Roger! Like Keri I was thinking about the Zero Breeze for an old SUV also

  21. This AC unit did not work for us and the battery did not work at all. We tried to cool our small van and it did not even come close as a matter of fact the temperature went up. We contacted the customer support only one e-mail. They said they will not take returns!!!! So I am stuck with a really bad product and no help from the company. Very poor customer service. I told them I would tell every one I can how bad they are. So be sure this is what you want because they will not take it back!!!!!!

  22. Hi I would like to buy. a zero breeze what do i need to do to get it?
    Please let me le know so I can touch in base with you…

  23. KL, not true. Even their spec page claims rotary compressor and Dupont R134a refrigerant.

  24. Thanks for posting this I was curious about how the heat was exchanged. The venting of the heat exhaust creates the dreaded vacuum effect. Which draws in more warm air from outside which needs to be called and the more you use it you’re fighting a vicious never ending battle of causing the problem the machine is trying to solve.

    This is why these are extremely inefficient and the worst performing and most power consuming air-conditioners on the market relative to their ability.

    That said it’s still better than nothing and they work pretty well when the temperatures aren’t too high and cooling demand is small.

    I’d still get one it’s better than nothing there’s nothing like it on the market. But it’s good to know that a cheap $99 window AC is better, just not portable.

  25. Hey Roger, do you think it puts out enough to cool at night? I’m planning to use in an suv

  26. Got my Zero Breeze last August.
    Short story…It does work… However I had hoped to use it to cool my VW Van while driving, it just doesn’t put out enough. So really doesn’t work for me.

    Would be willing to sell.


  27. I’d love to use one of these for a 3 to 6 month period and note variable differences. That is free of charge. I need something soon so spending that much with no reliable receipt date…is Zero Breeze trying to deter buyers? Why would anyone pay in full with no quick and reliable receipt? I would accept one to use foc. As for now I’m taking my money to some company that can deliver….soon!!!

  28. Could also be using thermo-electric cooling like peltier devices on CPUs in computers They still need to be vented BUT no compressor or refrigerants at all. 100% solid state.

  29. If you duct the hot condenser air outside it would work … kinda. It claims a power of only 1100BTU. That is very little air conditioning, and it’s not cheap. For about 1/4 the price you can get a small window air conditioner with 4-5 times the cooling power that plugs into a wall socket. Even that is a small air conditioner though.

    Be aware the $399 price does not include the battery, which costs more than the air conditioner.

  30. I own a zero breeze, I was running it on my car battery. It failed. I believe the refrigerant leaked out of the system.

    I will sell it to anyone who is willing to pay $600 and shipping from San Francisco.

    It is complete, I have the box, but support is asking me to send videos of the unit not working. It is obvious the refrigerant leaked I could smell it I saw it mist out and now everything works except the A.C. compressor.

    They are probably too backed up to fix it…

  31. I would like to order a zero breeze but not sure how long it will take to get it. Does anyone know that since it’s been out for a year at least if it’s easier to get…or are they still filling the older orders.

  32. Mine arrived 18 months after ordering, and thankfully just before Hurricane Irma hit us here in Florida. For the five days we were without power after the storm passed, we used a combination of electric fans powered by our gas generator and the Zero Breeze to keep our family room as cool as possible.

    We vented the exhaust with a homemade window insert (we hadn’t had time to order one pre-storm) and placed the unit on a level table. In 95+ degree heat with no other relief, it obviously wasn’t strong enough to cool the room (that was not the expectation) but it did help keep that air that was moving cooler than it was without it.

    I’ll be doing an experiment this weekend at my son’s regatta–the first real test of its power for camping purposes. We’ll be in the Sarasota sun all day, and I’ll be trying the unit inside a 1-x10 tent with a camping attachment that will enclose the space completely. I sewed a vent hole into the back of the tent structure for the exhaust. We have an external inverter battery that will power it since batteries cannot be ordered until everyone how initially ordered on gets theirs. Fingers crossed!

  33. Bill 50 square feet is a measurement of two-dimensional area. There isn’t any height in sq ft only length and width. So it would be logical to assume that 50 cubic feet are the measurement of area needed to calculate since no three-dimensional object can occupy a two-dimensional space. And Bill don’t be a dick

  34. Christopher, you are wrong. The article says (as you indicated) “50 square feet”, not 50 cubic feet. You indicated in your comment that 50 square feet is “just under 2 cubic yards”. That doesn’t make sense. Actually, 50 cubic feet is just under 2 cubic yards.

  35. Commenting as an experienced HVAC-R engineer for the past 30+ years. The unit is designed to cool 50 square feet. That’s just under 2 cubic yards. Or 5’x5’x2’. Humm, says nothing about insulation or outside temperature. I’m sure it will help. Would have liked to see a demo on how low the temperature gets in a tent when it’s 90 outside after factoring the oven effect of the tent. Good for thought, you can make ice in a freezer when it’s sealed close. High insulation value and air tight.That’s colder then this unit gets. But leave the door open on a freezer and it will never get cold enough to freeze. I really need to see the comments from customers after they ship these out. Until then i think there are too many variables against customers being satisfied.

  36. Not to be picky and I’m not yet familiar with this device, but I have to note that they did show a coiled ducting for inside use, if you had watched closely.

  37. Hi Deb, let me know if you would like to sell your unit. I will pay you a hundred dollars more than you paid. Thanks, see email

  38. Hi Billy,
    Let me know if you would like to sell your unit. I will give you a hundred dollars more than you paid. email me would be great if you catch this post. Thanks

  39. Don’t buy this if you want it for a vehicle. It’s a huge disappointment and they didn’t send a car adapter as promised when we first donated.
    It’s just a flat out lie!
    I’ll never back a Kickstarter again. Twice we’ve been burned.

  40. Mine has come in, and it works like a smaller than usual window air conditioner unit. When running off of 12 volts, got a battery array already setup, it uses very little power. The unit does put out heat in large amounts so remember to vent that heat elsewhere or to put it to use. The air it shoots out the vent does a very good job on cooling yourself off. Doesn’t really do much to lower the ambient temperature, but it does keep it from elevating. So if you have the battery power for it, you can run it at night to pre-cool your camper or tent or even your room and then when the sun is up, KEEP your tent/room cool. Just remember to keep it level or it’ll make ALOT of noise. Definitely for someone needing a better option for their camper who doesn’t want to spend hundreds on petrol/propane gas. Not so much for a large apartment, maybe a small tiny new york hideaway hole type.

  41. Mine was delivered today(8/7/2017). I measured 76F in, 64F out and 110F exhaust. Twelve degrees differential is considered acceptable minimum for AC units.
    This is similar technology to portable AC units, but smaller. Bear in mind that two duct portables are better than one duct. Two duct units pull in outside air to cool the unit and exhaust back out(typically through a window). Single duct units exhaust the air out the window, but require ventilation so outside (hotter) air can be drawn in to replace that air.
    I might try to build a curtain/tent around the bed with just the cool air duct blowing into it, and the intake vents outside in the main tent or camper area. That still requires some ventilation for air exchange, but might concentrate the cool air by the bed.
    At any rate, 1100 btus are not adequate to completely cool off a cabin tent size space in hot weather.

  42. Thanks for Richard sharing. May I know is that can powered by 12v battery like car battery ?

  43. Mine arrived today. It’s part of a second batch of 150 units. There is another shipment of 600 that is supposed to ship sometime this month (August)

    The unit is a little louder than expected but It seems to work pretty well. I measured the input and output air temps. After running for 15 minutes it cooled input air at 82 to an output temp of 56. The exhaust air was over 100. The power draw when running was 156 watts when running on AC power. The battery did not ship with the unit and is supposed to arrive in the next month or so.

    The airflow is about the same a car air vent (one vent) running on high.

    I do not think this could substantially cool a hot car, but I do think it could make a difference in a tent in the evening when camping.

  44. Please let me know where you buy this. I want one for my dogs when we go places they can be cool

  45. I ordered one on Kickstarter. My backer number is under 200. It appears only 10 or so units have been delivered thus far. A second larger batch has been promised but no one has one yet. Reviews on the Kickstarter comments section from those that have received one claim some level of cooling; ranging from a 12 degree temperature drop (input temp to output temp) to a 30 degree drop. The variance seems to be from the fact the first batch had some admitted quality control issues. Additionally no one has received a battery yet. They claim that’s because they are 500Wh lithium ion batteries that they needed to ship my sea instead of by air and that they should be arriving soon. We’ll see. I’ll post an update here if/when mine arrives and how it works.

  46. We bought a zero breeze and would like to know when it will be here. June 29 2017

  47. Love to give feedback but at this point it seems to be vaporware.Live and learn.

  48. Have you used the product ? Judging by the article ( press release ) you haven’t and this shouldn’t say review. Useless website

  49. Jessica, has the company contacted you with an update on your order? Someone needs to ask the simple question? does it cool or not? A simple bench test would be nice. Set the unit in real conditions say around 90F and check the temp with an Infrared Thermometer……Now thats the question, what the temp on the cool side outlet….Hey if it works im in…….. I did see one video where the temp was checked with an infrared thermometer at 85F and the cool side outlet was 47…..Thats awesome if true…Im surprised that the company hasnt hit on this point yet…its an AC unit forget about the other stuff for now……

  50. So this “review” is basically retyping the feature list from the campaign without having any contact with an actual specimen? I guess so, there’s no word on the actual performance plus they aren’t sending them yet I think.

  51. We have been waiting on ours to arrive since March and still have not gotten them. We ordered two but are starting to regret it.

  52. I’ll bet it is just a portable swamp cooler, consider how little power it uses. Works OK in the desert, but not effective in high humidity environments. It is way overprice for a simple small swamp cooler.

  53. Well they claim to vent the air out using a clip-on pipe, which seems consistent enough

  54. It can’t possibly work indoors. Air conditioners transfer heat from indoor air to a fluid and then exhaust it to the outdoors. If it is exhausting back into the same room, that room will not cool down. It’s daft.

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