How Well Does the Zoku Quick Pop Maker Really Work?

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Does Zoku Quick Pop Maker work?The Zoku Quick Pop Maker has been making a splash in the frozen treats at home sector. Buying popsicles at the store has one major flaw: you can’t control what’s in it and are at the mercy at a giant food conglomerate. By making them yourself you get to choose what goes in, and can come up with much healthier choices. So how well does this really work at bringing home the popsicle making experience?

Summers can be a bear to get through, and are sometimes just as hard or harder than making it through the winter. In the winter you can always put on another layer. But in the summer you can only take off so much. When the temps are overheating and you are looking for a way to cool you to the core, nothing quite does it like an ice cold treat. A popsicle is one of the standbys that many people go to when they want to be refreshed, and they keep a box of them in the freezer for just such an occasion.

The Claim
Zoku claims that their Quick Pop Maker can make popsicles in 7-9 minutes. That’s pretty quick. When we first looked at this we thought it would take overnight, the way that most popsicle trays work. But this one only requires that you freeze the unit first. When you’re actually ready to make the popsicles it should happen while you wait.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that people have been making their own popsicles for decades using popscicles trays from Tupperware and others. This is the first one that works so quickly, and allows you to enjoy the fruit of your labor almost while you wait.

The Cost
A Zoku Quick Pop Maker costs $50, which depending on how big your family is, and how fast you go through icy treats during the summer, should pay for itself in one hot season. But that’s not all you have to take into consideration. Since you can make your own flavors, you should get more satisfaction out of the experience than if you just go with the same tired old flavors you can buy from the store. There’s only so many times you can have a cherry, orange, or grape popsicle before it starts to get old.

The Commitment
If your family already enjoys eating popsicles when it’s a scorcher out, then you won’t really need to change up your lifestyle too much in order to start taking advantage of this. It will probably get shelved during the winter months, especially if you live in the north and have to deal with arctic temps, but it should also get enough use during the hot times to justify the one-off expense.

You’ll also have to commit to following some of the recipes included, and buying the needed juice, fruits, and other additions. You can make some premium style treats with this, and make them as healthy, or as sinfully tasty, as you want.

What People Are Saying
The feedback on the Zoku Quick Pop Maker has been resoundingly positive. The majority of people say that it works like it says it will, and that it makes popsicles just like you think it would. The end results looks like something you would buy from the grocery store, a perfectly formed popsicle that stays on the stick. One of the things that was referred to over and over again is that you have to follow the directions to the letter, and that makes sense. Little differences like too much sugar, or too much fruit, will cause sloppy results. This is one instance where you’ll want to follow the directions as described.

With so much room for user error, we expected to see more negative reviews, but they just aren’t there. It seems that the instructions are clear enough, and the product is foolproof enough to get the results you want consistently. We review a lot of products, and usually people complain about something like this because there is such a wide range of expectations, but since there is a large absence of complaints here, this is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Final Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review

We’re giving the Thumbs Up review status for the Zoku Quick Pop Maker and think you should buy one if it caught your eye. At this price point it could be a tad expensive, but if it were priced any cheaper it probably wouldn’t work like it does. They’ve really thought this product out well, and it can be fun watching them freeze up while you wait. When the family is huddled around the unit, you’ve restored a bit of family time during an otherwise hectic day, and when treats are this healthy you don’t mind re-freezing it a few times a day and letting that be your summertime escape.

Our Recommendation
When you run the numbers, it won’t take too long for this to pay for itself when compared to buying store bought Popsicles and other treats from the frozen foods section of your local supermarket. Not only that, if you’re in to eating healthier, or buying organic foods, you don’t want to go with a mass produced brand, with all of the industrial grade sugars they use, and all the chemical flavoring. This is a good way to enact your own quality control to make sure that your family is getting the very best.

What do you think? Does Zoku Quick Pop Maker work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “How Well Does the Zoku Quick Pop Maker Really Work?

  1. My brothers and sisters and I grew up in the sweltering heat of the South. There were two things our parents spent a pretty penny on in the summer: (1) water bills for the pool and (2) thousand of freeze at home popsicles. Had a little gadget like this existed back then I’m sure they would have invested and saved a few dollars. However, recently I have seen similar products in the store at a much lower price. Zoku Quick Pop Maker may work just fine but it seems a little expensive at $50. Especially, if you can find a similar item at Wal-Mart for much cheaper.

    1. I agree, I feel like the price is what turns me off from this. It seems like a really great idea, because even though you can make homemade popsicles with just a stick and a cup, they aren’t evenly formed, and take overnight to freeze. It’s really nice that you can make it so quickly and they look really nice. The look isn’t a huge deal, but if you want to make them for company, it becomes more important. I am interested in such a cool fun appliance. It seems like even though you have to follow basic instructions, you can even spend the day having fun experimenting with flavors. I would hope, at least, because that seems fun. I would probably buy it if I had kids or if it was a little cheaper.

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