Does 28 Day Mascara Really Work?

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Does 28 Day Mascara work?28 Day Mascara is an eyelash tinting product that is supposed to dye your lashes for up to 4 weeks at a time. For many this would make it so that they don’t have to use conventional mascara anymore, they would just need to reapply this at strategic intervals in order to keep the look going. But what are people saying about how well it works?

Having to apply mascara everyday can be a real chore, especially if you can’t go a day without it, or can’t leave the house without it. For some, mascara is a makeup essential and finding a product that would only need to be used monthly would be a big help. In order for this to be the case, you’d need to find something that is relatively easy to use, lasts through showers and daily activities for the 4 weeks, and provides results that are as good as mascara.

The Claim
The makers of 28 Day Mascara claim that it can tint your lashes and eyebrows at home, without having to go to the salon, and that the results will last up to 4 weeks. They say that it replace the need to use mascara as well as eyebrow pencils, and that it costs far less than getting these done professionally. They say it won’t fade and that it is impervious to water, so you’ll be able to shower like normal and go about your regular activities without worrying about it wearing off.

They say that it has been salon tested and that it is easy to apply and safe to use because it doesn’t contain things like hydrogen peroxide or synthetic dyes. They also say that it can be applied in a matter of minutes. They do point out that you will want to allergy test the product first before applying it fully. You can do this by trying the product out on an area of your skin that is not visible so that you can see how you react to it.

The Hype
The title alone is enough to drive thousands of women to try this product just because of the price and the promise of not having to do your eyelashes for a full month.

The Cost
You can get the full 28 Day Mascara kit for less than $20 at Amazon, and that includes 25 applications so in essence you are getting two year’s worth of product. That’s pretty impressive, and not only is it less expensive than getting your lashes tinted at the salon, it’s less than using mascara every day for 700 days.

The Commitment
This is going to involve some time and effort on your part to make sure that you get it right and that the product works as described. They say that you might want to enlist the help of a friend, and we couldn’t agree more. This would be a fun monthly meet up for you and your closest girlfriend, and since they include so many applications in one kit you both and enjoy it for a year for $10 each or so. Having a friend help means that you’re increasing the chances of a successful application, and great-looking results when you finish. Most of the complaints on the product are from those that went it alone, and there is definitely some room for human error here if you try it yourself.

28 Day Mascara says that it’s easy to use and apply, but the two-step process seems anything but easy, with many actual users reporting that it is a messy, complicated process. If you don’t really like applying things to your eye area, it’s likely going to be an arduous task, which is why we suggest having a friend help you out, and then you can return the favor. If you’re going to do it yourself, make sure you set aside enough time so that you can be patient and not have to rush through it. Don’t treat it like an ordinary mascara application, as it’s nothing like one.

It’s important to note that while some reported good results with it, others reported no difference at all with their lashes. If you are hoping that this will take your lashes from zero to hero you might be disappointed, as it seems to work best on lashes that already have a fair amount of color, and just makes them darker. You have to keep your expectations in check, try it out, and see what sort of results it provides rather than hoping for a dramatic turnaround and being disappointed.

Final 28 Day Mascara Review

28 Day Mascara works, as long as you’re willing to put the time in to get the job done right. It seems a fair trade off since you won’t have to do it very often, and the results seem to be as good as or better than using regular mascara and eyebrow pencils. It would be a total winner if they could somehow figure out how to make this as easy to apply as mascara, but last for a full month. The name implies that it is mascara, but after delving into what it actually entails, with a two-step process that involves precision, it’s a bit of a misnomer. They could call it a 28 Day Mascara Alternative, which would be more appropriate.

Our Recommendation
Bottom Line: This is something that you’ll need to commit to in order to use, but if you do it might be worth it and at the price it’s a great deal if it works for you.

What do you think? Does 28 Day Mascara work or not?

92 Customer Reviews on “Does 28 Day Mascara Really Work?

  1. I followed the directions to the letter. I was extremely careful in applying both the tint and the gel activator. My eyelashes are blonde on the tips and I saw little to no results. I reapplied a second time and still saw no notable results. Within 5 minutes of washing it off I had the most horrible allergic reaction. Be very cautious about a product that goes anywhere near your eyes! It Irritated the skin around both of my eyes. I think it best to take the two minutes everyday to apply mascara!

  2. Really watch out for getting it on your skin, it stains..really won’t come off. I guess it’s going to wear off but it looks terrible right now, like I smudged my mascara all over. I got some on the skin under my eye and in my eyes and it stings like heck too. The fumes burn if you need to open your eye to see if you got all the lashes. The packets don’t reseal and you only get 2 under eye protectors, so I had no idea this product was meant to be used multiple times. It did tint my lashes but it was hard to apply to all my lashes especially the lower ones. It seemed dangerous really. I don’t think I’ll attempt it again and am just hoping te stains and redness go away soon.

  3. I’ve been using 28-Day Mascara for years and love it. I am naturally dark blonde and use it on my lashes and brows. While it does not add volume like so many mascaras out there these days, it is great for when you don’t want to wear makeup. You wake up looking great; you can swim and still have your eyes look great. You have to be careful with the application process, and yes, it takes a little effort and patience, but very much worth the effort in my opinion. I’m online now looking to buy more. My previous supply seemed to last forever. Love this product.

  4. I LOVE 28 Day Mascara and I have used it for many years. HOWEVER — I do think the claims are a bit exaggerated as far as what it can do. Keep your expectations reasonable. Calling eyelash tint “mascara” is an obvious marketing ploy.

    For me personally, it lasts about 2-3 weeks and it gives a natural-looking darkness to the lashes. It doesn’t look like “mascara” – more like your lashes are more noticeable when you’re not wearing makeup. It is a good look. It does not smudge. I purchase the BLACK because for me, (with brown lashes) the brown does nothing. Unless your lashes are blonde, I would recommend only the black dye.

    A few users have left good advice – for example, the applicator is not ideal so I buy and use a new mascara applicator to apply the tint. I’ve not left it on longer than recommended (I’m going to try that!) so maybe that helps it extend to 28 days. It DOES hurt if you get it in your eyes, but as you get more skilled at applying the tint neatly, you won’t get it in your eyes. It takes practice. It’s worth it.

    It *can* be messy the first few times you do it, but again, in time that will be resolved too — and if you use the enclosed pads, clean up is pretty easy. And it is SO worth it!

    Overall, I totally love this stuff. I used to pay to get my lashes tinted at a nail salon and the tech ALWAYS got it in my eyes! Way better to do it yourself. If you take the time, this really is the best stuff on the market for making your eyes pop! My eyes are green and when I use this stuff, I always get compliments!

    Good luck and be patient with it – it is worth it!

  5. I was sorry to read the negative comments about 28 Day Mascara. I have used it for years and years and love it, but not or the reason you think. I love it because when I have No makeup on, or when I go to the beach, I don’t look like a fright. I have dark eyebrows and dark eyelashes. If I don’t feel like going the distance with foundation and eye shadow, I apply just a touch of eyeliner, and voile’ I can stay in my sweats all day and still answer the door! hahahaha! IMPORTANT: I bought those brushes (the thick ones) you use for between your teeth (in the toothpaste aisle) The silly sticks the mascara comes wth are useless – on that point I totaly agree! I apply the colorant with it, wipe the brush with tissue, and then apply the actvator. If you are careful, you can apply both within 5 minutes and and in two more minutes you are done. You can also close your eyes after applicaton and use your hair dryer to dry the mascara faster, but leave it on after that for at least 5 minutes It is not as messy as I am reading about. I leave mine on for 15 minutes sometimes, and the color stays the full 28 days. It is a once per month process, that is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

  6. Sorry everyone. I’m not a negative woman, in fact I’m positive and look at the light in things and that’s why I chanced buying this product. It just HAD to do something. Nothing except waste my time, burn my eyes and the area around them, and cause me to feel deceived. This product did not tint my lashes at all. I even washed them with soap and water and blow dried them so there was no chance of water or dampness getting in the way of the tint process and did another process..still NOTHING. Left the product on just a little longer than instructed too. Well, so much for that. I’m requesting my measly few bucks back and praying for a better formula that works. Sadly, I’ll take 10 minutes to apply my mascara!!

  7. I just used this and I love it. I have blonde (and a few grey) eyelashes. I did not find it difficult or messy to use. I used the card that came with the package and I put the whole thing on top of a plastic bag. I now have black eyelashes which means when I do apply mascara I don’t use as much. I live p/t on a boat so this is perfect for the boating life!

  8. I wanted to add that I do not know what the negative hype is about the application it takes one or two applications once a month and I have never had anyone help me, you just apply it like mascara and then another application of the activator.
    I do not use the paper protectors I put a thin film of Vaseline on instead. Make sure you do not get it on lashes.

  9. I love this product. I have very blonde, almost white eyelashes and I do have to tint them twice in a row, that is not because of the product but because I miss places, and because they are blonde you notice the missed places. I still use mascara, but just being able to go with out mascara and my eye lashes show up is a wonderful thing. I have been using it for more than 3 years now and must say if you have allergies to mascara you will also love this product.

  10. You make a lot of awesome points. I seriously wanted to like this product, but it sounds pretty awful. I regularly get my eyelashes tinted at a salon. The results are impressive, but it costs like $30 and only lasts about a month. I also get them permed, so I do both at the same time. Anyway, to me it’s worth it because I like looking nice even without make-up, especially when I go to bed at night. During the day, I still apply a light coat of mascara, usually. I’m totally not good at doing my own make-up, though, so the complexity you describe with this product makes me think it’ll never work for me. I’m not the most patient person, and I tend to get frustrated easily. 😉 So, thanks for your review – you’ve saved me a lot of trouble!

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