Does African Mango Lean Really Work?

Does it realy work?

Does African Mango Lean work?African Mango Lean is one of many different African mango products that have popped up in recent years. The reason is that African mango has made the rounds as the big diet trend that you’re missing out on. Of course it has been claimed to be a celebrity diet secret, and have no side effects, and be all-natural. But can something like this work for everyone?

The backstory on African mango is that it really does come from a plant that is native to Africa. They extract the parts of the plant and fruit that have been shown to help with weight loss, and put it into pill form and presto, you have a diet pill sensation. It’s amazing what they’ll come up with next, as it seems that any fruit or vegetable with any sort of sign that it does anything can be manipulated into a dietary supplement. No doubt one year from now there will be another previously unheard of fruit or vegetable based weight loss aid that is all the rage, but as of right now is not on anyone’s radar.

The Claim
African Mango Lean says that it can stop the growth of new fat cells, and that it can lessen how much leptin your fat cells secrete. They say that all you have to do is take their pills twice a day for 2 and a half months and that you can lose up to 28 pounds. They say that much of that weight ends up coming from the waist area.

The Hype
Dr. Oz is known as something of a hype machine, nearly instantly creating a buzz for raspberry ketones. He’s also made mention of African mango on his show and said that it is something that can be used for weight loss. Basically, as long as he doesn’t warn against something it pretty much is taken as him giving the green light for it. Not only that but other talk shows and news reports also state that this is a good weight loss aid, and before you know it it’s a sensation.

The Cost
African Mango Lean is dirt cheap on Amazon, currently going for less than $7 a bottle. You have to wonder about products when they are this value priced. There is something to be said by justifying the quality of a product with an appropriate price.

The Commitment
When you take diet pills like these, you might be tempted to do nothing else and just let the pills do the work. Of course, we’d all love that, but to have a healthy body you should really be doing more for yourself. You might want to take the first week and just use the pills with no exercise or change in your diet. Once you see that you are losing weight you can then add some light exercise and better quality foods, knowing that you are getting an assist with the pills. Of course, this strategy only works if the pills do, which is a big if.

The reviews on African Mango Lean leave much to be desired. Some people report negative side effects like headaches. Others complain that the caffeine that’s added to it makes it hard for them to sleep. A true African mango supplement won’t include a bunch of additives that can cause these sort of reactions. By refusing to keep it simple they are increasing the likelihood of negative side effects.

Why Diet Pills?
There are many reasons why people turn to diet pills. Either they are fed up with the slow results they get from regular diet and exercise, or they want to get results without putting in the effort. With an all natural substance like African mango, it is easier to justify taking these sort of pills, because it’s not as if it’s a man-made chemical.

Final African Mango Lean Review

African Mango Lean is getting our Thumbs Down. All signs point to it not working, and being something that could be potentially dangerous. When there are so many other alternatives out there, it doesn’t make any sense to go with something like this. Especially when other brave souls have gone before you and have reported that they feel woozy, and that they didn’t experience any weight loss from it.

Our Recommendation
You can effectively pass on this product. It doesn’t have an once of credibility, and seems like it was simply created as a way to cash in on the AFrican mango craze. There are plenty of companies doing it better than they are. One such company we’ve found so far is African Mango Plus. It’s got the right amount of African Mango, as well as some other ingredients that will help with weight loss without causing you the sort of side effects that people are getting with the Lean pill.

What do you think? Does African Mango Lean work or not?


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FaraX August 22, 2012 at 4:23 pm

This is really difficult to decide. On one hand there are some very positive user reviews about this and on other hand some real bad ones. But I mean so many people are raving about this too that it’s hard to ignore for someone who needs to lose weight and lose it fast. For only $7 a bottle I might just give it a try, but I’m not sure yet.


juliane January 13, 2013 at 3:24 pm

I’ve bought this,the Raspberry Ketones,& Green Coffee Bean from this company.have used the Coffee&Ketones-with positive results.due to that response from those&the company bought the African Mango.I have NOT tried it,as I haven’t received it,as of yet.I hope it isn’t a bust.I’ll definitely let you know! I’m discouraged after reading this.I just thought if I altered what I used,I would have better results.1 month&change.So far,it worked.I’ll just die if,I put the weight back on. 🙂


Andres Vargas July 22, 2013 at 2:21 pm

Shrewd on the part of the company selling this one to completely undercut the opposition on price. Anyone thinking about buying these things is going to do a little searching, see the high prices and be put off. Then they come across this one that goes for $7 a bottle and I bet they don’t even stop to think before they are inputting their card details. Because a nice low price, accompanied by a product that promises miracles (and any weight loss that results as a direct result of taking ANY weight loss pill is an actual, act of God-Miracle) is going to sell in the hundreds. It’s clever. The product isn’t, but the marketing is.


bertha gonales October 3, 2017 at 9:06 pm

ordered alpha mango lean about two weeks ago and havent recieved anything..


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