Does Balloon Bonanza Really Work?

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Does Balloon Bonanza Work? It’s becoming outdoor party time for many families and lots of birthday parties are coming up. Now it’s time to start focusing on some outdoor activities to keep everyone entertained. Balloon Bonanza may be an exciting resource for this.

Balloon Bonanza is a nifty device that allows for the filling of many balloons at once in preparation for some great water fights. You can fill as many as 40 balloons at once and they automatically tie. The device is hooked up to a water source, like a hose, and then the water is channeled into many different cylinders that each have a balloon attached to them.

The Claim
The company claims the balloons fill within seconds and the device will tie them as well. Up to 40 balloons can be prepared quickly and easily.

The Hype
All the marketers had to do was focus on the things that kids love to do most. Which is being outdoors and participating in some type of water activity. Balloon water ball fights are just as enjoyable as snowball fights. In fact, maybe more so because its not as cold. Unless of course the balloons are filled with very cold water and you happen to be the one getting hit with them.

The Cost
The Balloon Bonanza costs $14.99 plus $5.99 shipping. This is a triple offer so you get 120 water balloons.

The Commitment
You are going to have to be prepared to let the kids get wet, and be prepared to maybe get a little damp yourself. Don’t forget to set the rule that while the kids can have their water balloon fun, that they are responsible for cleaning up all those burst balloons. These can be dangerous if your pets get them, or they can make a real mess of your lawnmower.

We found the Balloon Bonanza to be quite innovative. It is interesting that this original idea actually came from a father who had 8 kids. He originally packaged it as Bunch O Balloons. He funded it with several backers. It has ended up on Amazon and sells for $22.95 for 100 balloons.

Final Balloon Bonanza Review

We’re going to give the Balloon Bonanza a Try/Buy rating, perhaps with some conditions. If you look at the cost factor, the balloons themselves are not reusable. So it’s costing you about 5 cents a balloon. Now you might want to utilize this product as the feature of a kid’s summer party. If you had 10 kids attending they each would get about 12 balloons to fire off which isn’t bad. That should keep them going for about a 1/2 hour or so.

Our Recommendation
All of the gadgets for a balloon water fight pretty well are in the same price range. They are a novelty. If you really want to save money and extend the fun time, then just let them fill the balloons with water the old fashioned way. Fit this task into part of the game. Give them a time limit to see who can fill the most balloons during that time. Obviously those with the most balloons filled are going to have more ammunition. Then make up a game with the balloons so there is a prize at the end. This way you are saving some money, and making the water balloon fight all the more intriguing. For other kid fun especially during the evening hours you might want to check out Light Up Links.

What do you think? Does Balloon Bonanza work or not?

89 Customer Reviews on “Does Balloon Bonanza Really Work?

  1. I got the balloon bonanza for the kids as they were filling up they were leaking by the time I got all 120 filled there were maybe less than 20 balloons left with water…absolutely no worth a dollar the kids and my self were very disappointed

  2. Balloon bonanza sucks! I filled up.two packages, so 200 balloons, $20 worth, only to have 80% of them lose their water within 20 min. I went out and bought conventional water balloons. My daughter was in tears because they were part of her birthday party. Don’t waste your money!!

  3. Totally agree with you Cj. My didn’t fill up all the way and had at least 20 with pin holes.

  4. Waste of time and money half didn’t fill up. A lot of them had tiny pin holes and the ones that did fill up didn’t fill all the way up or they leaked out before we got all 120 balloons filled up. The kids and I were so disappointed

  5. This product is not worth the money!!! I saved this for my daughter to use on vacation with cousins and when we went to blow them up . Only half of them blew up and actually tues and the rest were very small . Some of them did not tie at all. We only had a few that actually worked. I tried to return for the 100% satisfaction and they said the time frame was out of warranty. Thanks for nothing but disappointed children !

  6. Me and my six year old were looking forward to this for her birthday. We filled them up and half the balloons are the size of a quarter and impossible to bust, I even threw one on the concrete and nothing. After spending almost 40$ on this product, gave up and bought some cheap ones from Dollar Tree. So sad to see that this doesn’t work.

  7. Balloon bonanza is the knock of version of Bunch O Balloon. In fact, Zuru (B.O.B) is suing Telebranda (B.B) because Zuru has the patent on it. The father started on kickstart and finally got his own product out on market this past spring only to find a knock off. I have personally bough balloon bonanza and it was awful. I’ve been aearching for bunch o balloons everywhere and seem to be sold out. So upset, I don’t want to settle for a more expensive crap version of a good product.

  8. We bought A box of them at Walmart. As seen on TV package. And we weren’t happy with them, half of them did not fill up, and they were too small and were hard to bust. We didn’t think they were worth the money, wouldn’t try them again.

  9. NO IT DOES NOT WORK. Only fifteen or so out of 120 filled. And only filled to a half dollar size. WASTE OF MONEY!

  10. People complaining that it’s not reusable. Well regular ballons aren’t either. Get them from Walmart $10.00 . 120 ballons fill up in seconds an tie there self. Yes there kinda small , but kids have a blast. Just make sure you use them 5min after filling or the water will slowly leak out. Read the directions an tells you this

  11. We did learn that once a few fall off you need to bend the open tubes so you maintain good pressure. This helps them all fill. I do agree they are too small to work as water balloons. They hurt when you get hit and pop on the grass. It is fun to watch them fall off as they fill.

  12. I need to know if they are latex balloons. I have a child with a latex allergy and cannot purchase them until I know.

  13. We used the empty balloon thingy on our hose to water delicate flowers. It works better for watering flowers than balloon fights!

  14. The balloons only get about 2 and a half inches in diameter. Therefore the ballon rubber does not stretch out and the balloons are hard to pop once you throw them. I tried having a balloon fight with my daughter and I would have to throw the balloons at the ground for them to pop.

    Shipping takes too long and even the expedite shipping took over a week. Also out of the 40 balloons connected, there’s always a few duds that don’t fill up so in reality you get about 35. I would just stick to the traditional way of doing balloons.

  15. Just bought some an at least 10 balloons on each set did not fill up and on quite a few of the ones that did fill leaked out before we even got to use them

  16. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Extremely disappointed by the fact half only were as big as a golf ball and didnt even break. Had to learn the hard way that they actually hurt. I bought these for my daughter’s party and had kids not wanting to play because they stung and didnt break. Not only that, no refills. For the price i want every single balloon to work no pop or just not fill up.

  17. These things do not work, because when you throw them at someone they don’t pop and they feel like a rock when you throw them at someone and it leaves bruises and i would just make a bulls eye (target) to use instead of someone!! I have bruises from this item so I wouldn’t buy it unless you make a bulls eye (target)!!! Ughhh i hate this item, i’m just going to make a bulls eye (target)!!!

  18. I hope your luck is better than mine. I purchased 3 of these for the nieces and nephew’s to use in the sweltering sun.
    Each bunch had about 5 that did not fill up at all, another 10 or so that had pin holes and a few that leaked. In all we had about 5 small balloons in each bunch.
    Very disappointed and would not recommend the waste of money.
    The concept is awesome, wish they had worked.

  19. We have a balloon fight once a year for out daughters birthday party – tradition – 8 girls — my husbands dreaded job is to fill approx 350 balloons — this year we bought the Balloon Bonanza — they worked great — comparing PRICE to TIME — when you have 360 balloon in 2 min compared to hour and half — we thought the price was worth it — also we had a small kiddie pool filled with water to release the balloons into — this seemed to help in less breakage and leaking of the balloons — overall PRICE to TIME — great product — also — Use your Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to the max —

  20. Balloon Bonanza? Save your money. After correctly following the instructions ( you can’t get it wrong!!!) I filled up the balloons. Problem was, a number of the balloons didn’t fill up. OK, their was really no way of fixing it. As I took the others off the fill tubes, a number of them began leaking. I then put all the others in a bag. I then repeated the process for the other two bags of balloons that came with my order. Funny, I though maybe I had a bad batch, but the exact same problems occurred with the other two bags of balloons. Finally, after I had finished, I had approximately 50% of the balloons filled, the other 50% either not filling or had completely leaked out. By the time we arrived at the beach (5 minutes away) with the other 50%, the bag I had transported then in was full of water and almost every balloon was empty. Total disappointment.

  21. Bought this at Target today because my daughter was begging me for it. Spent the 12.99 and after filling all three of the balloon thingies…the kids were busy for maybe 10 minutes. Plus..a lot of the balloons didn’t fill up at all. Great idea but we will not be purchasing these again!!!

  22. Bought these for my kids and they are crap!! They didn’t all fill and they were so small they wouldn’t even pop. I won’t buy these again

  23. What a piece of crap. only about 10 actually fill up. They start falling off and popping while being filled. Tried 3 different times and adjusted the water flow, still same crappy result.

  24. They suck if you don’t use them in 5 minutes they just deflate and lose all the water. There are no refills and it costs 13.00 so not worth the money.

  25. Is it just a one time thing?and when the 40 balloons are gone can you re-use the balloon filler thingy?

  26. Actually, Bunch O Balloons was originally on Kickstarter last year. The REAL inventor was bringing it to market and a copycat magically appeared on the scene with TV ads. It’s disgusting. And I hope the inventor sues the crap out of them. Go with the original Bunch O Balloons. It’s a better deal and better quality! (

  27. It does not work like it says I bought two boxes and only twenty balloons came off the stick and me and my kids kelp trying and nothing so I through away two pack that cost me thirty dollars..

  28. Don’t waste the money. Filled 40 balloons and within 5 minutes all but 7 of them had the water leak out to the point where they were completely empty. I thought maybe I didn’t fill them enough and shook them off too fast and that’s why the water leaked out so I filled another 40 and the same thing happened. Even my 6 year old agreed is a BIG waste of money and not worth buying again.

  29. These don’t work “as seen on tv”. Only about 80% will actually fill, and you MUST use them immediately after filling. The rubber band does not completely “seal” the balloons. Only creates a slow leaking balloon. Fill balloon slowly for better results and allow balloons to slip off tubes by themselves. Then use immediately!! Personally doin the old fashioned way is way better for quality water balloons. If you want quantity over quality the. This is for you.

  30. I have not yet purchased this but, I am going to for my daughters birthday party this summer. If I can fill 120 balloons in less than one day and it only cost me $16+\- then I say hell yea. I have enuf to worry about with a 6 yr old party. One time use is fine with me.

  31. Have not used the product yet due to the Rush-Priority Processing of $9.99 extra after spending $20.98 on the balloons. They said it was 3-5 day shipping. I ordered it on the 19th of May and today is June 1st. Finally got them!! My son’s birthday party was on the 24th of May. If the shipping was correct which I paid for, I would have written a product review. $10.00 shipping for 14 day shipping. I will not be recommending these to anyone. Great customer service. Bought store brand balloons and spent 2 hrs filling them for a 5 year olds birthday that should have been cheaper and much more fun. Thanks Balloon Bonanza……

  32. No! The package fails to tell you……you pay A LOT for ONE USE!!! Yes it works but it is SO NOT WORTH IT!!!

  33. Only 15 balloons on the bunch filled up, and they were the size of grapes, versus the normal size of a water balloon. They were holes throughout the balloons. THE SET IS NOT REUSABLE

  34. Does anyone have the slight intelligence of knowing its just a band around balloons, with a tube inside it.

  35. I ordered these online but it took 3 months to get them. I did call customer service & they gave 1/2 off.
    Do they work….YES! All 120 balloons came out perfect.
    Reusable…sort of. Only 1/2 the balloons filled up the 2nd time around.

  36. they are super small and barely break, not worth the money at all. We threw one and gave my son a welt because they were so small and didnt break. You have to throw high for the to break. myrtle beach, sc

  37. Balloon Bananza is a rip off. The balloons do not fill up completely before falling off the nozzle. Out of 20 balloons, we got about 6 that were not fully filled, but were able to throw them. Thats 6 balloons out of 40!!! I would not recommend this to anyone! You would be better off just buying water balloons and filling them yourself with the hose or sink!!

  38. NO THEY ARE NOT REFILLABLE. The balloons come on the end of the filler sticks. One time use.

  39. This sucks how could anybody rate this good. It sucks butt. It is NOT reusable but it is A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY, is what it is. And in the instructions it says for the best results use in 10 min. that tells me if you leave it it all with leak out. And guess what its true really NOT surprising. Plus you don’t even get 10 min. to play with it you get like 10 sec. then their all gone. I’am a kid so i wold know because i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove water balloons And will use any thing but it is very sad i wont use this that’s how bad it is. I RECOMMEND U SHOULD NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A PIECE OF CRAP AKA POOP. i CAN GET 520 WATER BALLOONS FOR 5.00 BUCKS AT WALMART INSTEAD OF SPENDING 15.00 ON A PIECE OF CRAP THAT SUCKS. AND YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO REPLACE IT. WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THIS SHOULD BE knocked out and put down. YAH TREAT THEM LIKE A DOG, THAT’S PERSONALLY WHAT I THINK OF THEM LAZY, STUPID SOMETIMES NO OFFENSE ALOT OF DOGS ARE SWEET NICE AND SMART. but the point is DONT BUY THIS! PLEASE TRUST ALL O US AND ME THIS THING SUCKS CRAP AND IS CRAP. it will just be 15.00 down the toilet. SO SAD. EVEN I COULD HAVE MADE A BETTER ONE THAT AT LEAST DOESN’T SUCK IN ALL.

  40. Mike, Bunch-O-Balloons and Balloon Bonanza is the same guy. Be careful before you go and jump ugly without all the facts.

  41. NO! Balloons fall off the sticks when they are too little to actually pop when thrown! Also, about 1/3 of them had pin holes in them so all the water leaked out.

  42. They suck! About a quarter of the balloons had little pin holes in them. The rest fell off the sticks when they were to little to pop. Lesson learned!

  43. Very disappointed with this product. Yes, the balloons filled fast, actually only 30 out of the 40 on the branch. Of those that did fill some were leaking from pin sized holes, and the rubber bands closing them once they were filled were not that tight so the water was leaking from the ends as well. The balloons are the same as the dollar store quality, and we still had to tie the ends to stop the water coming out before using. Not worth the expense at all. Would not recommend to anyone, nor would we purchase these again.

  44. You don’t refill it. After you fill the pre-attached balloons, the part that attaches to the hose and the tubes are thrown away.

  45. “So it’s costing you about 5 cents a balloon.”
    $14.99 + $5.99 = $20.98
    $20.98 ÷ 120 balloons = 17.5 cents each.

  46. bought these and I got them yesterday tried one set big waste of money the balloons barely fill up before falling off the straws resulting in tiny balloons good for nothing DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

  47. We got these for a Memorial Day party and they were awesome. Kids love to play water balloons, but who likes to make them, nobody. Very easy and fast to use, my husband said worth every pennie.

  48. I bought my son no tie balloons at walmart.I think 120 of them for 6$ you just fill them up and pull it off the house and a capsule sucks to the top sealing it. If this were refillable, even if I had to put the balloons on each tube, it’d be great, but my son is only 2.5 and 10-15 balloons at a playtime is plenty. (I would do the 40 IF were refillable) may try one for fun and see if we can stick our self seals on it 🙂 PS sorry for the multiple comments. . Phone went nuts!

  49. Walmart has self sealing balloons. Where I’m at about 6$ w tax for I think 120.. can’t remember maybe more. But i know they are worth it. They have a gel capsule that sucks to the top when you take it off the hose.if I could put those, on this… win win!

  50. It works great and very easy but it doesnt go far. It is very pricey for a little bit of balloons.

  51. Buy from Bunch-O-Balloons!!! Balloon Bonanza stole this idea from a hard working father who came up with an innovative and original idea. Balloon Bonanza is from a larger company who prey on the weaker entrepreneurs. I am one myself.

  52. Just saw adverrised at Bed bath beyond, 12.99 for 120. With the coupons there makes it Cheaper , like 7.99!

  53. They should try to somehow create a cap for the tubes with the balloons on that. And have it pop off when the balloons do so you can just add another. I’d replace a cap ofballoons before paying the ridiculous amount for the entire thing all over again.

  54. did you ever get them? I’m with everyone else. Does it take other balloons? Is it reusable.

  55. Taken from their website “Balloon Bonanza is not reusable but are conveniently priced so you can keep the water balloon battles going again and again!” You cannot put new balloons on these tubes as the pre-attached ones are attached with a tight band that seals when the balloon is full. That is the “no tying” part and cannot be duplicated.

  56. Let’s be honest, the whole selling point of this gadget is the fact the balloons are tied for you. I’d happily full up 200 water balloons if I didn’t have to attempt tying them. Nowhere in the review does it even touch on this feature. Does it effectively tie them? Anyone who is pricing out the cost per balloon and trying to turn the fun factor into a math problem prob shouldn’t be spending money on a Bday cake or a party at all. I mean really

  57. I just talked to customer service concerned about more balloons not being available and they said you can buy balloon refills where ever they sell these. Such as walmart and some pharmacys…ect.
    I am certainly going to check if that is true first.

  58. I see the most repeated question on this site “is it reusable?”. NO. If you owned this business would you offer the consumer a $5 refill or require they make another $20 purchase. They make these is china for under $1 each. Its all plastic and pure profit. But the good news for the consumer is that china has no qualms about stealing intellectual property so they will appropriate the self sealing technology and soon offer cheaply made refill balloons in no time.

  59. And by “works only once” I mean that you have to purchase an additional prefabricated 40balloon tube set.

  60. I think the answer to “Does it work” is, yes. Yet, it “works” only once. I suppose one could collect the busted ballons and remove the tiny o-ring that “ties” the ballon. This product is similar to “bunch o balloons” which is a kickstarter from 2014.

  61. The idea is great. It takes so long to fill up a tub of water balloons. I have been looking at several reviews and realized the product is not reusable. So, it’s not worth it. However, if they added a way to replace the balloons, at reasonable cost, I would buy it.

  62. Biggest question are they reuseable??? It’s really cool but if I can only use it once it’s a waste of money

  63. I agree with all the other comments… The product wasn’t reviewed properly. We really need to know does it work? Yes or no. Can you get refill balloons for it or can you use any ole balloons? Answers to these questions are needed before I would purchase it. Its a great idea regardless.

  64. This doesn’t tell anyone if it works. 12 water balloons for 30 minutes haha try 30 seconds, hence interest in such a product. I had bleeding fingers from tying them last summer so it would be nice to know if this works. Is it reusable? Special balloons? The commercials make me think it’s a one time deal then you have to put another one on each time. There are several gadgets available but this one looked kinda cool. Too bad you didn’t review it!

  65. I am considering buying, but I need to know if it works with normal water balloons we can buy at the store. I will not waste money on something I cannot use more than once. I would love it if we can use the balloons it comes with as well as regular balloons purchased at the store for more fun. Please let me know.

  66. The question is does it work, not-is it cost effective. So does it work well for it’s designed purpose?

  67. And are there possible refills without getting an entire new set of tubes? no. that’s creating alot of waste. I’d rather sit and pull the 40 balloons onto the end of those tubes than sit next to the hose wrestling the ballons.

  68. If it’s 12 balloons per child, believe me, that amount would not keep that group going for a half hour. more like 5 minutes.

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