Does Balloon Bonanza Really Work?

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Does Balloon Bonanza Work? It’s becoming outdoor party time for many families and lots of birthday parties are coming up. Now it’s time to start focusing on some outdoor activities to keep everyone entertained. Balloon Bonanza may be an exciting resource for this.

Balloon Bonanza is a nifty device that allows for the filling of many balloons at once in preparation for some great water fights. You can fill as many as 40 balloons at once and they automatically tie. The device is hooked up to a water source, like a hose, and then the water is channeled into many different cylinders that each have a balloon attached to them.

The Claim
The company claims the balloons fill within seconds and the device will tie them as well. Up to 40 balloons can be prepared quickly and easily.

The Hype
All the marketers had to do was focus on the things that kids love to do most. Which is being outdoors and participating in some type of water activity. Balloon water ball fights are just as enjoyable as snowball fights. In fact, maybe more so because its not as cold. Unless of course the balloons are filled with very cold water and you happen to be the one getting hit with them.

The Cost
The Balloon Bonanza costs $14.99 plus $5.99 shipping. This is a triple offer so you get 120 water balloons.

The Commitment
You are going to have to be prepared to let the kids get wet, and be prepared to maybe get a little damp yourself. Don’t forget to set the rule that while the kids can have their water balloon fun, that they are responsible for cleaning up all those burst balloons. These can be dangerous if your pets get them, or they can make a real mess of your lawnmower.

We found the Balloon Bonanza to be quite innovative. It is interesting that this original idea actually came from a father who had 8 kids. He originally packaged it as Bunch O Balloons. He funded it with several backers. It has ended up on Amazon and sells for $22.95 for 100 balloons.

Final Balloon Bonanza Review

We’re going to give the Balloon Bonanza a Try/Buy rating, perhaps with some conditions. If you look at the cost factor, the balloons themselves are not reusable. So it’s costing you about 5 cents a balloon. Now you might want to utilize this product as the feature of a kid’s summer party. If you had 10 kids attending they each would get about 12 balloons to fire off which isn’t bad. That should keep them going for about a 1/2 hour or so.

Our Recommendation
All of the gadgets for a balloon water fight pretty well are in the same price range. They are a novelty. If you really want to save money and extend the fun time, then just let them fill the balloons with water the old fashioned way. Fit this task into part of the game. Give them a time limit to see who can fill the most balloons during that time. Obviously those with the most balloons filled are going to have more ammunition. Then make up a game with the balloons so there is a prize at the end. This way you are saving some money, and making the water balloon fight all the more intriguing. For other kid fun especially during the evening hours you might want to check out Light Up Links.

What do you think? Does Balloon Bonanza work or not?

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  1. I got the balloon bonanza for the kids as they were filling up they were leaking by the time I got all 120 filled there were maybe less than 20 balloons left with water…absolutely no worth a dollar the kids and my self were very disappointed

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