Will Using Been Verified Give You The Low Down That You Need on Someone?

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Background check serviceFor some, they may think that Been Verified is just another one of those annoying websites like MyLife.com that pops up when you Google yourself. They take your publicly available information, organize it into a nice little file, and then try to make money off of it by selling it to those that want to find out about you. But what if you’re coming at it from the other side, and are trying to research someone online, is it worth it for the quality of information you’ll receive?

What Is BeenVerified?

BeenVerifed is a user-friendly website that allows users to obtain information on other people by various means. It is very simple to use, you can search by entering an address, phone number, name or email. The website has been in existence for over ten years.

What Type of Information Is Available When Conducting a BeenVerified Search?


  • Public Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup
  • Reverse Address Lookup
  • Email Lookup
  • People Lookup
  • Background Checks
  • Social Profiles
  • Assets
  • Photos
  • Bankruptcy information

Many people are unaware that they can obtain this type of information. It can be very beneficial in a lot of ways.

People Search – People Lookup Tool

Information Found on Social Media Platforms

Utilizing the People search can reveal information such as social media accounts, contact information, address (current and past), criminal records and more. BeenVerified produces a report when you enter a person’s name, that contains as much information as they can find through various public databases. This is a very good tool to use to find out useful information about people you interact with or may have met on a dating site.

People search can also help you find family and friends you may have lost touch with. You can also enter your own name to see what comes up.

Public Records Search Tool

Public Records

You may be wondering what public records are. Public records pertain to information held in an official reporting system that is available to the public. Quite commonly public information can be obtained from government records. In some cases, you may have to make an open-records request to obtain the information you are looking for. The type of information that can be released to the public is regulated by the government.

Public records can be found on:


  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Governmental Entities (regulated by the Freedom of Information Act)

Types of Information Contained in Public Records

  • Full legal name
  • Aliases
  • Date of Birth – Age
  • Marital Status
  • Addresses
  • Family members
  • Property records
  • Work history
  • Phone numbers
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Drivers Records
  • Tax Records
  • Professional licenses
  • Business licenses


Criminal Records Search Tool

Criminal Records

This search tool allows users to query a person’s name to see what shows up criminally. When you make the query in Been Verified it will show the history of what took place in that jurisdiction only unless it is an offence like a child sex offender. Quite commonly, juvenile criminal records will not appear as they are normally sealed unless the person was tried as an adult.

Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

Telephone Look Up

Conducting a reverse phone lookup in Been Verified can potentially tell you information about a caller.  This tool works for both landlines and cellphone numbers. The following information may be revealed:

  • Social Media Profiles
  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Location
  • Associated phone numbers


This tool is especially helpful when you receive calls from unknown callers. With the influx of fraudulent telephone scams today, it is best to know who is calling you. BeenVerified reverse lookup tool has the ability to identify unpublished and unlisted telephone numbers due to the scope of their searches.


Reverse Address Lookup Tool

Address Look Up

A reverse address lookup can reveal an array of information. By using this search tool you can discover:


  • Current property owners – name, address, email address, social media profiles, etc.
  • Previous property owners
  • Sales history – a complete report on when the home was sold and bought and pricing
  • Home value – including property taxes and mortgage information
  • Property information – square footage, lot size, year built and more
  • Neighbourhood Safety Information

How Can a Reverse Address Lookup Help Me?

This Been Verified search tool can reveal information you may want to know about new neighbours.  You can also find out new contact information about a neighbour that moved away. If you are thinking of moving into a new neighbourhood, search a few of the addresses to see what the people are like in that area. This type of lookup can also provide you with an accurate mailing address if you only have a rural address.  A reverse address lookup may also contain statistical information about the neighbourhood, like the average value of the homes in the area, ethnicity and even a list of sex offenders in the area. You can also use this feature to verify addresses before you send out mail, like greeting cards and invitations.

The reverse address lookup can also be applied to businesses. Find out useful information about a particular business you may frequent.

Email Lookup Tool

Email look up

This feature provides you to discreetly enter someone’s email address to obtain personal information. There are more than 3.9 people worldwide that use email. Email is used for so many purposes today.

When you search for an email address on Google, only the ones which appear on a public platform are available. With the BeenVerified email lookup search tool, they have the ability to search through billions of records that are public.

Benefits of BeenVerified’s Reverse Email Lookup Tool

Obtaining information about an email address can be helpful in many ways. For example, if you have met someone on a dating site and exchange emails, searching that person’s email address can provide you with some comforting information confirming the person’s identity. Providing your email to receive notifications when your favourite store is having a sale or special event. You can always verify the email address of the company and find out more about them.

Protect yourself against fraudulent emails, asking for personal information. If something doesn’t sound right, usually it is a red flag. A reverse email lookup can help you protect yourself from email scams and fake emails.


How Much Does BeenVerified Cost?

BeenVerified subscriptions start as low as $10 per month. Their subscriptions are tiered depending on the level of reports you would like to receive. They offer free apps for android devices, IPhones and Ipads.


You can never be too careful when dealing with people and companies. Although Been Verified has a lot of great features you still need to know how those who have actually used the service feel. According to the top 58 reviews on Consumer Affairs, the company is only getting a 1.5 satisfaction rating. Those that are not happy are referring to other issues like cancelling accounts for not meeting their satisfaction. There are some, where customers were not happy with the results. One thing that should be noted is that Been Verified is very actively involved at trying to find resolutions for those who are not satisfied.


Background Checks

There are other companies that offer similar services like eVerify. So before making your decision, you may want to do some comparisons.


18 Customer Reviews on “Will Using Been Verified Give You The Low Down That You Need on Someone?

  1. Am I reviewing this article or am I reviewing BeenVerified? Since I’m unsure, I left three stars. Sites like beenverified and other background search services use fake marketing and fake progress and Status bars that show a made-up loading time in order to lure consumers into thinking that their servers are somehow “combing through the databases of information!” So to speak. If you go to one of these background service sites, type in a generic name, type in a made-up name, it will go through seven or so screens of so-called loading… we should all file ftce complaints because of this. These aren’t real loading screens. The Ping and response time to get a result should only be a few seconds depending on your connection… this is marketing hype to get you to sign up for a package. If they were transparent, maybe they would have more customers…

  2. My only problem with services like your is the only social media sites you scrape are for sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest etc… What someone REALLY needs to know, as in my situation, are they on POF, OKCupid, Adult Friendfinder, Fet Life etc…?
    Are there any services that provide THIS kind of information?

  3. It works for most things (benign) findings. I tried to look up numbers I suspected to be telemarketers or bill collector’s, 10/10 results were “No contact found”.

  4. TODAY I registered in beenverified.com) trying to get information of 2 properties we are trying to buy.
    When we contact the “Owner” and all his data that the page shows – the person told us he owned y=the property a couple if years ago – THE NIFORMATION THEY SALE IS OLD AND USELESS –

  5. Watching a bunch of progress bars, over and over for info that is already been acquired in the background, utter douchery. I saved my $$

  6. Thankfully I didn’t pay anything for their shitty service….and they spam me daily to get me to use them…
    Just a bunch of asswipes

  7. they don’t put public information together in a nice bundle. they can’t even spell my last name correctly (or any other government agency for that matter) and the information on me is 100% incorrect. I have NO criminal records and there are no records that exist from law enforcement. So, yes they are a scam and people would be wise to Opt-Out. If people want good information they can pay a legit background company to do it. SCAM right along with MyLife.

  8. YES THANK GOODNESS FOR BEENVERIFIED. My children’s father who had never wanted anything to do with my children decided he would try to get my daughter as him being her guardian when he got a girlfriend and my daughter was about to get ssi at the age of 20 she has autism. I did a background check on this girl because their lawyer was trying to hide her from court or even acknowledged her existence, THIS WOMAN IS A SEX OFFENDER WITH A VERY VERY LONG DANGEROUS CRIMINAL RECORD. MY LOCAL POLICE THOUGHT THIS IDIOT WHO NEVER USES HER REAL NAME WAS “GENUINE” idiots.

  9. Agreed. I just used it and spent $22. They lead you to believe you will see police records, if any. You spend $22, get basic information and if you want to see driving or arrest records, there MAY be some for an additional $14 for the “premium data”. Don’t waste your time or money on Been Verified.

  10. Dear Mrs. Hopkins:

    First and foremost, I am very sorry that your daughter disappeared. By this time, I do hope she has been found, returned to her home, those she loves and she is okay.
    I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost comfort you and your family in this time.

    IF she is still alive and not found, may the angels of GOD go out, find her and bring her home safe in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

    Here is a great website that may be able to help you. http://www.sharedhope.org.
    The lady who started the organization is a strong Christian woman and has helped many get out of human trafficking.



  11. I have rentals and run my own background checks on public records, this is another startup that was probably on kickstarter, have you tried http://www.signalock.com locator devices , they are better and cheaper than the three startup ones Cube, Tile and Trackr

  12. just used been……, waste of time and money $22+
    I actually found more on my own searching public records and Google searches. Less information and added nothing to it. Can I get my money back!

  13. I signed up for your service because my adult daughter has disappeared and I was hoping an address or number would show up but your crappy service does not even show me as her relative and I am her mother!!! How can I get a refund?

  14. Wanted to sell my old SUV from college since my daughter refused to use it. My friend suggested Joliet-U-Pull-It and I was very satisfied! the process was easy and the workers were friendly. I’ll definitely be recommending them to anyone looking to sell an old car! Oh and they have a helpful website too! http://jolietupullit.com/

  15. it’s scary how much info is out there about us.
    I haven’t used Been Verified or any other service like it, but could imagine it coming in handy if you wanted to check out your daughters new boyfriend etc.
    I think it’s a handy tool to have just for your own peace of mind… to know who you’re dealing with and they are who they say they are kind of thing.

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