Can You Really Lose Weight with the Biggest Loser Meal Plan?

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Does the Biggest Loser Meal Plan work?The Biggest Loser Meal Plan promises to bring you the exact sort of meal the contestants use to shed so much fat. If you’ve ever wondered how the people on the show lose all that weight, a big part is the eating. Sure, they put a lot of focus on all of the grueling workouts they put them through, but if they didn’t change their eating habits, the workouts wouldn’t have such drastic effects. It’s the synergy between the two, the eating right and the exercise, that causes such a difference on the scales. So can you really harness this power with their delivery food program?

Trying to make your own healthy foods while you’re dieting can be really hard. First, it’s hard not to get really hungry while you’re cooking. Second, it’s hard to cook yourself the right portions, and then have the willpower to stick to those portion sizes once you’re finished cooking. And finally, it’s such a big hassle to buy all of those different foods, prepare all of them, cook them, eat them, and then clean up after yourself, that many people choose unhealthy options instead.

The Claim
The Biggest Loser Meal Plan says that they can take away nearly all the hassle and guesswork out of eating right, just like they do for the contestants. You don’t think the contestants on the show cook their own food, do you? Of course not, they are definitely cooked for and monitored so that they lose weight and the audience can see a drastic change.

The Hype
The hype comes from the TV show, and is hoping to convert its fans into customers. They are doing it right though by partnering with eDiets. That way you know the underlying system is sound, and they are just adding their Biggest Loser expertise to an already functioning company.

The Cost
The lowest cost of The Biggest Loser Meal Plan is $22 a day, or $760 a month if you use it every day of the month and factor in the shipping. If you compare that to your current monthly food budget, and deduct how much you already spend to feed yourself, it starts to become more manageable, but will still likely entail spending a few hundred dollars more per month than you currently do, unless you eat out for a lot of your meals.

The Commitment
When you sign up with a diet food delivery program, you are basically handing them the keys to your eating life. If you enjoyed dining out with friends, or having the occasional snack, or having the autonomy of choosing when and what to eat, you will have to give that up for the duration of the program. You should also get going on an exercise routine if you aren’t already, as this will give you the sort of striking results you see on the show.

The Biggest Loser Meal Plan is backed by eDiets, which already received our Thumbs Up rating. One thing that has been noted is that this plan does not include desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, you might find that you derail yourself because you don’t get that sweet satisfaction. If you know yourself enough to know that you will sabatoge your efforts when your sweet craving takes over, you might want to go with a plan that includes a sweet treat for dessert.

Some people have said that this program is not customizable, but we don’t really understand what they mean because you can pick and choose your own meals, or you can go with a pre-chosen package where they will just send their most well-received menu items. If you want to compare it to similar programs you should look at Diets-to-Go or Bistro MD for similar features and price.

How Does It Taste?
The makers of The Biggest Loser Meal Plan are quick to point out that they were rated Best Tasting by As it turns out, they shared a three and a half fork rating with two other programs, so really they tied for first. But overall the foods from eDiets as well as the Biggest Loser Meal plan have been rated as being good tasting, and those that have tried it have said that they don’t miss ordinary food because the taste of this food is so good.

Prepare an Exit Strategy
You can’t eat The Biggest Loser Meal Plan meals forever, and nor would you want to. From day one you should be thinking about how you will come down from it. You can try to reverse engineer your favorite meals, and attempt to cook some of them on your own. The system is good because it will show you the right portions, so just copy their portion sizes and main ingredients and you should be able to wean yourself off of it once you reach your fitness goals.

Final Biggest Loser Meal Plan Review

The Biggest Loser Meal Plan is getting the Thumbs Up review and rating from us, based on the positive feedback it has gotten in regards to taste, and the many menu choices it has. Beyond that, they also have a good track record of delivering on time, and handling any problems with a good customer service staff. The price may be on the high side, but if you have a good amount of weight to lose, it’s important to do what it takes to get down to a healthy weight, and that usually entails spending a bit of money now in order to avoid expensive medical treatments later.

Our Recommendation
This is a great meal plan to go with if you have a lot of weight to lose like the contestants on the show. If you hire a personal trainer, you’re basically replicating the system in its entirety. Just be sure to read some motivational books at the same time so that you can keep your mind in the right place, and you should start seeing the same life-changing results that they do on the television show.

What do you think? Does the Biggest Loser Meal Plan work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Can You Really Lose Weight with the Biggest Loser Meal Plan?

  1. Wow, I bet this thing sells thousands of units. The powerful link to the show is a guarantee of success. And to be honest, it will absolutely work if you don’t cheat. But again, having the link to the show could, I imagine provide motivation to continue. The only problem with any of these programmes, and I don’t even think it is an unfair situation, is the price. $760 a month? That’s a HUGE amount of money to spend on food for the average consumer. And remember, that is for one person. The main problem dieters face today is the fact that the best food is more expensive than the crap stuff. If I had the money, I would definitely use this service.

  2. I once tried working out 3 hours a day without changing my diet, I thought maybe adding more workout hours would mean that I can eat anything I want, but I was very wrong and I found out about it the hard way. The biggest draw about the biggest loser meal plan is that it has proven to work, obviously because it’s shown on tv. As long as you are willing to put some decent workout hours during the week, I think it should definitely help you lose weight.

  3. You know what I’m curious about? If this is really a Biggest Loser product or just a licensing deal with anther established food delivery service? Anyone know about any of this? Curious?

    The show is friggin’ awesome and they did put their name behind this so it’s gotta be good in some way. Would I choose it over other delivery meal plans? That’s a tough one!

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