Does the Bissell Steam Mop Really Work?

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Does the Bissell Steam Mop work?Bissell has built itself a reputation for creating steam-powered products, so it’s no surprise that it is introducing the Bissell Steam Mop. It’s especially designed for cleaning up hard floor surfaces, and allows you to get a proper clean without using harsh chemicals that can be dangerous not only for you, but if you’ve got a young one or a pet in the house. But having a name brand does not guarantee that you get a good product, so let’s see how well this stacks up to their reputation.

Bissell has been known to make some very powerful steam cleaners in its day, which is why their name has become synonymous with steam and vacuums. They have a rather extensive product line, so they run the risk of spreading themselves too thin, but they seem to be able to pull it off with top reviews on many of their best telling products. It’s nice when a company gets it right again and again, so you can come to rely on the quality of their craftsmanship. Something that’s sorely missing in this modern world of ours.

The Claim
Bissell Steam Mop claims to provide a deep cleaning that rivals the kind of clean you’ll get from its full-size steam cleaners in the portability and light weight of a mop. They also point out the fact that their mop has a 360 degree swivel head, so you can easily maneuver around obstacles and furniture, sleeping dogs and crawling toddlers. They have made this unit more convenient and more economical by making the mop heads washable, so all you have to do is wash them and use them again and not worry about having to buy expensive replacement pads.

The Curse of the Brand Name
Being a popular brand is a two-edged sword, on one side you have people recognizing you as a leader in the industry, and on the other side you have a reputation and an obligation to live up to that reputation. That means that with all of your different products in your product line, you’ve got to get them all right, even though they will differ in size and function. They’ve been around for over 135 years though so they’ve got to be doing something right, or consumers just wouldn’t stand for it.

The Cost
The Bissell Steam Mop is $70 at Amazon and gets shipped free to your door. Compared to other steam mops it competes with, this is about the same, or better, considering that you get everything you need in one box and you don’t need to buy any upgrades or extra attachments for it.

The Commitment
When you steam clean you are forgoing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals that might make your home smell fresher, but artificially so. This should also make it easier to lift off scuffs and other marks and messes from your floor that are hard to pick up with a sweeper or a broom, or a traditional wet mop. An overall reduction in the commitment level of keeping your floors clean.

The Bissell Steam Mop is well-reviewed, with the vast majority of users giving it either four or five stars and expressing their content with how it performs. One common compliment is that it doesn’t leave your floors sopping wet like many steam mops do which would probably be credited to the fact that Bissell is no newbie when it comes to generating the proper amount of steam. Another is that it gets up most anything, so you’ll find yourself having to crouch down and get tough spots by hand less and less.

So What’s the Catch?
A well-reviewed, economically priced, effective steam mop from a long-standing brand to get your floors clean without the need to purchase extra cleaning fluids, or contaminate your house with harmful chemicals? You might be wondering what the catch is, but sometimes there just isn’t one. Some products actually understate their claims, and try to over deliver. This seems to be the case here, and there is a high probability that you will be satisfied with the performance of this machine, and have a new level of clean when it comes to your kitchen floors or other hard surfaces.

Final Bissell Steam Mop Review

The Bissell Steam Mop is getting our Thumbs up review due to the long history of success from the Bissell Corporation, and also from the individual success of this product. Because the technology included in it has evolved for several years now, it is something you can count on to get the job done, but also to last for multiple years so you are not always shopping for a new steam mop.

Another mop you should consider is the Shark Pocket Steam Mop. The Shark company is a relative newcomer to the cleaning industry, but they are coming up fast, and leaving a trail of positive reviews in their wake. Their steam mop especially gets excellent marks, and has all of the features found in the Bissell mop, plus some extra ones.

Our Recommendation
This makes a nice addition to your broom closet, and comes in handy for quick cleanups that are either wet in nature or are something you just don’t want to reach down and wipe up. You may come to find that you end up mopping your floors more often than you did before, just because it’s so easy. Funny how we avoid doing a task because it is unpleasant, and when it becomes somewhat therapeutic window doing it more often.

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What do you think? Does Bissell Steam Mop work or not?

Customer Review on “Does the Bissell Steam Mop Really Work?

  1. My friend has a different brand and one that she likes, but for me it was a little too bulky and heavy to use. It comes in real handy when you missed a spot from a juice or soup spill and later when they harden. It breaks up anything with the heat and moisture and makes cleaning easy and sanitary. At $70 it looks like a steal to me 🙂

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