Does Canvas 4 Life Really Work?

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Does Canvas 4 Life work?Canvas 4 Life is an online canvas printing company that specializes in turning your photos into wall worthy pieces of art. There are many places that can do this for you, all with varying prices and included features, so is this one the one to go with?

There are several DIY canvas print sites out there, and each has their own features and benefits. Unless you’re an aficionado when it comes to canvases, you probably just want a great looking product without having to brief yourself on the intricacies of how it all works.

The Claim
The folks behind Canvas 4 Life have tried to answer the question of why you should go with them over a competitor. They focus on the quality of the product you’re going to get, including such things as the quality of the ink being used, the fact that they’re giving you a cotton canvas, as well as features like using stretcher bars and corner wedges to make sure you’re getting a professional grade canvas that should last year after year.

The Process
All you’re really required to do is get your image uploaded. From there their software will walk you through the process, will enhance your photo, and show you what it might like once it’s hung on your wall. These are all things that are not really available when you go through a mom and pop print shop.

The Cost
For $36 Canvas 4 Life says you can get an 8×10 print with shipping included, your choice of coating, your choice of depth, all with a money back guarantee that you’ll be happy with it. The prices go up when you increase the size of your canvas, all the way up to over $300 for a 40″ x 60″ print. When ordering it’s easy enough to stay within a budget because they show you the price as you click through the different sizes. This means you’re never shocked by the price at the end because you’re made aware of it from step one.

The Commitment
Attempting to get your print turned into a canvas locally can prove to be a real pain, and can be far more expensive than ordering it online and having it delivered to your door. It’s not really rocket science, but local print shops make it seem like you’re asking them to reinvent the wheel. So when compared to driving to a print shop and having them walk you through the process, this is far easier, and since they only do one thing they’ve figured out how to do it right.

With Canvas 4 Life you’re getting a lot of the extras that other sites charge for, included free in your order. One such extra is the gallery wrap, which takes the canvas and stretches it around the outside of the frame so that you’re getting a professional-looking piece of art that will become a talking point in your home.

The process couldn’t be easier. Within minutes we had found the perfect picture on our computer, had it uploaded, found the right size, adjusted all of the options just the way we wanted it, and were ready to checkout. They said we’d have it within 5 business days with the included shipping, and if we wanted it faster than that we could pay an extra $15. The expedited shipping only gets it there a few business days faster, so probably only an option if you’re trying to beat a deadline for a birthday or event.

It’s really easy to get your prints uploaded to the site, and you can either upload them from your computer or choose one of your favorites from Facebook and it will transfer it over for you in a snap. It’s pretty much foolproof thanks to their system, and they won’t let you order a canvas size that is too big for the quality of the image that you’re uploading. We’ve actually bought a canvas from a competitor, and the image was too low quality for the size we ordered. They didn’t stop us from ordering, and we were left with a fuzzy-looking print. It looks good from afar, but far from good when viewed up close. With the technology in use here you won’t have to worry about that, and your canvas should look great for the size you choose.

Final Canvas 4 Life Review

We’re giving Canvas 4 Life our Thumbs Up rating, based on an exhaustive search for a competitor that offers as many features for one low price. Many competitors don’t include a money-back guarantee because of the fact that they can’t resell items that are returned. But when it comes to a product like this where it has to be just right or you don’t want to keep it, it’s nice to know that this is not a one-shot deal, and that if there are problems they’ll be fixed without additional expenditure on your part.

Our Recommendation
You’re not starved for choices here, and there are literally dozens of sites all with similar offerings. There’s only so many was you can make a canvas print, so the end product is relatively the same with the bells and whistles being the major customizable options. Rather than getting nickel and dimed to adjust things like the width of your canvas, or to have a matte finish, it’s nice to have them included in the base price, and have your order guaranteed so you know you’ll be happy.

What do you think? Does Canvas 4 Life work or not?

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