Does Corkcicle Really Work?

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Does the Corkcicle really work?It’s a cork, it’s an icicle, it’s a Corkcicle? This is the gadget that’s designed to replace the old standby of an ice bucket, and also to fix the problem of just leaving your wine bottle out in the open while you enjoy it. Once you see how it works, it’s only natural to wonder if it actually does. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination, basically being an icicle shoved straight down your wine bottle. So let’s see how it sizes up.

This might be an example of a product that solves a very mild problem, or even tries to create one. But if you relate to having a sweating bottle of Pinot Grigio and wishing there was a clever way to keep it chilled while you sit back and relax with a glass and some of your favorite company, this could be for you.

The Claim
They claim that an ice bucket is a mess, and keeps your wine too cold. They also claim that drinking a bottle of white wine too slowly makes it taste too much like alcohol as it warms up. By keeping it at just the right temperature, you can leisurely enjoy your wine and not have to race to finish it before it goes warm. That’s exactly what they say the Corkcicle does, maintains an even temperature so you can drink at your pace and not rush things.

The Hype
The hype is that this solves a very narrow problem, those that drink their white wine too slowly. It would make a good and thoughtful gift for someone you know that loves their wine. At that point it wouldn’t matter if it works or not, because it’s the thought that counts.

The Cost
You can pick up a Corkcicle for less than $25 from their official site. This is just about as much as they could charge for something like this, and they mostly get away with it because it deals with the affluent wine drinking market.

The Commitment
You do have to commit yourself to using the Corkcicle because it takes some preparation, and a few steps to actually use it. You have to pre-chill it in your freezer until it’s ready to use. Then you have to be sure to drink that first glass right away so you can insert it. Then you have to get the hang of pouring a glass of wine while also holding the Corkcicle in your other hand.

One point of clarification is that the Corkcicle won’t actually chill your wine like an ice bucket will. You have to start with a refrigerated bottle, and the Corkcicle will only serve to keep it at its original temperature. If you are looking for a way to fast chill your wine, definitely go with the old ice bucket, as you can’t go wrong there.

Another point of clarification is that you can’t just go sticking the Corkcicle in to the bottle as soon as you open it, you have to pour the first glass to give it enough room or else it will disperse the wine that’s in there and you’ll make a big mess.

Also, it looks like a real icicle on their sales page, but it is in fact just an artificial plastic piece that looks like an icicle when it’s in the bottle.

Real world testing shows that this doesn’t really do much compared to just leaving your bottle of wine sit out in the open. It’s also unclear why you wouldn’t just put the rest of the wine back in the refrigerator until you’re ready for your next glass. A bottle of wine holds 4-5 glasses so if you are having anything resembling a party it’s usually not that hard to kill off a bottle pretty quickly.

If you’re thinking about presentation, this might be something that gets people to do a double take and wonder what it is, but aside from that you’re probably not going to seem to eclectic sitting around your frozen plastic rod.

Surprisingly, no one has mentioned a freezerburn taste being added to your wine, or the taste of plastic either, as this is what it’s mostly made of.

Final Corkcicle Review

We’ll give this a thumbs up, but only as a novelty item. Don’t expect to have the perfect wine experience because of it, but do expect to get people to ask you what the heck it is at your next party. It’s been shown pretty conclusively that while it does cool off your bottle of wine, it only does so by a few degrees, which is a negligible amount really, and this would only come in handy if you are drinking your wine very slowly and enjoy leaving your bottle out in the open.

Our Recommendation
The Corkcicle may look strange at first glance, but it’s definitely worth a try, at the very least as a conversation starter at your next hosted get together.

What do you think? Does Corkcicle work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does Corkcicle Really Work?

  1. I wrote them short email about a problem. They sent an automated response that was not even relevant to the issue I had. They pretty much don’t care.

  2. I purchased the 24 oz. tumbler, thinking it would be perfect for taking on hikes and for golf, only using it for water. Water didn’t stay cold, but worse than that, the inside bottom of the tumbler shows corrosion! I always wash the tumbler after use and allow it to drain dry, never putting on the cap if it is still wet. This was one expensive mistake. Thumbs down, no question. I’ll go back to my BPA free plastic bottles.

  3. I bought the 24 oz. tumbler. Used it for the first time today. Filled it with ice then poured iced coffee over the ice. Within one hour the ice was melted. Coffee was watered down and room temperature. I purchased this online when I saw it in Good Morning America and one of their steals and deals. Not a good deal. Does not live up to the promises made. Very disappointed.

  4. I bought several of the large tumblers for Xmas gifts. I thought they were pretty colors and great for on the go.
    BIG. MISTAKE………not only do they NOT keep beverages cold, the ice melts within about three hours……not as advertised.
    Not only does it not keep promises for hot and cold, the color is chipping off. I am embarrassed I gave these as gifts.
    I purchased these at Cole and Co. In Tyler, Texas and plan to tell them how disappointed I am in the product.
    Donna Nichols

  5. I ordered two of the stainless steel Corksicle One”s and they came today, both were packed well, styrofoam cases and air bags in the box. Both units come in a thick glass container that is used when freezing them, but one of them was full of condensation. Upon checking, I found that one of the stainless steel tubes seems to be leaking somehow, but don’t see any damage to the tube at all. The condensate on the glass is somewhat tacky, and after wiping it off, I laid the unit back on it’s side the way it was packed, and an hour later it was sticky and tacky again. I am waiting for a reply from the company now, just glad I ordered from Corksicle and not Amazon or Ebay… They won’t honor defects from other sellers, so will see how they handle my issue. Bought for Christmas gifts, and now I am short a gift, and not enough time to return and re-order…

  6. It’s no good. The idea is great but our corkcicle didn’t make it from Christmas to new year and it had split and its innards were oozing out. The substance inside expands when frozen and splits the plastic. A pretty basic design fault so it seems the whole thing is just a rip-off. So much out there nowadays is like this.

  7. I have to agree with Ted with the frozen grapes idea. It seems to be less of a hassle while producing the same, if not better, results. The last thing I want to deal with when I have guests over is a leaky anything, especially a Corkcicle ruining my wine. And I may be a little less classy but as long as the wine has been chilled in the refrigerator for a few hours I am good to go. The Corkcicle seems to create a pretend problem. And if you are really adamant about serving your wine at the perfect temp, this is probably not the solution for you.

  8. Ted – thanks for steering me clear! I had thought about ordering one of these because even though I know it doesn’t chill the wine – like a refrigerator or (if you forgot and/or somebody just stopped by) the freezer – I thought this looked like a good idea. We usually just put the white wine back in the refrigerator between glasses, but when we’re sitting outside it’s a hassle to keep running back into the kitchen when somebody’s glass gets low. I do like your idea of the frozen grapes, though. That sounds like an even better conversation starter than the giant piece of plastic, too.

  9. The haughty and leaky CORKCICLE has struck. New and fresh out of its box, into the freezer, into a warm, part-bottle of good Malbec for 15 minutes and into a glass. It was at this point discovered, upon tasting, that the CORKCICLE had a leak.

    So much for Quality Control. I have just now sent a message to CORKCICLE stating the obvious to see how they react and stand or not, behind their limited-use product.

    My personal preference for maintaining cool wine is to add 2-3 frozen grapes to the glass of wine. Low cost, effective and edible after using.

    I shall also add that the CORKCICLE will be ineffective after pouring the second glass since only a small portion of its cooling part will be in the wine. I further suspect that the CORKCICLE will turn out to be particularly messy and graceless during any pouring. I think it a buffoon, in buffoons clothing and virtually devoid of redeeming qualities.

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