Does Gravity Defyer Footwear Really Work?

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For many people finding the right footwear that is comfortable and compatible with many conditions can be a difficult task. There are numerous companies out there that advertise their footwear can help alleviate pain and discomfort when dealing with health conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, knee and back injuries, and diabetes. Gravity Defyer footwear has proven to be successful in minimizing the discomfort when dealing with these issues.

What are Gravity Defyer Shoes?

Gravity Defyer footwear is specifically designed with Versoshock technology.

  • This technology increases mobility and independence by mimicking healthy joints.


  • The reverse trampoline heel consists of specially engineered compression chambers that aid in the absorption of harmful impacts.


  • Tendons are guarded against stress through stabilization in the supportive linear and lateral areas of the footwear.

When using forward propulsion during walking, the rocking forefoot feature of the Gravity Defyer footwear relieves pressure on joints and toes.

VersoCloud Spring Cell Technology


The Gravity Defyer Footwear is also constructed using VersoCloud Spring Cell technology.

  • This type of technology pertains to chemical and thermal reactions to cells.


  • The sole of the footwear contains nucleated polymer cells. This flex support aids in the absorption of excess kinetic energy.


  • The soles also offer multi-density support by protecting arches, which in turn helps to restore correct foot alignment. This is done through 3D motion control. Foot alignment is very important as proper foot alignment aids in the alleviation of strain and stress on the body. Damage and pain can build over time when your feet are not properly aligned.


  • The medial shock pads in the construction of the shoe provides recycled kinetic energy. This type of energy propels you. This then allows the nucleated cells to return to their original shape.


What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Painful feet

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that occurs when the plantar fascia ligament becomes inflamed due to small micro-tears in the tissue that connects the sole of the foot to the heel bone. Gravity Defyer footwear can help with this condition, but it is also very important to rest when faced with this condition.

How Can Gravity Defyer Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

Gravity Defyer footwear is designed with a rigid midsole and heel cup that takes pressure and stress of the plantar fascia ligament. These shoes are ergonomically designed to rock when walking, which takes reduces the stress to this area. The technology used to design these shoes address factors that help with Plantar Fasciitis. These factors include:

  • support
  • motion control
  • shock absorption
  • stability

These factors are addressed with the following Gravity Defyer technology features:

  • Rigid Heel Cup and Midsole – this feature provides support, reducing fascia stress


  • VersoShock Shock Absorbing Sole – this feature reduces foot impact


  • Extra -Depth Interior and Removable insoles – this feature allows the insole to be replaced with custom orthotics, which improves stability


  • Enhanced Lateral Stabilization – this feature improves ground reaction and walking gait

arthritisWhat is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation, swelling, stiffness, weakness, and pain in various joints in the body.

How Can Gravity Defyer Footwear Help With Arthritis?

Gravity Defyer footwear can help alleviate some of the symptoms of arthritis. Most of Gravity Defyer footwear comes with elastic closures or quick straps which are easy to use and reduce stress on arthritic hands. The footwear is also made with soft, pliable materials and extra foot space for affected joints.

The Design

It is, however, the design of Gravity Defyer footwear soles. These shock-absorbing soles and aid in the reduction of foot pain, hip pain, heel pain, ankle pain, and knee pain. This footwear is also constructed with a roomy toe box, which helps improve circulation, reduce stress on toes, and reduce stress on arches.

Diabetic FriendlyDiabetes

Gravity Defyer Orthopedic footwear is diabetic friendly.  These specially designed shoes can help alleviate foot pain associated with diabetes. Some of their footwear products are Medicare A5500 approved.  There are other conditions which may benefit from these diabetic-friendly shoes such as:

  • neuropathy
  • swelling
  • calluses
  • bunions
  • foot pain
  • ankle pain
  • ingrown toenails
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • open wounds
  • back pain
  • hip pain
  • knee pain

Built for Comfort

Gravity Defyer footwear is designed to absorb shock even when you are standing or walking on hard surfaces like concrete and cement. This line of footwear is built with all-day comfort in mind. Many people can wear these shoes for eight plus hours at a time without experiencing any type of soreness or discomfort.

How Much Does Gravity Defyer Footwear Cost?


As there are many different styles and colors of Gravity Defyer footwear, pricing will vary. Here are a few samples of styles and prices:

  • Men’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Shoes $155
  • Men’s G-Defy Orion Athletic Shoes – $185.
  • Men’s Lucca Black Dress Shoes – $185.
  • Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Shoes – $155.
  • Women’s G-Defy Orion Athletic Shoes – $185.
  • Women’s G-Defy Cloud Walk Athletic Shoes – $180.
  • Women’s G-Defy Compass Work Shoes – $170.
  • Unisex Sports Socks (2 pack) – $16.

Gravity Defyer Footwear also carries sandals, G-Comfort Orthotics, Men’s Oxford Shoes, Casual shoes, and women’s flats.

Visit the Gravity Defyer Website for Special sales.

Amazon also offers some Gravity Defyer Shoe styles.

Gravity Defyer Reviews


There are several customer reviews about Gravity Defyer Footwear.

One customer was so happy with her purchase because an additional sole for different arch heights was included. She stated they are well worth the money, and she is a very happy customer.

Another customer stated that Gravity Defyer shoes are the best walking shoes out there, and their job required them to walk and stand for 11 hours a day. She describes these amazing shoes as painless.

Another customer stated that he could walk for miles and miles of pain-free.

One customer is so impressed with Gravity Defyer Footwear they will be a frequent buyer.

As with any product it is not toally free from complaints.



We would recommend trying out the Gravity Defying footwear products. However, as everyone has different foot issues and health conditions, the styles that work for some, may not work for others. We recommend reading many customer reviews to help decide whether this footwear is right for you.

If you have had an experience with Gravity-Defying footwear be sure to share it with us.

145 Customer Reviews on “Does Gravity Defyer Footwear Really Work?

  1. I just placed an order on GDEFY MIGHTY WALK and I’m worry because the reviews on the product and the
    Company customer service aren’t good. I hope I don’t have problem with the shoes that I ordered since I have feet issues and I expect that they’re do their job.

  2. They will claim your shoes are not in like new condition even if they are. Total SCAM! My return was 100 % like new and they claim otherwise. Does “like new” mean unworn? Do they expect people to wear these to try them out or not? I wore them for about 8 hours in an indoor setting and they claim they are not “like new” and refused my return. SCAM! Do NOT buy expecting to be able to try and see if they work for you and then be able to return them if they do not. Lies!

  3. When I ordered shoes from them last week the “FREE” 30 day trial was still available. I ordered two pair of shoes for my son to try on. I clicked on the 30 Free trial and ordered. The next day 300.00 dollars was charged to my account. It was my understanding that I would not be charged unless I kept the shoes after the free 30 day try on. I contacted the company and they said that the account is charged to verify the acct.? They said my money would be back in my account in @ 3-5 days. Then if I kept the shoes after the free 30 day try on I would then be charged again. I still don’t have my money back. I did return shoes yesterday by Fex Ex. Hopefully I will get my money back. But I am not holding my breath. This has been a nightmare. I will not order from this company again and will not recommend it. I give this company “ZERO” stars.

  4. Thank you so much for the honest review. I appreciate honest input. Your heads up is enough for me to look for other shoes. Thanks Again.

  5. I have neuropothy in both feet.
    AND my right foot ‘walks over to the right’. I’m not sure if that is the correct name but someone called it that once. Baby toe and toe next to it seem to ‘hang’ off the edge of the shoe.
    AND both heals, esp. the right, has less skin padding so they hurt when I walk
    AND my feet are painfully cold most of the time; espically in the winter.

    I do a lot of hiking. After 3-4 miles the bottom onf my feet and the right side of right foot are in pain. I have always bought my hiking shoes from LLBean. These same shoes are worn for most of my daily activities. I’ve recently been told I should get a shoe with a low arch to relieve the ‘walking over’ which made sense but I haven’t researched it.

    So; with these issues are your G-Defyers able to help any or allof my issues. Are the walls sturdy to handle walking over rocky, rooty trails? The idea of the ‘cushiony’ heel seens appealing. Any advice from anyone will be helpful.

  6. After dealing unsuccessfully with what I thought was plantar fasciitis I broke down and bought a pair of these. Sadly they have turned out to be not at all worth their cost due to manufacturing issues. It does take a bit of time to get used to walking in them as the feel a bit wobbly at the heel. Once past that walking in them feels pretty decent. Sadly the left shoe had some kind of a click upon each step…coming from the heel area. Loud enough that my walking partner commented on it. Then came the water. Washing my sneakers is part of my routine as I do not want foot fungus etc. These got washed in the kitchen sink and apparently the left shoe has some kind of outside access to the spring are of the heel as it filled with water! I, as usual, let the shoes dry two days in our Arizona low humidity. Still full of water which I did not realize until I put the shoe on, took a step and had a soaked sock! I continued to wear the shoe for a few minutes thinking that this would get most of the water out…nope…took a week with daily wearing to dry the shoe. Now the right one has developed a click in the heel. I have contacted the company twice with no response. I am going to call them today and am not hopeful that they will have a fix for this problem. Nothing burns my attitude like buying expensive shoes and getting a poor quality product.

  7. I bought these shoes exactly 8 weeks ago today . The PLUS is they fit awesome and I am able to walk long distances now ( I have diabetic neuropathy, Fibro, and planters fascitis). I feel Great! The MINUS the top material is very thin and cheap because where my foot bends the material has now separated and tore. I will not spend my hard earned money again until they get some good material.

  8. Where is your closest store located!??
    I live in Minnesota.
    South of twin cities. 55009

  9. The insert is the GENEXT Orthotic System Beats in your shoes and you with beat PF.

  10. I tried everything for my planters fasciitis. My third Podiatrist told me he has PF and sent me to Foot Solutions and by xelero shoe plus the insert. It worked!!! I have bought and worn out 4 pair and still buying. They are not cheep! but I didn’t walk much because of PF My partner (a doctor) had to drop me off at the front of the store to limit my walking through the parking lot. I am over 60 and I love to walk now!

  11. Well, after 6 months my verdict is in: the GDefy shoe is the biggest marketing gimmick since the snake oil salesman. The company’s customer service is a scrawled phone number on a toilet wall that no-one ever answers. The GDefy shoe is pure science fiction. P.T. Barnum was right. “If you repeat a lie often and long enough, people will come to believe it”. Speaking of the old Sperm logo on the shoe, perhaps the extra spring did jump start one’s love Life! The shoes have to be good for something, right?

  12. Been wearing mine for over a year, and they are holding up great! Comfortable to walk in. My only issue is they are getting lose on me- not due to the manufacture but my feet are smaller than they were (less swollen). Back of the heels show a little wear but nothing terrible. Considering I only have one other pair of shoes that lasted over a year ever (they were over $200 20 years ago, and I still wear them!), These pass my test.

  13. Was really looking forward to these shoes but they just made me feel off balance. Returned them and got a store credit because they said they did not look new. Customer service is a joke! Spent over an hour and spoke to four people trying to use part of my credit on orthotics since I can’t wear the shoes. I wish I had seen this site before I ordered. Stay away.

  14. I love my first pair of G-Dfy ladies hiking shoes. I’ve been wearing them for 3 months. It was well worth my money. They are holding up very well and I’ve had not one problem with them and my feet are feeling better than prior to buying the shoes. I feel like I’m walking on air! Not to mention the thick sole. It gives me an extra inch of height! Nothing wrong with that! I’m going to be buying their tennis shoes this spring.

  15. I have planters fasciitis really bad in my left foot, I was given meds to take that helps but its a short term fix. I was given a pair of gravity defyers for Christmas from my step dad’s girl friend who swears by them. I have to say after breaking them in I can walk again they are amazing I can walk and work out and not have pain in my heel.

  16. I bought them because I saw them in the New Yorker and because they are made in Pacoima CA where I grew up. I moved away 47 years ago. Thought I would toss some coin at the old home town. They are very different from other shoes I have owned, comfortable to wear, but I won’t really know how I feel about them till after I’ve worn them for a while. As someone in the NE, I can use these right now only for inside shoes during the winter, I’ll know better how I like them in late spring and summer.

  17. Shoes do make a huge difference in knee and back pain. I’ve tried all the most popular and expensive brands over the years. These do what they promise! BUT when I got my second pair the soles were defective and were not bonded properly so I began tripping on them. I called, they were very pleasant and responsive and sent me email information on how to send them back for a new pair. When I found out I didn’t have the original paperwork and needed an RA # I emailed them twice and called and got stuck waiting in the queue. This was over two weeks ago and no one has gotten back to me. I glued the soles myself because I really need these for work but I won’t get another pair due to lack of response for their defective product. It’s really tooo bad

  18. The G-Dfy Trail Land boots did not help my ankle in the least. Returned for a refund and they said the boots were not in “like new” condition so issued me a store credit. The only was the boots could have been in better condition would have been if I had never taken them out of the box. 30-Day home trial is a joke. Stay away from this company!!

  19. Too bad there is not a negative rating other than one star. Ordered the G-Defy Trail Lande hiking boots hoping to get relief for my sore ankle. After a week, decided I was experiencing no mitigation of my pain, so returned for a refund. Received notice from the company that the boots were not returned in “like new” condition so a credit rather than a refund was issued. The only way the boots could have been in a more pristine condition was if I never took them out of the box. In my opinion, the boots were of inferior construction and am not inclined to order another product from this company. They offer a 30-day free trial, but you better not take them out of the box if you want a refund. STAY AWAY FROM THIS OUTFIT!

  20. Just I get foot toes infection 4 times and still running… I bought 2 same style with different logos couple of months a go, every time I wear any one I get discomfort and unhappy… They still look new.. Comparing to other brands… sketchers or Nike way way better than gravity defer..

  21. You failed to mention they are taking $30 off your order using Promo Code NM1KKJ5. I can attest to that since I just ordered a pair.

    Also, their claims about percentage pain reduction, i.e., 85% less knee pain, 91% less back pain, etc. in a very highly-regarded magazine advertisement were the “results of a double-blind study by Olive View UCLA Medical Center.”

  22. I’ve suffered with plantar fasciitis a few times. Get some good quality shoes, and then add a good quality support inside…not the cheap ones at walmart or shoppers, the ones in the sports stores. I also used crocs at home as slippers (the ones with fuzzy lining) and again with good supports inside. Lifesavers for me. I considered the shoes on here, but it appears they are misleading and not good quality…they might feel good, but I need something that lasts.

  23. I was excited to try these shoes as myself and mother have severe arthritis. My account was charged three times. After being sent the wrong size of shoe I was given the run around and charged $55 usd for shipping twice. I reached out to their online chat and their agents did not resolve the issues. I spoke three times on the phone to agents that were in informed and provided the wrong information. In the end I am out $140 usd in shipping and have returned the shoes. DO NOT IRDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

  24. I purchased the Ion four weeks ago I have a dropped foot and need a brace so I can walk with the Ion I found that I can walk without my brace now would like to get a dress shoe next.

  25. Not worth the high price. Cloth material torn in about 3 months. Did not feel better than a good less expensive pair of shoes.

  26. A long commentary on the COMPANY and little content as far as a REVIEW. Their website is terrible; virtually zero actual information on how these expensive shoes work – clicking things like “VersoShock” Technology and “Learn More” only take you to product pages. I will not pay that much for something marketed so vaguely.

  27. Scam—watch your money….keep accurate records…..POOR customer service, if you can call it that…..They refunded, after a hassle, all but $6.52.for their free 30 day trial.
    The Free trail is not free. It is the ******** principle, not the money that annoys me….Buyer Beware….They will claim blah blah blah…..All was done properly……No wonder so many poor reviews……

  28. Good Luck in dealing with these people….customer service is not a strong point…..keep detailed records . Hassle to return shoes…misrepresented the free 30 day period…….

  29. you comment on the shoes not other peoples grammar and cursing may be a sign of low intelligence but it conveys strong emotion and Dravity Defyer shoes are not cheap plastic garbage made in china. Si if the shoes Christa got are like those then she wrecked them on purpose to feel like she was important when she is really just a piece of trash trying to fit in where she does not belong. Like outside of her house go back hater.

  30. When the doctor sent my 69 year old husband to rehab after a botched neuroma (sp?) removal, they had him do the same with a can of frozen chicken broth they keep at rehab along with other exercises. He now swears by the can exercise after complaining about the silliness of it the first few days. He still keeps up the same exercise at home when needed. At his follow-up with the doctor, the doctor said he had never seen anyone improve so quickly. I think Tom is spot on with the water bottle exercise. I hope you are better soon.

  31. Purchased these for my oldest son, he has ulcers on his big toes that won’t heal well due to his diabetes.
    He puts of pressure on his toes when he walks, this shoe prevents him from doing so.
    Its cleared them up better than regular shoes.
    I would give them a 5 star

  32. I am not happy with my purchase. My heal hurts more than with my old shoes, the toe area is too tight, my feet feel like they are on fire and by the end of the day I can’t wait to get them off. Maybe I bought the wrong model shoe, but the shoes I have are very uncomfortable and I barely wear them. Now I need to go out and purchase a new pair, money I did not expect to have to spend!!!

  33. Dee- to get rid of plantar fasciitis, try freezing a plastic water bottle and rolling your foot over it for 20-minutes each foot, each day and you’ll see it go away in a week. I tried different shoes, supports, and stretching exercises and nothing worked until I tried the ice bottle.–Tom

  34. The Gravity Defyer company had improved a lot over the year, not just better technology but also in customer service.
    Furthermore after a double blinded study by UCLA Medical and Olive Mountain Hospital, they are also proven as pain relive footwear and are committed to help people with all sorts of foot conditions.
    It is with out a doubt the most doctor recommended shoes. The Gravity Defyer is now very has solid construction, it’s very durable and made to last.
    I am the Chairman of the Gravity Defyer Medical Technology company but I promise you that you never find me wearing any other shoes.

  35. Just got the Proline work boot(black) yesterday and today was my first day wearing them and I have to say my knees and lower back doesn’t hurt. That’s saying a lot being I walk on concrete railroad ties,gravel ,climbing up and down equipment with a 50lb tool bag on my back for 10 hours a day. I would have to say day one was a success I just hope they hold up.

  36. I recently purchased a pair of Gravity Defyer shoes. I have had mixed results from wearing them. I have lingering heel and ankle pain from a surgery of 14 months ago. The shoes are a relief to the heel pain but because they don’t seem to bent at the instep when you move forward my toes and foot forward of the instep,have more pain than normal even to the extent of knife like pain in the crease under my toes. These pains manifest themselves more when I sit down after walking. Probably will not order another pair. In all fairness though I have not found any shoe that gives me relief from my various foot problems. It would help though if the shoes were not so rigid.

  37. I am hopeful. I fell with a ladder 2 years ago and crushed my left calcaneus , I was in a wheelchair for 6 months and used a walker. for another 6 months. I had to mend on my own since no surgery would have helped since it was broken into a million pieces. I was in physical therapy for a long time and did not think I would ever walk again but I did. I hobbled for a long time but if I walk slow now I can walk pretty normal. I can go about 20 minutes before the pain in the heel makes me need to sit and I have a tag that lets me park in a handicapped spot. I got my shoes today and walked around the house and out on the front porch and down to the street. I got mine which are the athletic style from amazon and paid 150 dollars. They do make you walk different and the heels are rounded which causes your foot to strike the ground and then roll forward. If there are springs I could not tell but I have spent a fortune on shoes, boots and compression socks since I have been walking again. So, I am hopeful. Tomorrow I will start going for walks with Miss Judy and Ellie the dog, I gained 50 pounds while sitting in a wheelchair. I need to get on the move while I still can. For some reason I thought that this product was made in the good old USA. I have had awful luck with things made in China with the exception of an Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct Drive DJ Turntable. It is awesome but the Audio Technica cartridge I bought to go with it was junk and I sent it back. If these shoes change my life I will write again.

  38. I think the pink sperm logo is adorable on that shoe and wish that it was kept…they shouldn’t have given in th peer pressure! I couldn’t tell what it was on a darker colored pair that I saw in a magazine.

  39. You had me at the refusal to refund after you returned. I’d actually picked out a pair and had my cart ready to go when I decided to do a quick web search for coupon codes. You just saved me a huge headache–I think I’ll stick with Clark’s and SAS

  40. I like your kind opinion. So many here never travel, have never visited other countries and therefor only get bits and pieces of many times: misinformation and prejudiced opinions.

  41. I have a pair of your sneakers. I am diabetic, and have plantar fasciitis. I truly love my sneakers. I got them regular $130 for $99 (I think). Unfortunately, your prices keep me from ordering again. Love your product, unfortunately not your prices.😢

  42. These shoes are AWFUL! I work at a job that requires that I stand. I have worked here for four years. Every year I buy a new pair of work shoes. This year I bought GDefiers. Suddenly I have severe back pain, knee pain and arch and heel pain! I had better luck with Walmart shoes. What a total waste of my hard earned money 🙁

  43. Over the years, I’ve owned around 25 pairs. Obviously they work; excellently, in fact. The leather is of good quality, the workmanship solid, but the heel rubber wears out quickly. Additionally, and most importantly, the spring technology in the heel unit is awful. More than half of my shoes I can no longer wear as one, or both, of the heel springs click. It’s really, really annoying and extremely frustrating. Customer service is non existent, and one can only assume the reason is that they have the market cornered for this type of footwear. If another company made something similar, but used higher quality mechanics, I’d switch. The reason Gravity Defyer don’t, on can only assume, is to sell more shoes.

  44. I was surprised to see the negative responses from people whom I must assume expected a miracle! I have been unable to walk more than 50-100 yards for decades due to lower back “problems.” I bought a pair of G-Defy shoes, when my father-in-law said he was going “to buy a pair” and I said “Then, I will too!”

    There was no immediate miracle in my life; but I did notice, IMMEDIATELY, that the pain resulting in every step I took was significantly reduced! Because I was already unable to walk any “real distance,” that may not seem like a “big deal.” to a lot of you reading this; but if you have back problems limiting your mobility, you know any pain relief is A BIG DEAL!

    It took a few years; but I believe that the lowering of pain and the removal of the consequential ongoing damage to my nerves in the bone-on-bone areas of my vertebrae – have made the difference that allows me to walk nearly half a mile, today … every day!

    So to those who are complaining or feel they have been ripped off, defrauded or treated unfairly, I can only say “Sorry for your experience. It CERTAINLY IS NOT mine! I think these shows have made my daily life much more comfortable and enjoyable.

    For those who complained about the shoes being too tight or uncomfortable: this is not a Cinderella contest for small-footed people! Get a pair that fit your BIG feet … and maybe the results will be different! Good luck with that ’cause I have no complaints – other than the one I noticed about the glue not being all that good on some styles. I did experience that; but the shoes lasted … they just didn’t look that “great!”

  45. Yes these shoes work for walking or standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces such as concrete. I am over 50 years old, work 50+ hrs a week standing and walking on concrete. I have tried many different shoes trying to find something comfortable and durable yet not institutional or impractical. I decided to take a risk with these walking shoes because of the ability to adjust the insole fit multiple ways.

    Had swollen feet, aching ankles, knees lower back every day. Put these shoes on and had instant relief from all aches and pains. I was averaging 3-4 miles a day of walking. After about 6 months of wearing, I adjusted the insole fit again! Had the shoes for a year now and they are officially worn out-the aches are back. Just ordered 2 new pairs of walking shoes.

    Summary: I still wouldn’t pay full price-yes the springs squeek and then stop again-yes I will be more careful with the shoes and actually untie them completely instead of using the toe/heel combo to pull them off since the glue is not the strongest. I have recommend these shoes to coworkers.

  46. Love the insole and the comfort of the shoe.
    I have knee problems and these shoes dose help with the stress on my knees.
    But , I got them and on top the mesh pulled away and started tearing after one month use. I sent them back and finally got another pair for replacement. Again about a month or so later the mesh on top of the shoe pulled away and now it is again torn across the top. I am very disappointed in the material used. It
    Dose not hold up at all and now I am out a lot of money and still need a good pair of shoes.
    I would advice you to be careful about buying shoes from this company.
    I so wish I had of read the reviews before buying these shoes. For if I had, I would not have bought them.
    As you can read for yourself the materials used is t
    poor quality. I expect better quality from a shoe when I pay that much for it. So buyer beware.

  47. Generally comfortable with good cushioning. Decent workmanship using CHEAP materials for uppers on three of four styles purchased. Fourth pair was an athletic shoe with material similar to competitors. Last casual style pair (Zeke) has ultra-thin layer of leather (synthetic?) over fabric which cracked and peeled off. Website gives little info about materials and response from customer service was to offer me a discount off next pair I purchase. I won’t be using the discount! Over-hyped and over-priced.

  48. After 3 months these Gravity Defyer shoes have half the tread worn off on the heels. The uppers are showing signs of coming apart. The idea is great and they feel good on hard surfaces, but they are the poorest quality Chinese shoes I have ever seen. I belong to a group of 400 old folks who ski and I tell everyone, DO NOT BUY these cheap shoes.
    I talked to customer service and a rather rude man said they are only garenteed for 2 month so what is your problem, in so many words.
    I should have realized that with a short warranty, they don’t have much faith in their junk product.

  49. As a veteran basketballer, after a full knee replacement, I wanted to continue playing and as part of my risk management looked for a playing shoe (size15 EEE) that would meet my kneeds! At 250lbs a major concern was the wear rate in the knee insert between the metal bits! I choose the gravity defyer as a product which was claimed to prevent ‘bottoming out” and reduced impact when running (better described as a scooting motion by a friend) although I must say that at 70 years of age I tended to avoid vigorous rebounding there days! I have worn the shoe for three years including a World Masters and two PanPac tournaments and they has finally given up. Yes a bit heavier; yes take some getting used to; yes not the best materials (when the tops give up they are unrepairable); yes I need to be careful with the platform heel which is not as stable as conventional shoes but they did the job for me. Better than a conventional shoe – I really don’t know but I was happy with the outcome.

  50. Hey guys, just trying to decide whether or not to purchase a pair of gravity defyer’s. I tend to be heavy in the heel so I think I’m going to try them. And here’s an idea for those who are not down with the logo…go to Michaels or Joann Fabrics and buy a pretty embroidered patch to glue over it. I’m going to put butterflies on mine. Peace out.

  51. Thought about buying a pair but these reviews have opened my eyes. Clearly customer service is an ongoing issue which tells me alot about the company. Whenever a product is ordered and there is poor response for any issues, the company clearly is only interested in dollars not quality or customer satisfaction. The cost is comparable to most better quality shoes purchased locally so why risk it. Thanks you saved me the hassle, will just continue with the locals.

  52. They do work . They releive pain in back and legs .they are miracle shoes but they dont last maybe u can get 3 months if youre lucky .they start clicking and u have to buy anouther pair u just cant replace insoles.

  53. The shoes are comfortable even though the laces are non-functional, the shoe has no tongue. Makes for easy on and off. However, I feel they are a bit stiff, I thought this would go away with wear and they would become more flexible and I gave them more than 30 days. What happens is when the heel strikes the ground it feels well cushioned, but then the rest of the shoe flaps down flat. You can hear it when I walk. Other athletic shoes I’ve had, and there have been many over the years, have not done that.

  54. I have two pairs, one regular and one “sock fit”, the one with the least amount of wear is basically unusable due to the sharp clanking sound from the springs in the right shoe, the “sock fit” pair has an intermittent clanking from the left heel (it comes and goes but is not as obnoxious) and the plastic heel supports have worn thru the lining and cause some heel pain, I could not recommend these nor will I buy another pair. Additionally, the spring loaded heel is narrower than the actual shoe and causes some instability.

  55. Try Z Coils. They are expensive but very comfortable. I have bought them used on ebay and found the sizes run differently. But they saved my life.

  56. I have owned 3 pairs of these shoe and can tell you they are not worth the money.
    Of course they feel great if you have been experience foot or heel pain but they do not hold up to the rigors of everyday life.
    The springs will eventually work their way through the heel or sole of the shoe, the plastic supports behind the heel will begin to work it’s way through, the soles will deteriorate and in general the shoes fall apart.
    I thought my first pair may have worn out because I bought the cheaper ones (not cheap but cheaper) so I upgraded to the top of the line – same thing.
    The concept is great but the quality is lacking big time.

  57. It’s a shame they can’t fix the squeaking and clicking issues. These shoes are great for my plantar fasciitis–other insoles and shoes just haven’t worked for me, but I can walk miles and miles each day with these and end up with no pain. But the left shoe squeaks very loudly, and the right shoe is as loud as a dog training clicker, so I just can’t wear them everywhere as I would want to. Their return policies are horrendous, and even if I could exchange them, it sounds like any replacement pair will likely have the same issues.

  58. I think this is their standard operation. The company is lying and needs to be reported to the BBB.

  59. I recently bought a pair of the Gravity Defyer Super Walk Shoes and they were awful! They are like wearing high heels on springs (not the feel you expect in a sneaker.) All your weight is transferred to the front of the foot and there is no ankle stability. I returned them within the 30 days and did not hear back from the company. I had to e-mail them to ask them about my refund and was told I would not be getting a refund because my shoes were not in “like new” condition. I wore them for a very short time with my own shoe inserts and could tell that these shoes were not only uncomfortable, they are were unsafe as my ankle would bow outwards with some steps. I see others have also been subject to the useless store credit for worthless shoes. I have asked the company to credit my card and was ignored. I have written negative reviews on Amazon as well and hope that will get their attention. If not I plan to go to the Better Business Bureau. Stay away from this awful company and their very expensive, poorly designed product.

  60. Buyer beware. I bought a pair of the running shoes through a GroupOn. Was very excited as I am an older guy trying to keep his knees working. I ran in these ONCE, less than 3 miles, but it felt like 5. These things weigh a ton. It’s like running with bricks on your feet. When I got home I decided to weigh them, and found out the weigh 2/3 more than my cheapest, heaviest $29 New Balance. Also the tongue was very stiff and jammed into the front of my foot. Maybe as a walking shoe, or for daily wear if you are mostly standing in one place these would be fine, but I would hate to have to walk much in these. Also, the company will NOT give you a refund unless you return them UNWORN. The gave me a store credit…great for a shoe that id over priced and I don’t like. I am not happy with the Gravity Defy shoe, or company.

  61. Ordered a pair of Gravity Defyers for running (on an inside cushioned track at a YMCA). Tried the various insoles and never wore them outside. I got a huge blister on my foot and shoes were very uncomfortable after 3 (1-hour indoor workouts). I had bunion surgery on both feet years ago and I had hoped that these G-Defy shoes in a wide width would be a great running shoe. The shoes were just not wide enough. The shoes looked really good and were impeccably clean when I mailed them back for a refund. Just got a message that they won’t give me my money back but I must take a store credit. My question is, for what? I tried their shoes and they just don’t fit comfortably. What am I supposed to use the store credit for? Like others, I feel mislead by the advertising offering a trial and no hassle returns. I really would have felt guilty returning shoes that looked bad, but these shoes actually still smelled new, and there was not a scuff mark on them!

  62. I bought my first pair 4 years after having multiple neck/cervical diskectomy and fusions..the impact from walking was killing me..these shoes have been a life saver…just got a new pair of gammas…these things work…never looking back.

  63. Worst shoes ever lasted the 60 days . Then fell after that. Call to tell them but nobody could find my account. I would never buy again

  64. Sorry, I won’t buy a pair of shoes with a sperm on the side. BUT, I did order a pair of the dressier shoes and I LOVE them. I have planter facc. and this pair of shoes took away the pain of walking. I wish they had more styles without the sperm logo. 🙁

  65. My G-Defy shoes are amazingly comfortable. The “trampoline” technology is exactly that! With every step you take, the heel has such a “cushion-y” feel that absorbs the shock and propels your foot with each step. It’s a bit tricky trying to explain it . . . one just has to try on a pair to truly understand what I’m saying. They’re on the pricey side, but well worth it. And the logo . . . I think it’s a kick! Not sure what all the fuss is about especially in this world we live in. It could be a sperm or a tadpole — either one is not the least bit offensive. It’s amusing to me that folks want to act so self-righteous . . . it’s a shoe with a unique logo! And a most comfortable and amazing one at that!

  66. I was going to purchase two pair but after reading the reviews no thank-you. If you want to stay in business you must have better quality and customer service.

  67. These shoes are not for someone who has back problems. They are too tight on your feet, hurt my hips, and my back. After wearing these shoes my back pain is worse than ever and seeing as how I didn’t change anything in my routine except for the shoes, the shoes is what pushed the back issues over the edge. Maybe they should put a disclaimer on the website saying if you have back problems these shoes are probably NOT for you. I have worn Z coils for years and Z coils are just so expensive but they work, these shoes are NOTHING like Z Coils. I really hate that I ever bought I pair of these shoes.

  68. the springs in these shoes give out after 6 months, gravity will not offer any help. Plan on buying brand new shoes every 6 months.

  69. I have seen the adds in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics for many months if not years and, I have been on-the-fence about trying them for a long time. I finally figured I would give them a try. I ordered the size I normally wear (9.5) a few months ago and, they were pretty tight in the toes but usable. They did not “defy gravity” nor greatly improve energy but they were OK, until… About 6-8 weeks after wearing them nearly every day and walking about 5 miles a day in them, I was walking through a tunnel in the Troisdorf, Germany train station when something seemed to give out or break loose in the left heel, the shoe didn’t feel quite stable and, it started making a clacking-popping sound with every step. I contacted Gravity Defyer and, as others have noted, they are somewhat hard to contact. They at first assigned a case number but, did not follow-up for several weeks. After a follow-up email, they did provide instructions to return them for replacement. When I returned them, I asked if I could also go to the next size larger and, they accommodated this request but, several weeks after returning them, I still had no replacements. I was about to write this off as a “fool me once” experience and then, the replacements came. These did fit better, but… both heels make a clicking sound when they are compressed and have since day one. Not as bad as the “broken” one but somewhat annoying. I do still wear them almost daily and, they are OK (not remarkable) but, I have bought more comfortable walking shoes. In fairness, I should say that I weigh about 290 lbs. and I walk about 4-5 miles a day including some steep (10% grade) foot paths. When I walk, I am pretty sure the springs are fully compressing with each step. Bottom line: These are not the worst and not the best walking shoe I ever bought. They are not made for someone my size and, they do not really live up to the hype (at least not for me). I have to wonder why, if putting springs in the heel was such a magical thing, the big name companies had not already done it – it just seems too obvious to have been overlooked from a design perspective especially given what some of the big brands spend on ergonomic research. The company did exchange the first pair I bought although it did take more than one communication and it did go a bit slowly but, they did honor their warranty and, they did let me move to a larger size which does fit better. I wear them nearly every day (although I would never sneak up on anybody with the built-in heel clackers). I would not buy them again. They might work better for a lighter person. When something seems too good to be true – it probably is.
    I notice their advertising brags about how many of their customers buy a second pair implying that they are really happy with the first pair but, I suspect it is more because they immediately offer a big discount on a second pair before people have really had a chance to determine how they like them over a longer period of time. It would be interesting to know how many people order again after wearing them for six months or a year.

    Based on the failure of my first pair and the noise from my second pair, I would have to say that quality may be an issue.

    Overall my opinion is: It is an interesting “gimmick” but, not quite what it is cracked up to be. I am not really pleased with them but, I don’t feel terribly cheated either. YMMV.

  70. These shoes made it possible for me to continue working in retail, I was suffering from back and leg pain and shin splints, after a day or two wearing these running up and down stairs and standing and walking on concrete for 6-8 hours a day all the pain subsided. I love these shoes, wish that online shoes still offered the 6 payment options so I could purchase another pair as they are expensive but worth every penny.

  71. I work on a factory floor, standing on metal flooring for 12 hour shifts. I walk miles each day and would often find my feet and knees sore with some pain. I bought a pair because I friend suggested them. They are the most comfortable shoes I have worn on the factory floor and would highly recommend them. Felt a little strange at first, like what I imagine high heeled shoes would feel like, but got used to them quickly and don’t notice it anymore. I have now had two pairs and love them. My only complaint, on both pairs after a couple of months of use, one shoe would start making a clicking sound on the heel with every step. Happened with both pairs and lasted a few weeks before going away. Other than that, love them!

  72. After a partial hip replacement and both ankles fused, GD shoes are the only ones I have found that give me the comfort that I need to walk any distance. They have made a difference in my quality of life. Unfortunately, speaking of quality, for the cost, they are extremely cheaply made, they break down quickly and any plastic parts are absolutely substandard. Materials are not what they should be. I am, however, stuck because their design with the springs are proving to be the best for me. Just wish they would supply a better made product.

  73. these shoes are comfy .but they are made like junk.squeeky break down kwik .you have 2 weeks 2 return from the day they ship them.even though it takes a week to get them once they do ship them.dont purchase these i waisted 300 dollars on these junky away as fast as you can.there not good

  74. I received my Women’s Super walk Athletic shoes on Friday but couldn’t try them until today. So, later on I may (or may not) have to amend my review. First off, I suggest that before you even try them on, loosen the shoe strings ! And if you need a shoe horn, use one. Once your tootsies are in than you can adjust them for comfort. I wear a wide right shoe due to several foot surgeries (and knee surgeries , too) . My right foot was delighted ! The fit was true. The toe box is wide and roomy enough to wiggle my toes around a bit. My left foot pronates. The shoe “fit” but did nothing for the pronation. I used one of the yellow inserts that were included in my order and it helps just a bit. I will wear them around the house for a week ( or less) and see what happens. So far, I would say I like them and would recommend them. We shall see you back here in 1 week.
    Regarding Sean’s post, let it go, people. There is no need for the Grammar Police here. If you have used auto correct recently you know what I mean.

  75. Not a god company to work with!! Check out the Better Business Bureau before ordering anything!!! There are plenty of complaints from other customers that have trouble getting their money back also. I purchased a pair of shoes for my husband. He wore them maybe 4 hours, and they hurt his feet to much so I returned them. A month later, I’m still waiting for my refund! They actually told me the shoes were not in “like new condition”. We only had them in 4 hiurs, how could they still not be in brand new condition!!! They want to give me store credit, we didn’t like the first pair, why would we want another pair??? My husband has heel bone spurs and planters faciitus and they made his heels hurt worse than they already do!

  76. This product did not work for my husband and I. Furthermore, their advertising is downright deceptive. Their printed and web information encourages people to actually wear the shoes for up to 30 days to get used to them and determine if they are helpful. We did that; taking several walks on the clean road in them. How else do you test them out? They say, ” No Risk. No Charge. No Kidding.” Now I will add; “Not True.” When we decided they did not work for us, we returned them, and were denied a refund, and only offered store credit. Why would we want store credit for expensive shoes that don’t help us? There was nothing written anywhere that I could find that stated that they would not refund our money. And, nowhere I could find where it said that they had to be in unused, brand new condition to be refunded. The shoes we sent back had a few superficial dirt marks on the white colored soles, other than that were brand new. …..The issue we had with the shoes was that they were too high in the heel, pushing the toes into the front of the shoes. My shoes were awkward fitting and feeling, causing me to stumble at times. I felt as if wearing them any more would chance my gait and cause me more problems with my already vulnerable back. My husband said his made his knees hurt. ….Bottom line- poor product, even worse customer service. Waste of money.

  77. I’m a mail man who carries a walking route. The shoes have helped me after bilateral knee surgery. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone!!!!

  78. Hi Elizabeth!

    Love this! How many styles did you purchase? I am having knee pain as well. I am thinking about getting sandals and athletic shoes. I was wondering if you could give me some advice! Thank you!

  79. I have Plantar Fasciitis.
    I have not had an episode since I started wearing my GDs. I did have the beginnings of an episode once, but I think that was from doing heavy lunges. I stopped doing those.
    I have never dealt with their customer service, so I can’t spesk to that.
    I own four pairs – 2 dress, 1 casual, 1 athletic.
    I think one of the dress pairs squeaks occasionally, but I don’t care because my plantar fasciitis isn’t acting up.
    I wear these without the custom orthotic inserts I got from the podiatrist.
    They have sales on the closeout shoes – buy one get one free. That is the only time I have purchased their shoes, so I get them for $50 each.
    The gym shoes sometimes cause the tops of my feet to hurt. Kind of the like the nightboot I bought to sleep in, but not as much.
    But I can still walk around fine, so its better than a plantar fasciitis episode.
    I think jogging in the gym shoes is a bit weird, but using the elliptical is fine.
    One of the dress shoes makes my feet a little sore after a few hours of walking. I think it is because my bodyweight is shifted forward slightly.
    But that, again, is still preferable to plantar fasciitis.
    I will continue to buy this brand.

  80. Back in July 2014, I purchased a pair of “gdefy – Gamma ray” (ref# TB9016MWS) as well as a second pair for my wife of another style. The order number was CS494667. I do a lot of walking and within the first four (4) months, I noticed an occasional squeaky sound coming from my right heel. It was not dramatic and I continued to wear the shoes but, as time went on, it intensified and remained occasional and more frequent. Now, it is an annoying continuous loud noise on every steps. I contacted the company who replied that they had a 60 days warranty and all they would or could do was to offer me a 50% discount on a new pair which is unacceptable. I believe that, when you are trying to sell an expensive “quality” product, you should stand behind your product for more than 60 days, that is if you trust your product. I have no intentions to buy another pair of shoes from this company, even at half price, nor would I buy a product from any company that doesn’t stand behind their (quality???) product.

  81. I can not wait to try the pair of Grafity Defyer shoes I just ordered!

    And about the made in China rants: Do you like your iPhone or iPad? How about the XBox 360 or Phillips DVD player or …. the list of high quality goods made in China is virtually endless. These are not cheap items and they most certainly are well made!

    I would love for the USA to make the majority of our products but the simple fact is that if they were manufactured here, they would cost so much that most of us could not afford to buy them! It is sad but it is also true. So let’s leave the Chinese out of this discussion within the context of cheaply made or shoddily produced. Statements such as these are both not true and simply foster resentments that have no basis in fact. Thanks for “listening” :-). I hope you reconsider your views about this subject.

  82. This company apparently doesn’t bother to refund customers who send in a return, unless the customer bugs them. I got an email stating that it would take “up to a month” to refund me. Two and a half months after I sent in my return, I am still wondering what happened, and give them a call. No explanation, but they say they will send me a refund. Apparently, they weren’t going to bother if I hadn’t called.

  83. Try Ecco or Clarks ….I get mine from a reputable dept store such as Dillard so I don’t get a knock off….
    cost around 130. But we’ll worth it….cured my feet, legs and back pain and that was the sandels.

  84. Comfortable, my recommendation is to expand your design thatis so exquisitely exhibited for men, I fin the women shoes to very boring, and unappealing,

  85. Do Not Buy From this company! I hated the shoes-very uncomfortable. Returned them after wearing for 5 minutes. On 12/8/14 I was told that they had received my return and would issue me a refund within 30 days. 2 MONTHS LATER AND STILL NO REFUND!!!!!!
    I will go to every social media site possible to get the word out until they comply with their refund policy

  86. Super shoe if you have knee or foot problems – they really do help in recovery BUT,,,,…. they are NO GOOD for TENNIS…NEVER USE them or you will have a much greater chance on twisting your ankle while in a tennis match. Until the company understand tennis and starts to expand their cushion base to the full outer rim of the sneaker go buy professional tennis shoes like Babolot or Prince or any of the others designed for tennis. Gravity sneakers ARE NOT for tennis with their current design.

  87. Had to pay for orthodics every year and still in pain. I’ve been wearing gd’s for the past 4 years w/o them. They help a lot …. I’m glad I found them.

  88. Thank you so much! I am in agony can’t walk and need to find something. I had some good shoes but Nike changed them so they are no longer any good 🙂

  89. Thank you for your review. I have plantar fascitis for the second time, can barely walk, was seriously looking at these.
    Thank you

  90. DON’T DO IT!!!
    I saw the expensive full page color ad in The New Yorker…and then went to read the reviews on Amazon.
    Rarely have I seen so many detailed ONE STAR reviews!
    Buy these shoes at your own risk!!!

  91. bought five pair in three years.last pair I finally put on and the heel clicked and I phoned customer service .they said I could not return them and they would credit 25 dollars on a new pair because they were outdated.I wore them twice but the noise in church was embarrassing.Customer service is not good

  92. I will never do business with Gravity Defyer again. My husband and I bought two pairs of shoes. We tried them on one evening and walked only around our living room. Due to a couple of different reasons, we decided to return them. We put them in the original packaging and following all their rules for return. Upon checking on when we could expect a return to our account, I received an e-mail that one pair of shoes was in poor condition and therefore they would not return the money. Prior to this e-mail, I was informed that they were both in good condition and we would receive money back into the account.
    I really had to get angry to get the promise of my return money. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM>

  93. My Gravity Defyer shoes are heavy, but fairly comfortable. I don’t notice any significant difference in the way they make my body feel when compared with how my other athletic shoes make me feel. The heel and arch are comfortable, but I have observed that the soles of my feet are positively burning after wearing these shoes for a few hours. If you look at the reviews of these shoes, people either love them or hate them. I fall in the middle of the range. The springs in the heels have not failed after about six months (many have had bad experiences with the springs), but the heels are rather high and leave you somewhat pitched forward. It may be a coincidence, but I have developed pain in my heels and arches of both feet in the six months that I have been wearing these shoes. They’re about to be retired, and I don’t think I will be buying another pair.
    ***Customer service has been less than stellar. I used a Groupon to order a pair of shoes for my husband. Several days later I received an email saying that the shoes were not in stock and that my order had been canceled. So I was credited back the amount I paid them directly, but not the Groupon cost, meaning that I had bought the Groupon and had gotten no use from it. Calls to the telephone customer service did no good, as the person on the phone told me she couldn’t do anything about it. I sent numerous emails to the customer service address listed on the company’s online catalog, and they have never answered a single email. So I am out the price of the Groupon, and I assume that they were paid their share of it anyway. Buyer beware!

  94. I didn’t purchase the running shoes, but the dress shoes. I REALLY like them but after returning 3 pair to purchase another, they all have at least one (or both) shoes that has a horrible squeaky heel. Is there any way to fix it? It seems to only affect the black color of shoe because I bought two pair, one brown/one black. I have returned 2 out of 3 pair of the black shoes and now this pair is singing with my every step. Any ideas on how to fix it? I contacted the company, but since I didn’t buy directly from them my concerns on how to fix the shoe doesn’t seem to have any affect. HELP?!!

  95. I used two pairs. One regular and other athletic. Their durability is very limited. The athletic one start squeaking after two weeks of use. The projected heel got worn out within two months. The sewing thread got lose within two months. With a price of $155/–it should be more durable I was unable to return that because I was abroad. I couldn’t observe any difference between gravity defyer and other shoes. I have to buy a new pair of shoes, any suggestion, Please? I lead an active life and walk a bit.

  96. When I first started reading this review, I thought that there was some research done before coming out out your boring schedule and writing this review. This is not a review but just a guess work which everybody already knows. What have you done? Did you buy a few pairs of the shoes and did some research on it? Did you meet with the people who bought these shoes and asked their experiences?
    Please stop wasting people’s time and do some real work

  97. I am interested in durability and Gravity Defyer has a LOT of models, many have leather uppers. The unfortunate thing about this post is it does not say exactly what shoe it is talking about and if it is the sole or the upper or both that are cheap plastic.

  98. I have purchased quite a few things made in China. Usually they are not as described and to be of any use they have to be modified. Only 2 exceptions I can think of. That is certainly a bad reputation.

  99. I purchased a pair of these. They didn’t work for me causing me more pain in my lower back. The pair I ordered were too wide and they right shoe had a loud creaking noise when I walked. I returned them over three weeks ago, still waiting on my refund. I have contacted the company multiple times. The customer service is well below standards. It didn’t take them any time to confirm and accept payment, but they sure are taking their time refunding my money. Overall I think these are great shoes if they work for you, but I would never spend my money on another pair. I can go elsewhere and try on what I need. Their refund policy and the customer service that I am receiving definitely confirms that I no longer want to deal with this company if I ever get my money back. They don’t live up to their return policy standards.

  100. Hi Ken, those are great points to keep in mind. Thanks for the input.

  101. I would like to refute one minor point in your review of the guarantee on these shoes. You stated that they have a 30 day guarantee and you wrote ” With most shoes you can’t return them once they show signs of wear, but with these you’re meant to try them out and see for yourself how they feel.” However if you go to the company website, you will see that the caveat is that the shoes can be returned 1 – if they are in like-new condition. 2- you don’t pay shipping if you paid full price 3-if you used a check, you have to wait 3-4 weeks. So take all of that into consideration.

  102. I just received my first pair of Gravity Defyers and all I can say is for me they are a miracle! A couple of years wasting money on popular name brands that would help with the support and easing my knee pain , back and hip. I should have bought them sooner. I now am hoping that the immense lessening of pain in my arthritic knees, I will be able to start walking again and build up my stamina and strength. All my other shoes are out the door, I plan on buying nothing but these from now on. Thay are AMAZING!!!!

  103. I bought my first pair of these shoes over a year ago. I like them so well that I now own 5 of them.
    I would not call these running shoes but for me they are very good. I am 69 years old and I have arthritis, bad knees and diabetes. These shoes fit my needs very well. Now they are all that I buy.

  104. Seriously, what kind of review was this? Reminds me of the mbx shoes and those that followed that claimed to tone your legs and butt. Well, I remember those conpanies getting fined for making false claims. Not to say they don’t feel great and are wonderful for some, but time will tell about their claims. This review offered no objective data about the claims. Come on now!

  105. I couldn’t agree more, The shoes themselves feel incredible to me. I’ve had virtually every brand you can name and wore Earth brand for the past 9 years until they quit making Men’s shoes. I went so far as to buy a larger pair of generic looking women’s Earth shoes because my back was so relieved by that brand. After having 2 vertebra fractures L4 / L5 it is sooo difficult finding shoes that will support my spine and relieve impact on hard surfaces ( mainly concrete) . GDefy shoes this for me. I could care less about the cost as I have spent thousands of dollars on shoes.
    2 complaints, THE NOISE and the overall durability. YES the heels a definitely prone to an annoying sound and the upper Rubber/Plastic cracks and therefore the fabric comes disconnected, etc….I Hope the folks at GDefy are listening to these pleas for an even better shoe. It has the potential to be a GREAT shoe, And if they’re NOT listening, Hey we tried..

  106. Made in China does not always mean cheap, unless if you’re just racist. Good things are made in China too since you grew up and left the trailerpark/plantation.

  107. Please share what shoes you had better luck with. I want to know what shoe has spring in the sole as that is the part of my foot that hurts the most.

  108. Christa thank you for your help, I am looking for a good pair of running shoes, I appreciate the heads up!

  109. I’ve had mine for about 7 months. They were a nice alternative to the Z-Coils I was wearing at work. The Gravity Defy shoes are certainly more stylish than Z-Coils. I’m on concrete floors nearly 60 hours a week and I push and pull heavy equipment (500-1,000 pounds) throughout my day. The Gravity Defy were comparable in performance to the Z-Coils and probably 2 pounds lighter per shoe which I loved. Unfortunately the Gravity Defy shoes don’t last as long as the Z-Coils. The heels of mine are clicking after 7 months. My Z-Coils lasted nearly 3 years. I was hoping to get more use out of the Gravity Defy since the Z-Coils with heel covers, required at work, cost $300. Replacing the $129 Gravity Defy every 7 months is more expensive than replacing the $300 Z-Coil so I’ll be switching back to Z- Coils. I definitely liked the Gravity Defy and under lighter use they would have lasted much longer.

  110. I would buy ten used cars from this guy. Anything he promoted I would buy. I want him to marry my daughter. Can he run for president. He should promote Thalidomide. I’m just sayin’.

  111. Dude, you need to know how to make complete sentences. I might be considering these shoes but when a monkey makes a comment I have reservations.

  112. I ordered two pairs of these “wonder” shoes and when I got them and open the boxes alas theyre the UGLIEST THING I ve ever seen. Too stiff, too big and bulky, third world country standards and the springs dont ever work. What a waste of money! I was going to return them but Im sure the customer service would be stiff as well. Who would want to stand by the manufacturers claim that theyre the best shoes around. Total rip off!

  113. I’m not sure that what you posted could be called an actual review. I haven’t learned anything from your “review” that I didn’t already know from reading the company’s literature–no trial, no assessment, no recommendation other than buy them and see if they work for you. I think that’s pretty much where I was before I read this site’s “review.”

    Elizabeth’s, however, was very helpful! Providing information that it helped her with her flat feet associated pain was most helpful. Thanks, Elizabeth.

    Jon’s experience sounds unfortunate. Hopefully, it’s a fluke. Good of him to share it as well. Thanks, Jon. At least we know to watch for that and are aware that customer service may not be stellar.

  114. Sean, Using bad words doesn’t make you an adult. That gets you to middle school maturity. To be an adult, you have to show restraint from using bad words. Time for you to grow up, young’un.

  115. I have read Sean’s post twice and I have no idea either what his point is other than calling someone a “dud.” He obvoiusly didn’t attend any English classes in school.

  116. I bought these shoes in great hope. What they actually did was throw my feet forward in the shoes, so that my toes after a few steps were jammed into the toebox. Not springy, not anti-gravity at all, more like having my feet on a tilt table with a cover. I offered them to 2 people who wear my size shoe, free.
    After trying them on, neither of them chose to take them. No great love story here for the Gravity Defyers.

  117. I purchased a pair of Gravity Defyer Supernova shoes for my husband in December. By March, the spring, or whatever, in the heel had already broken. They were great for the two months they lasted, but $135 is a lot for two months of use!

  118. Thanks! This was a really helpful review. I haven’t bought a pair (yet) but I may. And I know a lot more before reading this.

  119. The logic behind the shoe is very solid. With that said – this enhanced heel surface not only makes the shoe heavier than most running shoes, it also gives a smaller planting surface so twisting your ankle is a lot more common. I have not tried any of the dress shoe styles but my wife’s order came in the coorect shoe size box – but with the wrong size of shoe inside. After a couple calls, they have finally sent another package out. The customer service is terrible slow and very inefficient. The arrival date has us receiving them in a 30 day process… Make them a tad lighter and figure out what customer service is and I think they have a great chance of success. Many people will pay a premium price for good shoes but few people will deal with bad customer service. Good Luck!

  120. I have four pairs of your shoes. They work for me, I have bad knees….football….knees….I have but one complaint….every pair I own, the heels make noise when I walk sorta of clunking sound or squeeky sound. I get all sorts of looks because of the noise…. If it were just one pair, but all four concerns me. What would or could cause this….it’s starting to get on my nerves.

  121. I Bought a pair of the sneakers and in less than a year a spring popped through the inside of the shoe and hit my foot. When I called customer service they only offered my half off a new pair. When I asked to speak to the supervisor I was told he would call me back which he never did. These shoes are a dangerous rip-off! Save your money and buy a nice pair of shoes that won’t break and potentially hurt your foot.

  122. I ordered 2 pairs; 1 for me and 1 for my daughter. I tried mine and found that they made it difficult for me to walk. Since I am 60 years old I thought it was just me. I encouraged my 37 year old daughter to try hers. She is an avid walker and runner. She was not thrilled. She said they made her legs hurt to walk in them and running was impossible. She stated she was not going to wear them except around the house. I guess I will try them when I am standing at my stove cooking or at the sink doing dishes. I guess they are just not for everyone. As for the logo on the shoe I thought to myself surely that can’tt be what I think it is. I guess it was ! Sorry, I really wanted to like the shoes and I am glad others find them so comfortable.

  123. I would try anything for comfortable shoes walking in Europe on the cobblestones, but Gravity Defyer is NOT IT! I wore mine around town, and casual bike rides before my trip, and they seemed ok–but after only a few hours walking in Europe I thought I was going to die. They were pure hell. I tried them every few days and by mid-day every time, I had to change to the only other pr of shoes I had which were Fit-Flops. I warn you not think these shoes are worth their price—they are not! Greatful for the 30 day return as these are going back!

  124. I purchased two pair of Gravity Defyer dress shoes. As soon as I put them on I realized that the shoes were not made to standard patterns of show design and that they were a very tight fit across the top of my feet.

    I called and arranged to have one of the pairs returned for a larger size to determine if that would correct the problem. I was told to order the replacement for which I would be charged and then return the current pair for credit. I followed their directions. The new (larger) pair were better, but still not as comfortable as a shoe should be, especially at this cost.

    I awaited the credit for the shoes returned. When I received none I contacted the company and was told that I had to provide “proof of delivery” for the return. I did so. Still no word regarding the credit. I called customer service repeatedly and left a number of messages as no one answered my call. I sent numerous e-mails with no response. I tried every phone number I could find and on two occasions was able to talk to someone. In both cases they promised to have someone return the call and address my concerns. I never received a return call. How long have I waited? TWO YEARS!

    Now on the shoes themselves – They do look good. I received many compliments on them. But they do not fit well and after soon time something happens to the spring in the heel and it starts making a noise when you walk. Try to explain constantly why your shoes are making a clicking noise.

    I have purchased other “spring loaded” shoes from other companies and had much better experiences, especially those that had springs in both the heel and the sole.

    So, good luck, but be aware of the issues I have faced.

  125. I bought a pair of Velocity Gravity shoes and returned them because the quality of the material was poor. It had a shiny plastic material on the top area of the show and the heel collar. The material looked nice and attractive, but, being made of plastic, I seriously doubted it would resist the wear and tear of a running she. I returned the shoe, expecting my money back. I didn’t even put the shoe on, just by looking at the material it was made of I decided I didn’t want them. This happened about two months ago and I haven’t received my refund and haven’t heard a word from Gravity defyer.

  126. DO not buy Gravity Defyer!!! The shoes are cheap plastic garbage made in China. The uppers are falling apart, the tongue is not attached properly, item not as pictured. Customer service is absolutely terrible! Run!

  127. Whoa Sean… I have no idea what you were saying. There’s this awesome thing in writing called “punctuation”. You should try it out some time. You might actually like it!

  128. dude get over the logo ppl who cares they work at making my joints and helps me push a lil harder when i use to be in pain. I think the logo says hey were confident we know it works it’s funny if you dont know the meaning i see worst stuff on regular tv the fact ppl complain about a sperm is well over board (not the ppl really on here) but in OTHER articles to its stupid these ppl make shoes to help you the fact they wont change it is great to me the fact ppl complain about it shows how ungratful ppl are say something nice and defend the product but diss on what they want there awesome logo to be, just say “hey thanks for the awesome shoes’ they make my life less painful to move around, hell i took a walk on the pear near the beach saw the sunset near this beautiful woman, now shes my wife glad i wasent in pain or i wouldent have been out as long THANKS GUYS!” instead of “hey thanks for the shoes but screw what you guys want forget about your logo *EDITED* your clever and creative idea we are going to *EDITED* on” …..yes im over board i say bad words but im an adult you are to grow up.I am just tired of ppl like you doing your typical “thanks BUT!” just be happy please … just walk away pun intended because its *EDITED* clever just like the logo

  129. These are great for sore heals and walking on hard surfaces. However, they need to lose the logo and use better glue.

  130. I’ve recently purchased and received my new Gravity Defyer’s after reading numerous articles along with positive customer reviews. I feel there is no reason to NOT to pay a pretty penny for any kind of shoes especially if they actually work. After all, you get what you pay for and I truly believe what I paid for was a great product! I understand the reason behind the company’s logo and I get it, but it didn’t deter me from buying them because of what was on the side of my shoes. I work on hard concrete 40 hrs a week with bad knees, plantar fasciatis and flat feet. The shoes I wore before getting Gravity Defyer with the Versoshock Trampoline technology, were recommended to me through an orthopedic years ago and I spent a pretty penny for what, only to have my feet hurt after only weeks of wearing them and that’s even with putting in the correct insoles. After that, I couldn’t find shoes, orthodics or what not that would kill the pain or even ease it just a little. I’ve even tried dieting thinking and knowing my weight was an issue and even after losing the weight, the pain was still there. What I’m trying to say is, after a day of use in the Gravity Defyer FlexNet’s, I could feel a significant difference. I didn’t feel pain in my feet and moreover they felt energized and I had very little to no pain in my knees and back. So to answer your question “Do Gravity Defyer Footwear Really Work?” My answer is ‘Yes they do!’ As for the logo, I believe they could have come up with something else that gives meaning to “a new energy on life” but hey, if the shoe works, then more power to them!

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