Does 1-800-Got-Junk Really Make Getting Rid Of Junk Easy

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1-800-Got_JunkFace it, nobody likes doing the dirty work, and that might be why 1-800-Got-Junk got so popular. The premise is simple enough: a toll-free call gets the situation sorted for you, and you can get back to more important, and cleaner, tasks. But is all of your junk and trash woes just a phone call away from being solved, or does this service cost an arm and a leg for something you could do yourself? Or is a better alternative to hire someone ?


Knowing a little about the history of a Company always helps when it comes time to make a decision as to whether to use them or not.

1-800-Got-Junk has an interesting start to it. It all began with two Vancouver students who needed a way to pay for the upcoming College year. As one of them was going through a McDonald’s drive through the idea came to him after seeing a beat-up truck filled with junk. A week later, he started a Company called “The Rubbish Boys.” This goes back to 1989, and through time it progressed into 1-800-Got-Junk.

The Claim

The mandate of the Company was set way back when it was decided that collecting junk had to have a more professional feel to it. Which meant:

  • Having clean, shiny trucks
  • Friendly uniformed drivers
  • On-time service
  • Upfront rates

This was the vision the owners had for the business, so did it come to pass?

Delivering On The Promise?


The mandate for the Company was a solid one and what you most likely would want and expect when it comes to removing the junk from your home or business. So is the company delivering on the mandate they set for themselves?

What Does The BBB Say?

A reliable resource for really checking out a Company can be the Better Business Bureau.

However, it is important to keep in mind that 1-800-Got-Junk is a franchise. So something negative about one of these companies may not be applicable to another one in a different area. Also, there are different BBB sites in different regions. This means the complaints can vary greatly according to the region.

On-Time Service

Overall this doesn’t seem to be a big complaint, but it does rise occasionally.

The Price

This is the big one and the one where most of the complaints that exist are in this area. Some of the common pricing complaints are:

  • Being charged substantially more than what the quote is seems to be the most common complaint.


  • Another was discrepancies overcharges for specific items such as a television.


Overall out of fourteen reviews listed on one BBB site, the Company was given a one star rating. Keep in mind that the business has been accredited with that BBB since 2012.

What Happens To The Junk?

There are a lot of reasons why people would want to rely on a company like 1-800-Got-Junk. Such as:

  • The biggest one being the convenience. It is a hassle to get rid of all the unwanted items that accumulate around the home or even the office.


  • Another factor is it is time consuming.


  • An additional problem is, where do you take it all? Yes, it can go to the dump, but that often means having to sort it out once you get there as a lot of the landfill sites now require this.


Back in 2010 1-800-Got-Junk volunteered for an environmental audit for both the United States and Canada. During the time span of the audit, it was determined that more than 60% of the junk collected didn’t end up in landfill sites. The audit apparently revealed that 40% of the junk collected during that period went for recycling. 16% was used for energy conversion, and 4.5% was reused. As far as now in 2019, it is not known what the figures are.

The Alternatives


If you aren’t too keen on trying 1-800-Got-Junk because of some of the bad reviews, then what are your alternatives?

First, it will depend on where you live as the company provides its services in Canada, United States, and Australia. The general options will be:

Take the items to the dump yourself

First, you will need a proper vehicle for hauling the junk. An average pickup truck is can handle about a half ton of junk. If you have a lot of junk of different sizes, it may mean making several trips.

  • The cost is going to vary on the region and the landfill site.


  • Some examples are: the site charges by the weight of the load.


  • A set fee up to a certain weight then additional costs per pound over this.


  • As an example, a landfill site in Canada charges different rates by the tonne depending on the type of junk.

Renting a Dumpster

Another alternative is to rent a dumpster

  • On average a 10 yard dumpster can hold anywhere from three to four loads that a pickup would be able to hold.


  • The cost can range between $199 to $569. Again depending on the region and the company offering the service.

With both of these choices also keep in mind that you are doing all the work yourself of loading the truck or the dumpster.

Hiring A Handyman

There is always the option to hire a handyman to remove the junk for you. If you do then you may want to run a background check.

Hiring Junk Removal Services

Although 1-800-Got-Junk is classed as being the biggest in the world, they do have some competition.

Who Offers What?

1800-Got Junk

The work gets done for you. The pricing is based on truck volume. According to the company, the truckload can range from 1/8th of a truckload all the way up to a full truckload. They state that the price quoted is all inclusive. It will vary because of gas prices, disposal fees, and the area in which a customer lives.

College H.U.N.K.S

The about us story for College H.U.N.K.S has some close similarities to 1-800-Got-Junk. Such as two college students starting out with a cargo van. It was started in 2005 and boomed in 2007. It too has franchises across the United States and Canada. They offer a combination of services of junk removing and moving services.

The Pros and Cons

For a Company that has been in business as long as 1800-Got-Junk even with the complaints that have been noted they have to be doing a lot of things right.

The Pros

  • It is convenient
  • They are established
  • They are committed to the environment
  • Free quotes

The Cons

  • The level of service can vary depending on the franchise
  • They tend to be higher priced than some of their competitors

The Take Away

Take Away

1-800-Got-Junk has some positive aspects to them, and they cover a huge number of locations. To be sure you are making the right choice, there are some tips for doing your research:

  1. Being as it is a franchise check the BBB for your area.
  2. When asking for a quote, ask for a firm commitment.
  3. Perhaps do a price comparison with other Junk removal companies in your area.
  4. When looking at online reviews, look carefully at the sources. Check to see if the reviewing site is receiving any remuneration for the company. This company does have an affiliate program just as many others do.

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111 Customer Reviews on “Does 1-800-Got-Junk Really Make Getting Rid Of Junk Easy

  1. Ok heres the real deal . and folks there are no real deals , even on black friday
    Here’s the part that is just obnoxious in my book- when I called today a nice woman told me a round about price, of course starting at their lowest 65- she maxed at 600 – I told her how much I had after a basement flood
    when the truck arrived the guy said ( 3 young men came) “you’ll need the whole truck , we start at 775.” As I was walking away he said, “how much do you want to pay ??”
    Its not even the money as much as feeling once again scammed , where people attempt to rope u in w/ false price points. Consumers beware and business owners please open your eyes when dealing with customers from the get go. We’re not dumb , we shop around and will bypass a business like yours as I just did.

  2. Dude they offered to have someone come fix it and you clearly want to shake them down for money.

  3. Total RIP-off! Quoted $500. Ended up paying $1700. Said they would donate furniture and household items in good condition. They broke the furniture to pieces before removing. Left a mess to clean up and holes in the wall.

  4. When they arrived their truck was a lot smaller than I anticipated and I was quoted a price for a full load ($598.00). I asked how much they would take for just a few of the larger items (a stove, bed, tv, 2 large mirrors and 2 dressers) and one of the guys said let me call my manager. He came back and told me $318.00 or $400.00 for the full load. I went with the full load option (when done, the load was sticking out the top of the truck so it really was full) and it took them close to 2 hours to complete. They charged me exactly the quoted price and only requested that I give them good feedback on Google which I did while they were still present. Great job. (Lee’s Summit, MO)

    We had used this company once before and were very satisfied. When we needed them a second time, we didn’t hesitate to call. Huge difference between the first and second calls. We will NEVER use this dishonest company again! We were told explicitly that the maximum charge for a full truckload of stuff is $598. We were assured that as long as we could fit everything in one truck, the price would never go over $598. This was true only the first time. Also, their website states the same. The second time, we informed them ahead of time what we were having them take out (mostly some wood). We told them we estimated about half a truck load. They assured us it was no problem. We figured a half load would run right around $300. When the truck showed up, it was already way more than half full, with several items sticking up over the top of the truck. They were not able to get all of our stuff in the truck. All of a sudden, we were being charged with an extra “weight” fee of SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS. The driver said they didn’t have enough room, so we had to pay for an extra trip. He said it cost more to take wood. Wood is exactly what they took the first time, but all of a sudden, because the company planned the trip very poorly, and had to make two trips, WE were being penalized. What should have run around $300 for us, ended up costing $836!!! This company CHEATED us out of $536.00. BAIT AND SWITCH tactics are dishonest. The driver called his boss. His boss said to make sure the company made money off of us. The driver actually told us that. If we had had the luxury of telling this dishonest company to get lost, we would have; however, our home was going on the market the following week, and this was the time we had scheduled for the final clean-up before photos were to be taken. They had us over a barrel. We paid $836 for a $300 job. Since the company refused to honor their original bid, the least we can do is let others know the shabby, unconscionable way in which we were treated, and maybe we can spare someone else the unbelievably expensive nightmare they put us through. Stay away from 1-800-Got Junk!

  6. I give 5 stars and an enthusiastic thumbs-up to 1-800-Got. Junk and Evan and Alex. Fair pricing, friendly and fast service. An excellent outfit. Highly recommended.

  7. Excellent work! John and Jon were a pleasure to deal with and made my life so much easier.They not only haul off everything you have to haul but they take it from whatever room in your house. Attic, basement & garage. That alone is worth the money. Not only that but they sweep up afterwards. Well done and I would ask for John and Jon again.

  8. I will say that they do as advertised by being on time but I was quoted a price at 200 to 250 and when they were done they changed the price to 319 I gave them 320 cash and was told that they don’t have change that’s wrong and I know that they go by how much space is used on the truck but when you take 6 4×8 pieces of plywood and load them at a angle on the side of the truck they will take up more space than on the floor I feel like I was taken advantage of because I am elderly and they didn’t stick to what was originally quoted I will never use them again

  9. And if Loser Skyler didn’t want to be called a loser for being a loser, he shouldn’t have posted his loser comment.

  10. God go F yourself. The guy commented on his experience an you have to stick your idiotic nose into it?

  11. Super disappointing at both the local and corporate levels. They arrived and said that taking everything we had would cost $500. I was at work. My parents were shocked, but knew I was in a bind to get rid of junk for an open house. They quoted $119 on the phone after asking what we had in the driveway for pick up. My parents agreed to pay them the middle rate of $199 to take *some* of the junk. Ultimately, they took a dog bed, cat bed, a lightweight foam core insulation board, a tupperware bin of concrete and two cast iron radiators. The latter could have earned me $150 on Craig’s List, so I would have preferred they had taken a stack of lumber or other junk (insulation, construction waste, etc.) instead. They left us with almost as much to haul away as we started with. They told my parents to go inside while they loaded up — my parents thought they were just off the hook. Parents trusted them — then paid the bill … then saw how little they took. Then they asked us to display their sign at the end of the driveway to advertise for them.

    When I got home and saw what they left us with (almost everything!), I was shocked and upset. I immediately called 1-800-Got-Junk and the customer service rep had a bad attitude. He talked over me and didn’t want to hear what I had to tell him. He said someone from corporate would call me within 48 hours. (No call.) 5 days later, I called back. A nice woman said someone would call; sorry about that! (No call.) 4 days later, I called again. Nice woman said she would ask them to come from office and talk to me, but no one was in yet — only an hour into their work day. But someone would call within 48 hours. (Still no call.) Today – I’m writing this review because I’m fed up and clearly they are not having anyone call me.

    Our resolution: My dad and I borrowed a neighbor’s truck and loaded up the rest of the junk, hauled it to the Chittenden Solid Waste District Williston Transfer Station. We unloaded almost 900+ lbs of waste — no fuss, no muss, no sorting. We paid … wait for it … $64. They said GOT-JUNK also dumps there. But I’m sure they didn’t dump those radiators, because — $$$ — cha*ching!

    My issues: misleading quote, sending my parents away while they “cherry picked” what they loaded (light, minimal), failure to respect the customer with a return phone call (after 3 calls to customer service) and overpricing.

    If you’re in Chittendon County (Vermont) and you have junk to haul, ask a friendly neighbor if you can borrow their truck; recruit a neighbor kid to help you load; enjoy a drive to Williston; save a lot of money! I-800-GOT-JUNK-SERVICE — why yes, they do.

  12. From reading a number of these comments I have concluded:

    Anybody can become a 800-got-junk franchise, so you may get good folks who do a good job or you may get crooks who will try to rip you off in various ways.

  13. im sick of being scammed. I have a whole storage unit and a deceased relative’s two story home WITH a packed basement and garage smh…i thought this would be the answer. Won’t be using these guys. I’m pissed off and filling up w/ anxiety just reading about this stuff

  14. Don’t believe the sales video, which shows carefully loaded junk to fill every bit of the truck. I had service today, they were nice enough guys but they didn’t load well and there was lots of wasted space. Now I’m taking the rest to the dump myself.

  15. Yeah. I just got a quote for about $400 for stuff I bagged up and one futon. They said it would take up at least half the truck. The video I saw didn’t seem like it would. Honestly, can probably get better service/prices off Craigslist even if it is a bit shadier. Or just do it yourself. Most cities offer free bulk pick up. I live at an address that doesn’t get serviced, though.

  16. Very true. I just had a simular experience when they refused to remove an old tube tv because it wasn’t working. It is in my storage unit (I live in a condo) and they gave me some story about it being dusty.

    Also didn’t take an old chair for the same reason. Didn’t think dust bothered these guys !! Obviously, if it isn’t is working order they don’t want it. Scam. Told them to hit the bricks. They were hostile and for ten minutes refused to leave, even asking me to get my wife on the phone (she was at work) as she was probably more reasonable. Was about to threaten to call the cops when they finally left my property.

    Don’t waste your time, its a scam.

  17. I was sick of looking at my junk and finally decided to call someone about it. Locals were charging $20 a load but I wanted to make sure the recyclables went to the appropriate place so I hired these guys. I had about half a driveway full of stuff including an old swing bench and a very small pile of yard waste. They quoted $319 which I thought was a bit much but since they were there I agreed to the amount. When they came to my door for payment, the bill had jumped to $419 – A full one hundred over the estimate and I noticed they had added a big fat tip for themselves. I paid it but boy, am I pissed. Being a single women and home owner, this happens to me much more often that I’d like to admit. I wish there was some kind of website the women could use to hire people who don’t rip you off.

  18. Danny B.. What proof do you have that they resell your junk and what do you even care for? If you wanted to you also could sell it.. So many complainers jeeze O man stop your bitching already.

  19. How can you honestly complain that they were too expensive and you could have rented a truck yourself for cheaper? Did you do your homework and investigate their prices look at their reviews? Either way it’s only your fault, you did not have to use this company, like you said you could’ve rented a truck and done it yourself but where would you dump everything? That costs money too Maybe you’re a strong young man or a strong older man even a woman , but most items they move are heavy, need a dolly or two people to move and load into a vehicle. That kind of work isn’t for me anymore.
    They provide a service, tell you the price before they begin; you don’t have to accept their bid bid it you can have them take less junk so it’s not as expensive. There choice is all yours…Think about it…..I feel all you complainers have some type of buyers remorse and you only have yourself to blame..
    We used them, yes it was pricey but they took a lot of junk. Yes they tried to say it would take two trucks to load all the stuff we wanted removed but my son put us for down and said he wasn’t paying a penny more than their quite if $668 for a full trucks worth of crap. We had then busy up a entertainment center so it took less space. They were sloppy would be my only complaint other than that they provided exactly what was explained and estimated. They did come 1/2 he late but they called to let us know, we understood it takes time and sometimes longer than expected when you are moving and loading things.

  20. I think it is all about Gratitudinal Awareness! My husband and I needed reliable assistance with integrity and that’s what we received. In exchange… we paid for what we could have done for ourselves, leaving us with aches, pain and exhaustion. The 800GotJunk employees were professional, courteous, quick acting and good humored. Besides… it’s As the saying goes: “Good No Cheap…Cheap No Good.”
    I agree! There were No problems here and very satisfied with 800GotJunk scheduling.
    The GotJunk Team came from Phila to so. NJ – the time window for us was flexible but they were here in good time. My husband and I did preliminary work and kept it organized!
    It is May 2019… if you have any doubts about the fees, costs, and recycling BIG picture, do yourself a favor and review the new regulations and rules about recycling locally and regionally. E-Tronics & HazWaste is a real hassle and only twice a year collection! This service was a GodSend! i save our Clothing donations for a Veteran’s collection.
    It was such a joy! After over 5 yrs. hoping to clear the attic of OLD unnecessary “stuff” we finally “got around to IT”. We spread a tarp on the lawn and saved some time by placing most of the house items outside to make sure any keepsakes were not involved with loading. Easy! The 800Got Junk Team (terrific guys!) made short work of the back-breaking labor and with good humor! Thankfully the weather was good although, almost way too warm for such work. and I am relieved for my husband’s sake. Just sorry I didn’t have a good batch of iced tea ready to offer the 800GTTeam:(
    Yep it was labor and patience required to gather,, sort and save the best of our mementos but, at least my children won’t have to deal with that after we’re gone! THAT was my major goal! Personally, I’ve been there and had to do that. Through grief and sorrow around losing my parents… I wouldn’t wish that experience, nor would I make that worse for my children!
    We enjoyed the memories it brought forward, and my husband fixed items to be used again today! My grand kids have new OLD toys that my kids played with at his age… STAR WARS and great action toys, Barbie Castles and more!! & I have reclaimed treasures put away from the years of “childproofing” our home. What a Joy to see my history from younger years and dreams! The expense was well worth it and IT IS DONE! Oh… and BTW! My beloved LP’s.records.. check out what it takes to recycle Vinyls…. Sad, but years of poor-to-no adequate recycling procedures has added to our EARTH’s problems. That had to change and Now is the time!

  21. I agree! No problems here and very satisfied with 800GotJunk scheduling. The GotJunk Team came from Phila to so. NJ – the time window for us was flexible but they were here in good time. My husband and I did preliminary work and kept it organized!
    It is May 2019… if you have any doubts about the fees, costs, and recycling BIG picture, do yourself a favor and review the new regulations and rules about recycling locally and regionally. E-Tronics & HazWaste is a real hassle and only twice a year collection! This service was a GodSend! i save our Clothing donations for a Veteran’s collection.
    It was such a joy! After over 5 yrs. hoping to clear the attic of OLD unnecessary “stuff” we finally “got around to IT”. We spread a tarp on the lawn and saved some time by placing most of the house items outside to make sure any keepsakes were not involved with loading. Easy! The 800Got Junk Team (terrific guys!) made short work of the back-breaking labor and with good humor! Thankfully the weather was good although, almost way too warm for such work. and I am relieved for my husband’s sake. Just sorry I didn’t have a good batch of iced tea ready to offer the 800GTTeam:(
    Yep it was labor and patience required to gather,, sort and save the best of our mementos but, at least my children won’t have to deal with that after we’re gone! THAT was my major goal! Personally, I’ve been there and had to do that. Through grief and sorrow around losing my parents… I wouldn’t wish that experience, nor would I make that worse for my children!
    We enjoyed the memories it brought forward, and my husband fixed items to be used again today! My grand kids have new OLD toys that my kids played with at his age… STAR WARS and great action toys, Barbie Castles and more!! & I have reclaimed treasures put away from the years of “childproofing” our home. What a Joy to see my history from younger years and dreams! The expense was well worth it and IT IS DONE! Oh… and BTW! My beloved LP’s.records.. check out what it takes to recycle Vinyls…. Sad, but years of poor to no recycling procedures has added to our EARTH’s problems. That had to change and Now is the time!

  22. Do not use them.I called and was told it would be $119 to move a small dresser, full size small headboard and dresser. When they arrived, we were told it would be $160 or maybe $250. What a SCAM!!!. Unlike some other people who might have no choice, we did have options, so we told them to forget it. They then agreed to move the items for the price I was told.

  23. I was most pleased with Aja ,Forrest and Oliver who were prompt and courteous …….good young people.Thank you so very much
    Maureen Windsor

  24. So what your statement is saying is someone that works for a junk removal company doesnt have skills or an education?! Wow! What a horrible accusation to make

  25. They totally overcharge!!!! Filed a complaint with the company who was supposed to get back to me in 24 hours! Surprise surprise!! That never happened. They know what they are doing. Professional scammers and should be shut down!

  26. How many elderly parents were in the house? It seems to me that elderly parents would be relatively easy to remove! Shouldn’t cost much either!

  27. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! THEY WILL OVER CHARGE YOU, lie to you about them donating the reusable stuff, and steal what they can get away with! I’ve seen them steal small stuff like cash and items like AirPods that are laying around a customers house who are in the process of moving. 95% of the junk that is taken is dumped in landfills all over south Florida and employees are forced to tell customers that they recycle what ever they can. Most of the good items that are collected from customers are taken back to the warehouse and sold for company profits! Employees are forced to over charge customers due to the way the bonuses work, if they don’t make a certain amount of money in a specific amount of time employees won’t make money, thus over charging all customers! When the jobs are big and require a lot of work some employees will lie and tell you that they are understaffed and try to reschedule your job for later day or even charge you an insane amount of money to get out of the job. If you do plan on getting your items removed with this company always have a budget in mind and always counter offer with a price you think is fair not the price they tell you. Good luck!

  28. 800 Got Junk were Awesome! I used them in Westport, MA and they were friendly, very hard working and very accommodating. I filled a whole truck of junk from couches to tiny things and they removed it from my house, yard and shed ….all with smiles on their faces. It was worth every penny. I will use them again!

  29. Hi Ricky, would love to hear from you about this if you’re still available to talk. I’m a research student looking into the junk removal industry. Please respond if interested.

  30. 3 TV alone will cost $100 bucks alone, and if you get caught trying to dump them it’s an EPA fine.

  31. I used 1800GOTJUNK today. I called them yesterday evening and William offered free cost no obligation to come down today morning and give me an estimate. I was very happy with the estimate given by Ryan and the work done by Spencer and Mike. They did a fantastic job! They were friendly and courteous, and had the job done in less than an hour. They even swept out the space. I was so pleased with the service. I would HIGHLY recommend them and will use them again in the future if I need to. They even gave me coupon for future use. 1800got junk is they perfect stop for your trash removal.

  32. Worked for company for a couple years they are a rip off they are being sued for not paying employees they weren’t giving out breaks cheating us out of overtime and they were over charging customers that contracts with them google the Los Angeles branch they are crooks they charge you high price to take your stuff and they turn around and sale it for a profit it’s sad they are so cheap they won’t buy employees Dolly’s for there safety don’t use company for nothing do research

  33. I had an old adult scooter sitting in my garage. It had been given to me but needed repairs which would have cost close to $1,000 so I decided to buy a new one but had to get rid of the old, unworkable one. I called IGOTJUNK and it was hauled away that same day at a very nominal price. I love them and would recommend them to anybody who has junk to be removed. The two guys who came were polite and very helpful and now my garage is empty. It happened so fast that my head is still spinning.

  34. I hired these guys to clean out my basement. They did haul out the “trash” items but also a plastic tool cupboard and a perfectly good card table. Then they went around my first and second floor and removed all of the pictures which I had not asked them to do. And today I discovered that my VIA credit card and debit card were missing. So, had to cancel both of those cards and order new ones. DO NOT HIRE THESE THIEVES!!!! Find someone else on Angie’s List or elsewhere!

  35. The worst company I’ve ever worked with. They came to take two TVs away. I had given them the dimensions at the time and they provided a price. When they came they said they could not take the large TV away and they needed a special dolly that they didn’t have with them. They took the smaller TV, which for me was an add-on. When I called the next day to find out when they were coming back for the large TV they told me they were unable to remove the TV because of its size. I told them I was requesting a refund because I never would have had called them for the smaller TV, as it was only an add-on. They were sarcastic and rude in their comments and told me that they would call me back, which they never did. I called numerous times and asked for the HR department. Again no one returned my calls. And as a side note, my daughter unscrewed the back of the TV and two friends wheeled it down the hall and out the door within 10 minutes. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

  36. I read some of the reviews and either some expect a little too much or I was extremely lucky. A friend of ours passed and we needed to have his condo cleared out. We don’t know anything about condo living so this was quite the experience. Besides trying to abide by the condo association’s list of rules and regulations when it comes to moving, our friend’s unit is on the 20th floor. We knew this wouldn’t be an easy task.
    When it came time to have the furniture taken out, I called several companies who I thought wanted donations. That’s when my problems began. Either they didn’t take large items or the condo wasn’t in their “service area.”. So I took a chance and called 1-800- GOT-JUNK.
    After explaining my situation, I held my breath to hear they couldn’t help me either. But that wasn’t necessary as nothing I told Patricia about the condo situation was a problem.
    Then the service elevator broke on the day the job was scheduled. That wasn’t a problem either as the moving date was immediately changed.
    The two men who moved everything out were professional and extremely courteous. Because of them having to use the service elevator so many times, the job wasn’t easy. But Saul and Kingsley did it all along with having the greatest attitudes!
    I don’t know why some customers weren’t pleased with 1-800-GOT-JUNK as I think they’re terrific. If you’re looking to have something hauled away, I absolutely recommend them.

  37. They don’t disclose to the customer what they won’t take. When they get there, they load up everything else you have and then tell you no on certain items. Then they threaten you with taking it all off their truck and leaving it at your front door! I will never use them again!

  38. As soon as this guy put it online it became anyone reading comments business. if he didn’t want to be “trolled” he shouldn’t have commented tbh

  39. Ok let me tell you about 1800 Got Junk, great commercials just point and it’s gone.. Well i called them and asked for a price to remove a Hot Tub. I gave aprox size and was told it would be between 150 and 200 dollars i was like ok sounds good, well the next day they show up way earlier then scheduled. Three men walk into the back and tell me no way will it be 200.00 then they tell me 350.00 i was like no way. So (here comes the scam) the guy says how much do you think you would pay!! I am like ok bait and switch then see how much more money the workers can scam you out of. So anyway i told him 225 max. He says we have to check with the boss. Yeah right, never heard back from them.

  40. Brandon and Jordan handled their business. I had a old dog house that was big as a house and they came in took it apart and got it out of here fast. I will definatley be calling this service again!!!!!!! I am 100% satisfied. Keep ot up guys. This is a 5 star review but my phone keeps re-setting to two.

  41. Ricky, I know it’s been a few years since your message left here, but it truly sounds as if you may have a whistle blowers case, and can sue for being let go.

  42. Ricky, I know it has been some time, but curious if you’re around to answer questions. As an LA resident, I’ve always wondered where these guys are going to dump and donate this stuff. Do you remember which dumps they used? Which recycling centers? Aside of the shady ‘non profit’ scheme they had set up, were these guys able to get better deals than the general public at those places (ie – if I show up to dump with my regular pickup vs a frequent drop off from 1800 Got Junk)?

  43. I just used 100 got junk today. I had an apartment that was loaded. It took a truck and a half. They loaded that first truckmtothe top. There were four guys and took them 1 1/2hours. They were professional, pleasant and quick. I would recommend them to anyone one. I got four quotes and they were the best and only one that gave me a written quote. Very happy with them.

  44. All jobs are very important in life. Someone has to do the work. This is a hard labor job but a noble one. Let there be more “Shlubs” and less criminals. I don’t know why in our country everyone has to be a “Rock Star”. Ridiculous!! Long live the Shlubs!

  45. Why don’t you mind your own business. This is your life, trolling ppl over stuff you have nothing to do with? Loser.

  46. Same with me. Last year the prices were reasonable. This year outrageous. Once everything is in the truck, what are you going to do, have them take it all out and call another company? Next time I will bargain them down. What they took was less than a full size pickup, like an F-150, an it was 400$. I feel violated.

  47. Steve I was the other victim Ugh!!!
    had two guys from team Bob and Kerry
    come give me several estimates for a single room with item that would not take up the minimal room in the empty truck. After all the uncomfortable chatter between pricing and square footage and pressure to pay more money to have all stuff moved. In my need for a reputable company service. I felt horribly duped into paying the minimal for three items 2 rugs and a small bin of trash. took all of 15 min. a swipe from my credit card. they also refused dual payments one guy said cone on make up your mind we gave other jobs. I quickly submitted the video of the room and it’s items to the owner who called me back heard my complaint apologized and promised to send a crew on the day with was Sunday. I told him the guy named Bob told me they don’t work thus Sunday which the owner cleared up they the team i was sent but another team could come out and take some stuff for free and if I wanted the rest if the stuff gone her give me a really low price. To Be Contuued…..

  48. Would never use them again what a joke very unhappy and very overcharged call someone else they won’t even load the truck full but they charge you like they do took picture of truck that was spouse to be loaded they still had plenty of room guess they had another victim to get

  49. Very disappointed. After describing exactly what kind of fridge I needed removed and being reassured that the team would have coverings to protect my floor, they showed up without any way to protect the floor and also stated that the job would be $100 more expensive that I had been quoted

  50. A big shout out to 1-800 got junk. they were prompt, friendly, courteous and fast. Reasonable price for something I was unable to do myself.Thanks

  51. It depends on what it is. Charities in my area will not take TVs or electronics, for example.

  52. This is good advice, to be wary of any service companies. They are franchised, and some people run into good folk and others into crooks. Sorry you ran into the latter.

  53. The commercial is to good to be true. Had less than a half of truck and was charged $516.
    Another company quoted $ 240.
    I went with got junk cause I thought they had a good reputation. Beware of pricing.
    A shout out to the workers who did a excellent job. It wasn’t their fault we got ripped of.

  54. I’m sorry you were forced at gunpoint to take that job! You clearly had ZERO other options and no choice where you worked. Want better pay? Gain some skills/experience/education, or vote with your feet and walk. That’s the beauty of capitalism.

  55. they are a ripoff.they’re not upfront with their pricing or their transparency.wouldn’t recommend them for anything.already posted to facebook as well

  56. I just used 1-800 Got Junk for the second time last week and could not be more pleased. They came on time and gave me an estimate of 1/3 of the truck for $349. My junk was loaded quickly and without drama by two friendly, polite men. In the end, they charged me $299 because my junk took up only 1/4 of the truck – and I had made my appointment online and claimed a $50 coupon, which they could see on my order. The final bill was $249. Within 20 minutes, the whole job was finished and we were all on our way. I appreciate that instead of just throwing everything into a landfill, they supposedly recycle/resell/donate items as appropriate. I’m sure that there are cheaper ways of getting rid of junk, but I don’t have a truck and live alone, so this is a perfect solution for me. I will be scheduling another appointment with them before the end of the summer! Annapolis MD area

  57. Use 1-800-got junk for the first time, they were great, easy to set up a time prompt very polite I will recommend them and use them again, great shout out to Justin and Ernest Lacation A , I hope when we need this service again we can request you. You both were great. Thank You!!!

  58. These guys were the most courteous gentlemen I have ever used for inside and outside work. Wonderful manners, extremely polite. You cannot go wrong with them. Their prices are far below what I was willing to pay. I had Alex W and Jensen as my crew and they made great efforts to make sure the junk was picked up. They even recycle!!! That is so good for our planet. God Bless this company and I hope if you are reading this review, you will consider using them as well.

  59. They were prompt and got rid of a lot of old furniture in 3 hours. Yet, because my junk took 1 1/3 loads of truck space they charged me an exorbitant price. They also did not inform me until they got there that since company policy forbade them from spending time unscrewing things, I had to disassemble a table, a bedframe, and part of 2 stand-alone cabinets so that they would take them. I do not know whether I would use them again. They got rid of my junk (that no one else would take), but they are expensive and the owner of the junk will find himself/herself hard at work disassembling things.

  60. Really?!?! What proof do you have that they “donate” anything? They “SELL” anything that is not trash.

  61. Oklahoma city. Had small amount of moving boxes broken down and a couple other items. Brought 2 trucks said the first one is full,then went on to put my stuff in the full truck. When I call they said the minimum was $99 the man that showed up said my load was 1/3 of truck that he just loads into his full truck. He knew I was p–s so he knock down the $349 price to $235. They are a all about getting to your place and jacking up the price. The guys are nice and friendly. I would never call them again.

  62. I just had my house painted approximately a month ago a (I800gotjunk) solicitor put a flier on my freshly painted door if my house , which needless to say blemished the paint as it stuck to my door. I tried to contact someone from(I800gotjunk) many times and no response, finally after 8 calls, Paul from the Denver office called and left a message for me to call him, and after a few tries to get a hold of him he did return my call. Paul is from the Denver office. I spoke with Paul and described to him what the problem was and asked to have it resolved, his recommendation was to send one of his workers to brush over the blemish or pay a painter $25 to have a painter do it, a painter will not do a spray paint job for $25.
    It has been a month and still not resolved, Paul was not at all helpful as a matter of fact he was rude in his text conversation with me.
    I would not recommend this company to anyone, their customer service is zero!!!!!!

  63. I was charged $600 for a truckload. The problem is I had twice as much stuff and their truck was small. Renting a dumpster would’ve been better and far cheaper.

  64. It’s a rip off! Their prices are ridiculous! For 1 full size truck and a haft they charged $2000!!!! While they claim that 11 cubic meter truck would cost $700 with labor included!

  65. They went to my son’s house today. They were given specific instructions. In garage it was take everything except what is on this mat. It was not in a shambles. Plus they were told what to take in the house. My son had an appointment he needed to attend and when he returned to the house nothing else had been done they were gone and they charged his credit card $400.00. Total complete rip off. This is in Jacksonville Florida

  66. This really has been a terrible experience . First time 2 trucks arrived and the driver told me he had ordered a third. After an hour he told me the third truck was not coming due to another job. The team managed to removed 1/2 the contents of the home…no appliances…no bedding….just wooden furniture ready to be donated to the needy….well that’s what we were told and we assumed it was true..until we saw ALL of our furniture in good condition being dropped and broken …curio cabinet windows smashed…dresser mirrors ripped from their bureaus and smashed into the truck to make room for more…dining room table turns on its back and the four legs jumped on and stomped to break them free of their sturdy and secure placement. After it splintered the collected the legs and main top and tossed the item in the truck…just shocking to see all of this wonderful furniture being destroyed right in front of our eyes.
    When the following weekend came the third truck I had been promised by my 1st team was not scheduled….after calling and insisting they show up they sent a truck with 2 men who proceeded to inform us they were exhausted because they had been made to work for their boss having to report at 6:30a.m that morning to move 50 mattresses in their warehouse. Needless to say after 1/2 a truck they closed the doors and told us they reached their weight limit….strange as all the furniture had gone the week before except for the dining table and chairs.
    So we scheduled for a 4th and 5th truck to come the following weekend….BUT only 1 truck showed up….we requested the 5 again which arrived an hour after the quoted time. They loaded the rest but never swept up the bedroom floor where they took the rug leaving all the dirt etc on the hardwood floor. As well they left the basement littered with small things that had fallen off workbenches etc. They said it needed to be swept up but told us they had no tools with them so no clean up.
    Lastly after already paying $679 per truck 1,2,& 3 and getting ready to pay for truck 4 & 5 ….the new guy tells me that On top of the $679 there is an added cost for each tire! So the upfront pricing and no extra costs just was blown out of the water!
    I would not recommend this company just because they are undeserving of clients who believe them when they say this is going to help the less fortunate and actually donate it.

  67. We used this company to clear out our basement and garage after a major flood. I have nothing but the highest praise for their professionalism. I plan to use them again as needed. What I especially like about this company is that their policy is to donate and recycle what isn’t junk. This is what distinguishes them from other ‘junk’ companies; conscience. Recommended without qualification.

  68. I used 1-800-gotjunk to haul out a bunch of stuff. I scheduled the appointment online, which I loved. They were on time, fast and courteous. But they are expensive! The truck is really small so it fills up easily. The ad on the site makes it seem like they are smart about loading it, but believe me, they aren’t. That small truck fills up fast! A full truck costs 500.00 where I live.

    I’d use these guys again, because I appreciated their professionalism, but with reservations, because of the cost. Pricey!

  69. allentown pa false advertising they dont want your junk they want resalable items refused the job horrible unreliable money hungry service

  70. i needed a house cleared out called 1-800 got junk made a appointment expressed to them the house had been empty three years and the tenants left behind allot expressed to them i was on a time limit and needed the job done yesterday we set up a time to meet at the house to be cleared out a young man and older gentleman came to the house walked in and said they seen evidence of bugs and refused to do the job i called the office and was given no solution so the name is deceitful they dont wont your junk even though that’s what there being paid to remove they only want your good resalable stuff horrible experience contracted another company the man came out gave me a estimate and within 24 hours cleared the house out in entirety at a reasonable cost.. in my opinion it is false advertising saying they clear your junk not true

  71. The day before, a Friday, my attic was professionally totally emptied of old pink fiberglass insulation and at least 70 boxes of junk, mostly loose leaf business seminar books, fiction and non-fiction books, tax records, coverlets, art works and personal papers. When I wakened on Saturday morning, some boxes had toppled over onto my car, preventing me from moving without more boxes falling so I immediately thought of 1800gotjunk and in moments,literally, two men called to say they were on the way – Kevin and Brett (12-2-17) of Atlanta Georgia. They arrived looking sharp, neatly dressed, gave me an estimate based on the pile before them, which was okay with me, and began clearing the carport – they helped me greatly by putting boxes into 1 of 3 piles – keep, toss and examine. The toss boxes went straight into the truck. Done! The total I owed was less than the estimated cost and after the twosome left I continued to sort thru the contents of the long-forgotten ‘examine’ boxes. Eventually I found some really nice landscape paintings my mother and I had done together when I was still in high school as well as my husband’s grandfather’s heirloom gold pocket watch which we thought had been stolen from our home years ago. Great job, Kevin and Brett! Could not have gotten thru such a wearisome job without you two!

  72. BEWARE IF YOU USE THIS SERVICE AND SOMETHING GOES WRONG!! Came to my house to pick up some large items, all is well till they try to pull out of my driveway. One of the men left the back of the door hatch opened hitting my neighbors house. They gave her 900 dollars to fix a 5000 dollar problem and would not return my or her phone calls. Use a DIFFERENT COMPANY!!

  73. I’d heard all the hype, and needed some stuff removed, so I booked online. I had seen something that said $125 maximum charge. They called me early and asked if they could come in 20 minutes, so I said sure. When they showed up, they were very professional, however, one of the guys just walked into my house, while I was still talking to the other guy (I didn’t give him permission to enter my home). After I showed them what I wanted removed, they quoted me over $300. It wasn’t that much stuff. I told them no, and they became rude and irritable. They left with barely another word.

  74. Well they just got done moving what I wanted to get rid of, the guys were courteous and friendly. They arrived at a decent time, my only gripe was that they didn’t call when they were on their way, and I think they charged me way too much for just a mattress, computer monitor, and a old. It was $178.00, way too much but I wanted those things out so I just told them to go ahead and take them.

  75. I had two “bagsters” of trash. A bagster is a 3 cubic yard bag that “Waste Management” will pick up for $200 each in my town. I called “Got Junk” to see if they could beat that price. They said it would be about $300 so I had them come out.
    I had to take a day off from work to talk to them. They got here and said it was over $500. Come on… we already knew the volume of the trash, they LIED to me on the phone. Bait and switch.
    On the + side, the young men who came out here were courteous and willing to phone in a request to lower the price, which they did not.

  76. This company is unreliable, with a very poor communication setup between national dispatch and the local franchise. The local people did not show up within the two hour timeframe and when called were rude and hung up instead of working on a solution. The national dispatch had no idea what was going on. This company is truly a waste of time!

  77. My 93 year old mother saved everything (even stuff from the 1800’s): old suitcases from the 1920’s, furniture from the 1940’s, etc. My husband and I made 23 trips in a pick-up to empty her Queens apartment to remove her belongings until, after 4 months, we were left with the “heavy stuff”.

    The 2 removers called 30 minutes in advance and meticulously removed everything from her apartment. They were very professional and polite and filled an entire truck.

    In Queens, NY ask for George Domiguez and Raymond Santana —- they were hired 2 weeks prior to doing our haul away, but they seemed to have worked for years. They knew how to stack furniture to maximize every in their truck.

    We are VERY pleased with the work they did and we would recommend them to anyone.

    George and Ray, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!

  78. I have used this service in the Atlanta area. I met the owner and learned about the business. They are all individually owned franchises… so while the company policies may be the same everywhere, local practices may be very different from city to city, The Atlanta franchise is very good. I have also used one in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago years ago, and again had a great experience.

  79. These guys (Dan and Andrew) were terrific…….Happy. professional, and non stop busy bee’s. There was a light snow going on and while I was ‘pointing’ I slipped and fell down a hill. Within a second I heard running footsteps and felt Dan grab my arm and help me up. Truly concerned. Darned if I didn’t fall again 3 seconds later and again there was Dan. How awesome is that? These guys get 10 stars for their hard work and another 50 for their personalities. Thanks again Dan and Andrew. U guys rock!!!

  80. I work for them. We do get paid hourly. Let me put it to you this way, my girlfriend makes more money at Subway with her tips. We get paid garbage. Yelled at by all of our bosses. Get scheduled too many jobs in a day. Get yelled at by customers if we’re late. The job sucks. We don’t donate. The company resells stuff that’s in excellent condition. Recycles metal for cash. Hazardous work conditions. No tools.

  81. They are way too expensive for the service. There are much better services out there that will take more junk for the money. The amount of junk they take is up to how good they are at eyeballing. The whole experience was very misleading and left me feeling like I was cheated out of a bunch of money, with the majority of my junk not hauled away.

  82. To expensive only took half of the stuff 2 mattress 3box spring and 1chair changed me $298.00. I will never use them again or recommend. I could’ve rented a truck move the stuff myself would’ve been cheaper. Feel like I was ripped off. Here only 15 min.

  83. Nothing but positive things to say about 1800gotjunk! Affordable price, the work was great, they do a wonderful job, the guys are professional and nice men! Work was done in appropriate timing. Highly recommended them

  84. 1800 got junk are hard working guys! they are careful, work respectively, and professional! Their prices are affordable. You’ll get what you paid for, would highly recommend them.They won’t disappoint you!!

  85. They did a great job a lot of debris at my neighbors house they (employees of got junk)in no time it was cleared and very proffesional the leading person (Roy) .Had his crew moving fast and safety.

  86. Over charged for a few items. Bunch of crooks.
    Not how I want to be treated. Use local guys next time.

  87. I used 1800GOTJUNK just yesterday. I called them about 11 AM and they came that SAME day at about 3PM. They did a fantastic job! The two guys were friendly and courteous, and had the job done in less than an hour. They even swept out the space, and offered to put back the stuff I wanted to keep. I had quite a bit of stuff to get rid of and I was so pleased with the service. I would HIGHLY recommend them and will use them again in the future if I need to move anything. Plus, the price was very affordable– a lot less than I expected with all the stuff I had. You won’t be sorry if you call them!

  88. Used them three years ago and was very pleased. Used them again today with a load about 75% of the last one and paid twice as much. Great service very expensive. Beware.

  89. They showed up 3 hours late. The first two guys were decent and they took everything I asked them to. They loaded things quickly and things were going well until Stephen showed up. I think they sent him in to do the “dirty work”. He’s a scam artist but not a particularly good one.

    They loaded the truck by standing stuff up on the side and then put other stuff flat. I’ve read on other reviews that they try to fluff up the stuff. Side stacking makes it hard to estimate how full the truck is. The initial estimate was 1/2 to 2/3s full. It was just about 1/2, but Stephen insisted that I had to pay for 2/3 because that was the original estimate. In the end he said he would only charge me for 5/8s (split the difference). I wasn’t pleased but the guys had worked hard so I gave in.

    The cost was $447. However Stephen wrote $477 on the slip. I assumed he made an honest mistake but when I pointed out the difference he immediately took offense. He got loud and insisted he wasn’t trying to cheat me. It was over the top and I hadn’t accused him of trying to cheat me. I figured he just wrote it down incorrectly but he seemed to have a guilty conscience.

    I was paying by credit card, so he handed me his phone to sign. As I did so I noticed the amount on the screen had now jumped to around $580. Again I questioned the amount, he snatched the phone from me, punched a couple keys and handed it back. What I find odd is that I think he had added in a tip (a hefty one considering I’d already agreed to pay for a bigger load and they were 3 hours late). But instead of saying, oh that’s for a tip or something to that effect and giving me a chance to tip them, he just snatched the phone from me.

    When he left, my son who was outside heard him say to the other two workers that “I didn’t fall/go for it”. One of the other guys said, “but I thought we were supposed to get the 580”.

    I won’t use 1-800-Got-Junk service again as I feel like they tried to cheat me, but they did take everything and it only took 20 minutes to load. If you do venture to use them, be prepared for them not showing in the time window and check everything before you sign.

  90. I-800- Junk review. Aug, 2016. On-time, courteous, friendly, hard working gentlemen. We were trying to empty a large home of elderly parents….and it was taking forever. Everyone wanted something, but no one showed up to take items, and we were killing ourselves carrying items up and down the stairs. We finally called 1-800-Junk company. It was like magic!!! Old kitchen mixers, tons of books, wrinkled wrapping paper, and old shoes disappeared in record time!!! One of our best experiences with a company who does what they advertise! We will use them from now on when cleaning out garages, attics etc!

  91. I live in Maryland and I used them this past week and I think they are a rip off. I wanted them to remove a mattress and box spring, small section (2 pieces), 3 tV’s, one tall dresser and a small dining table for 4. They wanted to charge me $900. They claim they charge by the space used on the truck. I went outside and looked at the truck. Hell, they had already made a stop as other items were already on the truck along with some mulch. Truck was not big at all. I had them take the 3 tv’s, the tall dresser and they still charged me $313. I rented me a truck for $19 and moved the rest my self. I will never use them again or recommend them to anyone. Unless you are desperate, find another solution. RIP OFF.

  92. Was referred to 1-800 GOT JUNK by some friends. After waiting 3 weeks for Salvation Army to pick up my items they would not take them–(queen sofa sleeper, recliner, 2 night stands, bookcase headboard, dresser, mirror, sofa end table, old tube 32″ TV (extremely heavy & bulky) & TV console-(note: Salvation Army doesn’t accept TVs). Items were not in perfect conditions (minor surface scratches from use, discoloration, etc.) I live in suburbs of San Jose, CA. and I called 1-800-GOT JUNK to make an appt. and to get info on how the pricing works. The pricing structure seemed reasonable. Two uniformed/movers were at my home the next day at the scheduled time frame. They were very polite & professional. The price I was charged was very reasonable considering I would have had to rent a truck, pay for gas, get friends to help load/unload and dispose of the items at the local landfill for a hefty price (charged by weight). I would this service again in the future & will recommend them family members or friends in need hauling needs.

  93. We used them in the south suburbs of Chicago. Two guys cleaned out a full truckload, the last stuff that Vets or Goodwill wouldn’t take. They showed up when they said, they were courteous and fast. Would use them again if necessary.

  94. Got junk was scheduled to come today. Called three times to change time, and started upping price before they even arrived. I called them because they said they would remove stuff from my basement because I cannot, bad back. On the last call they said I needed to move stuff to the curb or they’d charge even more! Unreliable, bait and switch with
    Pricing, would not recommend these guys, too many reliable services to call.

  95. Over $400 to take a few things. I was able to barely stomach the $300 price they quoted before they loaded the truck. Then they have me the bill that was over $400 with the taxes. That’s just scummy.

  96. I was ripped off today and I was so exhausted I paid them and should t have. OMG was so mislead. They were barely here 15-20 min took 1/3 of what I told the dispatcher I had. Sweet kids who took a few bags of trash THAT I HAD ALREADY BAGGED left a bunch more and had the nerve to charge me over 200 dollars for what I could have put in my truck and dumped for 50 at the landfill. I AM DISGUSTED WITH HOW THIS SERVICE WAS HANDLED then a VOICE MAIL took my complaint .

  97. If you old stuff that is not usable, they are good! However, if it’s stuff that is usable, save yourself a ton and call a charity. They will come and get it for free.

  98. SECRETS EXPOSED. I have worked for the Greater Los Angeles El segundo franchise for two years I was terminated today for sending a text to my operation manager. There were many text messages but basically I told my Manager he needs to be a leader not a weight to our team. (if you are really interested I can provide all the actual text and you can be the judge) Im just gonna say I have been told on many occasions to fluff peoples loads to try and charge them as much as possible. also this franchise charges 15 dollars for a bankers box to be shredded and we dont have a shredder to my knowledge most the time documents get dropped at the public dump. You may have been a victim??? My initials is RH if you find you were a victim maybe I will remember you and can be a witness if needed. Also they tell us to inform the public about how we donate this is true but here is the catch The owner of El Segundo got junk owns a non profit called Anewed and they donate to themselves and resale your items SHADY SHADY SHADY can someone say TAX WRITE OFF.. If anyone knows anything about wrongful termination and break violation laws I would love to hear from you. I have attached a few pictures of how they store chemicals improperly kinda scary the same owner just launched a hazardous waste business.

  99. Got Junk even hauled away stuff they were told not to take but left 3 tires they said they would take causing the town I lived in to threaten legal action against me for leaving garbage out on my driveway. When Got Junk was contacted by me, I was all but called a liar. They said they’d send original guys out “to look” and get back to me. They never did so now who’s the liar? Luckily for me my realtor was “on the ball” and found someone to haul away the tires. Wouldn’t recommend 1-800-GOT-JUNK to anyone. Charged me $1,446, took some perfectly good stuff and profited by reselling (I would have donated), lied to and insulted me. Terrible business. Look elsewhere.

  100. Unfortunately even franchises have to stick to guidelines set by the Company… that being said, they do pay poor shlubs a cheap rate and the Big Company does get a huge chunk of that pie. I know I was a shlub.

  101. I haven’t used Got Junk, but I have seen them on the show Hoarders. I know if they came to my house they would have plenty of junk to take away. I think it is a great idea especially for older people as they can accumulate years of junk. I would use Got Junk if something would happen to my parents as they have at least forty years of junk in their basement. I don’t know how much the charge would be, but it would be worth it to remove years and years of junk at one time.

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