Does Curel Foot Cream Really Work?

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Does Curel Foot Cream work?Curel foot cream is just one of the products in the Curel family. It’s specifically meant for the feet, so it’s not as if they’re just re-branding one of their hand or body lotions and saying it’s for the feet. Most of us are familiar with Curel because of all of the different moisturizers they make, so does this one live up to the reputation they’ve built for themselves, or is it that screwball uncle that nobody in the family likes to talk about?

When you find a foot cream you love, the world just seems like a better place. It’s one of those comfort items to have in your skin care kit. When you’ve had a rough day and your feet are feeling sore and tired, it can be therapeutic to rub a nice cream into them and revive them just a bit. The feet can really take a beating, especially if you walk a lot for work, or if you live in a dry climate. That’s why it’s nice to give them some attention on the regular in order to keep them happy.

The Claim
Curel foot cream says it uses shea butter, coconut milk, and added Vitamin E so that your feet get softened, as well as nourished. They say it has been tested by dermatologists, and shown to provide softer and smoother feet with only two applications before bed. Shea butter is a proven winner when it comes to adding all natural moisture to any part of the body. But many foot creams contain it because it is good at penetrating through rough skin. It’s impressive that they’re able to include it at this price point.

The Hype
The hype is that Curel is a brand name that many people are familiar with because it sells in stores and supermarkets. It costs a lot to buy shelf space like that in the real world, and the result is that your brand ends up getting recognized, and people don’t have to guess if your company is legit or not.

The Cost
Curel foot cream is not very expensive and you can pick up a tube of it on Amazon for about $5.

The Commitment
Foot care is often the last thing on our minds until our feet start getting so rough we can’t ignore them any longer. The good news is that with a little daily TLC they get back under control in short order if you have an effective regimen. Like with most things, it’s easier to stay on top of them than to let them get out of hand and then have to revive them back to health.

Curel foot cream is making people happy, both for the price and for the results they’re getting. Some say that this is all they need in order to keep their feet soft and touchable. Others say that it works pretty good, and in a few days after using it their feet showed marked improvement.

Properly Pedi-ed Feet at Home
Don’t think that you have to go to the salon for a pedi each time your feet aren’t looking their best. You can pull off the same sort of results at home these days because many of the tools they use can be bought on the cheap and used safely by you. If you don’t mind putting in a little extra work, and don’t mind missing out on getting pampered, you can give yourself a pedicure that you can be proud of.

Final Curel Foot Cream Review

Curel foot cream makes the grade as a reliable go-to at an affordable price. This is one tube you can pick up and have as a standby whenever your feet start to show a bit of drying. However, if your feet have been neglected a bit you might need some more intensive therapy. At this point you might have to bring in the services of a good foot file like a Ped Egg before you use the cream. This will get rid of the rough spots and leave your skin ready for a cream.

If you really need to turn things around, you should consider a cream like HeelTastic or Miracle Foot Repair Cream, as these are specifically designed to take your feet from eek! to chic in short order. Once you have the rough stuff sloughed off with the Egg, you put on a healthy dose of one of those two creams right before bed. Let them do their thing overnight and in the morning you will be all better.

Our Recommendation
Foot creams are fun because you eventually get to the end of your supply and have to reorder. This means you can try all of the different brands that are out there and see how well they perform on your feet. Since very few of them are priced out of reach, it’s nice to sample what’s out there to see which ones your tootsies take a liking to.

What do you think? Does Curel Foot Cream work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Curel Foot Cream Really Work?

  1. This stuff is a miracle! Best product I’ve ever used, and my heels were a mess. Took less than a week to show a great improvement.

  2. I have struggled with dry cracked feet for years–something that I think must be hereditary because my father’s feet were just as bad! Over the years I have tried a variety of foot creams and most just left my feet wet and sticky. Curel actually works its way into the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky film. I use it every other night and have seen a noticeable difference. Also, whenever I go swimming I use the cream afterwards.

    One thing that I really appreciate about this product is that it’s cheap compared to other foot creams. I highly recommend Curel, especially if your feet are extremely dry or cracked.

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