Does the Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Really Work?

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Does a Scotch-Brite Lint Roller work?The Scotch-Brite lint roller is the quintessential traditional lint roller. It involves disposable sticky sheets that need to be peeled off when they lose their stick. Eventually you’ll run out of sheets and have to either buy a replacement roll, or a new roller. So how well do these actually work at getting lint, hair, and fuzzies off your clothes and furniture?

These are the standard lint rollers you see in the store, and are the reason why so many competing products like the Schticky and Sticky Buddy have popped up to try and overthrow it. Old fashioned lint rollers like these have been notorious for not being sticky enough, being disposable, and being hard to peel the used up sheet off.

The Claim
The Scotch-Brite lint roller doesn’t make any big claims as to what it can do. They know that you know what it is supposed to do. They do say that it works well at grabbing onto pet hair, which is important for those that have an overabundance of the stuff. In fact, we’re going out on a limb to say that the majority of people that shop for and compare lint rollers are waging their own personal battle with a shedding pet.

The Hype
The reason this product gets purchased is because it’s readily available in stores, not so much because it is incredibly sticky, or because it works altogether well. Scotch is a familiar name in the tape industry, so much so that Scotch tape has become a way to refer to invisible tape the same way we has for a Band-Aid instead of an adhesive bandage.

The Cost
A Scotch-Brite lint roller doesn’t cost much, and that’s because it’s disposable. It can be had for about $3 a roller at Amazon.

The Commitment
The real commitment here is that if you buy this you’ll end up having to buy it or something like it again. It’s designed to be used up and tossed, or at least refilled. New lint rollers are coming out that attack this very level of commitment by saying that you can rinse them off, dry them off, and use them again.

The Scotch-Brite lint roller works like you’d expect it to, good but not amazingly great. It gets the job done in most cases, but some people complain that it isn’t sticky enough. This is often a common complaint from lint rollers as there’s only so much adhesive that you can fit onto a thin strip of paper. It can often take several passes over the same piece of lint or a stubborn fuzzy before it finally gives. But most say that it’s sticky enough to get the job done.

Others say that the perforation on the sheets leaves something to be desired, and it makes it hard to take the old one off and reveal the new sheet. This is a common complain with almost all disposable lint rollers, and is something that can be avoided by getting a wash and reuse model.

Brand Recognition
We’ve already noted that Scotch is a name that’s already got a built-in reputation for making sticky products like tape. But you have to consider whether that trickles over to a product like a lint roller, or if that was just the next logical step for them to take to increase their product line. In this instance it appears that they’ve done a quality job for the price.

Final Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Review

Scotch-Brite lint roller makes the grade, and if you just want a simple roller without a lot of outlandish claims on how many different ways you can use it, it’s a good choice. But lint rollers are getting a serious makeover and are being marketed as a versatile cleaning tool you can use to pick up all sorts of things around your house. If you’re of the mindset that you can only use a lint roller on dress clothes, you’d be surprised to find that today’s rollers want you thinking of them each time you spill cereal and other dry messes, or even as a way to clean carpeted steps instead of using a vacuum.

Our Recommendation
These are nice to keep around in strategic place like the glove compartment in your car, or on your dresser. If you don’t use a lint roller too often, they should last you quite some time. If you find that you get a ton of use out of your rollers, you might want to get one of the reusable rollers like Sticky Buddy so you don’t have to go through sheet after sheet. These are especially good for cat and dog owners that can go through multiple sheets just with one pass of a hair magnet of a sofa.

What do you think? Does Scotch-Brite Lint Roller work or not?

11 Customer Reviews on “Does the Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Really Work?

  1. I didn’t realize the importance of a good working lint roller, till I bought another brand! Scott brand has worked for me in getting my fallen hairs off my clothes and the sheets tear off nicely. Thank you again for a great product!

  2. Hair, lint, fibers. Whether you have a pet or not, everyone needs to remove lint from their clothes or furniture, especially if the fabric is dark in color. I have a lint roller in almost every room. While my only indoor pet is a bird, I still use lint rollers daily. Certain fabrics are magnets to the unwanted, and Scotch-Brite Lint Rollers eliminate this concern. While they could afford to be stickier, they get the job done. Because of their availability nearly everywhere and the fact that they are made by a well-known tape manufacturer, the general consensus comes as no surprise. The price is fair, too. While improvements could be made, I have no complaints about the product as it is.

  3. It definitely gets the job down but it’s not an absolutely stunning product in itself. But if you have pets that shed fur more often than not then it’s a daily essential to have around the house. Especially if you’re allergic to the animal’s fur as well as keeping your clothes hair-free in the long run. If you can find one that gets the job done better than this one, then by all means buy that one. But if you’re just looking for something that’ll remove pet hair without expecting much out of it. It’s not bad.

  4. My husband and I have been purchasing these Scotch Brite Lint Rollers for as long as we can remember. Like the previous commenters mentioned it can get the link off of lamp shades, clothing, bedding, furniture, etc. I can guarantee that as soon as we run out of one of these babies, one of us will be wearing a black outfit will tons of lint all over it. It has slowly become an important part of our wardrobe. We use it on business trips, special occasions, and family gatherings. The stickiness is sticky but not too sticky and the handle is perfectly placed for convenience.

  5. Like Lynda says, they work really well on lamp shades, and it’s way easier than having to get out the vacuum. I just did this two days ago and they look great! They are almost necessary when you’re wearing black (or maybe I just have a serious lint problem). I always use one to get off lint before I go to work. There are a lot of off-brands that go for cheaper and work okay, and in a pinch, you can use tape, but they really just aren’t as sticky. These are also great for getting lint off bedding if you have solid colored covers, I’ve found.

  6. These are a must have for me too! I mostly use them during winter to clean the lint and fuzzies off my black wool winter coat. I have to do this every day, or else my coat starts looking old and shabby. These lint rollers are great at taking off just the dust and not ruining the coat or it’s fibers. I love the idea of using it on blinds and lamp shades, Lynda! I also used to use it on the carpet in my daughter’s room. When it was brand new, it used to have a ton of tiny fibers on it that would stick to our clothes, and they were very hard to sweep up, and even the vacuum never completely got them all. Going over the rug several times with these lint rollers got them up the first time!

  7. Scotch brand has always been my favorite. I was happy to see the double pack of lint rollers at my local walmart. With a family of five to clean up after, having these little guys on hand is a must. Lint rollers have come to my rescue many a times when I was running late to an important event only to realize I was covered in hair, lint, fuzz, or whatever! Don’t you hate it when there is lint transfer in the dryer? Ugh, a pet peeve of mine, but thankfully for these here, I’m all good.

  8. The Scotch-Brite Lint remover is a must have. I don’t just use the lint remover for my clothes, but I use it every day when I clean the house. I have cats and they love to lay on the back of my couch. I take the Scotch-Brite Lint remover go over the back of the couch and there isn’t a trace of cat hair anywhere. I keep one in my car. Before I head into the office I go over my clothes and there is never any hair. I knew with Scotch it had to be good and it lived up to the name. I recommend this product for everyone. This package comes in two so you can keep one in the house and the car.

  9. Love this product and is one of my “must haves.” I use it on my clothing, the furniture, and my car seats. TIP: Works great on lamp shades and blinds. You know how they can get really dusty and dingy looking? Use this lint roller and voila! They look like new again. Especially great for pet hair. I don’t personally have pets, but I make sure I bring my roller to my mom’s when I visit, as they have two dogs and I am guaranteed to be wearing giant hair balls by the time I leave. Yes! This product works!

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