Does Custom Ink Really Work?

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Does Custom Ink Work?If you run a business and are looking for some new marketing tactics then Custom Ink may be a great resource for you. Even if you don’t run a business but happen to need some customized t-shirts for your organization then you too can take advantage of what Custom Ink has to offer.

Custom Ink is a company that will customize different items with your personal message. If you are running a business then you may really want to consider some of the items that Custom Ink offers as promotions and giveaways. They offer items that range from small to large. For example you can go with some top quality t-shirts all the way down to pens and fun items.

The Claim
Custom Ink has gone out of their way to promote their services by focusing on all the important aspects that matter to customers that are looking for these types of promotional items.

The Hype
Perhaps the hype focuses around the way that Custom Ink seems to be just as concerned about the services they provide to high account customers like businesses that would order large volume as they do for the small fundraising group that needs customized items.

The Cost
With Custom Ink offering such a big selection of items the price is going to depend on the item chosen and the quantity. One great aspect about dealing with this company is there are no minimum requirements.

The Commitment
If you are going to invest in promotional items that are customized then you need to make sure of the quality. There is nothing worse about marketing materials than if they are comprised of shoddy materials. You then have the task of deciding on which items you want to use for your promotion. It is really a big benefit to have so many to choose from and this can help to keep your costs down.

There is no doubt that a service like what Custom Ink is offering is a much needed one. This is not only applicable to those who are in business but many fundraisers as well as for sports leagues and organizations. Overall the reviews for this company are quite good.

Final Custom Ink Review

Overall we are prepared to give Custom Ink a thumbs up. We found the feedback that is out there about the company to be fairly good. One of the things that did impress us if there was a bad review posted that the Company made sure that they responded. This is a clear indicator that the company cares about their service. It is also an indicator that should you as a customer have a problem then it is most likely the company is going to address it.

Our Recommendation
Going onto a different topic but one still related to T-shirts how about tee shirts for men that are designed to make them look slimmer? There is such a thing and you may want to check them out. They are called Slim T’s.

What do you think? Does Custom Ink work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Custom Ink Really Work?

  1. You are completely right about custom ink they do offer an awesome service with a cool t-shirt design tool on their page for users to use hassle free. This is an awesome option for people who have graphic design skills and the time to design their own product. The only downside is that a lot of individuals don’t have the required skills to perform this action and end up being surprised when their delivery arrives at their door step. However, for anyone who is in need of a design created for their custom apparel I would highly recommend using In fact, Teelish has graphic designers that prepare your design for your custom order to guarantee a great turnout. Likewise, it’s simple and you can save time without worrying about how your custom order that you designed on an online t-shirt design tool website will turn out.

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