Does Derma Pure Really Work?

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Does Derma Pure work?Derma Pure bills itself as an “advanced moisturizing complex”, and says that it’s clinically proven to work. Keeping the skin well moisturized is definitely important, especially as we age, so it’s a good idea to have an effective moisturizer in your daily skin care toolkit. The big question is whether this works as it says, and whether it can justify the hefty price tag.

At some point in your life you’re going to have to make the decision to either accept the way you’re aging, or to fight against it tooth and nail. After all, time doesn’t slow down and doesn’t take a break so if you’re going to fight it you’re going to have to bring your A game every day. That’s why you need to build up a pretty good arsenal of moisturizing lotions and creams to help keep your skin supple, smooth, and firm. Trying out different products and keeping the winners is pretty much the only sure way you have of building up your favorites and go-to products.

The Claim
Derma Pure says that you can look up to 10 years younger, and in as little as four weeks. They also claim that in just two days your skin can by 4 times more moisturized, and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles in the first month. They say that it’s doctor recommended, but they don’t elaborate on which doctors recommended it, or what sort of clinical trials were performed. They say it uses peptides and collagen to help your skin at the cellular level, and that there’s only three steps when it comes to using their product.

The Hype
Anti-aging products are all the rage these days as more and more people are struggling to keep their youthful looks. The aging demographic in America means that you can expect to see a steady stream of creams, lotions, tonics, and potions that promise youth in a bottle, with varying degrees of effectiveness. It’s going to be harder and harder to sort through the mayhem and determine which ones work and which don’t with the onslaught of new products hitting the market.

The Cost
They pitch Derma Pure has being a trial, but you have to pay $2 to $5 shipping which enrolls you in their automatic shipment and payment program at $95 a month. If you don’t return it within this time frame your card is charged $90 for the initial trial supply. The price is worth it if it works amazingly well, pricey if it only works so-so, and a rip off if it doesn’t give you the results you’re wanting. So the final decision is whether you want to get involved with this set-up at all, or opt for different products that are sold directly.

The Commitment
You’re going to have to stick to a daily regimen with this product, not only because they recommend that you do, but also because that’s how skin responds the best. It’s the cumulative effect that really makes the difference, which is why a lot of skin creams get poor ratings because most will want to see instant results, or will want to only use it sporadically and see the benefits. With this they say that you should see results quickly, which should make it easier to stay motivated to stick with it every day.

Derma Pure is relatively expensive no matter which way you cut it, which means it’s got its work cut out for it in order for it to be worth the price. When you compare this to some of the other anti-aging options like taking pills, using at-home lasers, getting chemical peels or Botox, or even other, riskier options like full-on face lifts it seems like it’s not too expensive or dangerous, but it still has to produce results.

Before and after pictures are often used to show the results of a product, but these days they’re just too easy to doctor up with Photoshop or other software. The feedback on this is nearly nonexistent, so either few have taken them up on their trial offer, or they’re not talking if they did try it out. There are also a lot of phony reviews from hopeful affiliates trying to get you to buy it. There’s a few complaints about how hard it is to cancel, which only solidifies our opinion that this is mostly a lure to get you on their auto-billing program.

Final Derma Pure Review

We’re giving Derma Pure the Thumbs Down. The way it’s set up makes it a very suspicious product. They should give you a longer trial period if they really believed in what they are selling. Giving you a 30 day supply but only giving 10 days to evaluate it is somewhat strange. Also, getting you set up for automatic shipments and payments creates a hassle if you find out that you don’t like it, or worse, if you forget to cancel within 10 days.

Our Recommendation
Anti-aging products are always iffy because they each come from a different angle and claim to fix the signs of aging using a different solution. If you ask 20 different manufacturers why skin shows the signs of aging you’ll get 20 different answers. There’s just not one commonly agreed upon way to treat it, and they’re always cooking up new possible solutions. Luckily there are cheaper options out there that don’t get you auto-enrolled so you can try those out and see if you like them without risking your account being popped for $90.

What do you think? Does Derma Pure work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Derma Pure Really Work?

  1. I have a transaction on my debit card from your company, And I have never got anything from your company.

    Carolyn Benson 727-272-5299, Please call me to resolve this matter.

  2. I guess I’m still just as gullible as I was in my twenties, because I was very excited for derma pure and I would have bought it has it not been for this review. The video looks very professional, the product presentation is excellent, and the promise that it makes is very enticing. I’m a little sad to learn that it probably doesn’t deliver on its promise, but I’m also glad I didn’t buy it.

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