Do DHT Blockers Really Work?

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DHT BlockersHair loss is a fairly common problem for men, and many men consider DHT blockers as a possible solution. It has been estimated that nearly fifty million men and women suffer from hair loss worldwide, and many look for a solution as soon as they discover the problem.

Understanding the DHT Connection
Men and women across the world are experiencing run-ins with a new abbreviation.  DHT, whose scientific name is dihydrotestosterone, is the product of a natural reaction that occurs in the body.  In the scalp, an enzyme known as alpha 5 reductase is produced.  As men age, the constant reaction with testosterone begins to create DHT.  This byproduct then reacts with the hair follicles, shrinking them, and causing them to become thinner and thinner until eventually, they fall out.

As you age, DHT become more prevalent, ultimately thwarting any hair growth whatsoever.  Studies suggest that 95% of hair loss can be attributed directly to DHT.  Naturally, as a problem arises and becomes more understood, cures are blasted at the market, looking for something to hook.  The latest fight against male hair loss has come in the form of DHT blockers.

What Will a DHT Blocker Do for You?

DHT is, as far as studies are concerned, of absolute no benefit to the human body.  In other words, if you hinder its production, you won’t be causing yourself any harm.  This primary finding paved the way to the most logical hair loss prevention possibility available – blocking DHT production altogether.  As with many things, there are a variety of ways to go about creating DHT blockers.  Different brands of pills are intended to produce the same results, though through different means.

There are essentially four main ways to block DHT from causing hair loss in the market today.  The first way is to prevent DHT from attaching to the hair follicle.  By avoiding the follicles, the DHT will remain in your bloodstream, drifting in a way that is said to be harmless, as the compound hasn’t been attributed to any health issues besides hair loss.

As a result, though, there is said to be no further occurrence of hair loss.  Another main way for a DHT blocker to work is through inhibiting the production of the actual byproduct.  This is said to be done in two effective ways, either halting the conversion of testosterone to DHT or by reducing the production of alpha 5 altogether.  The final alleged way to block DHT is through reducing the substances that produce alpha 5 such as cholesterol.

DHT blockers, depending on their supposed methods of producing a similar effect, are made of many different compounds.  The unfortunate part of blocking DHT, though, is that without any further vitamins or treatment, the process only prevents further hair loss. It can’t actually do anything to replenish what hair has already been lost.

The Bottom Line: Do DHT Blockers Really Work or Not?

Guaranteed effects are not provided by any DHT blockers out there, whether they are completely organic or not.  It simply is not within modern medicine to prove such results.  However, consumers continue to rely on customer reviews and media coverage to gain some idea based around the myths and facts concerning hair loss.  The reality, as concluded from gathered information, though, suggests that while blocking DHT could help end hair loss, it’s hard to tell whether the formulas on the market actually do.

What Do You Think? Do DHT Blockers Really Work?

30 Customer Reviews on “Do DHT Blockers Really Work?

  1. Balding men are equally less attractive as balding women?
    This is such utter nonsense.
    As a matter of fact, balding men can actually appear more attractive, baldness being a sign of manlihood, whereas women losing their hair most certainly don’t appear more female, on the contrary.
    Men suffering when losing their hair, that of course is true, but in terms of attractiveness it’s just hilarious to even try to compare a balding woman to a balding man.

  2. To be honest, the assumption that “For a woman its completely different.” That is a very bitter comment. You should not compare female hair loss to male hair loss as being totally different, where the male don’t suffer as much. Balding men and women will be viewed as less attractive. Many young men that are going bald will are not able to mate with any partner because of hair loss. I guess that makes men and women equal when it comes to dating. It is devastating for both sexes, and both sexes faces some serious issues regarding hair loss. Don’t belive it is easy for men

  3. I’ve read that DHT Blocker also need other vitamins to supplement it and make it work better. Like Vit A, Multi B, Hydrolyzed Collagen….as well as the Saw Palmetto…..
    My concern is this. Does it produce an all over growth of hair or just on the scalp?
    I don’t have bald spots and have been taking Biotin which is helping with my hair loss.
    I would hate to have a lot of hair growth on my face because of DHT Blocker.

  4. Thanks for the informative article. Yeah, no hair support gives any guarantee for hair regrowth and they always said it will help to regenerate the hair growth. I’m facing androgenic alopecia and I have tried many products out there and more and less have some effects but now eye catchy result. But I have at last found something that worth money and effective. Amplixing hair support shampoo actually works on my scalp since I have brought it as a trial pack. I hope the result will be amazing.

  5. Yeah I started the shampoo about 3 months ago and my hair went from frizzy and having no body to much much better. It helps to include a minoxidil regimine with the DHT daily as well. I’ve used only pura d’ore and my hair has only been progressing since! <3

  6. These hair loss preventions. like “natural” DHT blockers are BS and only intend to separate you from your money. Like “consumer reviews”, which if you actually read their “recommendations” do not actually claim hair growth…because while in principle they sound like they should work, there is no REAL science comparing their eifficacy, onlly reviews by supposed users. That is not real science. When you actually do the science, you will see no difference in effects between any of these natural products (like saw palmetto)…

  7. My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2 years ago. I cut my hair( very long hair) off to support my mom while going through her treatments of chemo. Now, I’m having problems growing my natural hair back. I have a small afro and it won’t grow anymore. My self esteem is awful, due to my short hair and no solution. Please help me.

  8. I went all natural and use saw palmetto oil for my head and take natural dht blocker food and supplement. A lot of organic carrots, some cilantro, celery and cucumbers. My hair actually started sprouting back. Only one month in a half. I would probably have to keep doing for a year to get a full head of hair looking at the pace it grows. But it works for me. I’m 27 and my hair started falling off at around 18.

  9. DHT blockers are a class of prescription drugs of which propecia ( finasteride) is good example.

  10. I think dht blocker works if anyone use it properly. Here are some dht blocker food which is totally natural and no side effect. some dht blocker can taken as supplements or pills. this kind of dht blocker also natural.

  11. I also have been taking Biotin for about a year and still had no hair coming in, so I was reading a magazine one evening and saw a story about DHT Blockers. I had tried everything for 48 years, since my oldest son was born. That is when my hair started falling out. So I went on Amazon and ordered Vitamins Hair Loss Shampoo. Started using it every other day, because I don’t shampoo ever day and it is 2 1/2 months now and I have a little crew cut coming in under my older hair!! So excited!

  12. Paul, I’m so very pleased that your hair/scalp routine gave you your hair back!! I feel hopeful. I guess the commitment to anti-DHT topicals and my vitamin support that’s supposed to kill DHT and androgens will take three months to see any sort of progress. Lord, give me patience.

  13. Hi Lori, I want to give. you some emotional support about hair issues. I have pretty serious hair loss that causes me increased and severe depression, low self worth, and a very low-self esteem. I spend a lot of time and money on products in high hopes for a big regrowth, but I’m fighting against genetics, permanent thyroid disease, and menopause. Lots of menopausal women actually DON’T experience hair loss. Figures I’d be the one who responds with ever increasing baldness. I also feel very certain that no one wants a bald woman, especially if there is a wide selection of women who HAVE hair. My very sad hair loss journal.? But, at least my problem isn’t life threatening. I feel awful spending so much time obsessing about my hair thinning when many others might be fighting for their lives. Peace in the Middle East. ?

  14. Thanks for your comment, I am in the beginning of my hair loss roller coaster. I too had a lot of hair, I would get my hair thinned out on my routine haircuts. What shampoo did you use. I need to find one badly.

  15. I’ve been taking saw palmetto 1200 mg soft caps . Only been 2 months and see new little hairs coming up.not fuzz I mean dark hairs .
    Taking 2 caps daily. Let’s see how it goes

  16. DHT Blockers – Biotin – Flax seed oil 3 times a day – 300 grams proteins – no sugars – Cardio 5 times a week – Bodybuilding – CBD – 2 gallons of water a day – laser comb 3 times a week – VITAMINS Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner – Nourish Beaute Hair Loss Treatment. Not one hair is falling from my head now.

  17. I said the same thing. Im only 32 and have been losing my hair since I was 19.
    For a woman its completely different.

  18. Well, men have self-esteem issues too. Why do you think they’re going on here?

    It is true, though, that baldness in men is more accepted than baldness in women.

  19. determining how well a hair loss product works truly depends on a variety of factors. However, generally, I found that no-sulfates, no parabens or DEA are the safest shampoos for hair loss with the best results for a wide variety of people as well.

  20. Hi Paul can you please tell me what DHT blocker your using and shampoo??

  21. If I were a man I wouldn’t be so concerned,but being a woman I have self estimate issues. Nobody wants a bald woman.

  22. I got a fungus in my hair years ago didn’t listen to my doc because I always had a head full of super thick hair and my family don not have thinning hair. I started menopause 10 years ago my hair was 30 percent bald in the middle where it was not able to be head my hair begin thin and frizzy like my edges had thinned out. I started using DHT about 45 days okay and I have lots of new hairs my bald spot is almost completely filled in and it states it takes 90 days to see results I seen results the first month. I use the Shen/Min version. I use topical solution I just starting using about 5 days ago to help speed up but the DHT help the hair from continuing to bald.

  23. I’ve been using Hair Plus Ultra with MSM. Just a week I could see that my hair is growing on my side forehead or temple. I Have now very thick hair. Thanks God

  24. DHT blockers do work, combined with all the external remedies in the form of specialised shampoo and circulation stimulation it most defiantly works, the issue is that the hair folicals must still me there, in my case I had very very light “bum fluf” instead of normal hair, so the folikals were still there…now two years later I have a full head of hair, ……from 70% bald…not bad going.

    I take a DHT blocker, use a good anti hair loss shampoo and massage my scalp three times a week with an infra red massage machine…..

  25. I wonder how long it will be until people realize things like this is a complete waste of time and more importantly money.
    Surely men should just grow old gracefully and accept that hair loss is normal.
    Please feel free to try it out as i’m no expert but don’t expect miracles.

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