Does the Diamancel Foot File Really Work?

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Does the DIAMANCEL Foot File work?Diamancel Foot File gets its name because it is supposedly contains bits of diamonds, and is priced a little bit like one too. The theory here is that nothing cuts like a diamond, and it will have no trouble getting through tough, callousy feet revealing the soft baby-like skin below. But does something like this really work, and is it worth buying in order to avoid routes to the salon?

Filing down your feet is an important part of taking care of them, and maintaining overall health in. Most people either go to salon on a regular basis to get a pedicure, or try to keep up with it on their own at home. It’s not a whole lot of fun take care of your feet, and most people avoid doing it until it really gets out of hand. There’s also not a one of great tools out there to help you, although there are many companies trying to give you the same kind of quality callus removal as you get from seeing a professional.

The Claim
The makers of Diamancel Foot File say that they can remove calluses from your feet, and also corns. It’s one of the first products we’ve seen like this that says that it can file down your corns. They say it is the most powerful file, and that you can reduce hardened corns and big calluses without using a blade to cut them off.

If you get a pedicure in a salon many times they will break out a shaver to get at your major calluses or corn. But using this sort of tool at home on your own can be pretty tricky, and a little dangerous. That’s why it’s recommended to use a filer instead because it’s easier to do on your own without causing damage to your soft skin below the rough skin.

The Hype
Foot care products always come with a little bit of hype because many of us want to avoid having to pay the expense of getting a pedicure. In these turbulent economic times were all looking to find ways to save money without sacrificing quality. We don’t mind taking a little extra time to do things our own rather than having someone else do them for us, as long as it makes sense financially. While it’s nice to be pampered every once in a while, you shouldn’t have to feel like you are being forced to pay extra to have someone maintain your feet.

The Cost
You can get their Callus Rasp #20 for about $33 from Amazon, and they say that after you’re finished writing your calluses down with that you can finish the job with a foot buffer that goes for $45. So if you take their advice your looking at about $80, which is about the cost of two trips to most salons if you just stick to their the basic package.

The Commitment
Compared to getting your feet professionally manicured, this is going to require more involvement on your part. Although, being able to do it on your own means that you can keep up with it and not let it get out of hand. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be a major chore every once in a while, you can just keep up with it on a weekly basis and your feet should stay reasonably soft and smooth.

They’ve done a good job with the Diamancel Foot File, and it has plenty of positive reviews from people that have bought and tried it. Some people say that is the best tool they ever used on their feet, and that the diamond chips it contains are good at getting through tough spots that other files can’t handle.

The Numbers
The Diamancel product line goes by a series of numbers, and each one has its own features so that you can make the right choice depending on what your goal is. For example their number 10 buffer is very fine, so it will leave your feet really smooth but it won’t be able to grade its way through anything severe. The number 11 is a way to split the difference between a hard-core greater type of file and define buffer. It will be able to smooth out minor calluses, but expect to spend more time on the bigger ones, and you’ll end up without such a fine finish.

Final Diamancel Foot File Review

The Diamancel Foot File is getting our Thumbs Up, as it’s a quality product that people say gives them the results they want. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that is more ergonomic in your hand, and can provide you with the same sort of results at a lower price, you should consider the Ped Egg. It has gotten resounding praise for being easy to use, easy to clean up, and getting feet that are smooth and ready for sandals.

Be sure that you follow up your filing session with a high-quality foot cream like HeelTastic or Miracle Foot Repair Cream. This is the one-two punch that salons use to make your feet feel incredible, and now you can just do it yourself and pocket the cost difference.

Our Recommendation
If you’re going to go with the Diamancel brand you should get all three products that they offer, which should put you out about $100 or so. But you’ll never have to go to the salon again, you’ll be able to properly maintain your feet. You can use their callus file for the big ones, their fine buffer to give you that smooth feel that you get from the salon, and their medium buffer works keep things maintain.

What do you think? Does the Diamancel Foot File work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does the Diamancel Foot File Really Work?

  1. I have been using Diamancel for at 10+ years. It is by far the best product I have ever used to remove callouses on my feet. I am 66 years old and speed walk 4 miles a day. To say I get calloused feet is a gross understatement. With this product, I use the #20, I am able to keep my feet healthy. Keeping callouses checked I don’t get blisters.
    I bought my first Diamancel #11 in Montreal almost 15 years ago. Now I use the #20 almost exclusively. It’s all I need. I even used it during a 3 Day 30 mile Breast cancer walk. It saved me!
    It’s gets my highest praise! And it’s so thin, I can take it anywhere. Easily wash it with soap and water and it’s clean as new.

  2. I have this at home and I like it very much. It does exactly what it says and it saves me quite a bit of time. I can do everything at home and relax after a tough week at work.

    I walk a lot and I also play sports so I need to take care of my feet accordingly if I want to be able to play soccer or basketball the next day.

    Everyone someone takes care of your feet is golden but if it’s not possible this does a good job and is fairly inexpensive compared to regular pedicures.

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