Does My PC Backup Work?

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Does My PC Backup work?My PC Backup has a lot of people trying it out to see if it could be the set and forget solution to storing files online. Choosing the right online data storage company really comes down to a few different features, namely ease of use, and reliability. Since most plans are pretty comparable as far as storage space and automatic updates, you just have to go with the one that makes the most sense for what you need. So let’s see if this is one of the better ones out there.

There are a lot of benefits to online storage, and you’ve been exposed to most of them if you use a free email service like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.  They store all of your messages on remote servers, which is why if you ever need to get an email from your history, you can go back and reread it, or download the attachments.  You can do this from any computer that is connected to the Internet, allowing you to check your email from anywhere.  This is the same concept with online storage, only they don’t limit you to what you can upload, and if you go with a big enough plan, you can backup your entire computer.

The Claim
My PC Backup claims that by signing up you get free online backup, and you’ll be able to have access to your files from anywhere. They say that it will automatically backup your files, and that you can have an unlimited amount of storage, even syncing up different computers. They claim that it’s all kept secure using encryption, which is important because you don’t want other people having access to your files, or the files to be corrupted or available to the public.

The Hype
Backing up your computer is all the rage these days, now that most everybody knows about the cloud, and storing files in it. It’s getting hyped up because it’s cheap enough now for many people to afford, so it just makes sense to back things up, so you can easily survive a computer crash, having your computer stolen, or any other malady that can strike your data at any time. In today’s digital world, this is a way of archiving your files, which includes all of your irreplaceable photos, important notes, and even music and video files.

The Cost
Unlimited storage space with My PC Backup is $8 a month if you pay monthly, and you can get that down to under $6 by buying 2 years at once. If you don’t need unlimited storage and would be happy with 250GB, that is $6.36 a month and you can get it to less than $4 a month by buying 2 years upfront. This is with a 35% discount you can find as an Easter egg on their home page, but is also something your account manager might give you.

The Commitment
Your commitment level is really low here, since all you need to do is download and install the software, and then tell it which files to backup. It does its thing in the background after that, and you don’t have to be involved with it very much, unless it happens that you need to access a file.

One thing that we noticed is that you don’t get unlimited storage space with a free account. They make it seem that way on their main home page, but they only start you out with 15MB. The unlimited My PC Backup is a pretty reasonable price, so don’t be misled into thinking you get unlimited storage, it’s just a trial amount so you can see how it works.

To Pay or Not to Pay
A lot of people spend a lot of time shopping around the different online storage websites to find ones that offer the most storage with a free account. But rather than do that, it makes more sense to just pick an account, pay a few dollars a month, and have all of your files stored in one place. It saves time and hassle, and since it backs your files up as you create them, it’s something you can totally forget about once it’s in place, and you can appreciate the newfound peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure.

Final My PC Backup Review

My PC Backup lives up to most of their claims, we were able to access our files at multiple locations, and even sync up two different computers to one account, which comes in handy. Of course the process is encrypted and we feel pretty good that our data is safe. We’re giving it our Thumbs Up review, and recommend giving it a try. It’s free to download, and once you see how it works you can decide whether you’d like to sign on for the monthly service. We typically

Our Recommendation
Out of all the different online storage services there are, this is a pretty good one to go with. The software was easy enough to download and install, and we had no trouble getting it to start uploading our files. Their free account could use a little more storage space, but the monthly plans are reasonable, and we all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. These companies want to make money, and as long as they provide a good product or service, they deserve to.

What do you think? Does My PC Backup work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does My PC Backup Work?

  1. Yeah I always take security issues into consideration before using a service. It would be nice to have something to rely on to keep my files safe. But if you have a lot of sensitive information or things that could be detrimental to you, then it makes me wonder if it’s a good choice or not. But I’m sure this great for personal usage. I will consider using in on a computer that doesn’t have any sensitive files that I don’t want others to have freely available.

  2. This is OK for a person who does not work from home and have to store things for their own business but this is OK for a regular person’s internet needs.Clouds are not that secure, I have heard horror stories. I have way too much that is sensitive and in danger of copyright issues so I don’t use it but those I know who do like various mom’s and hobbyists who need to keep certain priceless pictures safe, their is nothing like it.

  3. I’m new to the entire Cloud storage thing – I understand it, I just haven’t subscribed to any services to backup any of my information. My main concerns are security, price, and ease of use. I’m comfortably computer literate so don’t need to worry about ease-of-use too much. And the fact that there are so many competing back up services I’m guessing that security is only improving with each new product upgrade. So I guess it comes down to price and $8 a month for unlimited storage seems like a steal. I know I’m stating the obvious but $2 a week to keep all of my beloved music, photos, files, etc. protected seems like an obvious expense worth taking. All of these reviews are really helpful towards my making a final decision on a brand. So far… My PC BackUp seems like the best choice.

  4. It’s not unlimited. The usage policy says your use will be deemed excessive if your use is significantly above what the average about of use is for the service. So if most people use say 15gb for unlimited, and you use say 60gb, that would be excessive. You cannot load that much onto this service. If you are looking to upload and backup 100’s or 1000’s of gb, forget it. There’s no way, economically, they can let one person upload more than a dozen or two gb of files. Running raid hard drive server farms, purchasing the disks, the electricity bills, cooling costs…internet pipe, no way.

  5. 8 dollars a month for unlimited storage?! That’s insanely great price. I know storage price has gone down a lot but this is pretty awesome. I’ve lost some precious files in the past due to flooding and now I know better than to leave picture and video files on a single hard drive. I’m gonna go with the 2 year deal to save money because I need this service as long as I’m alive anyways.

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