Does Dr. Numb Really Work?

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Does Dr. Numb work?Dr. Numb says that it’s a way for you to get work done on your skin, like waxing, tattoos, and injections, without feeling the pain that’s usually involved. On the surface this looks like a winner right from the start, but this is one of those products where a little research will leave you with more questions than you have answers. So we tried to sift through the information, the misinformation, and the debates to see what actual users are reporting.

Just because you want to get a tattoo doesn’t mean you have to endure the pain that comes with it. Although some tattoo enthusiasts would say that’s part of the rite of passage into the “tattooed club” others might want one just for the look. The same holds true for those that want to be hair free, as well as pain free. Some of the most effective hair removal procedures entail their fair share of pain, and by sidestepping that pain they become a much more attractive option than shaving.

The Claim
Dr. Numb claims that you’ll be able to get your tattoos done faster because they won’t have to stop so much due to the pain. The same thing goes with waxing and laser procedures for hair removal. They also say that you can use this for injections, either insulin for diabetics or for kids getting their shots at the doctor’s office. They say that millions of users have proven that it’s safe and effective to use, and that it goes on fast and can last up to 4 hours.

The Cost
One tube of Dr. Numb is $54 plus shipping, which might seem pricey at first, but they’ll let you try it out for free for 10 days so you can see if it’s worth keeping. They offer bulk discounts, and say that 5 tubes at $150 with free shipping is one of their best offers. They also have bigger discounts for tattoo shops and waxing clinics so they can have it on hand for patients and clients. One popular sentiment is that these prices are rather high, and that the size of the tubes is rather small.

The Motivation
With the reduction in pain this should represent less of a commitment to procedures that are notorious for being a bit traumatic when it comes to the pain level. In fact, some of the procedures they mention conjure so many memories of painful encounters that they probably get people ordering just so they don’t have to relive them. Pain is a strong motivator, and the thought of being able to get work done on the skin, minus the pain is something that is too tempting for many people.

The reviews are mixed when it comes to Dr. Numb, which is not really something you want to see when you’re taking an all-or-nothing chance on missing out on some pain. They have a 30 day guarantee, but the fine print states that they only on this for unopened tubes. That doesn’t make much sense unless you buy multiple tubes up front without trying it out first. The 10 day free trial appears that you can use it and then call to cancel the charges from happening as long as you’re in that 10 day window, but you’re still charged for shipping.

One way to go is to ask your tattoo artist which numbing cream they recommend. They’re the ones on the front lines seeing what works reliably, and since they’ll be held accountable if you have a bad experience, you can be sure that they don’t have any ulterior motives behind the suggestions they make. They’ll also be able to make sure that you apply it correctly, and then you’ll at least have the peace of mind knowing that if it still hurts that’s just the best that can be done.

Some tattoo artists also say that using numbing creams before getting work done can actually effect the tattoo, and that the pain is a necessary indicator for when the body has had too much for one session. By dulling that sensation you could be taking on too much at a time and it could make the healing process take longer.

Final Dr. Numb Review

Dr. Numb is getting the Thumbs Down based on the large number of negative reviews that it has received. A product like this should basically be universal and have a large percentage of users saying that it works wonderfully. What you see is a split down the middle, with half of users saying it works and that the other half doesn’t know how to use it right. But the fact of the matter is that you don’t want to take a 50/50 chance on something that is supposed to numb pain. If you’re expecting no pain and then get a lot of it, it’s going to hurt worse because you weren’t expecting it.

Our Recommendation
There are a few ways you could feasibly use something like this. One would be if you’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, but didn’t want to take all the pain that comes with it. The other would be if you’ve been wanting to get waxed but know how bad it hurts. It might also come in handy for your young one if they’ve been known to throw a fit when getting their inoculations. We did find one possible alternative, a well-reviewed numbing cream that’s nearly half the price.

What do you think? Does Dr. Numb work or not?

26 Customer Reviews on “Does Dr. Numb Really Work?

  1. I would suggest applying heat to make sure your pores are open so it can absorb the cream. I was told to use a blow dryer. It actually works.

  2. I just used Dr Numb for a tattooing session. I applied the product exactly as instructed from the directions in the box. It did work….for only about an hour and then it started to fade out. It did not make the tattoo discomfort worse after the numbing sensation was gone, however, I felt the usual sting of the needle for the remaining 3 hours of the tattoo session. Its a good product to get you started but I was dissapointed that I paid over $50 for only an hour of pain relief. I wouldn’t give it a second chance, I might try a different product in the future that is less expensive and hope for more than an hour of discomfort relief.

  3. 100% Agree. Used this twice for a chest piece. The first two sessions, I had no numbing cream and felt my soul leave my body it was so painful. Used Dr. Numb and had two amazing tattoo experiences. It does wear off about an hour or so, at least for me but that’s because this stuff works on the top layer of skin and tattoos are done deeper than that so of course it’s gonna hurt after awhile. I agree that anyone that says it doesn’t work, hasn’t applied it properly. I keep the numbed area wrapped for about two and a half hours.

  4. Dr. Numb DOES work. Ignore the people who use it indirectly.

    How to use:

    1) shave the hair off the area you want worked on.
    2) take a HOT shower roughly 1-2hour before you leave so the pores are open and the cream can get in there.
    3) apply cream to dry skin and wrap it in cling film
    4) enjoy your pain free tattoo. Now bare in mind it won’t be 100% pain free the WHOLE season (it does lose a bit of its effect after a few hours) but it will take 90% of the edge off. I was tattood yesterday, first 2 hours was pain free, last hour could barely feel it.

    I doubt anyone is immune to lidocaine so if anyone claims it doesn’t work they cannot apply cream to themselves.

  5. For me, it lasts about 2-3 hours. My strategy is that I time things so I put Dr. Numb on with plastic wrap over it for 1 hour, I immediately wash it off very well, then drive straight to my appointment. I’m in and out before it wears off. It even lasts for an hour or so afterwards. Make sure to wash it off completely, otherwise you may severely blister.

  6. Used it for a big chest piece last two hours made it sooo easy had no issues at all had the odd pinch in sensitive spots but this stuff’s amazing willdefinetly use agin and again

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