Does Dr Scholl’s Foot Mapping Solve All Your Foot Problems?

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Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping is a kiosk that is located in stores and is supposed to tell you which parts of your feet take the most abuse and then recommend the proper inserts based on your unique make-up. This would seem like a better way than just buying a one-size-fits-all type of orthotic, but only if the machine actually works at identifying the right areas that need help. So let’s see if it really works.

What is Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping?

Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping is a system designed to identify, or “map”, the areas of your feet that receive the most pressure when you are standing, and therefore, experience the most discomfort and/or pain.


These systems or “kiosks” then provide you with a report that recommends which Dr. Scholl’s custom orthotic insert is right for you. This recommendation is based on the specific pressure pattern, type of arch, and length of your feet.

What Is The Benefit To Using A Dr. Scholl’s Footmapping Kiosk?

foot mapping


The technology of the kiosk provides you with a “custom” fit. It can be expected that you will then be able to obtain a product specific to your needs, as opposed to a “one size fits all” product, which, let’s face it, seldom if ever “fits all”.

Removes the guesswork

It also helps to eliminate the potential of choosing the wrong product, which may end up resulting in making the issue you are trying to resolve worse instead of better.

Where Can You Find A Dr. Scholl’s Footmapping Kiosk?

Shopping Mall

Since Dr. Scholl’s Custom Orthotics is such a well known and popular brand, most stores that carry them also now have a Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping kiosk onsite.

Also, you can do an internet search for “dr Scholl’s custom orthotics kiosk near me”, and you should be provided with a list of stores near you where you can find a kiosk.

Who Would Benefit From Using A Dr. Scholl’s Footmapping Kiosk?

foot problems

Anyone who has trouble with their feet, and is looking for a reasonably quick and easy solution to their issue would benefit from using a Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping kiosk.

Foot Problems

shoe wear

Common foot problems include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bone spurs
  • Have a job that keeps you on your feet for long periods, particularly on hard surfaces;
  • Or simply the type of shoes you are going to be wearing, such as high heels, which anyone who has ever worn them knows are a killer on your feet, your legs, and your back.

These things can make even simple tasks seem like a huge burden so having the right orthotic would be a huge benefit, and the Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping kiosk can certainly help to identify the correct orthotic for you.

How Does The Footmapping Work?

foot mapping


Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping approach has been created to give a customized orthotic insert recommendation after you stand on the kiosk platform for the specified time.

  • While you stand on the platform, it is measuring how your weight is distributed across your feet, and identifying which foot, as well as which parts of your feet, takes the most abuse.


  • From there the machine will recommend a specific orthotic insert so that you can get the extra support and cushioning you need in the areas that need it the most.

This sort of analytical approach to correcting foot problems is not something that is new; however, Dr. Scholl’s is the first company to make it available in-store, so you don’t have to visit an orthotics specialist.

 The Hype


Dr. Scholl’s is definitely proud of their product line, as is obvious from their marketing approach, which certainly ensures widespread awareness of the brand and the product line.

The promotional ads for their custom-fit line of products gets its fair share of TV time, and are featured front and centre on their official site.

This would seem to indicate their faith in the accuracy of their FootMapping technology, and their recommended product, which they are then hoping translates into customer satisfaction and widespread recommendations from current users to any number of potential new customers.

What Is The Cost Of Using A Dr. Scholl’s Footmapping Kiosk?


That is one of the great things about this system, there is no cost involved in using a Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping kiosk.


The only time a cost is incurred is when you decide to accept the recommendation that has been provided to you and actually purchase the custom orthotics that have been recommended to you. The average cost of these custom orthotic inserts is about $45.

This option is far less expensive than going to an orthotics specialist. The only question is will they provide the same relief that you would get from the orthotics made by a specialist. Or would some type of foot treatment be of greater benefit?

What Type Of Commitment Is Involved In Using A Dr. Scholl’s Footmapping Kiosk?


There really is no commitment. It only takes a few minutes to get your recommendation. And, you don’t have to wait to get your orthotic inserts, provided the one recommended to you is in stock.

The Evaluation

Dr. Scholl’s has been around for years and they’ve developed a dedicated customer following. They have continued to improve on existing customer favorites as well as develop new products.

They do not take their popularity for granted but are always striving to use new technology to ensure they are providing the best product possible to their customers.

Compared to a general one-size-fits-all insert, this system definitely does a good job of ensuring you get the insert that is right for you.

Final Dr. Scholl’s FootMapping Assessment


There are many that have used the Dr. Scholl’s Footmapping system and are thoroughly impressed with it. Then there are some in the professional world that don’t believe that the mapping is authentic.

They provide some solid facts as to why this may not be the case. However, it doesn’t seem to address those who have had great success with the system.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is you have to be the judge. Keeping in mind that using the Footmapping device is free. It’s only when you go to buy the orthotics that you will have put up some money.

Bridging the gap

This system does a good job of bridging the gap between the quick and easy one-size-fits-all option, and the time consuming and expensive option of going to a professional might be eliminated.

The option

Although the custom fit inserts are more expensive than their original product, they are also better suited to the customer’s need, and therefore worth the additional cost.

If you have had a Dr. Scholls footmapping experience why not share the details with us.




51 Customer Reviews on “Does Dr Scholl’s Foot Mapping Solve All Your Foot Problems?

  1. I was suffering from plantar faciitis, brought on playing pickleball. In addition to stretching and massage before getting out of bed in the morning, I started using these Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics, size CF440. I am 6’3″ 215 pounds 60+ year old with relatively flat feet. By wearing these anytime I was on my feet for ~ 4 months and using anti-inflamatory pain creams along with the stretching/massage, I got great pain relief and helped heal my plantar faciitis. Now I can tolerate flip-flops around the house and Keen Newport sandals for short outings. Anytime I walk 1 mile plus or play sports I wear the Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics in my sneakers. A year later and still no recurrence of the pain. After the first pair, I bought a 2 pack on for ~ $80, thus ~ $40 each, which I consider a very fair price. Now I don’t have to keep moving them around as I switch shoes. I see some comments from those with high arches, and understand finding the right model may be difficult. But for my situation, these were great!

  2. My wife and son both tried the Dr. Scholls machine and the inserts and raved about them. I’ve had lower back problems for over 20 years. It’s worse when I have to stand for long hours on concrete, and that’s where I spend most of my time.

    Since purchasing these inserts I have no lower back pain. They really have made a tremendous impact on my daily quality of life.

  3. I went to the kiosk at Shoppers Home Care at Lawrence and McCowan in Scarborough and used the foot mapping system. I thought it read CF 120. I had other purchasers and I could not really remember whether it was CF 120 or 110. Today I went there and used the machine and it gave me CF 110.
    The package was not opened and they would not exchange. Is there a bi difference between these two,if not, I will use the CF 120, otherwise I may need an exchange. Incidentally about a year ago the machine revealed CF 220 and I am using them which seems ok. Now I am really confused! Should I try the machine again. What is your suggestion?


  4. I tried Yorkie us it says I’m flat footed but my orthopedic doctor says I need specially fitted Prosthetics because my Arch is so high that many shoes won’t fit at all intended it so bad that without them it makes me flat-footed so your product and your machines are useless

  5. The doctors scholls mapping machine actually does work in 3d. You aren’t stepping onto a hard plate or scale it is a soft surface that senses how deep each area of your foot entendres down into the surface.
    Have tried the machine just to see their opinion. Didn’t want to spend $50 though

  6. I am halfway through a 12-week recovery from a tendon sprain. I’m not wearing a cast or boot in order to be able to use a pool for exercise. My ortho said my goal will be to eventually wear a firm/rigid arch support orthotic, but during this healing period, due to the pain, I may need to use less rigid support. I tried the inexpensive supports and they didn’t help. So I tried the kiosk analysis and the vivid pressure zones shown on the screen certainly matched my foot pain. So I bought these and went online and submitted the online $10 rebate request. They feel much better than the inexpensive ones. Each day they feel more helpful. They are not as firm/rigid as the ones I will eventually use, but they are very helpful right now. They are providing support and cushioning in places that are different than the less expensive ones I was guessing at, so the analysis seems accurate. I used the kiosk on a day when my feet really hurt. The surface covering is much more comfortable on these also. I recommend them. I noticed that online Dr Scholls now offers a 3D analysis as an alternative to the kiosk. I already knew (from my ortho) the structural characteristics of my feet and wear the shoes for my particular feet and gait. What I needed and got was some additional comfortable support.

  7. I’ve had a problem with my feet hurting when I walk most of my adult life. 2 days ago I went to Walmart and did that dr shouls foot machine thing and it gave me custom orthotics for my shoes. I walked all day around the amusement park and could walk another 10 hours if I need to these things are awesome if you have any foot pain at all.

  8. I was having foot pain for about seven years I went to a foot doctor and she made custom insoles which cost 500 dollars never helped one bit which I thought was terrible so last week while at Costco I decided to try the foot mapping machine the machine recommended 440 for my feet I purchased them and boy what a difference at the end of the day I had no tingling in my feet I can say that the foot mapper really works and is a lot cheaper than 500 dollars thanks doctor scholls

  9. I had the same question. Tried just putting these on top of current stuff…not comfortable. Took out ordinal inserts and just used the new ones…love it.

    Found instructions online from dr schools and they say to remove the shoes original insert.

    I’ve had serious heel pain for a few years. Lately it’s been a bit better due to a new pair of shoes with a great cushion under the heels…an air chamber built into the soles…Nike.

    These inserts though are fantastic so far. Can definitely feel the weight has been taken off my heels and shifted slightly forward. It’s now spread between the front of the heel and the arch. Shoes feel fantastic.

    Feet are still slightly sore but have only been using for a few days now. I’m very optimistic that the pain will finally go away for good.

    Other reviews have people complaining that they got different readings from the machine. I took 3 readings from the machine I used and got the same recommendation each time. I’m guessing some machines might not be in the best shape.

    Overall, I could not be happier. Years of severe pain (at times nearly crippling) seems to be about over.

  10. I too have tried the Dr. Scholls foot mapping kiosk… Just 30 minutes ago, I stood on one, four different times, and within about a 10 minute period, I got three different readings. Decided not to purchase. $50 is still too much to “guess” which result might be right. 😕

  11. I understand that the Dr Scholl mapping technology cannot measure arch height, so I may have just gotten lucky. I’ve been using them for two months now and no longer experience foot pain. Compared to the almost intolerable pain I was experiencing, I was happy to spend the $50!

  12. My experience was amazing! I had immediate relief and use Dr Scholl orthotic inserts everyday. I am in restaurant management at a large university and spend most of my day on my feet. A couple weeks ago I had a day where I experienced quite a bit of pain only to discover I had forgotten to switch out the inserts and put them in the shoes I was wearing that day!

  13. I don’t …in fact I use a cushion my wife had in her shoe then put the Schools 430 on top of it. Doc said last week I have Planter Pain in the Assisitis . Soooo…he told me to order a foot splint from Amazon…my choice on the brand . Also 2 Aleve (I use generic) 2x per day. So I also bought new shoes today. I dropped in to Walmart ,Hooksett NH and re-measured my feet. Now @ 230. So does the change mean anything ? That is why I came here to read others opinions. I wear the foot splint at night watching TV. I have worn it to bed but it is a bit awkward under the sheets. All toll I think my feet ( mainly the right foot ) are improving. But like a lot of things it is not going to be any one thing that corrects the problem.

  14. my questions is… you need to remove the current insole from your shoe and replace with the Dr. Scholl insert?

  15. where can i find this machine in st.catharines , or Pen Center or Niagara falls . Please list the shops and the areas . Thanks.

  16. I had been seeing a podiatrist for 6 months for my plantar faciitis. After numerous shots, special exercises, nightly messages, soakings, night splints, expensive inserts and special shoes I was no better off than when I started seeing her. When she said the next step was $400 custom orthotics or a cast, I decided enough was enough.

    Thanks to my husband’s gentle persuasion I decided to try the Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics. For the first time in 6 months I got relief. My plantar faciitis began improving within a week. After a month, I was as close to pain free as I believe I will ever get with plantar faciitis. I have a pair of the Dr. Scholls orthotics in my slippers and one in my sneakers. I don’t walk a step without them. They changed my life!

  17. I have pretty high arches, and in the two attempts with the machine I got “standard ” and “low arch”. That said, I do touch the ground with my archs despite how tall they are. A cheap and simple height and width measurement could go a long way in eliminating outlyer error.

  18. I used the same machine 2 different times and got 2 different numbers. Does one place their feet in the center of the drawn foot, or align heel with heel? Neither number helped.

  19. Doesnt work for me. Simple reasons. Doesnt know how high your arches are, and doesnt know the shape, or the arches in your shoe. In another words, there is one measurement the machine knows nothing about. Is this measurement considering that your boot/shoe is flat, or actually have an arch support in it? It’s guessing based on generalizations. For 49$. Guaranteed. And for that 49$ you get half of a sole.

  20. The most logical recommendation from Jacque, try it 3 times and compare the results. If you want to do overkill, try it at 2 machines.

    I have been using Dr. Scholl’s inserts (based on their machine) for years, because they work great for me. I immediately felt the support and noticed that I was walking differently, most likely healthier/better. On long walks (yes, I do walk 2 miles one way to work) I do not get soreness in my legs as compared without inlets.

    You have to be on the hunt for those inlets as they can be quite expensive. Right now they have a $10 off coupon on their website. So the purchase price would come down some $9.50. Yes, not $10, because you have to mail it, which will cost postage.

    Note: Rite-Aid sells mine (CF430) for $40 right now, usually they are $50.

  21. Tried the machine 3x with same reading today….start inserts tomorrow so I will get back to you…Achilles tendinitis an plantar as well….have taped an stretched in the past an it worked….so I’m gonna try them…if no luck then to the doc I go.

  22. Where can i find one of these machines? I live in southeast Oklahoma and would like to find some insoles for flat feet. Thank you

  23. Hey Tanya, I have extremely high arches as well, however i do not have benefits to cover a podiatrist right now. Do you have any recommendations of insoles that you have found to help with your foot pain?

  24. Try this, do the test three separate times like I did. Result. three different recommendations! Enough said.

  25. Does the foot map machine work on light weight people of under 100 lbs? Haven’t found this condition at the website. Thanks.

  26. I got several different results as well. I have high arches and it told me I had flat or standard so I made sure I picked from the standard results. Also sometimes it picked the shortest one and sometimes the second shortest. I figure as a women without small feet I should pick the second shortest over the shortest. Still on day one but lying them so far and I’ve had custom ones made twice in the past.

  27. This machine was a joke. I have extremely high arches, and when I say extremely high I mean it. This gimmick of a machine told me I have flat feet. Lol I’ve had a podiatrist tell me I have the highest arches he’s ever seen.

  28. I tried the footmapping several times within a 15 min period; results 410, 420, 320, 330, 320.

    Has anyone else tried the test more than once with different results?

    I know that I have high arches, but after the 2nd scan I simply got standard arch every single test.

    Not going to spend 50-60 on this with sporadic results. I’ll just go to the foot doctor instead.

  29. Are there ANY foot mapping machines in Ontario? I am in the Belleville area. Thanks

  30. A very important concept missing from this review is that a 2 dimensional pressure scan can not be extrapolated into a 3 dimensional product. A pressure sensor simply sees pressure, it can not tell if regions of your feet are 1mm off the sensor or 2 cm off the sensor. So it does not know your arch height or foot alignment. It also can’t tell you anything about possible reasons for your discomfort. So if you feel the need to try a non-custom device like this, save even more money and time by purchasing a regular off the shelf arch support by this company or another.
    From the “Our Recommendations” section “the recommendations it gives are better than just guessing and choosing something that might not work, or might make things worse”. There is no study that actually shows that your guess is any worse than the computers. It gets your size and weight and then comes up with a product. You may find this other review interesting.

  31. My husband has had foot orthotics from a podiatrist over the years and it was expensive. At that time we did have benefits but as soon as we turned 65 it was too expensive to carry it on.
    We live near Hamilton, Ontario Canada ad l am trying to see if there are any of these machines anywhere in Canada . My husband really wants to try one out and then obtain orthotics through that. Can you let me now where there would be a machine that we could try.

  32. I’m seeing a lot of positive reviews but I seem to be experiencing more foot pain using them. Is there an adjustment period?

  33. I used to suffer from several conditions including plantar fasciitis. The kiosk insoles were great for a while but the relief did not last long. Like the article mentioned, I actually had to end up going to a podiatrist who gave me some custom insoles. Those helped for a while but I started developing new issues with my feet. Eventually, had surgery for those issues and the plantar fasciitis. Could not be happier.

  34. I used the Dr. Scholl’s kiosk insoles, and I’m very happy with them. I have two pairs so I can alternate days worn. I wear them to work and rather extensive hiking. I am flatfooted and have had plantar fasciitis in the past. I recommend them as a high grade insole short of customs.

  35. The Dr. Scholl’s Foot Mapping does work. My husband has been going to a foot doctor forever. They have the same kind of machine in the office. The one the doctor does cost us $200.00 and that is with our insurance. My husbands was wearing out and decided to try the Dr. Scholl’s Foot Mapping machine at Walmart and it worked just as good as the $200.00 from the doctor, but the cost was only $50.00. Try it if you have problems with your feet because it does work and it is way worth the cost.

  36. I’ve tried several types and brands of shoe inserts over the years with mixed results, but I never had one that seemed to really make a big difference. The reason was most likely because there’s no one size fits all solution to foot pain and obviously that’s because all our feet are shaped differently from individual to individual. This looks like an expensive approach to solving that problem, but the thing is it’ll probably work much better for you. I like the more personalized approach and I’m definitely giving it a try.

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