Does eHarmony Really Work to Find Love?

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Does eHarmony really work?You’ve probably seen the eHarmony guy on TV talking about all of the successful people his website has matched up since it started back in the late 1990’s. He’s pretty convincing and the service sounds interesting, but does it actually work?

Computer dating goes back to the 1960’s and really took off with the rise of the Internet. Most dating sites before eHarmony used a simple system of showing a users profile and their interests and whatever else they wanted to include in their bio. It was then up to other users to browse through the available people and decipher which ones would make a good mate, or at least a good match.

The Claim
You can find the love of your life by completing the eHarmony questionnaire and trusting in their patented software and its 29 dimensions of compatibility to match you up with the right person.

The Hype
The hype comes in the form of the television commercials showing what is reported to be actual couples that met using eHarmony.

What isn’t shown is the overwhelming majority of users who didn’t find their true love using eHarmony. With any product or service it’s easy to find outliers that have had an extraordinary experience. A favorite tactic for advertising executives is to portray these exceptions to the rule as the ordinary experience a typical user will have.

The Cost
eHarmony is free to sign up and often runs promotions where it’s free to talk to your matches. What they’d really like to see is you sign up for their service at $19.95 a month or so if you get it on special. They’d also be happy if you bought someone you know a gift membership for just $12.95 if you buy an entire year’s worth.

The only question is why would you buy someone a year’s worth of eHarmony, or stay on longer than a month if their software is supposed to be so effective? This seems counter-intuitive and leads to an obvious flaw in their system. They proclaim that their profiling system is so in-depth that it consistently makes excellent matches. If this were true then they’d have to charge far more than they do because each person would sign up, take the profile test, find the love of their life and cancel their membership.

The Commitment

You have to complete their rather lengthy questionnaire that asks you all sorts of personal questions, including your religious beliefs and income level. After that you’ll be required to sort through what eHarmony decides are those men or women that fit your profile. You’ll then need pay if you’d like to take things further. Once successful payment has been made you’ll need to hit it off with them online and arrange to meet in real life to see if you’re truly simpatico.

eHarmony is a direct competitor with other dating sites like Match and Plenty of Fish. Their gimmick is that they use their software to do the matching for you, rather than you having to go through and pick people out according to sometimes arbitrary features such as looks or age.

It sounds good in theory, and if you’re willing to go through the questions, review the matches, pay the monthly fee, chat with your matches, and meet up with them to see if you click, then it might work for you.

Final eHarmony Review: Is It Better then Other Dating Sites?

eHarmony may have a slight edge by providing you choices that are matched at a deeper level than looks, age, or income. If you’re going out with someone based on deeply held beliefs that they have in common with you, there might be a stronger chance at hitting it off for the long term.

When compared to other dating methods, such as blind dates, or trying to give a go at it offline it seems to be a better method.

At the bottom of all of this lies your intentions. If you are not interested in a long-term romance then it’s probably not a good idea for you, as you’ll consistently run into people that are looking to settle down with that special someone and either get married, have kids or both. If this is in line with what you’re after it will probably increase the effectiveness of the site.

Our Recommendation
Since it’s free to try eHarmony and review your matches it only makes sense to give it a try. The worst that can happen is that you’ll waste some time filling out the questionnaire and you won’t be pleased with any of the resulting matches. The best that can happen is you find someone you’re totally compatible with and spend a lifetime of happiness with.

Any time the potential rewards greatly outweigh the potential risks, always go for it. You may look back one day and laugh that you fretted about spending $19.95 a month to find your true love.

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37 Customer Reviews on “Does eHarmony Really Work to Find Love?

  1. Disappointed with eharmony. I’m a guy who has put a lot of thought and effort into my profile. Put up some photos that were professionally taken. No baggage here. I am not Fabio, but not unattractive by any means.. Over 1000 matches. Over 300 messages sent… All I have to show for it is 2 dates (one who tried to stand me up even before the first date began), and the second who kept scheduling dates with me (with me….) and cancelling after she’d make them. I’m not hitting up the “top tier” women either. All I get is profile views, and no responses. Or if I do get a response, they’ll stop communicating with me suddenly and drop off the face of the earth. I usually end up scratching my head everyday and asking myself “What do these women WANT??”.. It’s really crazy. T

  2. I’ve been using it for a while now and nothing works for me. If it says something like 100% to 90% compatible I’ll respond. Most commonly I will send a smile or message, see that they viewed my profile, then I’ll be blocked. (Well it will say they moved on and I cannot view their profile, so I’m assuming this.)
    No I’m not leaving lewd or rude responses. No I’m not going after the top tier women.
    So I have no clue what the problem is, I’ve done everything that is “recommended to be successful” from pictures of not looking at the camera to how to fill out your profile. So I don’t know, I am 5’7″, I hear that’s a death sentence on dating sites. Maybe that’s it?

  3. Most of these dating apps are a pack of lies. When you are vulnerable and alone, anything will look better than nothing to you. I know, cause I am in this hole myself.

    eHarmony is garbage and expensive and so is
    All filled with auto bots making you thinking you are really engaging with people, but in actuality its all machines at the back tricking you and the apps just juicing your money.

    Don’t take my word for it, go on try it. Be an idiot like me, PAY and see what happens!?

    You have been warned…


  4. We’ve heard lots of mixed reviews on eHarmony, and tried to present a fair and unbiased perspective on what works and what doesn’t.. some funny, some not so funny. In general, there are far more complaints about eHarmony than there are success stories.
    Check it out if you like: and My partner and I met each other doing online dating and decided we needed to share our experiences!

  5. Thumbs down, here’s why:

    Yes, the questionaire is a pain in the butt. Yes, they don’t accept 20% of the people that take the questionaire (esp. if you’ve been divorced four or more times, but they’ll tell you after several questions). Yes, the service is the most expensive out there for a dating site (the only other exception being a matchmaking service). While I received timely feedback from eH regarding a profile rewrite, the main issue I had was the lack of responses from other subscribers/members. The majority of my matches haven’t been active in over a month (eH doesn’t tell you how many days/weeks/months the member logged on last); you have to work under the assumption that if they haven’t logged on in a month, they’re most likely inactive and didn’t remove their profile.

    The touted “new and improved look” takes a while to load and the entire UI just seems clunky. To remove (aka close out) someone, you have to hide them (so they’re not on your main page) then close them. It shoudn’t have to take two actions to simply remove someone; should be a one-click action like deleteing an email. The articles and their facebook presence is good, but I’m sick of all the “success story” people saying how wonderful eH is…makes me want to puke.

    Like any other dating site, if you’re attractive and don’t have children, your chances of meeting someone are good. I just don’t have the house, $$ or job to attract someone ::shrugs:: or at least not a real woman.

    Use at your own risk!

  6. I am currently going through a divorce and not necessary even thinking about finding someone else at this point, but eHarmony is a site that I might consider in the future. I would definitely choose a Christian-based site over any others and I have a friend who found the love of her life through e-Harmony. Not sure I’d pay to find love, though. Guess I’ll see how it goes…

  7. I had something happen on several of these sites including this one and I had to comment. You said you would have to be a leper for being honest about 10 extra pounds. I get that and I am only 148 and nice small curves. I get guys asking me what my BMI that is Body Mass Index in case you didn’t know. I did a little experiment and came to the conclusion that it is a psychological thing when someone goes on the internet, they already have a crazy laundry-list of what they want and they are usually bitter and twisted before they get on it. So the moment you say anything that falls outside their little box of reality you are an outsider. Don’t feel bad it is a world of weeds but a few roses here and there

  8. Most of us are nagged into it but I also date a specialized group that I am used to so it is hard to just bump into one on the street and I hate bars and clubs too. E Harmony has a lot of nerve though claiming to be somewhat Christian based and then rejecting people for being honest on the questioner then leaving obvious liars on there to aggravate the rest of us.

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