Does ElimiTag Really Work?

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Does Elimitag work?ElimiTag is a homeopathic way to gradually get your skin tags to go away, without the need of having them surgically removed. They are trying to appeal to those that have multiple skin tags and don’t want to pay by the tag at the dermatologist, have any scars left over, or feel the pain that comes from getting them taken care of that way. But can this really be the solution?

Trying to treat your own skin problems can be tricky business, but skin tags are one of the abnormalities that you can take care of on your own because they’re benign. You might run into a problem if your skin tag is located in a hard to reach spot, which will require the help of a trusted friend or partner so that they can reach it more easily and make sure it gets properly covered.

The Claim
ElimiTag claims it can get rid of your skin tags in a matter of 3-6 weeks without pain, scarring, and using all natural ingredients. Because it’s all natural and a homeopathic remedy it shouldn’t have any side effects to the healthy skin surrounding it, and should go to work on the skin tag, slowly drying up and eventually falling off altogether without a trace. At least that’s what’s proposed here, and it’s up to real world users to try it out and see what sort of results they get.

If you’re not familiar with what homeopathic treatments are or how they work they’re made by taking small amounts of active ingredients and then diluting them in water and shaking them up and diluting them further. The end result is basically almost all water with trace amounts of the active ingredient in them. It’s based on the idea that like cures like, and the vibrational essence of the active ingredients is amplified the more it’s diluted and shaken.

The Cost
You get two bottles of ElimiTag for $30 delivered to your door. They make it a point to let you know that with their 15ml bottles you’re getting 50% more than with Tag Away with their 10ml bottles. Since you’re going to need to use this over a period of weeks, and most people have more than one skin tag and are prone to getting them in the future, it does make sense to get as much as you can for the same price.

The Commitment
Your commitment level will largely depend on how many skin tags you want to get rid of, how well they respond to the treatment, and how diligent you are about not skipping applications. It can be hard to remember to keep applying the solution to your skin tag, but you can leave yourself reminders or set a daily alarm on your smartphone so you don’t forget. The more you stick with it the faster it will work.

ElimiTag is a slower approach then getting your skin tags frozen or cut off by a dermatologist, but it’s also potentially a cheaper way to go and one that won’t leave a scar behind when you’re done. It wouldn’t make much sense to remove an unsightly skin tag but have an unsightly scar take its place. Most times when you opt to go the all-natural route you are sacrificing some benefits for others, and in this case you’re going the pain-free route but it’s going to take far longer than an outpatient visit.

Final ElimiTag Review

ElimiTag gets a Solid Try rating from us, as it’s basically trying to undercut the competition by offering fifty percent more for the same price. The feedback has been mixed for its closest competitor Tag Away, and the only feedback we could find for ElimiTag was from biased affiliates that regurgitate the same features and benefits. That’s why we’re relying on our visitors to chime in below to give actual accounts on how this worked for them. We’ll then change our recommendation based on what third-party accounts are showing us.

At $30 for 30ml this is the most cost effective way we’ve seen that could potentially take care of all of your skin tags without the need to have them professionally removed.

Our Recommendation
We’ve found a product that removes skin tags, gets good reviews, and has also been shown to work on moles and warts as well, and that’s Dermatend. You might feel like you don’t have many options when it comes to removing skin imperfections on your own, but there are actually plenty of products to try, it’s just a matter of finding one that works for you and your specific case. You can always go to your dermatologist when all else fails, but their options are usually limited to burning them or cutting them off leaving scars.

What do you think? Does ElimiTag work or not?

50 Customer Reviews on “Does ElimiTag Really Work?

  1. I keep trying to leave 1 Star and it keeps changing to 4 stars. It has been 8 weeks of applying it diligently and the tag is still there. It is about half he size it was but I would have expected it to be gone by now. Will continue to use Elimi Tag a few more weeks but disappointed at this point.

  2. John, It is an essential oil, not a homeopathic remedy. I just used it and my skin tag fell off after using it twice a day for one week.

  3. My skin tag on my ear fell off after using Elimitag twice — three times when I remembered — a day for one week. Yes, it had a strong odor, but not a terrible one. The last few days the skin tag hurt, but not terribly. I highly recommend trying it. FYI: it is an essential oil, not a homeopathic remedy.

  4. This product seems best solution for my me because skin tags are my worst problem. I want to try this for my skin tags.

  5. Not sure why the majority of reviews are negative. I had a medium size tag on my neck. Applied three times a day and covered it with a small bandage. Second day of application it turned black. One week later the tag was gone.

  6. I tried Elimi Tag for about 4 weeks. I applied this smelly concoction to about 9 tags at a time. After about 4 weeks of enduring this smelly stuff it had done NOTHING except eliminate 20 dollars of my cash from my wallet. It smells bad, it doesn’t work and all you’ll accomplish is making a scam company richer.

  7. A couple of years ago I tried a similar product to remove some of my skin tags. It removed the smaller ones but left scars on my skin. Against the larger ones it was completely inefficient when it came to removing them. All it did was to change the shape of my skin tags. That’s when I decided to see a doctor. He wasn’t too happy about the fact that I used that product. He told me that I shouldn’t have used such a product because it can be harmful. He explained to me that the safest way to remove the skin tags was with laser surgery. I decided to go with the surgery and the scars were much smaller.

  8. You have got to be kidding! All homopathic remedies are scams and quackery. The very concept of what causes the same simptom is a cure is obsurd. The only redeming quality is that the delution ratios are so high that NONE of the potentially DANGERIOUS active ingredient is in the dose. The response of the homopathic scammers to this tidbit of scientific observatiion is that some sort of mystical, unknown to moddern science, “essence of the active ingredant” remains with out the need to be made of molicules. Since in order to get a licence to sell a homopathic remidy you must show that 1. It causes the same symptom. 2. it is diluted to the point that NO active ingredant remains,…. ALL HOMOPATHIC products are SCAMS!

  9. That sucks for you, but thanks for sharing your experience with others. I was leaning towards trying out elimitag, but your comment has got me thinking again. Maybe I should try Dermatend instead and I may try this one if that doesn’t work out.

  10. I have tried it every day for 6 weeks straight and nothing has changed the tags are still there . I have 2 more bottles to try and then I go back to the company and tell them their product is crap

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