Do FiveFinger Shoes Really Feel Good?

Do FiveFinger Shoes Really Feel Good?
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Do FiveFinger Shoes work?FiveFinger Shoes look like gloves for the feet because each toe has their own compartment, and there’s not much of a “shoe” quality to them, other than they go on your feet. Rather than reinvent the shoe, it seems that they were going for something totally new here. So did their gambit pay off, and are these able to live up to their hype and reputation?

If you’ve ever had the feeling that your normal shoes aren’t really doing you a lot of favors, you probably wished there was something better. Shoes haven’t fundamentally changed in several decades, so it’s interesting to see new approaches being taken. It’s about time really, since everything else in our lives seems to be getting an upgrade.

These shoes seem to make the most sense for outdoorsy activities, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be seeing them replace formal footwear any time soon. But as a replacement for hiking shoes, and running shoes, they make a pretty strong case for themselves.

The Claim
FiveFinger Shoes says that with their special design you’ll get as close to barefoot as you can with a pair of shoes. This is because they have flexible soles, so there’s not that breaking in period you have when you break in a new pair of shoes, or rather when they break you in. They’re also meant to fit your specific foot form so that they give a very natural feel, and don’t feel like shoes at all.

They say that the transition into their footwear might take a long time, but will ultimately be worth it, and claim that your body will be stronger because of it.

The Hype
The hype is that they look a little odd, and they are definitely a conversation starter for someone that’s never seen them before. You might feel a little silly wearing them the first time, because they’re really not like any other type of footwear out there, and they can take some getting used to.

The Cost
FiveFinger shoes range in price by which design you go with, but you can usually find them for about $110 to $125 a pair. So they are a little on the high side when it comes to your run-of-the-mill shoes in the $50 to $60 range, but they are just about the same price as a quality pair of hiking boots or name brand running shoes.

The Unique Design
These were developed in 1999 and originally were meant to help with sailors on yachts so they could have the barefoot experience but be able to move around on deck more easily and have more traction. Now they have been applied to more of an overall solution to anything involving the outdoors, and other sports where being barefoot is preferable.

FiveFinger shoes perform as you might think they would, giving you the feeling of being barefoot, but giving you the protection you need from the elements so you don’t get injured. It’s long been known that going barefoot is the best way to go, and ordinary shoes actually inhibit a natural gait. By using footwear that mimics our natural essence, you are getting back to the correct form and posture, and you might notice an increase in your ability to balance yourself, run longer distances, and perform better at sports.

They are pretty helpful when it comes to letting you know how to make the switch to their footwear, and it is interesting to note that you probably have a dysfunction and don’t even know it. They say that you should go easy on it, and take it slowly, and if you have any pain during the process that you should stop and go back to your old shoes until the pain goes away. The reason for this is that by wearing conventional footwear for so long, our leg muscles atrophy from non-use. Ordinary shoes make us use different leg muscles to walk and move around, so when you use Fivefinger footwear you are training new muscles to engage and get involved.

Final FiveFinger Shoes Review

FiveFinger Shoes is a unique design, and they have a ton of satisfied users that not only like their shoes, but love them enough to report back and tell people about. It’s clear that a lot of design went into the development process here, and that Vibram, the company behind it, plans to be in this for the long term. When you’re competing with big brands like Nike and Adidas, you have to come up with something that no one else has in order to capture some of the market share. The successfully done that here, and show no signs of slowing down as they continue to expand their product line with new innovations.

Our Recommendation
These are a pretty solid pair of shoes to add to your collection, especially if you like hiking and trekking, running, cross training, or anything else outdoors. Most active people will love trying these out and seeing how they perform. What will probably end up happening is you’ll find one specific activity that you love wearing these for, and they’ll be your new designated shoe for that. Some people find that once they get comfortable wearing them for one activity it only follows that they will start using it for others as well.

Before long they end up wearing it for most outdoor activities and become another success story for the Vibram corporation.

What do you think? Does FiveFinger Shoes work or not?


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Footie August 22, 2012 at 5:13 pm

I read several articles that explained why the modern day shoes don’t do us any good in terms of posture and also overall health of our body. Then they also go on to explain how some South American tribes walk and run for miles a day barefooted and they do it better and more efficiently than someone wearing modern footwear. I think this should definitely mimic walking barefoot and that’s something I would like to experience firsthand to see if it could help with my back pain and my also posture problems.


Josh B. July 18, 2013 at 7:16 pm

I’ve seen socks like this too but I always wondered how effective they actually are. I mean sure they give your more freedom for your free but do they product against them when you are in a rocky area and somewhere that could cause your feet great pain if not injure them from not wearing shoes? This is something I need to experience for myself to determine whether or not they actually work. I would be exciting to see the results.


Vanessa B. July 29, 2013 at 8:58 am

I first heard of these shoes when I saw a billboard advertisement for them near my house. I thought I had seen it wrong, or read the description wrong, so I went online and Googled “Five Finger shoes”. Much to my surprise, they were real. At first I didn’t get the concept of this shoe, but the more research I did, the more I became convinced these shoes are the most natural way to walk around without the risks of being barefoot outside.

I think the only reason I haven’t bought them yet is that they’re just two new. I would feel very self conscious in public with these shoes, or showing up to work in them, until they get a little more well-known.


Kaila Braley August 1, 2013 at 5:07 pm

I’ve never tried these on, but I see people running in them all the time. Plus someone in my high school used to wear them everyday, but he didn’t run in the halls, he just wore them for fun, I think. But I remember hearing that humans used to be fantastic runners, and that was how we captured our prey back when we were like hunters and gatherers. You can’t really run many places in bare feet anymore, though, because our soles aren’t strong enough for that. But it makes sense that making people run as if they’re in bare feet while still protecting your soles would help make running easier. They’re kind of expensive, but if you would get a lot of use out of them and they really help your activities, they’re probably worth it. Plus they’re kinda cool.


Andres Vargas August 8, 2013 at 11:04 pm

I love love love these! They feel awesome. It’s a bit like walking around in my socks, which is ideally what I would do all the time. I also love to wear mine to the gym. In fact, I think this might be the reason they were invented. They are so good for exercising in because of the grip and the flexibility. They sound like the prefect shoe. The only problem is that you look like a massive douchebag in them. `i don’t know, despite their effectiveness, there is just something really pretentious about them. They’re great, but really, do we need to have all our toes separated like that?


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