Does the Flexogen Hose Really Work?

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Does the Flexogen Hose work?A Flexogen Hose is billed as the last hose you’ll ever have to buy because it is supposed to be extra durable, and also because it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee. When it comes to doing yardwork or gardening, it’s good to have a quality hose you can rely on, so we looked into this further to see if this really is a great choice for a garden hose.

There are a lot of problems with your ordinary run-of-the-mill garden hoses. They often get too tangled and kinked up. They can also have problems with durability, especially if they are dragged across a driveway or are rubbed up against metal objects. There’s also the complaint that they’re too heavy. Most people can come up with at least three things that they would change about their hose. It seems the makers of the Flexogen line of hoses are trying to fix as many as they can.

The Claim
Gilmour, the makers of the Flexogen Hose, claim that you won’t have to buy another hose after you buy theirs, both because it is meant to last a lifetime, and also because they’re prepared to replace it if anything should go wrong with it – ever. Few other hoses on the market come close to offering that kind of guarantee. But aside from that, how well it works would be the better thing to focus on here. Most people are saying that it works great, and that it was a good purchase.

The Hype
At the end of the day we’re talking about a garden hose here, so it’s not as if the world is resting on the decision you’re making. But it is nice to have a reliable hose at the ready for whatever tasks you’ve got to get done that day. So at first it might not sound like a big deal, but if it’s one less thing you can check off your “to buy” list, it’s worth the time spent finding the right one.

The Cost
You can get a Flexogen Hose for anywhere between $27 and $55 depending on what size you’re after. You have the choice in length and also in girth. You can choose between 25 feet all the way up to 100 feet, and you can get them in 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch sizes. Compared to the kind of hoses you’ll see sold in stores, this might be a little more expensive, but the theory is you’re buying your way out of a bad hose.

The Commitment
Since they say this is the last hose you’ll ever have to buy, it seems like your commitment to garden hose shopping would be finished. Other than they there wouldn’t be any more commitment than using a regular garden hose, except that this one should be easier to use and kink up on you less.

The Flexogen Hose gets very good reviews from most users. There are of course those that didn’t like it, and some that had problems with it. One user took advantage of their guarantee on a defective unit, returned the hose ends as instructed and recieved a brand new hose via UPS in short order. However, another user made an interesting note wondering why you’d want to take someone up on a guarantee like that if they’re only going to send you another similar unit to the one that had the problems in the first place.

But this overlooks the fact that manufacturing processes aren’t perfect, and sometimes there really is a defective unit. This is why companies guarantee their products, to make up for those glitches and keep their customers happy. By choosing not to take them up on the offer you basically negate the effectiveness of the guarantee, and are left searching for another hose.

Final Flexogen Hose Review

The Flexogen Hose is getting our Thumbs Up review based on the great feedback it gets, and also because Gilmour, the company behind it, has a track record of success at getting it right when it comes to lawn and garden products. There are those companies out there that still bring a sense of pride to their business and it comes through in the quality of the craftsmanship of their products. Maybe one day you’ll have to take them up on their lifetime guarantee, but worst case scenario you still wouldn’t have to buy another hose again.

Our Recommendation
We recommend getting one of these hoses if you’re looking for a quality, traditional style hose. You should also check out the XHOSE which is able to expand and contract when in use and not in use so you can easily carry it around when it’s turned off. This might be a better choice if you’re always complaining about how heavy garden hoses are, because the Flexogen model doesn’t make any claims on being any lighter than a standard hose.

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What do you think? Does the Flexogen Hose work or not?

111 Customer Reviews on “Does the Flexogen Hose Really Work?

  1. Its no joke, I can attest also to the strength, durability and longevity of the teal Flexogen hose.
    I bought mine from ACE in 2008 and left it out back in the hot dry CA sun on a dusty, rocky hillside. Through many years of hard labor usage it happily coiled back up and stretched out every time. My honest to god biggest regret when I moved from that house was not bringing those hoses with me. Went through 4 different nightmare hoses till I found the same one I remembered in that teal color in 3/4” 100’.
    Best hose ever. Worth every penny.

  2. I have had a Flexegon for approx 25yrs with no problems at all,now I need another one 50ft 1/2 dis where could I get one.this
    Without doubt the best garden hose I have ever owned!.

  3. not so……….i bought my hose in 2010. just this year (2018) it developed a slight tear/gash where it attached to the reel. and it leaked. i spent 30 minutes or more getting all my information ready to request a replacement. went to the website and tried to submit a request. they asked for information i didn’t have (ie: code date:). so, i called the phone# listed and spoke with a representative who stated that she could help me with the request over the phone. she asked for my name, address and ph# and told me i’d have my replacement in 7-10 business days. i received it in the stated time frame. exact same hose. NO CHARGE. excellent customer service.

  4. You will spend several hours each week caring for your lawn, you will need to purchase lawn care equipment like a mower, edger,
    aerator, and fertilizer spreader, you will have to purchase “accessories”
    like gasoline, fertilizer, etc, and you also must maintain and store doing this equipment.
    Instead of you wasting hours in the lawn, it is advisable to hire these facilities
    at really affordable rates. Thiss isn’t enough time to glance over the details, yoou need tto pay close attention and assist the lawn service company to create the package that’s perfect for your yard
    care needs.

  5. I bought 2-60′ Flexogen hoses 10-11 years ago. They spend the majority of the time laying in direct sunlight. Not only are they like new, but they look it too. The exteriors never even got dingy as is so common. Highly recommend and in the market for several more.

  6. We bought one 20 years ago and it worked great for over ten years – until I went with the lawnmower over it.
    The second one we bought 10 years ago and it’s a charm NO KINK ever NO CRACK and
    this in the hot Texas sun and always outside even in freezing winter.

    THUMBS UP !!!

    My husband bought ANOTHER BRAND hose (professional high quality) a year ago,
    it was so hard that it always kinked, and also was hard to work with,
    it might be good and has a long life, but only if you have it in one spot laying and not moving.

    I stay with FLEXOGEN
    THANKS to the company – be proud !!!!!!!!!!!

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