Does Floor Wiz Really Work?

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Does Floor Wiz Work?There certainly are a lot of vacuums on the market and it seems like there is a new one becoming available almost every day. One that caught our attention however is one that is called Floor Wiz.

Floor Wiz seems to be a multi-use vacuum which many of them claim to be. Except this one is a little different as it can wax your hardwood floors at the same time it is cleaning them.

The Claim
Floor Wiz promoters claim that this is a two in one vacuum meaning while it is cleaning up the dirt and debris it can also mop or wax the floor at the same time. This is because of the way that the unit has been designed and the many different attachments that come with it.

The Hype
The hype around Floor Wiz is really about saving you time from having to first vacuum your floors then going through another process to wash it.

The Cost
The cost for Floor Wiz is broke down into three payments of $39.99. so rounding it off and totalling it you are looking at $120.

The Commitment
The commitment you are going to be making is still focusing on your cleaning with the Floor Wiz. It just may mean that the Floor Wiz is going to make this a lot faster and perhaps easier to do.

With there being so many quality vacuums on the market Floor Wiz is really going to have to step it up a notch. They seem to have done this by reducing the extra step of having to get out a mop and pail to wash your floors. Although the main focus seems to be on concentrated areas where you need to clean scuff marks. Still if this can save you some elbow grease then it may be well worth it. Pricewise we find it reasonable. The real hype is placed on the suction capabilities of this Floor Wiz. I am a little hesitant about this as most vacuums when you take the various nozzles off do produce good suction, but as soon as you put them back on again then this is restricted. It does have a hepa filter so that is one good feature. It does have a lot of the regular attachments although these are being hyped up. For example, it has an extended crevice tool which is a really good idea. Many of the standard tools like this are too short and flimsy to get to high areas or in deep crevices.

Final Floor Wiz Review

Taking into account all of the hype that is promoting Floor Wiz and looking at the basics of it we are willing to give it a Try/Buy. It is too new of a product on the market as yet to feel more confident in giving it a full thumbs up. One of our concerns of course is the quality and durability which is always a big issue with any vacuum.

Our Recommendation
If you are daring and want to try something new then give the Floor Wiz a try. However, if you prefer to stay with the tried and trusted then check out this Dyson.

What do you think? Does Floor Wiz work or not?

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