Do Grout Cleaning Services Really Work?

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Do Grout Cleaning Services work?If you’re fed up trying to win the grout cleaning war on your own, you’ve probably contemplated bringing in reinforcements in the form of grout cleaning services. These are companies that make their living cleaning up grout lines from all areas of the home. They usually bring in industrial strength cleaners that make quick work of the situation, and leave you feeling a little contemplating all the time you spent getting up close and personal with grout stains. But how well do these services really work, and how often will you have to call them?

The big concern most people have when they call a professional to do a job for them is whether or not it’s going to be worth the money. When talking about grout they would have to do a better job than anything you can do on your own with products sold online or in stores. The other question they have is whether or not they can just rent the same sort of tools the pros use so they can do a professional job on their own. With grout, it can be a tough decision to go with because you know the results will only last so long, and you’ll either be on your own again, or be forced to call them back in.

The Claim
Grout cleaning services claim to get all of the nasty stuff off of your grout and return it to the way it looked when you first got it. Each provider will make its own claims as to how well their service works, with some saying that you’ll get instant results, and others saying that it might take several hours for the grout to brighten to its full color. They also make separate claims on how long their service lasts, with some saying that they seal the grout so that you shouldn’t have to have it cleaned again, or at least for a very long time.

The Procedure
Depending on who you go with, they will either apply a special chemical and scrub just like you do, or they will attempt to spray it off with a pressure sprayer. Be sure to check with them what sort of method they’ll be using to see if it will present any problems. Some people don’t like the idea of them using very harsh chemicals in their home.

The Cost
Of course hiring one of the grout cleaning services in your area is going to be more expensive than buying a bottle of cleanser and a scrub brush. Some places will charge by the hour, but you should only agree to a per-project cost. You don’t want them to get paid by how long it takes, and if they can finish the whole space quickly with great results, who cares how long it takes them?

The Commitment
When you call in a pro you are basically taking your commitment level down to zero, and that is why it is considered somewhat of a luxury. A millionaire wouldn’t be scrubbing furiously at their grout lines in the shower. So you are getting a taste of the good life by having someone do it for you.

When you’re being paid to do a job, you’ve got to produce results or people aren’t going to be too happy, and word will quickly spread that your service is not worth the cost. Many grout cleaning services don’t fool around, and either bring in a high-powered pressure sprayer, or will use an industrial strength cleaning system so the stains come off quickly and without much struggle. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they can get the work done, and you may feel a little silly having spent so much time and effort on it. If they seal it up, you might not have to clean your grout ever again.

Professional Strength
The reason the systems the pros use aren’t available for us common folk is because they are either too toxic, too dangerous, or too powerful to use. Companies don’t want to deal with lawsuits from people that hurt themselves while trying to apply the product. When a pro uses it, they are taking the responsibility of any consequences and should be insured for any problems that might occur. Companies that sell DIY solutions have to make them safe enough for the average person to use so they don’t get a class action lawsuit filed against them.

Final Grout Cleaning Services Review

Each of the grout cleaning services will vary by area, so be sure to check local reviews on how well they perform. Also, see if you can get a written guarantee from them on the results they provide, and how long they say they will last. Some of the services will actually apply a coating to help your grout stay cleaner longer, and others offer to come back and clean it again if it gets dirty within a certain time frame.

Our Recommendation
Even though you might feel like you’re at your wits’ end with your dirty grout, you should try some of the home remedies that have come out in recent years before you raise the white flag completely. If you do go with one of the grout cleaning services, be sure to use something like Grout Shield after they’re finished so that you can protect your grout from getting so dirty again so quickly.

What do you think? Does Grout Cleaning Services work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Do Grout Cleaning Services Really Work?

  1. Since it’s a specialized kind of equipment, another choice to attempt if you’re looking to get a grout cleaning
    machine is to use tile care and carpet cleaners businesses that ‘re going broke looking to liquidate.

    Carpet powders are instant fresheners without the need
    for a carpet shampoo. Added on responsibility of companies with this service is need for knowing to handle people
    in various parts of society along with different outlook.

  2. Checking reviews of the local grout cleaning companies is a must, but at the end of the day you’ll just have to pick one and go with it. I’ve tried cleaning grout on my own and I’ve noticed that you can damage them fairly easily if you don’t the right tools for it. I say forget the hassle and let the guys who have the right equipment and the experience take care of it. You’ll save time and probably money too in the long run.

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