Does the Hot Buns Hair Accessory Really Work?

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Does Hot Buns Hair Accessory work?No, you can’t eat them, the Hot Buns Hair Accessory is a way to keep your hair in a bun without the problems that usually arise from traditional methods. If you’re tired of struggling with hair buns, of you’ve found yourself not putting them in because they’re such a pain in the, well, buns, then you probably wondered if this is a product you should buy or not.

Hair accessories are very popular these days, and for good reason. Clever female inventors are coming up with ways to tackle some of the biggest hair styling problems that women face on a regular basis. They’ve come up with ways to braid hair more easily, put in a pony tail that stays in place, and even how to add a bump to your look without needing a ton of hair. Beauty and fashion products will always be hitting the market, and hair is such an important part of your overall look.

The Claim
Hot Buns claims that they’ve figured out an easy way to give you the glamorous look of a bun in your hair without the typical struggle that comes with it. They also say that it will stay in place throughout the event so you don’t have to worry about it coming undone at the wrong moment.

The Hype
There’s an accompanying infomercial that goes along with this product and it’s effective at showing the different ways you can use it, including showing you how to use all three sizes that it comes in, and even a tip on how you can get other styles by sleeping with your hair in a bun overnight. They show a model doing a flip with a bun in her hair to show just how well it stays in place.

The Cost
The total cost for the Hot Buns hair accessory set is $26, but you get a total of 6 of them, 2 of each size all in the same color. This will give you plenty, and you can even go in on it with a friend if you both have the same hair color. It also comes with a style guide so you won’t be lost for idea when you get it. It can be fun going through and trying the different styles so you can have them in your memory banks for later.

The Commitment
This should definitely save you getting-ready time, as it goes on in just a few seconds. It can also give you some peace of mind knowing that your hair still looks good even after moving around a lot. Its biggest pitch is that it makes the process easier, and of course they make it look as easy as possible in the promo video. It does some getting used to once you get it at home, with a little bit of practice it soon becomes easier to use and you’ll be a virtual pro in short order.

Since putting your hair in a bun can be one of the most tedious styles to accomplish, but looks so good once it’s in place, the Hot Buns system does its job by getting it down to a few simple steps. If you’ve ever braided your hair and slept with braid overnight to get the crimped look the next day, you’ll relate to their tip on putting your hair in a bun while you sleep to get that curly chic look the following day.

Final Hot Buns Hair Accessory Review

The Hot Buns hair accessory is getting our Thumbs Up based on how well it solves the problem of getting your hair in a bun. The price is reasonable and we recommend finding a hair buddy to go halves with so that you get just the one set for $13. You can’t wear more than one size at one time so it doesn’t really make sense that they force you into the second set “free” but this is such a popular way to sell TV products that it’s become the norm. You may find yourself coming up with reasons to wear a bun, or you might even embrace it as your new signature look.

Official Website: Hot Buns

Our Recommendation
When it comes to getting a great hair style each day you don’t want to rely on just a bun. The best strategy is to have as many hair tools as possible in your toolkit, and create a fresh new look to go with your outfit, the season, or for a special event or party. We’ve covered several hair accessories that you might want to take a look at including Easy Combs that can put your hair in several different styles, Bumpits that can give your hair a faux bump, and Instant Feather Extensions that can let you get in on the feather trend.

What do you think? Does Hot Buns Hair Accessory work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does the Hot Buns Hair Accessory Really Work?

  1. Ok well so I bought it and I’m having trouble with the snap part when I finally get it I can’t find the snap part is there some kind of trick?

  2. All in all… I call it a good product. But I would NEVER pay 26 bucks for it. I got a set of 2, on sale at Dollar General for $3! 🙂

    I will say, though, that it’s not as easy as it looks on TV. It takes a couple of minutes and tired arms to get all your hair spread around it evenly, but usually if you just absolutely cant get it to work after a minute or two, you can just unroll it, re-distribute your hair, try again, and usually have it working within a minute or two. Also, it’s probably not the best idea for those with thick or, like someone else said, layered, hair. I LOVE Hot Buns because my hair is VERY thin…it’s just that way. Always has been. But when I put a large Hot Bun in, it creates the illusion that I actually have nice, thick hair.

    I just spread my hair around it, then roll it up, then wrap the tie around it, plus a hair tie of my own, around the whole thing, to grab loose hairs and make sure they stay put. A little hairspray never hurts either.

  3. Lorraine, that’s hilarious! My boyfriend always prefers my hair down, but I like the look of a nice bun, especially when you’re trying to look professional. When I’m dressing up for something or when I need to focus on something I’m trying to do, I always like to put my hair in a bun. There’s and easy way to just throw it up, but it doesn’t look nearly as polished as these types of buns. But if they’re as hard to use as April is saying, then there are other ways of making professional and nice looking buns. If you just twist your ponytail until its all twisted into a bun, and then put an elastic around it, you have a similar look, but the bun is smaller. If you want a dramatic look, maybe this product is worth figuring out.

  4. Notice how the commercial doesn’t really show anyone actually using the product? If your hair is long or layered, this product is very difficult to use. Also, once the product is in your hair, you have to do a lot of manipulating with the bun-this causes the hair to get looser and messier.
    As far as curling the hair, it creates more of a “big” hair look than “curly” hair look. It also leaves the hair kind of frizzy and unkempt-looking. More of an “I just woke up” look than an “I curled my hair look.”
    Yes, sock buns can be difficult to use, but so can this product. Maybe there’s a special trick to this that I’m missing?

  5. I’m not a fan of the bun hairstyle because there’s so much work involved with it, but lately my boyfriend’s developed this fetish for bun hair and he’s been bugging me about it every day. I’m a practical kind of a girl, but I like seeing him all needy and sometimes you gotta feed the dog if you want him to behave.

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