Does Inteligator Really Work?

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Does Inteligator work?In this Inteligator review we look at whether or not this will produce a high-quality background check on those that you are interested in. The thought is that if you are an employer, or are thinking about dating someone, or hiring someone as your babysitter, you can quickly check out their public records to see if anything catches your attention. But is the information accurate and reliable enough to make a judgment call with?

It makes sense to want to learn more about the people that come into your life, whether they are an employee, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a babysitter, or even just a potential friend. With so many crazies out there you don’t want to be affiliated with someone that has a past they are trying to keep quiet. It is one thing to have made mistakes in your life in the past, but if someone is not open and honest about it it could be a sign that they haven’t changed much and could be at risk for a repeat performance. On the other hand it could mean that they just want to turn the page and get on with their life, so you should give them the benefit of the doubt.

The Claim
Inteligator claims that you can perform background checks instantly, which differentiates them from all the other background checks that can take much longer. Being able to have that instant ability to get the same sort of information that you used to have to wait for is very convenient. Also, when you use their service you aren’t limited to the number of searches you can run. However, the question remains as to whether or not you get the same caliber results that you would from a full background check costing much more.

The Hype
The hype is that just a few years ago we couldn’t easily look up this sort of information on each other, so there are some issues involving an invasion of privacy and how much is too much. Even though the records are public, and technically we could have gone and gotten the information ourselves, now that it’s at our fingertips it makes it a lot easier. Is it fair for someone to have their dirty laundry easily accessible? If the tables were turned would you want someone looking up your records, even if you’ve got nothing to hide?

The Cost
Inteligator is $1 for a four-day trial, and $20 a month if you don’t cancel it within the four day period. They say you can cancel at any time through your membership dashboard, so you don’t have to call in to cancel your account, you can do it 24 hours a day with just a click. When you consider that a background check can cost upwards of $50 or more if you hire a professional service, trying this out for one dollar doesn’t seem like a bad idea, as long as you remember to cancel if you’re not happy with what you get.

The Commitment
You’re not under any long-term obligation with this service, as you are only billed monthly and can cancel anytime. Other than that all you have to do is enter the name of the person you’re trying to find, choose the right name from among the search results, and go through the resulting information to find out what you need to know. It really requires very little involvement on your part, and compared to digging up this sort of information on your own it’s definitely a reduction in your commitment level.

The amount of information that Inteligator is able to dig up is quite impressive, and trying to gather all of it yourself from the different public records and free information sources that are available to you would take hours at least. This is a great way to cut that time down to basically nothing, and lets you pull up dozens of records on people that would have taken you all day. If this is something that you need to use for your business to get a quick idea of a person’s background, this seems to be a good service to go with.

Final Inteligator Review

Inteligator is definitely worth the $1 trial to see how you like it. Just remember that it is only for four days, so you’ll want to run your searches and then cancel right after if you’re not happy with the results you get. If you do like the service they provide and have a lot of searches to conduct each month, either for your job, your business, personal reasons, or for whatever other reason, $20 a month isn’t bad for an unlimited number of searches. Competing services charge on a per-search basis so they can really add up quickly if you have a lot of people to check.

Our Recommendation
The kind of information you’ll be able to access with this service would be helpful for employee background checks, and could potentially be helpful for those that are trying to get a better idea of who they’re dating, but you’ll really have to use your own judgment as to whether the information is relevant enough to affect your decision of whether to hire someone, or be with them in a relationship. In all likelihood you probably won’t stumble upon some jaw-dropping revelation, since most of it is rather lame and mundane, and a matter of public record.

What do you think? Does Inteligator work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Inteligator Really Work?

  1. I work in a line of business in which I’m constantly meeting new people and recently I had an unfortunate encounter with an unsavory individual. I always believed my gut feelings because that’s what I depended on for the last 10 years to get my job done, but I think it’s time I took advantage of new technologies and ingenious services such as this. 4 days is enough for me to find out if this thing has a future in my business and it only costs a dollar to give it spin. I think the fact that they make it so easy to cancel means they must be doing something right to make people stay with them.

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