Does JunoWallet Really Work?

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Does JunoWallet work?JunoWallet claims to be able to take ordinary tasks and help you earn gift cards from them.

There are plenty of mobile apps out there that promise to earn you rewards for the time you spend online doing mundane tasks, but most of them require copious amounts of time in order to make any sort of money. Or they rely on a points system that is heavily biased against the user. Or they make it hard to collect your earnings, and put it in a form that you can’t use, or that makes it not worth your while.

The Claim
The big claim made by JunoWallet is that they’re the number one mobile app for rewards, and that the top users on the site have earned in excess of $2000. They also say that they have an ecstatic fan base, so if a company wants to increase their brand awareness it can use JunoWallet to tap into their community and get more recognition.

The Hype
Smartphone apps rely on hype in order to survive. Users have to be excited enough about what the app does, and how it improves their life in order for the app to gain in popularity and be successful. In order to help facilitate this they have it set up so that you not only earn points by your own activities, but by those that sign up under you, in a sort of pyramid scheme fashion, but it only goes three levels deep.

The Cost
It’s free to sign up with JunoWallet, and it can only make you money. You might wonder how they make money, if it’s always free to the user. They make their money by the tasks you complete, which are actually CPA offers. CPA stands for Cost Per Action and in this case it’s your action. While the site may be free to sign up for and use, the “tasks” you’re completing will involve giving a company some sort of personal information about you, typically your contact information. This represents a cost to you, since there is value in your contact details, because you then become a lead for various companies.

The Commitment
You can use the app as much or as little as you want. Of course the biggest earners on the site are those that spend a good amount of time, and complete plenty of tasks, but also those that are good about sharing their sign-up code and attracting more members under them. A combination of the two would yield the best results, so if you were looking for something where you don’t have to put the time in, this might not be it.

At first glance JunoWallet might look like a good place to make a few dollars, but after analyzing what it really entails, you might not be as fanatical as they claim their user base is. Most CPA offers are a waste of time, and a thinly veiled way for a company to get your contact information and other demographic data from you. In exchange that company will pay JunoWallet a predetermined fee, and JunoWallet will pay you a small percentage of that fee into your account. So in essence they are profiting the most from your time spent on their app.

Most people are familiar with CPA offers by now. They typically are set up as a sort of contest where there is a prize that you could get, or something else you could win by just filling in your zip code or paying the shipping with a credit card. You then get spammed with a bunch of email sent to the email address you submit in order to try to win the iPad or the new iPhone, or some such gadget.

Final JunoWallet Review

While there are plenty of positive reviews out there for JunoWallet, you have to take them with a grain of salt. They’ve set it up so that there is are a massive amount of people all hoping you’ll sign up under their account so they can be rewarded for your efforts. That’s why you’ll see so many people saying “it works” and giving examples of how much they’ve made. Whether or not they’ve made this much is irrelevant, and is no indication that you’ll do the same.

The facts point to this not being a good use of your time, and the offers will have you giving out your contact information or your credit card information in exchange for the completing the offer and earning the credits.

Our Recommendation
We recommend against signing up for JunoWallet and spending your time more effectively. They may try to lure you in by making it seem you can make a decent amount in gift cards without any out of pocket expense to you, but time is our most valuable resource so you have to do your best to protect it.

What do you think? Does JunoWallet work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does JunoWallet Really Work?

  1. I have tried juno wallet but the earning rate is slow!
    it took me about 3 months to get only 10$ amazon card, while on another app called Tapporo, I got it in only 3 weeks…

  2. It looks to me that Junowallet is the biggest winner in this deal and I’m not a big fan of making money for others with my time. I knew all those positive reviews seemed weird and here I got the confirmation that my suspicion was correct. Nothing’s ever free in life I suppose and that really sucks 😛

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