Is JustCloud Really the Backup Solution?

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Does JustCloud work?JustCloud is one of several cloud-based backup services that promises a free or low-cost way to store all of your files, both the important and trivial. They say that it is totally secure, and once you set it up it runs automatically for you. But how well does it stack up to other competing services that basically offer the same features, and did you go with this one or choose a different one?

With computers, stuff just happens. They could run fine for years, and then just one day they go dead on you, taking all of your files with them. They’re not meant to last forever of course, and many people spend more time on a computer than they were really designed for. Parts wear out, wires overheat, microchips fry. There’s too many possibilities. And that’s just the impermanence of your computer, it doesn’t even take into account all the things that can happen externally. Water damage, theft, or acts of God can render your computer useless. It only make sense to have everything backed up, especially if you do anything important on your computer.

The Claim
JustCloud claims that they are free, and that you can have unlimited amounts of storage. They also say that you can sync up multiple peters, and that it is all automatic so that you don’t have to continually vector files up once you get them all into the cloud. They also say that you can access your files from anywhere you are, which is pretty standard with all of the different backup services that back up files to the cloud.

These backup services act like the cloud is something new, but it’s been around in some form for quite some time now. Really the first time people were introduced to the concept was when web-based e-mail started becoming more popular around the time of Hotmail. This allowed you to access your e-mail from any computer, including any files you had attached to a message. It’s the same concept, now it’s just taken to another level by being able to upload any file, and all of your files.

The Hype
The hype comes from people finally grasping the importance of backing up their computers, but also because the cost has come down to the point where it makes it a smart idea to go with a low-priced service that gets you lots of storage, and automatic backups, see don’t have to think about it anymore, and you can have peace of mind knowing that all other files are secure.

The Cost
JustCloud says that they’re free and unlimited, but that’s not really the case. Once again on the inside you notice that they have a button that says you can upgrade your storage space. Turns out if you want to have unlimited storage the cost is $7 per month. The cheapest account if $4.50 a month and gets you 75 gigabytes.

The Commitment
The great part about these service is that you don’t really have to do much once you got it installed and running. Their design to automatically upload any files you create, or download to your computer so you don’t have to keep uploading them one by one, and remember to back them up.

JustCloud has a good user interface, and a good dashboard for managing all of your files, but they don’t follow through with good customer service, and they false advertise a bit by saying it’s a free service but then offering three different pricing plans. We understand that most of these companies offer a free trial, or a limited free account, but they don’t pitch it this way, they say that it is free, not that it is a free trial. They don’t have a page listing their prices either, another sign that they are trying to pass themselves off as a totally free service.

Customer Service Is Key
In a market where everyone is basically offering the same exact service, it’s the little things that set you apart from your competition. In this case the customer service that JustCloud provides leaves much to be desired, and is one reason why they are not getting our recommendation or are nod of approval. There have been several documented cases of people trying to interact with their customer service, but not being able to get a response, or simply getting a cookie-cutter response that did not solve their problem.

Final JustCloud Review

Just Cloud is only OK, and nothing to write home about. But in this industry just being okay is not good enough. You don’t want to go through all of the hassle of uploading your files to multiple backup services trying to figure out which one to go with. You want to get it right the first time, and with JustCloud there is a high probability you’ll want to switch to a different service before too long.

Our Recommendation
After checking out the major players in the backup industry, we’ve found two that we are recommending. If you’re looking for fast upload times, your best bet is SOS Online Backup. They boast one of the fastest uploading times of all the different services, and their user interface is pretty sharp. If you are looking for a service with truly unlimited storage, you’d want to go with Carbonite. Their plan has one of the lowest prices for unlimited storage out there, and they also organize your files in a logical manner.

What do you think? Does JustCloud work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Is JustCloud Really the Backup Solution?

  1. After having a first year with JustCloud, the backup seemed to have stopped working, and then they automatically deducted $112 from my bank account for a new year’s worth of backup, but it’s not working and I keep getting “backup license required”. Just sent my third email to support and have been completely ignored.

  2. I don’t know why these cloud storage companies continue to lie about “Unlimited Storage” when it fact that’s not true at all. We know it costs money to run a business like this, so charge us a reasonable fee and just offer a great service. Is that so much to ask? Upon reviewing the alternatives, I like carbonite the best and I’ll be signing up with them.

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