Does Magna Clean Really Work?

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Does Magna Clean work?Magna Clean is a suite of cleaning products that are all supposed to be using the power of electromagnetism in order to help you clean. So does this really work or is it just a marketing ploy to try to get you to believe that you’re cleaning with magnetism.

Getting your home as clean as can be is getting easier and easier thanks to a rise in technology and a n3ew age of cleaning products that are designed to make the process more efficient, and more green. Several products on the market today sayy the times of using elbow grease and intense scrubbing are over, and now you can spend a relaxing afternoon going around and effortlessly cleaning your home.

The Claim
The makers of Magna Clean say that their products attract dirt like a magnet, and that you’ll be able to clean all of your surfaces at once between the three different products they include in the set. They say their sweeper cleans dirty floors like a magnet, which we don’t typically associate magnets to cleaning floors, but the picture they’re trying to paint is that you won’t be pushing the dirt around, it will be drawn to the sweeper instead. They say it’s great for dog hair and even big messes like piles of dirt.

They say that it’s easy to clean off the cleaning utensils once you’re finished, so they’ll be ready for the next cleaning session. It’s important to note that they’re saying these retain that magnetic abilities after being washed, and over the long term.

The Hype
There is an infomercial associated with these products that shows them in action, and makes it look like their magnetic capabilities actually make it easier to clean.

The Cost
The cost of all there component of the Magna Clean cleaning system is $29 and gets you the sweeper, the cleaning cloth, and the duster as well as a telescoping accessory that allows you to clean out of the way spots. When you compare this cost to going out and buying three separate products you’ll see that it’s a bit over priced. There is a 30 day guarantee being offered, but it’s not likely that many will take them up on it since you’ll have to pay to ship back the products back and you’ll only get $15 of your $29 back.

The Commitment
These are presented as a way to make cleaning easier, saying that you won’t have to chase diert around, that it will come to you since you’ve got a magnetized cleaning surface.

The Magna Clean concept is a good one, but we were left wondering just how they are able to get it to be magnetized. We’re not really concerned with the duster, since we’ve seen dusters like this that are able to generate their own static electricity and therefore attract dust instead of simply send it into the air. But what about the sweeper and the scrubbing pad? It seems like they’d be a little less likely to be able to generate their own magnetism, at least to make any sort of difference in the way you’d clean. You’d likely still have to exert just as much pressure using the cleaning pad, and you’d have to sweep your floor just like normal in order to use these.

What they refer to as electromagnetism is displayed on camera as a static charge that attracts dust balls. You’ve probably seen this in action at some point, whenever there’s a static charge like this light things like dust bunnies tend to stick and be drawn to it.

Final Magna Clean Review

Magna Clean is getting our Risky Try rating. They are using a bit of hype by using the word electromagnetism when all they’ve really shown is the phenomenon of static electricity caused by some materials like those used in a duster. While the idea of making the dirt come to you may be appealing, when you think about it rationally it’s not really saving much time, energy, or effort on your part to have it move an inch or so, even if it did work exactly as advertised. It may be impressive in super slo-mo, but it’s not going to spell real world results, not enough to justify the high cost of the set.

Our Recommendation
There are plenty of proven winners when it comes to cleaning products, including sweepers that have stellar peer reviews, scrubbers that have the same, and dusters. Going with a gimmick like this in hopes that it revolutionizes the way you clean is a way to spend $30 on cleaning products you could have gotten for $20 or less. Because they’ve set up the pricing so that you can’t try these out without risking a minimum of $14 to $20 it just doesn’t make sense to give this a try.

What do you think? Does Magna Clean work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does Magna Clean Really Work?

  1. This seems like a great idea, and I like that the comments here have made it clear that it does, indeed, work. My question, though, is whether or not the actual cleaning heads have to be replaced after a while because the dust has accumulated to the point that they do not really clean anything anymore. After all, if it is powered by static, how easy is it to get all of the dirt and dust off the cleaning heads when you are done gathering it up? I typically use Swiffer products, and I know that the heads need to be replaced when they get too dirty.

  2. I agree with Allison here. I also was initially skeptical but while it may not be perfect, this seems to be an improvement over a basic broom, mop and duster. These days brooms alone are getting pretty pricey even at places like Walmart, where I went the other day and the cheapest broom was $15. Obviously, there are options at the Dollar Store that are cheaper, but they are also lower quality. So if you consider that you are spending that much anyway, than this system definitely seems to be worth a try.

  3. I agree that it is great for optimizing your dusting routine and I will say that if you keep a realistic idea of what will happen with this product collection then you shouldn’t be too disappointed. Feather dusters only kick the dirt around and will only land somewhere else and recollect on the spot you just finished. It is very frustrating and time wasting so if you are an efficient cleaner and don’t have time to re do the job again and again then I recommend getting this. If you have ceiling fans and you have wood floors, slatted blinds on the windows and have shelves well then this product is well worth it.

  4. I was extremely skeptical of the idea of cleaning my magnetism when I first heard of it. But a friend of mine had a glove with the same properties and it seriously picked up dust like I had never seen before! I don’t know if I would say it picks up all the dust but it does a much better job than a regular feather duster. I am a converted fan of cleaning with magnetism and at $29 for the sweeper, cleaning cloth, and a duster I would say I’ll probably invest in it. If it makes dusting just a bit easier then count me in!

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