Does the Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush Really Work?

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Does Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush work?The Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush says that it can go through your hair without getting stuck and causing a snag. We’ve looked at a lot of hair detangling brushes and so far have only found a few good ones. So does this one pass the test?

Trying to get tangles out of your hair, or your child’s hair, can be a painful experience. Finding a solution can be hard, and if you’re not careful you’ll end up going through brush after brush, all with their hyped up claims of no tangles, only to be left at square one with the same tangles and no solution.

The Claim
Michel Mercier, the maker of the Ultimate Detangling Brush, says that it can detangle your hair in seconds, and that it all happens smoothly and painlessly. They also say it uses fewer strokes to get the job done, and comes in three varieties depending on your type of hair so that it is providing a custom job. They further state that using their brush means you’ll get less breakage and less hair loss caused by brushing.

The Hype
The hype is this Michel Mercier that is behind the brush, referred to as an inventor and stylist. Not much can be found on this person other than what is presented at the official website, so it’s a bit odd that there’s no bio on who they are and what they’ve accomplished to be revered so highly and referred to again and again as the remarkable person behind this brush.

The Cost
The Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush is listed at $15, which wouldn’t be a bad price for a detangler, but they don’t stop there. There’s a $6 shipping charge to get it to your door, and they tack on another brush and another $6 shipping charge to get your order total up to $27. The kicker is that only $15 of your purchase price is refundable in the case of a return. It would also be nice if they let you choose two out of the three hair types in case your hair falls between two types. But they will only send you two exact brushes.

The Commitment
This should help reduce the amount of time spent combing through your hair because it should cause less snags, pulls, yanks, tears, and tears. If it can do that it would be well with the investment, and can make morning nighttime rituals go much more smoothly for everyone involved.

The Michel Mercier No Tangle Brush is supposed to work because it has bristles of varying lengths so that you’re not just forcing all of the bristles through all of your hair all at once. This is used by other detangling brushes. They say that it creates many contact points over a larger surface area which is supposed to make it so there is less pressure on any one part of the hair. From what people are saying this does seem to work in about half the cases.

The other half of the times it seems to not do much more than a regular brush in the way of tangles. Just as many people that say it works say it doesn’t work at all. On top of that there are those that say the customer service behind this brush leaves a lot to be desired, so you may have trouble getting a refund if you return the product. If you’re going to pay upwards of $30 for a pair of brushes they need to work, period. In this case it’s a bit of a crapshoot of having it working on your hair, even after choosing between the three different types.

Final Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush Review

Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush gets so many mixed reviews that it is earning our Risky Try rating. At this price point we’d like to see far better numbers as far as the people that say it works, in relation to those that say it’s a flop. When you consider that there are detanglers out there like the Wet Brush that have stellar feedback at an insanely low price with no gimmicks involved in regards to sending you an extra brush just to inflate the total purchase price.

Our Recommendation
It would be nice if they let you buy just one brush for the advertised price of $15, but after tacking on $12 in shipping charges and sending you an extra brush this just doesn’t seem like the best deal you can buy. If you buy direct at Amazon it’s $22 just for one of them, so it’s a better deal to pay the $5 to have a backup when the first one wears out. When you can get a top rated detangling hair brush for $9 you just have to take those odds over 50-50.

What do you think? Does the Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush work or not?

62 Customer Reviews on “Does the Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush Really Work?

  1. I’m late to this thing but I’ve had one of these (the blue one for thick hair) and it’s terrible. It’s no different than any other brush, if anything it’s worse than typical brushes. My hair is thick and somewhat straight, and it’s decently long (goes down to mid back), and it gets matted pretty easily. I’ve been using this brush for almost a year now and it’s nothing special.

  2. i really do like this brush. i got it when it first came out a couple of years ago. i bought it on amazon when i seen the commercials. the total came up to 18 dollars which was ok for me. it came about a month later. i bought the thin hair one but it did not work for my hair. my hair was thin! it pulled my hair and the bristles came off. i recently got it again but in a different hair type and it works amazing!!! i can use it on wet and dry hair and i absolutely love it. i give it a 10/10!!!

  3. I have a bunch of different detangling brushes, but this one is my favorite. Because the bristles are stiffer on the MM brushes, they get all the way down to my scalp (and therefore do a better job detangling—IMHO). Also, this one seems to leave my hair less static-prone than the ones that are similar to the Tangle Teaser.

  4. Do not buy this brush. I spent 15 dollars on it because my daughter has thick long hair and she cries constantly when I brush it. I thought this would help. It DOES NOT WORK! At all it is a giant waist of money. The brushes with wide backs are the best way to go you can get one for like 5 bucks. I’m very disappointed in this product!

  5. this brush is absolute trash the hairs get stuck in there and they won’t come out. they claim it works in the shower too/wet hair but that’s a total scam. the water gets INSIDE the brush and leaks your towel/clothing when you brush afterwards. it works fine on dry hair but hairs get stuck on (i have curly hair) the brush and it’s very irritating to brush it out. do not buy it it doesn’t help you!! buy the wet brush works 100% and it’s really cheap. this brush cost me 15$ at walmart and was a complete waste of money. i’m going to get my money back.

    tip: never believe any hairbrush advertisment on tv it’s a scam, stick to your regular brush

  6. Do not order from they official page. Absaloutle apoling Web page. Firstly it would not accept my details kept coming up with error so I left the page and ordered it from els where. 2 days later I find 28 pound taken from my account by the company. Turns out it placed the order for my all though it kept coming up with error. There was no conformation to say my order had been placed and not email what so ever. What not recommend ordering from the website.

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