Does the Microplane Grater Really Work?

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Does the Microplane Grater work?Have you heard all the fuss going on about a Microplane Grater and wonder if it really works as good as people say? Microplane should be commended that they’ve tried to apply their grating technology into several different product categories. They make foot files, and woodshaping products, and kitchen tools obviously, all using the same system: a photo etched design that provides the magic. So let’s see how well this really stacks up to competing kitchen tools promising the same ability.

The history of Microplane is pretty interesting, as it started from humble beginnings in a wood shop, where they came up with a new tool for cutting and shaping wood. They continued developing it until they were able to come up with a patentable photo etched design that can be applied to all sorts of things. Only by accident did they realize that they could use tools that were made for wood on things like food, and feet, in fact they don’t even take credit for it, and give it to a woman that ended up using her husband’s tool to grate food in the kitchen when she was fed up with her grater.

The Claim
The Microplane Grater line-up claims to use the patented Microplane photo etching that is used on all of their different products. They say that it makes quick work out of any of your food prep tasks, and runs circles around whatever you’re currently using to grate your food. If you go with one of the open, flat designs, you’ll have an easier time cleaning it up then you would by using one of the boxed graters that are commonly sold in stores.

The Hype
Many people swear by their Microplane products so there’s a bit of a buzz going around about the sort of results you get when you use them.

The Cost
You can get your very own Artisan series of the Microplane Grater for $36, which includes four different sizes so you can pick and choose which one to use based on the task at hand. If you just want one you’ll have to choose which kind you want, they’ve got course, fine, extra course, and extra fine. They sell individually for about $10 each, but we say go with the set so you don’t have to decide and always have the right tool for the job.

The Commitment
When using these graters you should find it easier than using a conventional grater, and that it works on more foods than your ordinary grater does. Almost everyone that uses it says that it has improved their ability to cook, and makes cleanup a breeze.

There’s no reason to be on the fence about whether to get a Microplane Grater or not. Statistically speaking you have well over a 90% of enjoying the experience. This has gotten loads of positive feedback from users, both professional chefs and ordinary at-home cooks. The real magic is that there isn’t anything you can’t grate with it. The unique design makes sure that it doesn’t get clogged with the bits of food, and it’s so sharp that it has no trouble, even with foods that are notorious for being hard to grate.

Can It Really Be That Good?
With so much love flowing to the Microplane line of graters, can it really be that good, to have so many people praise it? What’s the catch? And why isn’t it more expensive? Sometimes a rare company comes along that produces a quality product at an affordable price that blows the competition out of the water. It’s easy to be skeptical, because there are a lot of companies that don’t do this, and do the opposite of this, but sometimes you just have to be open to the idea that some old-fashioned companies still believe in doing business the right way.

Final Microplane Grater Review

You can’t go wrong with a Microplane Grater. They get stellar reviews, and have built a solid reputation in the kitchen gadget industry as being the de facto professional grade grater that deserves a spot in any wannabe chef’s kitchen. When you think of inventions you might think of something like a light bulb, or the telephone, but this is also an example of inventing something that is really unique, and performs a specific task better than anything else. To have come up with the basic design of this 20 years earlier, it’s amazing that it’s stood the test of time and is still wowing people today.

Our Recommendation
When it comes to a fully stocked kitchen, a high-quality grater can’t be overlooked. They feature a large assortment of different shapes and styles, so depending on what your preferences are you can choose the model that best fits your cooking style. Of course you can still use something like the Grater Plater for quick jobs like garlic and Parmesan cheese, but for larger jobs you’ll want to use something that can handle extended use.

What do you think? Does Microplane Grater work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does the Microplane Grater Really Work?

  1. Graters are pretty reasonable in price. I don’t see one worth the price of this grater. I don’t care what all it claims it can do as I would just use it for cheeses and veggies. I never think of ever purchasing a new grater as mine has lasted for at least 20 years. I use it about once a week and it is easy to clean, then store away. I would never spend this much money on just a grater. The price is too expensive for me.

  2. When looking to purchase a new grater, I look for a few different qualities. The first is durability, the second is sharpness and quality of the blade, and the third is washability. I always look a grater that will be able to withstand long use. The handle must be sturdy enough as well as I couldn’t properly grate something without it, obviously. The problem I have with the Microplace Grater, is that while it does work, it has an extremely expensive price tag. I just don’t feel like the product would be worth the cost. I think I would have to pass on this one.

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